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Past Shareholders

We are reliant on members to provide details about past shareholders who have died.  Please let us know about any details that we have wrong or that are missing.

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Abigail Pilot Officer Edward Samuel Abigail
Appears: 93540Jun52, crashed, 93540Jul52,
Location Died Age  
In Vampire Fb5 Vv227 lost leader in dense cloud, control lost, port drop tank came off and removed tailplane and elevator. The aircraft then dived straight into the ground near Brockzetel, 2 miles west of AURICH. 14Jul52. 23
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 25Jun52. 14Jul52.
Notes: Buried in Hamburg 16Jul52.
Adamson Doug D T Adamson (Retd)
Appears: 98540Dec55, Bruno, CO, dep1255, 122wgdec55, 98540Dec55, cosdec55, cosartdec55, heljmp56, heljmp56sylt, 98540Jan56, sycearly56, ptyjan56, moust, 98sqn56, gstnt56, gnjev56, f4early56, invwilh, WW658, bowumb98, 122pty56, 122pty562, 98540Feb56, carrace, carrace2, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540May56, OrigBd, 2OrigBdGov, 98540Jun56, crickcup56, 98540Jul56, 98540Aug56, 98540Sep56, Derby56, Derbypressep56, Derbyplaqsep56, Derbycutep56, Derbyptysep56, 98540Jan57, badge, wedpete2, wedpete6, bowlmess57, pltsep56, 98540Oct56, 98540Nov56, shipw56, SailRotterdam56, sgts56, Inv7-57, winball56, 2winball56, Crest56, 98540Feb57, drysuitfeb57, 2drysuitfeb57, Dinghy3SyltFeb57, Dinghy2SyltFeb57, Dinghy4SyltFeb57, Dinghy5SyltFeb57, DinghySyltFeb57, 98540Mar57, 98540Apr57, GerrySylt57, Dangast1Apr57, Dangast2Apr57, Dangast3Apr57, Dangast4Apr57, 98540May57, athjevp122may57, 98540Jun57, curlwed, 98540Jul57, 98118cos, Event57, ukcourse, disbleafjul57, AGM57, AGM58, AdenJSL, DartJSL, AGM83-08, AGM83-11, AGM83-14, AGM87, AGM87-05, AGM87-08, 30yrs, AGM88-10, AGM88-11, AGM88-21, AGM88-25, AGM88-26, AGM90-07, AGM91, AGM91-01, AGM92, AGM92, AGM92-03, AGM92-05, AGM92-19, AGM93, AGM93-07, AGM93-25, DougVisitFeb93, AGM94, AGM95-02, AGM96-10, AGM96-11, AGM96-12, AGM98-13, AGM98-14, AGM98-18, AGM99-04, AGM99-8, AGM99-10, AGM99-12, AGM99-13, AGM99-15, AGM99-20, GoldSh99, huntcos, AGM01-1, AGM01-4, AGM01-9, AGM01-12, AGM01-14, AGM01-15, AGM01-18, AGM01-24, AGM01-28, AGM01-32, AGM06, AGM06-01, AGM06-04, AGM06-05, AGM07-32, AGM07-45, AGM07-61, AGM07-64, AGM07-66, AGM07-68, lgn07pic13, lgn07pic14, lgn07pic53, AGM08, bdpast, AGM09, AGM09-28, AGM09-60,
Location   Wife: Valerie Died Age dougadamson.jpg, 1394 bytes
6 Woodlands Road, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. Val has moved. 11Aug09  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 98 Sqn. 13Dec55. 15Jul57.
Notes: Double Bass for Jade Basin Five plus One. First Secretary and original Board Member for Jever Steam Laundry.
Agutter Roy Agutter
Appears: jazz54, Jazz2,
Location Died Age
Killed on his motorbike. Early 1955.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Rigger. About 1954. Early 1955.
Notes: Clarinetist in Station Jazz Band.
Aitken Robert "Professor" Aitken
Appears: mar56,
Location      Wife: Dorothy. Died Age
Died during heart bypass surgery. Kilmarnock. 2004.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Armourer National Service. Bef Mar56. Aft Mar56.
Notes: His son James wrote Feb2012: "My father was Robert Aitken of Kilmarnock Scotland. According to his notes he was non-ironically nicknamed "Professor" on account of his glasses and his intelligence. He was POM, but left after his national service. He would later become a professional photographer and a science fiction short story author. He passed away in 2004 during heart bypass surgery, survived by his wife Dorothy and his 3 children."
Alexander Sergeant Pilot Alex H Alexander
Appears: ibsley41,
Location Died Age alexalexander.jpg, 1167 bytes
Assumed deceased.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII 118 Sqn Sgt pilot. 1941. 1941.
Notes: From Manchester.
Allen Group Captain Bob R N G Allen CBE DFC
Appears: 93hist, 93540may53, 93540jun53, pod59, 93540jul53, MT, 93540Aug53, tree, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, 4stdnov53, 93540Nov53, lr, dp, pod80, 93540Dec53, xmas53, surprise, xmasmenu53, 93540Jan54, 93540Feb54, dunpres19feb54, pod86, pod92, pod93, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, dance, 93540Jul54, colr, pod119, pod120, M18flt, 93540Aug54, flt7sep54, Videosen012, Sylt54, SabConApr54, pod124, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, pod130, 93540Nov54, 93540Mar55, AGM06
Location        Wife: Alice Died Age boballen.jpg, 9147 bytes
Flat 2, Lambridge House, London Road West, Bath, Ba1 7HY. 14Dec08.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC 93 Sqn. 21May53. 17Sep54.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04. 1962 from Far East to Gp Capt at Manby.   F540 Promoted to Wg Cdr Fly Fassberg.   Vic Dabin wrote on 14Nov08: "Just to let you know that I called on Gp Cat Allen at his home in Bath recently.   He has just celebrated his 88th birthday, but, unfortunately has Parkinson's Disease.   However, he recognised me from the Fassberg days and we had a good chat about past times.   He wishes to be remembered to all from those halcyon days.   His daughter was there and she took details of the JSL web site and will be looking in soonest.   Alice Allen was very sprightly and talkative; she is now 89 and has recently had a stroke.   She has made a good recovery."
AllenJ Pilot Officer John Andrew "Bud" Allen RCAF
Appears: hist,
Location Died Age  budallen.jpg, 5020 bytes
Killed in Action over N Italy. 12Apr1945. 23.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Spitfire pilot seconded from RCAF. Late 44. 12Apr45.
