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RAF Form 4255 Pilot Navigation Log Card which aircrew carried into the air and used for flying headings, airspeeds and times for cross countries.   This is for a trip in a Hunter F.6 with 2x100 gallon drop tanks, from RAF Jever to Top of Climb Point A to Schleswig to Gutersloh to Koln and back to overhead RAF Jever at Flight Level 410 (about 41,000 ft depending on the temperatures and pressures in the atmosphere on the day).

The headings and distances will be measured from the map and the time and fuel for the climb will be calculated from the Climb Tables in the Pilots' Notes.   One minute has been added to the 7 minutes for a climb to 40,000ft to allow for take-off, turn on to heading and acceleration to 0.85 Mach climbing speed.   The wind, noted on the back of the card at 40,000 ft will be obtained from the Met forecast.   These figures will be combined using the RAF Flight Planning Computer Mk. 4 and the results for reference during the flight, entered on this card.

The first line is for the climb and indicates a heading of 049° magnetic from Base to Top of Climb called Point A at an Indicated Airspeed of 0.85 Mach.   Altitude is shown as increasing and the track over the ground is 045° true with a ground speed of 550 knots for a distance of 73 nm and taking 8 mins.   The fuel left at the Top of Climb should be 3,560 lbs. (Galls are not use on jet aircraft).

The next line is from Top of Climb to Schleswig, the first turning point.   Heading to steer is the same 049° magnetic at 0.85 Mach at a Flight Level of 410 (approximately 41,000 ft.), with a true track over the ground of 045° and a ground speed of 515 knots for 1 minute.   There should be a minimum of 3,530 lbs of fuel left at the turning point.

The third line shows a heading of 206° magnetic from Schleswig to Gutersloh, again cruising at 0.85 Mach but, because of the change in heading, dropping down to Flight Level 390, with a true track over the ground of 200°, with a ground speed of 460 knots the 156 nm should take 20½ minutes plus note the addition of 1 minute for the turn.   The minimum fuel left at Gutersloh should be at least 2,880 lbs.

The fourth line is from Gutersloh to Koln on a heading of 225° magnetic at 0.85 Mach still at Flight Level 390.   The ground track is 221° true with a ground speed of 460 knots.   The 76 nm will take 10 minutes leaving 2,580 lbs of fuel minimum at the end of the leg.

Again after an allowance of 1 minute for the turn, the fifth line shows a magnetic heading of 019° from Koln back to Base at 0.85 Mach climbing back to FL410 on a true track of 016°.   With a ground speed of 515 knots the 160 nm will take 18½ minutes to arrive overhead RAF Jever with 1,980 lbs of fuel remaining.   This makes a total trip of 60 minutes.

On the reverse of the card a note is made that the wind at 40,000 ft is from 230° at 30 knots and the outside air temperature will be minus 56°C.

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   (Thanks to Brian Butterworth.   Map courtesy Microsoft Autoroute.)
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