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Best of the Hunter Breed: An Operational History of the Hawker Hunter FR10 by Nigel Walpole

This book is about the tactical reconnaissance mark of the Hunter FR10 and its front line operation between 1961-70.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesWith the Hunter already well proven in ground attack role this variant was an ideal platform for the excellent Vinten F95 strip aperture cameras.   The heavy armament of four 30-mm Aden cannon was retained for use in defence suppression and target marking, unilateral action against high value targets (assigned or opportunity) and if necessary in self-defence.   It follows that the pilots selected for this demanding operating regime had to show an ability to operate alone over long distances using basic pilot navigation techniques only at high speeds and ultra low levels; in the main, therefore, they were second or third tour fast jet pilots.

RAF Historical Society   Since reading Nigel Walpole's previous books Swift Justice and Seek and Strike, I have eagerly anticipated his latest offering; and I have not been disappointed.   An expert pilot and former squadron commander in the fighter reconnaissance business, the author has turned his attention to the squadrons of the Hunter FR10 and the men who flew this magnificent aircraft.   Adopting the same style as in his previous books, it is difficult some times not to think one is sitting in the cockpit or in the crewroom as the pages race by.   Readers may be more familiar with the work of the RAF Germany fighter recce squadrons but I suspect that the details of the activities of those who flew in the Middle East and Aden will be new to many.   They make fascinating reading of the operations and flying in the dying days of our colonial past.   The book brought back many happy memories and served to remind that as well as being involved in a highly professional and demanding business, there was also a lot of fun to be had in the so-called Cold War.   The book is highly recommended.   (Graham Pitchfork)
Publishers: Pen & Sword Books Limited.   (Hardcover - 17 Aug 2006)

Buy new: £25.00 £17.50 ISBN 978-184415-559-0

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