Notes: Svc No: J-94125.   Nephew Bill Allen would like to hear from anyone who may have known his uncle.   Contact him at: .   He is buried in Plot 7, Row G, Grave 2, Faenza War Cemetery, Italy.
Amos Sergeant Jack Amos (Retd)
Appears: 42sylt, , MQ,
Location Died Age jackamos.jpg, 1405 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn. May54. Nov56.
Notes: Svc No: V0553764. Son Jamie born at Jever and would like to hear from anyone who knew his Father at .
Anderson Flight Lieutenant Andie W R R Anderson (Retd)
Appears: BtlFlt59, 4f540Apr59, Sqn59, HatsSqn59, 4f540May59, HMDI5-59, 4f540Aug59, 4f540Sep59, 4f540Oct59, 4f540Jan60, 4f540Mar60, 4f540Apr60, syltscores, 4f540Aug60, links23aug60, 4f540nov60, 4f540dec60, finaldi4, 14apr61,
Location   Wife: Maureen Died Age
Ponteland, Newcastle. Jul91. 54.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 4-3Mar59; 14 Sqn 12Mar61 4-31Dec60; 14 Sqn 5Sep61.
Notes: To 14 Sqn Gutersloh, detached back when Gutersloh runway was extended.   His son David sent us the latest information 24Mar06.   Andie had 3 children, Nicola born May61 Gutersloh, David SepS3 in RAF Nocton Hall, younger brother born Oct64 at Finningley and who is now a Commercial Air Traffic Controller at Prestwick.
Annal Dr David Annal
Appears: AGM06, gldshr, obit,
Location Died Age davidannal.jpg, 1015 bytes
109A Park Avenue, Mitchum, Surrey, Cr4 2ES 1300 Tuesday 6th May 2008 73.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Designer of this web site. Never. never.
Arthur L Les L Arthur (Retd)
Location Died Age  
Redwood Cottage, Bridge Street, Bishopsmill, Elgin, Moray, Iv30 DE (1999) 01343-549453. 21Jun05  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket    
Notes: Flew Venoms.
Ashwood Tom T M Ashwood (Retd)
Appears: 93540Feb59, 93540Mar59, 93540Apr59, Hmstr5-59, HMDI5-59, JeanJoy59, 93540Oct59, t78oct59, 93540Dec59, 93540Jan60, 93540Feb60, 50%feb60, 93540Mar60, AOCMarch60, ball560, display6jun60, 93540Aug60, paris2, dijplts, 93Aug60, 93Aug60GrdCrw, 93Aug60AirGrdCrw1, 93AircrewAug60, 93540Oct60, Score, AGM89, AGM90, AGM92, AGM93
Location Died Age TomAshwood.jpg, 5718 bytes
Tom: Washington DC.   Jean: 225 East Walnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA 17602 Dec04  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot 27Feb59. 31Dec60.
Notes: Joined TWA then American Airlines.   Knew Nobby Hall.
Asker Squadron Leader ""Arthur"" Harold Albert Asker DFC DFM (Retd)
Appears: Videohist, xmascake53, Xmas53, FassParty, Cake, fassparty55, fasslate52, nye53, feb54, ocfwdoFass53, hang54, 118 Reunion, 118-06, 118s263, 118s283, 118s420, menu09, Rtn Vid List Videotrib, Rtn Sqn List Videotrib, Rtn Vid List Videotoasts, Rtn Sqn List Videotoasts,
Location   Wife: Molli Died Age ArthurAsker.jpg, 1584 bytes
4 Windsor Park, East Dereham, Norfolk. Nr19 2SU (2007) Tel: 01362 698848. 17Feb10.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 118 Sqn at Fassberg 10May51 on re-formation at Fassberg. Feb54 before move to Jever.
Atherton Wing Commander Geoff G C Atherton DFC (Retd)
Appears: letdown, 4f540Jul58, GunTeam58, 93540Sep58, 4f540Sep58, flypsep58, 93540Feb59, 16aug05
Location Died Age GeoffAtherton.jpg, 9116 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 122 Wg. Jun57. Aft Sep58.
Baines Captain Peter P W Baines (Retd)
Appears: 118540Dec55, Bruno, 118SyltJan56, 118onHunt, SqnEarly56, 118airgrdMar56, 118540May56, 118540Jan57, 118AGMar57, 118540Mar57, 118SyltCrwm, 118AMar57, MarchJun57, 118540Jul57, SumBall57, 118DuncApr58, 118SqnApr59, AGM83-08, AGM83-14, AGM83-16, AGM90-06, AGM90-12, AGM91-08, AGM91-11, AGM92-03, AGM92-18, AGM92-20, AGM93-05, AGM94, GoldSh95, AGM95-17, AGM96, AGM96-08, AGM96-16, AGM96-17, AGM98-04, AGM98-05, AGM98-14, AGM99-8, AGM01-6, AGM01-7, AGM01-8, AGM01-10, AGM01-11, AGM01-13, AGM01-19, AGM05, AGM06, 118-06, Aug-06f5, Aug-0635, Aug-0640,
Location   Wife: Jo Died Age PeterBaines.jpg, 8653 bytes
15 Castle Street, Buckingham, Mk18 1BP. Tel: 01280 822059 31st March 2005
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot.   Responsible for many years for mailing JSL annual calling notices at his own expense. 15Dec55. 31Jul57 to UK.
Baker Flight Lieutenant A S Baker (Retd)
Appears: COs, 3dec43,
Location Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. 3Dec43. 27Dec43.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Balfour Flight Lieutenant Tom Balfour (Retd)
Appears: senar, vamval, frapr53, fr2apr53, 93540jul53, pemjul53, aslats, balfourwed, pod60, 93540Aug53, 93540Sep53, senn1053, f700, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, hat12531, hat1253, 93540Jan54, Sylt54, pod100, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, SabConApr54, meppen, pod115, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, Videosen012, Videosen020, pod127, 93plt15sep54, pod128, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, 93540Nov54, xmas54, 93540Dec54, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, sumball552, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, sumball55, 93540Jun55, 93540Jul55, davjeanbalfour, davebalfour, 7sab855, SqnPicAug55, 93540Aug55, GrdAirAug55, anov55, 93540Nov55, 4540Nov55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Jan56, graynote, MQ,
Location      Wife: Jean Died Age TommyBalfour.jpg, 6422 bytes
Chellaston, Derby, 01332-705327. 9Jun14.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot and IRE. 26Jul53. 18Jan56.
