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Video showing Blackburn Beverley Take Off and Flypast during the Open Day on 6Jun59.

Blackburn Beverley:

The Beverley C.1 military transport entered service with the RAF Transport Command in April 1956, an initial order for 20 aircraft having been placed in 1952.   The first squadron to receive the type, in March 1955, was No 47.   It was also used by Nos. 30, 34, 3 and 84 Squadrons until replaced by the Lockheed Hercules a decade later.   It could carry 94 passengers in the freight bay and 32 more in the tail boom.   In all, 47 aircraft were built before production ceased in 1958.
Crew 4; Powerplant: four 2,850 hp Bristol Centaurus 273 18-cylinder radial engines; Performance: Max speed 238 mph; Range 1,300 miles; Service ceiling 16,000ft.   Dimensions: wingspan 162ft, length 99ft 5in, height 38ft 9in.   Weight: 143,000lb loaded.   Payload: 45,000lb of freight or 126 passengers.
(Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 24 secs.

(Thanks to Wilf Zucht for original film.)
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