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Video showing SEN-006 clip from Ken Senar's film.   The clip shows the interior of Officers Mess at Borgentreich.   Seen in the ante room is Fg.Off. Doug Breeze, Fg.Off. John Duggan,
Fg.Off. 'Jock' McPhail, Plt.Off. Chris Stott (Nat Service), and another National Service Pilot Officer relax with crosswords and `page 3'!   Flt.Lt. Roy Bertram fiddles with the radiogram.
In the bar: FIt.Lts. Ray Street, Don Crocker, Phil Phillpot, and Self.   The Barman (mis-employed Airman) can be seen.   Flt. Lt. 'Sam' Weller (in close-up), then Flt.Lt. Colin Hanmore.
In the dining room: The waiter is Herr Walter Huldt.   A group of Officers, including Plt.Off. O'Hara are at lunch.   Very few officers lived in, most were in married quarters.

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 1 min and 53 secs.

(Thanks to Ken Senar for original film.)
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