Notes: Svc No 583325.  Fg.Off. wef 31Dec53.  IRE   Ron Gray's Notes: "A former Halton Brat, from Horden, County Durham.  Met him at RAF VALLEY on jet conversion.  He had previously trained on Chipmunks/Harvards.  Signed up for a 12 year Short Service Commission.  Married Jean at Rowlands Gill, Co. Durham and had son David while at Jever.  I was a Godfather.  Met Tom again while I was with 607 (County of Durham) Sqn. RAux AF.  He was posted to us as Officer without posting for a couple of months.  He then went on to Javelins and I lost touch although through one grapevine or another I heard he flew with Dan Air from Newcastle at some stage.  We were posted to Jever together in July 1953.  The two squadrons were away on exercise and we had the exalted task of being Station Duty Officer with two others who had joined at the same time."
Banting Keith "Pompey" Banting (Retd)
Appears: road, gut,
Location      Wife: Maureen died 21Nov14 Died Age
13 Hatherley Road, Pauls Grove, Portsmouth, Hants. P06 4ET (2007) 24Nov14.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Armourer Fassberg. About 1954. About 1954.
Barcilon Air Commodore Bob R L Barcilon AFC (Retd)
Appears: 540nov58, 2540Feb59, 11158, 93&111, hamburg, MarriedMay59,
HMDI5-59, 2540Jun59, 2540Aug59, 2540Oct59, fdress592, 2540Mar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, 2540Nov60, 2540Dec60, 2540Jan61, onswift, cars, cars2,
Location      Wife: Jacqui Died Age BobBarcilon.jpg, 7373 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Nov58. After Jan 1961.
Notes: From 111 Sqn Black Arrows brochure Jan58: " ..aged 23 entered the RAF College, Cranwell, in 1952 and went to No. 111 Squadron on completing his training at Operational Conversion Unit."
Barr Wing Commander Dougie D M Barr (Retd)
Appears: 4f540May59, fdress59, 4f540Jun59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, 4f540Sep59, 4f540Nov59, 4f540Dec59, xmas59, 4f540Jan60, kreuzeck, 4f540Feb60, 4f540Mar60, skimar60, sunsylt660, flag, syltscores, 4f540dec60, finaldi4, 14apr61, AGM69, bdpast,
Location Died Age DougieBarr.jpg, 9126 bytes
Timber Trails, Furze Hill Road, Headley Down, Bordon, Hampshire Gu35 8HD. Tel: 0428-712477 1999  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 19May59. 31Dec60.
Notes: To 14 Sqn, Gutersloh.
Barrey DFC, AFC, DFM Squadron Leader "Bush" C J Barrey DFC AFC DFM (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, Bush, Carprz2, 98540Jan56, 98540Feb56, sycearly56, 98sqn56, bowumb98, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540jun56, 118SumBll56, 98540Sep56, pltsep56, 98540Dec56, bowler, 4540Jan57, 98540Feb57, 98540Mar57, Sea2Sylt57, 98540May57, 98540Jun57, wedpete6, bowlmess57, abandon, logbook, 98540Jul57, SumBall57, Event57, 4f540Oct57, 4f540Dec57, VideoM036, SilverDOut57, Mssiah12-57, Mssiah12-572, 4f540Aug58, GunTeam58, Mssiah12-58, 4f540Sep58, 93540Nov58, DougVisitFeb93, AGM94
Location    Partner: Bessie Died Age BushBarrey.jpg, 5148 bytes
Unit 35, 4 Britha Avenue, Evanson, 5116, South Australia.   Tel: 00-61-8-852-30043   Died in Adelaide Hospital. 29May06 86
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 and 4 Sqn pilot, 122 Wing PAI. [See 98 Sqn Personnel for more stories of Bush]. B Flt Cdr 98 Sqn 11Jan56 ; 4-Jul57, 122Wg PAI 1Jan58. 98 31Jul57, 4 31Dec57 to Stn Flt as PAI.
Notes: Click to see more stories and pictures of Bush.   From PC from Doug Adamson 31Jan94 in SL files.   Also colour negatives and 11 Howard St address in letter postmarked 24Apr92.   Thanks to Robbie Lynn 93 Sqn, we have just heard the sad news that Bush passed out whilst refueling his car early in May 06.   He died several times on the way to Adelaide hospital and was in a coma for a month.   They operated on his heart but then found that it was not his heart but he had pneumonia and he died in Intensive Care last Monday 29th May 2006.   His funeral was 31st May 2006.
Barrington-Kennett Major Victor Annesley Barrington-Kennett (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age  
Shot down in a Bristol Scout as 10th victim of Max Immelmann in WWI. 13Mar16.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Feb16. 13Mar16.
Notes: Mike Dunn writes: "I just wanted to make one comment concerning Part I of the 4 Sqn history.   It says that the CO who was killed in March 1916, Victor Annesley Barrington-Kennet, was the first adjutant of the RFC.   This was in fact his brother Basil Hebert who was a regular soldier and member of The Grenadier Guards.   Basil returned later to his regiment and was killed in 1915.   V A Barrington-Kennett was a former Territorial in the Royal Engineers and gained his brevet with them in 1912.   He transferred to the RFC (SR) in 1913 and was mobilised in 1914.   He was shot down by Max Immelmann and became his 10th victim.   A third Barrington-Kennet brother, Aubrey Hampden, also died during the Great War."
Barrow Flight Lieutenant Pete P A Barrow (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, 98540Jan56, 98sqn56, 98540Feb56, bowumb98, carrace, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540May56, 98540Jun56, 98540Jul56, 98540Aug56, 98540Sep56, ,pltsep56, 98540Oct56, 98540Nov56, 98540Dec56, on98, 98540Jan57, 98540Feb57, 98540Mar57, 98540Apr57, 98540May57, 98540Jun57, omlawnjun57, Event57, Dangast1Apr57, Dangast4Apr57, 98540Jul57, 93540Sep58, 93540Nov58, 93540Dec58, abandon, 93540Feb59, 93540Mar59, 93540Apr59, 93540Sep59, OnMNxt11-59, f8421nov59, 93540Dec59, 93540Feb60, 93540Mar60, 93540Apr60
Location   Wife: Betty (Nee Rivett) Died Age PeterBarrow.jpg, 1573 bytes
47 Govers Meadow, Colyton, Devon, Ex13 6PG Tel:01297-552966 (2010). 13Dec10.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 & 98 Sqn pilot. 98 Sqn 8Jan56. 93 Sqn Sep58. 98 Sqn 15Jul57. 93 Sqn May60.
