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Target towing Tempest at 118 Sqn's Sylt APC - Jan54.
Hawker Tempest V:
First flown in 1943, the Hawker Tempest V was the fastest and most powerful fighter in the world when it entered RAF service in April 1944.   Two months later the Tempest squadrons were assigned to the defence of Great Britain, operating against the V-1 flying bombs which were being launched against London.   The Tempest's high speed made it the ideal interceptor in this new role.   The Tempest squadrons subsequently moved to the continent with 2nd TAF.   Crew: 1; Powerplant: one 1,686Kw (2,260 hp) Napier Sabre IIA, IIB or IIC 24-cylinder H type engine; Performance: max speed 700km/h (435mph); range 2,092km (1,300miles); service ceiling 10,975m (36,000ft); Dimensions: wing span 12.5 m (41ft); length 10.26m (22ft 8in); height 4.9m (16ft 1in); Weight: 6,187kg (13,640lb) loaded; Armament: four 20mm (0.79in) Hispano Mk V cannon; external stores up to 907kg (2,000lb).
(By kind permission of the Amber Books The Encylopeadia of Aircraft.).   (Thanks to Mike Wraight.)
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