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93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Picture over Helsinki Church on 7Sep57 - Explanation

Extract from a Letter from Air Chief Marshal Sir Paddy Hine GCB GBE FRAeS CIMgt RAF (Ret'd)

Dated 29th September 1999

...Finally I trust that you too will be impressed by the unusual (perhaps it isn't!) photograph of No. 93 Squadron's 2TAF aerobatic team of 1957 (led by Paddy Minnis over (and under)) parts of Helsinki that other aircraft never reach!  This stunning photograph, rumour always had it, was taken by a passing tourist snapping the Lutheran Cathedral and found the team on his shot!   We can now reveal that this was a cover story to protect the Finnish press photographer, who having watched the first display the previous day , knew just where to go for his photograph on the second day....(Thanks Paddy Minnis)

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