Notes: Latterly Ground Instructor at Kidlington.
Batchelor Flight Sergeant "Jack" John Richard Batchelor (Retd)
Location Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
i/c Guardroom. About 56. About 57.
Notes: Son David attended BFES Primary School 56/57 and now lives at Bexleyheath.
Baxter Flight Lieutenant Raymond Frederic Baxter (Retd)
Appears: obit, 93his, sizer, hist,
Location     Wife: Sylvia Died Age raymondbaxter.jpg, 1248 bytes
Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire 15Sep06 84
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. Sicily and S Italy Jul43. Jul44 to 61 OTU Shropshire.
Notes: Born 25Jan22.   Famous broadcaster.
Bellamy Sergeant Charles C A Bellamy BEM (Retd)
Appears: xmas55, hunt1255, card556, 93540Jul56,
Location Died Age peterbellamy.jpg, 1334 bytes
Melbourne, Australia. Sep84.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn groundcrew. May54. Sep56.
Notes: His son Peter Bellamy said: "He spent a large portion of his time at Jever working on the maintenance team of Sqn Ldr Browne's aerobatic team.   See enclose note that Sqn Ldr Browne placed in a silver cigarette case that he gave to my father before his posting in June 1956.   My family accompanied my father on his posting to Germany, and I remember many happy days fishing and "hunting" frogs in the fields around the 'old' married quarters before we moved up to the new quarters.   My father retired from the RAF at Colerne, Wiltshire in Feb64.  He died in Melbourne in Sep 84."   Peter C Bellamy, 808 Promontory Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon, 97045-3043, USA.
Bendell Wing Commander "Bugs" A J Bendell OBE AFC (Retd)
Appears: NevinAng, 4540May57, 4540Jul57, logbook, 4f540Oct57, 4f540Dec57, SyltScore, BrewJun57, VideoM035, MOJan58, togo, annoxia, 4f540Apr58, xmas59, tac002, AGM91-07, AGM91-10, AGM92, AGM93-01, AGM93-03, AGM93-04, AGM93-08, AGM93-09, AGM93-11, AGM93-16, AGM94-03, AGM94-04, GoldSh97, AGM97-1, AGM97-8, AGM97-11, AGM97-16, AGM97-17, AGM97-18, AGM98-1, AGM98-4, AGM98-12, AGM98-14, AGM99-01, AGM99-13, AGM99-19, AGM01-3, AGM01-12, AGM01-19, AGM05, AGM06, nov07,
Location Died Age
Star & Garter Home, Upper Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6JY from 23Aug13. Tel: 020 3301 6467 30Dec16. 80.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 13May57 from 67 Sqn Bruggen. Jul58.
Bergh Wing Commander Olaf M O Bergh AFC (Retd)
Appears: bergh, 93hist, 93540Feb52, 93540Mar52, 93540Apr52, 93540May52, 93540Jun52, 98540Mar57, on98, 98540Apr57, Dangast1Apr57, Dangast2Apr57, Dangast6Apr57, Dangast4Apr57, abandon, 98540May57, OpdyJun57, 98540Jul57, 2f540Aug58, , 2f540Sep58, 4f540Oct58, 2540Mar59, MGRally, 2540May59, Hmstr5-59, HMDI5-59, SprtDy7-59, 4f540Jul59, 2540Oct59, 2540Dec59, 2540Feb60, 2540Mar60, 2sqnMar60, 2540Apr60, 93f540Mar60, flypast2mar60, 93540Apr60, 93f540May60, Rtn Vid List Videogunrace19May60, Rtn Sqn List Videogunrace19May60, hdvis560p1, AOC60, AOCBouchMay60, AOCMay60, 93540Jul60, 93540Aug60, 93Aug60, 93Aug60GrdCrw, 93Aug60AirGrdCrw1, 93AircrewAug60, 4f540Aug60, 540Sep60, 4f540sep60, 540Oct60, Score, Trophy, mq, AlIbbett
Location   Wife: Iris died 25Feb08. Died Age OlafBergh.jpg, 1455 bytes
Kent 15May83. 58.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn & 2 Sqn pilot. 98 Sqn A Flt Cdr. On 93 Sqn as Fg Off in B Flt Feb 52. From 79 Sqn to 2 Sqn. as B Flt Cdr Aug58; 93 Sqn-22Mar60 Promoted from 2 Sqn. Jever 98 Sqn 23Mar57. 93 Earlier Bef.Feb52. Jever 3Mar52. 4Jun52 to Korea. 98 Sqn 15Jul57. 2 Sqn-21Mar60; 93 Sqn-31Dec60.
Notes: Graham Ferguson, Olaf's nephew wrote on 24Mar08: "My aunt Iris Bergh, who was the widow of Oelof,(Olaf was the way most people spelt his name), died on the 25th February this year not far from you in Sevenoaks.   I have had, along with my sister and mother, the very sad job of sorting her possessions and have found Oelofs medals including the AFC and the Martin Baker club tie and gold caterpillar.   This prompted me to do a Google search with his name and found your site which perhaps you would be kind enough to update with the date of his death which was the 15th May 1983, aged just 58.   We were all very proud of Oelof for his achievements and his all round sporting abilities.   My aunt would forever lecture me about driving too fast and then in the next breath she would tell me how Oelof and fellow airmen would get into their cars following a night in the mess and race whilst blindfolded and getting directions from other passengers by morse code...   I wish you well with your site, it's an interesting read.   Should you require any more information about Oelof, please don't hesitate to contact me at the above email address or my mother, Audrey Ferguson on 01689 854031."
Birtles Flight Sergeant Pilot "Ron Chiefy" Ronald Boswell Birtles DFM
Appears: sgt, paintron, wing, ibsley41, dinghynov41, DFM19Dec41,
Location Died Age ronbirtles.jpg, 1127 bytes
Killed at war. 16Dec41.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII 118 Sqn Flt Sgt pilot. RAFVR 39. 16Dec41.
