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Video showing Supermarine Swift Fr.5 of 2 Sqn taxying in to Pan Open Day 6Jun59.

Supermarine Swift:

Tracing its ancestry back to the Type 510, the Swift first flew on 1 August 1951 and was ordered into 'super-priority' production for RAF Fighter Command.   The Swift F.Mks 1 to 4, however, were unsuitable for the primary role of high-level interception, being prone to tightening in turns and suffering high-altitude flameouts as a result of shockwaves entering the air intakes when the cannon were fired.   It was adapted to the low-level fighter reconnaissance role, and as the Swift Fr.5 equipped Nos 2 and 79 Squadrons of the 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force in Germany.   Sixty-two Swift FR.Mk.5s were delivered, 35 being converted from Mk 4 airframes.
Supermarine Swift: Crew 1; Powerplant: one 9,450lb thrust Rolls Royce Avon 114 turbojet engine; Performance: Max speed 685 mph; Range 630 miles; Service ceiling 45,800ft.   Dimensions: wingspan 32ft 4in, length 42ft 3in, height 12ft 6in.   Weight: 21,400lb loaded.   Armament: two 30mm cannon.
(Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 7 secs.

(Thanks to Wilf Zucht for original film.)
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