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Short History of 118 Sqn by Courtesy of the Defence Public Relations RAF Internet
     Motto: Occido redeoque. - 'I kill and return'
     Badge: On waves of the sea an ancient ship in full sail in flames.

    No. 118 Squadron was formed at Catterick on 1 January 1918 as a night bomber unit but 
did not become operational before the end of the war, being disbanded on 7 September 1918.

     On 20 February 1941, No. 118 reformed at Filton as a fighter Squadron equipped with
Spitfires.   On 28 March convoy patrols began and in June the Squadron began to provide 
bomber escorts and took part in fighter sweeps over northern France.   In January 1943, 
it moved to East Anglia and began sweeps over the Netherlands, moving in September to 
northern Scotland on defensive duties.   In January 1944 the Squadron came south again to 
join Second TAF but returned to the Orkneys in March for four months.   Sweeps and bomber
escort missions were resumed in July 1944 and in January 1945, the Squadron converted 
to Mustangs for long-range escort duties.   These began on 1 February and continued to 
3 May 1945. On 10 March 1946, the Squadron was disbanded.

     On 10 May 1951, No. 118 reformed at Fassberg as a Vampire fighter-bomber Squadron, 
re-equipping with Venoms in November 1953, and then becoming a day fighter unit when it 
was equipped with Hunters in May 1955, disbanding on 22 August 1957.   On 1 September 1959, 
the Sycamore Flight of No. 228 Squadron at Aldergrove became No. 118 Squadron in Transport 
Command. On 31 August 1962, the Squadron was disbanded.