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RAF Transport Command Handley Page Hasting probably arriving for the static display at the Anglo-German Open Day - 13May58.   (Thanks to Peter Tottle.)
Handley Page Hasting
First flown on 7May 1946, the Handley Page Hastings was the mainstay of RAF Transport Command for a decade.   The first of 14 squadrons to receive it, in October 1948, was No. 47, and this unit took part in the Berlin Airlift.   Production totalled 100 C.1s and 42 C.2s, the latter powered by four Bristol Hercules 106 engines in place of the C.1's Hercules 101s.   Some Hastings were later used for bombing training, radio/radar trials and weather reconnaissance.
Specification: Crew: 5 (plus 50 passengers); Powerplant: four Bristol Hercules 106 14-cylinder radials; Max Speed: 560 kph (348 mph) at 6,770mtrs (22,200 ft); Service ceiling: 6,705 mtrs (22,000 ft); Max range: 6,840 km (4,250 miles); Wing Span: 34.44 mtrs (113 ft); Length: 25.19 mtrs ( 82 ft 8 in); height: 6.85 mtrs (22 ft 6 in); Weight: 36,288 kg (80,000 lbs) loaded; Armament: None.
(Thanks to Robert Jackson's Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft produced by Paragon Books.)
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