Notes: Svc No: 748413. From Birmingham.   Grandson Cymon Birtles tells us: "Unfortunately, he was killed at war on dec 16th 1941. My grandmother was 7 months pregnant at the time (lucky for me ;-) My father was born 2 months later on 24.02.1942".
Blackburn Sergeant Pilot Blackie B Blackburn
Appears: ibsley41,
Location Died Age blackieblackburn.jpg, 1148 bytes
Assumed deceased.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII 118 Sqn Sgt pilot. 1941. 1941.
Notes: From London.
Blake Captain Bill M Blake (Retd)
Appears: vw, sylt155, snow155, Video967, seawall, 4540mar55, skyh2455, syltmay55, syltmay552, cop555, cop2555, cop3555, cop4555, cop4556, 4540apr56, nude6552, nude6553, sylt556, 4540Jul55, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 4540may56, 4540Nov56, 4540Jun57, 4540Jul57, AGM60-01, AGM95-04, AGM95-07, AGM96-08, AGM96-15, AGM96-19, AGM99-02, AGM01-01, AGM06-01, AGM06-17, AGM06-26, Aug06, Aug065, Aug067, Aug0627, Aug0629, Aug0638, Aug064, Aug0643, Aug0659, Aug0664, Aug0671, Aug0678, Aug0681a, Aug0681c, Aug0699, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06126, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06138, Aug06170, Aug06171, Aug06253, Aug06255, Aug06259, Aug06264, Aug062665, Aug06271, Aug06281, Aug06309, Aug06310, Aug06315, AGM07, AGM07-43, AGM07-70, AGM07-74, nov07, lgn07pic05, lgn07pic41, lgn07pic54, AGM08,
Location   Wife: Lorna. Died Age
4 Marlow Mill, Mill Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire Sl7 1QD Wycombe Hosp(2010) 15Aug10. 76.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot PAI. Sep54. Aug57.
Blount Squadron Leader C H B Blount OBE MC (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his2
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Apr20. Apr25.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Bones Corporal Terry Bones
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
MT Fitter. Oct57. Feb60.
Notes: Terry's son told us on 23Jun12: "I was born in the station sick quarters, 21Aug1958.   My Father (died 1992) and mother have always had very fond memories of their time at Jever, and have told me many tales, many times, of that period.   My father loved shooting, golf, cricket and fishing.   He represented RAF Germany in service shooting during this posting as one of their best and was selected to shoot for the RAF at Bisley 1n 1958, his best year ever, but had to drop out because of my very overdue arrival.   He also left his mark on the camp by cajoling permission and then creating a pitch-and-putt golf course on some of the larger green spaces on the camp.   He did all this with the help of a camp mate and fellow new golf addict, probably Den Wright, also MT.   They divided all the course construction and maintenance and mower maintenance between them in their spare time.   A stipulation put on them when they begged permission to make the course was that anyone on the camp who wished, would have to have free access to the course.   Despite posting notices in all appropriate places on camp, before they started, asking for helpers, none had come forward, of course.   Having built it, and maintained and used it for a while, dad was rather disgusted to find, on returning from an absence (detachment, or shooting meet), that some members of one of the squadrons had "taken possession" of the little course, even having erected signs proclaiming 'Jever Golf Club' and having foist their own committee, membership rules and local rules on it.   When dad complained about the hi-jacking the interlopers simply pulled rank, as is common among some golfers, and that was that.   Does anyone know how long the course remained in use?   Another story he told was of playing skittles with mates (British and German) along some of the local lanes, as well as local skittle alleys. Sounds brilliant!   A local character he told me about having met once or a few times was Dietie Aller, the local wise old eel-catching expert.   This man had his own crafty methods, and would use a rod, a very large cork and multiple lines - possibly without hooks - to catch a dozen or more fat juicy eels at a time, in no time and with seemingly very little effort.   These he would eat, and/or sell, and/or give to friends all around the local area.   It turned out he was quite a well known local character.   First time I've heard of, let alone looked at the site.   It's a great resource, with all sorts of fascinating stuff on it, including some great pics and videos.   I've been sifting through loads of goodies for hours!   Thankyou for all your hard work. I shall definitely visit again."
Bottomley Squadron Leader N H Bottomley (Retd)
Appears: COs
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Nov28. Dec29.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Bowen E Wing Commander David "Eric" Bowen (Retd)
Appears: qe2, 71421, 4540Feb54, 4540May54, stdlunch, tent, tent3,
Location Died Age ericbowen.jpg, 1405 bytes
Cheshire Home, Abingdon. 17Apr13.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Wg Nav, Safety & Rescue, Flt Safety, 122 Wg Adj. Bef Nov53. Aft May54.
Notes: Bill Maish met Eric when he was recovering from a stroke in Mar07 and reports: "Eric was a navigator on Stirlings during the latter half of the war, and since I was introduced as a fellow RAF officer we have, over a couple of weeks got to chat a bit.   He said as we parted last Thursday that his best tour was with a bunch of "fighter boys" at a place I would not recognise called Jever!   He said that he had not realised that the fighter pilots had a completely different attitude to life and flying to the bomber crews (for whom survival was the main aim).   Anyway, he was at Jever in 1954 but could not remember the dates, so I have asked him to bring his log book when we meet on Thursday next.   He says he was Wing Nav, Safety and Rescue, Flight Safety and Wg Adj to Hammer West and his predecessor.   Later he transferred to Fighter Control and gained the rank of Wing Commander before he retired.   I am going to see more of him and hopefully dig up some more detail, and if he becomes more fit again, will try to persuade him to come to the reunion.   He would be interested in anyone else who was there who remembers him."
Boyack Wing Commander Chas C Boyack AFC MBE MBIM (Retd)
Appears: 4540Jul54, 4540Sep54, 4540Nov54, 4540Apr55, 4540May55, 4540Jun55, 4540Jul55, 4540Aug55, 4540oct55, 4f540Nov55, 4f540Dec55, 4540jan56, 4540feb56, 4540mar56, 4stor4, walk54, 4540apr56, skyhi2, skyh455, skyh2455, 4540mar56, 4540may56, 4may55, syltmay55, nude655, seawall, seawall2, jev55, piano55, beach555, pod146, pym556, VideoSU002, VideoSU003, 4540jun56, 4540jul56, AGM91,
Location   Wife's Name: June Died Age chasboyack.jpg, 1427 bytes
26 High Street, Potterne, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 5NA (2008) Tel: 01380-723840 18Feb08 Died of Bowel Cancer.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Nov53. Nov56.
Notes: Contacted by his son Malcolm at . From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06) : "Pleased to see Charlie had worthy promotions, although I had heard of some progress from two of his helicopter pilots who provided Casevac practice for 251 (Sunderland) Field Ambulance RAMC(V) during one of our training camps in Germany, Scharfoldendorfe.   Read in one of the newspapers that he was Manager for the Red Arrows at some point."
Boyd Sergeant Frank Boyd
Location Died Age  
  Cancer 1984.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
  59. 61.
Notes: Serv No: 61722Colleen Roberts, Frank's daughter wrote on 28Apr10: "Dad had server 22 years altogether in the RAF.   His last posting was to RAF Innsworth.   As far as I can remember We were in Jever in 1959 to 1961.   I have asked my Sister in Australia to look for old photos of Dad when he was in Jever.   As so as I have then I will e.mail them to you.   I have been trying to find pictures of the married quarters in the base, but nothing seems to ring any bells.   The last time I had seen Bill Lock (William ) was in 1963 when my Mother passed away.   His wife and my Parents were good friends, also Dave and Steve Wright were also in Jever the same time Dave was a LAC in the RAF.   It seem strange now because my Only Daughter is a Corporeal in the RAF ,she has served nearly 9 years.   Hope to keep in touch.   He was mate's with Bill and Rosie Lock also in Jever at the same time.   Does any one remember them?   I would love to hear from anyone that does."
Boyer Flight Lieutenant Les A Boyer (Retd)
Appears: sylt54, ann55, sal55, collision15Mar56, 2540Jan58, party, 2540Feb582540Jul58,
Location Died Age lesboyer.jpg, 1698 bytes
Killed when CV-880 he was flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong was blown up and crashed in Vietnam. 15Jun72.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Bef 54. Bef Jan58. Aft May55. Jul58.
Notes: Seems to have served on 2 Sqn twice, 54 and 58.   Chris Stone wrote: "I was doing a bit of research today for a new acquaintance I met at a party here recently, who mentioned that he had gone to school with a guy named Les Boyer. He knew Boyer was in the RAF at one time, and asked if I knew him. I told him that I did know a 'Chas' Boyer (an obvious nickname) when we both flew Lightnings at Wattisham in the late 1960s. His real first name was Les, and it turns out that this is indeed the same chap who would - if still alive - be about 80 yrs old today. However, I had to sadly relate to his old school chum that Les 'Chas' Boyer was killed in 1972 when he was flying for Cathay Pacific - a terrorist bomb planted in his aircraft blew up over Vietnam whilst en route from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Details of Boyer's tragic end can be found here: " Aviation Safety Report says: "Cathay Pacific Flight CX 700Z took off from Bangkok (BKK) at 04:55 UTC bound for Hong Kong (HKG). The flight proceeded normally along airway Green 67 at a cruise altitude of FL290, maintaining routine radio contact first with Bangkok ACC and from 05:42 with Saigon ACC. At 05:59 a high explosive device detonated within the passenger cabin centre section area. Some passengers' seats were ejected through a hole in the fuselage. Portions of the fuselage and possibly some seats struck the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, causing severe damage. Simultaneously the floor of the cabin, centre fuselage section, and starboard wing root were disrupted. The CV-880 lost control, entered a high-speed descent and broke up. The aircraft crashed in a jungle area, lightly wooded with small trees. It appeared that the explosive device was hidden in a suitcase under a passenger seat on the right side near the wing. The bomb was put on the aircraft by a police officer whose daughter and fiancée were aboard. PROBABLE CAUSE: "The aircraft broke up in the air and caught fire following the detonation of a high explosive device within the passenger cabin."
Boyle Tony A A Boyle (Retd)
Appears: 4540Feb57, 4540May57, 4540Jun57, logbook, 4f540Nov57, VideoSu007, VideoM036, MOJan58, 4Jan58, dance, dance2, wpn, VideoM043, 4f540Aug58, 4f540Sep58, 4Aug58, ShLvPty2Sep58, 4f540Nov58, sqnpilots, 4f540Dec58, 4f540Apr59, 4f540Jun59, 4f540Aug59, Sqn59, mobike, 4din, HatsSqn59, HMDI5-59, syltbare660, AGM60-02, Rtn Vid List Videowed462, Rtn Sqn List Videowed462, tribute,
Location Died Age TonyBoyle.jpg, 1679 bytes
44 Aston Eyre, Morville, Near Bridgnorth, Shropshire Heart attack 16 May 2008. 73
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 28Feb57. 19Aug59.
Notes: Son of a former Chief of the Air Staff Sir Dermot Boyle.
Bradley L Flying Officer Les L J Bradley (Retd)
Appears: q653, syltoct53, attparty1253, stlunch2, stlunch3, tenapr54, om455, v5jan54, lb84apr54, Videointake, skyhi2, skyhi3, skyh455, skyh2455, syltmay55, seawall, asylt655, asylt6552, piano55, graynote, 4may55
Location Died Age lesbradley.jpg, 1326 bytes
Flew for Donaldson, Pakistan International and Cyprus Airways until 1982. 1997. 63.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Bef Jul53. About 56.
Notes: Svc No:4073305 Fg Off 25Oct53.   Sean Bradley, his son, ( reports on 28Mar10: "Les L.J. Bradley was my father and as we grew up as a tightly knit expat family I have met many of dad's colleagues, especially Bob Smith.  After some time at 511sqn my Dad did indeed go into civilian aviation, circa 1972 with Donaldson, Pakistan International, Cyprus Airways [during 1974 conflict] and finished his flying career 2 years after being hijacked on the ground at Beirut international airport in 1982.   He regularly commented on the differences between his R.A.F. and civilian flying days, words not to be printed here!   Needless to say he was a lot fonder of his R.A.F. days.   He passed away in 1997 aged 63 through a series of complications that seem to have originated from his hijack and the loss of our Mother 10 years before in 1987.   [Not to mention the few cigarettes/ cigars and the odd drink along the way!]   I am still in touch with Rex Boulton and Bruno Brown, ex Navy pilot who flew with my Dad at Kuwait Airways and was on the ground at the same time of his hijack.   Bob Smith, whom we knew very well in Kuwait as he was flying for a private flight for Moh'd Hassawi of Kuwait Real estate at the time, I have not heard of for some years, apparently last heard running a type of curiosity shop in the South of England somewhere.   Dr William Larkworthy, not sure what sqn he was attached to and not sure if any connection with your group, is alive and well in the South of France.    From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Les joined 4 Sqn. Just ahead of me, in time to go on exercise.  He was my next room neighbour.  Came from Seaton Deleval I believe, which is spitting distance from where I am typing this (during time working for a secret Government Department. Shhh.)  I was surprised to see him and Bob Smith in tennis gear.  Cannot recall playing with them."
Bradley P Flight Lieutenant Jim P F L Bradley (Retd)
Appears: 454aug53, 4540Dec53, 4540Jun54, 4540Oct54, 4540Feb55, 4540Nov55, Hist, 93540Oct56, 93540Nov56, monks1256, monks12572, NYEdec56, 93dec56, rugby141256, rugby2141256, 93f540Jan57, 93540Feb57, 93540Apr57, abandon, SmallArms557, ath292jun57, carcrash, 93540Nov57, 93Nov57, Formal57, Station CommanderBoneD57, jan58, 93540Aug58, 93Aug58, PreSylt58, 93540Sep58, AGM60-01, AGM60-02,
Location     Wife: Barbara. Died Age JimBradley.jpg, 6507 bytes
Stradbroke, Suffolk. 21May10.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4Sqn and 93Sqn pilot. 4-AboutMay53, 93-11Oct56. 4-21Nov55, 93-Sep58.
Notes: Georgina his daughter wrote: "I have only this weekend found your site and really like it.   I found it while in the search for something completely different regarding my father: Ft Lt Peter L F Bradley.   It was so lovely to find pictures of him having fun and laughs in his young years!   Unfortunately, he passed away on Friday 21st May after a long illness.   His funeral will be held at 2pm on 1st June at Horham Baptist Church, nr Stradbroke, Suffolk.   Family flowers only - donations instead to Adele House Nursing home, where he was cared for so well; c/o Rackhams Funeral Services, Diss.   My Mother (Barbara) is going very strong!   But she is quite a bit younger than my Father.   They met and married in 1966 while he was on detachment at Ballykelly (Shackletons) in Northern Ireland - she was the daughter of a local farmer (very romantic!)   After Daddy retired from the RAF in 1971 he started his car tuning business 'Spot On Tuning' which went from strength to strength, especially after he started specialising in BMWs.   He never retired and was intending to go to work on the 2nd January 2009 - the day he was hit by a massive stroke.   (My brother has taken over the business.)   I look forward to finding out about your reunion."
Brewer Squadron Leader Bill W Brewer AFC
Appears: 118540Dec55, VideoM003, 118SyltJan56, 118onHunt, 122DIparty, 122pty56, 122pty562, 118airgrdMar56, syltparty356, 118postsyltapr563, 118540May56, 118540Augl56, syltparty3564, VideoPOW007, VideoM025, VideoM027, BBQ2, 118540Aug56, 118540Sep56, 118540Oct56, 118540Nov56, 118540Dec56, 118540Feb57, 118540Mar57, 1stAGM, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, 118540Apr57, 118SqnApr57, 118540May57, 118540Jun57, abandon, 4f540Sep57, BrewJun57, logbook, 4f540Nov57, DIOrr2Ewing57, SumBall57, 118540Jul57, 118540Aug57, 4f540Dec57, 4ExCarav, brwnjug1, brwnjug2, MOJan58, 4Jan58, dropt, SyltScore, 4gn58, 4f540Apr58, 118DuncApr58, 4f540May58
Location     Wife: Barbara. Died Age BillBrewer.jpg, 1546 bytes
Bourne, Lincolnshire (2004) 24Dec11. 78.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 then 4 Sqn. Pilot. 118Sqn 15Dec55; 4Sqn Sep57. 118Sqn Sep57; 4Sqn May58.
Notes: Alyson Pearce Bill's daughter wrote on 4Oct12: "Sadly Bill passed away on Christmas Eve last year just 2 weeks short of his 79th birthday having endured the cruelty of Alzheimers in his final 4 years.   Even in his last few weeks his love of flying remained evident and he was able to recall some snapshots from his early days as a pilot.   He was cremated wearing his RAF uniform and his wicker coffin was draped with the Union flag with his hat on the top and proudly carried by his 3 grandsons and his son-in-law.   Please update your website so that some of his comrades still with us may remember him with fondness."
Brewster Flying Officer John Brewster
Appears: hist, crashrpt,
Location Died Age  
Collided with Harold Williams practicing attacks over Five Thorn Lane, Seagry, Wiltshire, SN15 5ER. Sun 6Apr41. 25.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 pilot WWII, B Flt Cdr. 118Sqn Feb41. 118Sqn 6Apr41.
Notes: From Yorkshire.
Bridson Squadron Leader Dougie D S Bridson
Appears: heany, 450Sep52, b53, bg53, mov1/53, sylt553, fish553, sylt653, 4540Aug53, q2653, syltoct53, 4stdnov53, 4std2nov53, 4std3nov53, 4std4nov53, stlunch3, 454Jan4, SabreAbahn, singxmas54, tm1054, tm11054, jev55, pod141, pod153, pod154, 4540mar55, qfico183, tributes,
Location Died Age dougbridson.jpg, 1331 bytes
Worcester area. 7Nov11 peacefully after a long illness.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 14Sep52. 14Mar55 to Cosford.
Notes: Standard Bearer when 4 Sqn Standard presented 20Nov53.  Posted to Halton Apprentice School.  From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Should be Flying Officer Doug Bridson at the very least.  He was Fg. Off. When I joined in July 1953.  Hell of a snooker player.  One became a spectator as soon as he hit the table.  Doug also held a Commercial Licence and earned coin on his two, three weeks leave periods.  He told me he had also flown a Spit from XXXXXX during one such leave and found it a bit disappointing.  Not surprising really as it would be pretty clapped out by that time.  He commented on the rate of climb being much less than the Vampires we were using at the time."
Brown J Wing Commander John Brown (Retd)
Appears: 112540May53, Ex53, SqnMay53, 112540Jun53, 112540Jul53, obit,
Location      Wife: Carol Died Age JohnBrown.jpg, 5462 bytes
Wings, 6 The Burrells, Shoreham-by-sea, West Sussex BN43 5HT 14Jul12. 79.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn pilot. 17May53 from Chivenor. Move from Jever to Bruggen 6July53.
Notes: Added at request of Danny Lavender in a letter on JSL files 3Jan94. One of Danny's Wing Admin Officers in Air Cadets.
Browne D Air Commodore Des Desmond Fitzalan Monteagle Browne CBE AFC and Bar (Retd)
Appears: pod124, Browne D, 93hist, Severne, aslats, dropt, jevsab54/55, 93540Sep54, pod125, 93540Oct54, aeros1154, skico, skico2, skico4, 4stor4, Flameout14Dec54, 93540Dec54, pod135, 93540Jan55, pod137, pod138, pod139, pod140, pod141, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, 93540Jun55, 93540Jul55, BBQ2Jul55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, pod146, SabreAerosAug55, 93540Aug55, pod155, 93540Sep55, 93540Oct55, 93540Nov55, 93540Dec55, flechdordec55, flechdordec55same, 93Frm155, 93Frm255, 93Frm355, 93Frm455, 93Frm555, 93Frm655, 93Frm755, 7sab855, 93Frm855, 93Frm955, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Jan56, 4540jan56, 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, UEForm16Apr56, 93540May56, Ladder, 93540Apr56, 93540May56, itvisjun56, card556, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, VideoSU004, cert756, 6LoopAug56, 93540Aug56, 93540Sep56, 93540Oct56, 93540Nov56, Elbe56, ElbeInv56, 93540Dec56, linebk4dec56, , MQ, 1stAGM, AGM06
Location      Wife: Marian (Deceased) Died Age DesBrowne.jpg, 8061 bytes
10 Kanoona Avenue, St Ives, NSW 2075, Australia (Mar2010) May 2016 91.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 93 Sqn. [See fuller details under 93 Sqn personnel]. 18Sep54. 11Dec56.
Notes: Serv No.163501
Browne Captain Jim J A Browne (Retd)
Appears: AGM06, AGM93-21, AGM09, AGM09-12, AGM09-18, AGM09-54, AGM09-55, AGM09-58, AGM17-1, AGM17-2, AGM17-4, AGM17-7, AGM17-31, AGM17-32,
Location      Wife: Merab Died Age  
Holly Cottage, Bix, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire Rg9 6BY (2009) 2021?  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket. 14 Sqn pilot. Mar61 Sep61.
Brunger Squadron Leader Dave W D Brunger (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, sqn353, Bath53, 98Mar53, 98Sqn54, 98540Apr55, 98540May55, Jever55, 98Pig55, party, 98540Jun55, 98540Jul55, 98540Sep55, 98540Nov55, rob, self, dep1255, 122wgdec55, dinoutdec55, ptyjan56, gnjev56, 98540Feb56, 98sqn56, bowumb98, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540May56, pltsep56, 98540Feb57, Event57, , MQ, AGM60-01, AGM06
Location      Wife: Helga Died Age DaveBrunger.jpg, 5976 bytes
6 St Birinus Court, Gassons Road, Letchlade, Gloucestershire, Gl7 3BU. Tel: 01367-253159 20Feb09.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot & PAI. Mar53. 13Feb57.
Notes:Thanks to Vic Dabin and Jeff Jeffrey we have learnt of the sad news of the death of Dave Brunger who died peacefully at home on 20th February 2009.   Loving husband, father, grandfather and brother to sisters Sue and Ann.   Private funeral.   Donations, if desired, to RAF Benevolent Fund c/o Hillier Funeral service Ltd., Telephone: 01793522797.
Buddin Squadron Leader Norman "Boss" N C P Buddin (Retd)
Appears: 118540Nov55, 118540Dec55, Bruno, VideoM002, 122wgdec55, 118540Jan56, 118540Feb56118SyltJan56, 118onHunt, 118540Mar56, 118540Apr56, 118airgrdMar56, 118540May56, StnCdrBBQMay56, BBQ156, BBQ256, BBQ356, 118540Jun56, 118540Jul56, 118540Sep56, 118540Oct56, 118540Nov56, 118540Dec56, 118540Jan57, 118540Feb57, 118540Mar57, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, 118540Apr57, SqnApr57, 98118cos, 118540Mar57, VideoM024, 118540Jun57, SumBall57, 118540Jul57, 118540Aug57, DisBndAug357, 118540Apr58, 118TrophyApr58, 118DuncApr58, 118MaishApr58menu09, goodwin,
Location   Wife: Avril Died Age NormanBuddin.jpg, 5121 bytes
West Country 2003  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 118 Sqn 3Dec55. 22Aug57 to acting OC Flying Wg Jever.
Burke Flight Lieutenant Patrick Lampard Burke (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540oct40, 93540nov40, 93540dec40, 93540jan41, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
  About 1995.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
1st Commanding Officer 93 Sqn. 29Sep40. 6Dec41.
Notes: Son Michael Burke in touch.
Butell Sergeant Pilot Keith Butell
Appears: ibsley41,
Location Died Age keithbutell.jpg, 1146 bytes
Assumed deceased.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII 118 Sqn Sgt pilot. 1941. 1941.
Notes: From Australia.
Butterworth Squadron Leader Brian Butterworth (Retd)
Appears: 93540Feb59, ExJev59, 93540Mar59, 93540Apr59, rugby15, ball25apr59, camera, Hmstr5-59, HMDI5-59, SprtDy7-59, 4f540Jul59, 93540Sep59, 93540Oct59, ptyoct59, Minx, Minx2, nye12592, 93540Dec59, 93540Jan60, tac001, tac002, rugby, sleeper, ski, 93540Feb60, c4feb60, seasickfeb60, 93540Mar60, 93540Apr60, 93540May60, Rtn Vid List Videoaoc5may60, Rtn Sqn List Videoaoc5may60, ball560, Rtn Vid List VideoDispJun60, Rtn Sqn List VideoDispJun60, 93540Aug60, dijtax, dijjp4, dijplts, dijon1, Hugh, 93Aug60, 93Aug60GrdCrw, 93Aug60AirGrdCrw1, 93AircrewAug60, drunk28aug60, Score, messbill, tankarddec60, Aug06, Aug0625, Aug0629, