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Pinto", OC 122 Wing Wg Cdr Hammer West's dog which spent lots of time in his office and always sat in his chair whenever his Boss went flying.   The dog's head, cut out of this picture, was pasted on the 122 Wing 'Mug shots' board in Hammer West's office after his refusal to have his own photo taken.   He saw the joke and left it where it was after a few wry comments to his Adjutant, Ken Senar.
The Station Commander, Gp Capt Tom Prickett was also amused.   [Click to see a longer account.]
George Engelfield-Bishop writes:"I was just going to write about the view from Wing Co. West's office when I came across the reference to the Met Garden in the caption to 122pic006, what is not noticeable from this pic is the metal stair that can be seen behind Pinto in this picture leading up from the Met Garden, not the Chelsea flower show type, to an elevated platform where instruments such as the sunshine recorder was mounted and from where observations were made of launched met balloons and extent of visibility on the airfield determined.   [Click to see today's "Met Garden" taken on the visit last August 2006.   This and the other photographs show that the elevated structure seen from this window, no longer exists and the "Met Garden" is all on the ground.]   During the day by observing know landmarks but they also had to be able to deterring visibility at night and to do this calibrated lights had been placed on various structures, some quite a distance away, they could be selected in turn from a switch board which quickly determined how far one could see, I always gave me a bit of a thrill on a nice clear night to throw a switch and see a light come on several mile away, no doubt simple things etc. will come to mind, but I have often found life is made up of simple pleasures."
(Thanks to SAC Roseblade, Flying Wing Orderly Room at the behest of Pod Senar, Flying Wing Adjutant - 1955 and George Engelfield-Bishop.)
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