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Standard Operational Procedures for
No. 122 Wing RAF Jever
                                RESTRICTED.                     Page 24

                               GREEN SALAD.

1.   What it is.

     Green Salad is the code name given to equipment which enables the Hunter
pilot to home onto aircraft jamming any of the 20 VHF R/T channels between
100 m/cs and 160 m/cs.

2.   When it is used.

     It is no secret that many countries possess a formidable E.C.M. potential
for both radio and radar jamming and it is therefore reasonable to assume that
in the event of an all out war this potential would be used to the full. Close
control in this event is therefore extremely unlikely except in the initial
stages of the interception and the fighter pilot would therefore have to
resort to the use of other techniques, one of which is Green Salad.

     An enemy could produce VHF jamming from high altitude high speed bombers
approaching our shores or from standing patrols some considerable distance
from the U.K., jamming aircraft could therefore be expected to be above 40,000'
in excess of .8 Mach.

     The pilot at standby on the 0.R.P. must therefore be prepared to be
scrambled upon any type of interception. Green Salad being perhaps the most
difficult because the target information available is the most limited.

3.   Green Salad Equipment as fitted to the Hunter.

     In the Cockpit.

     There are three switches on the port cockpit wall

          (a)  V.H.F. Normal/Home.

          (b)  Azimuth/Elevation.

          (c)  Max/Min.

          Indications are given on the standard zero reader presentation.

          (a)  V.H.F. Normal/Home Switch.

               With the switch in the 'normal' position the equipment is
               inoperative. When switched to 'home' the equipment is in operation
               and only takes a few seconds to warm up, R/T. reception strength
               is reduced by at least half.

          (b)  Azimut elevation Switch.

          Indications are only available in azimuth or elevation at one time.

          (c)  Max/Min. Switch.

          By switching to 'Min' the equipment becomes less sensitive - Max
          and Min therefore relate directly to range.


(Thanks to Chris Stone for being the Technical Advisor for this series.)
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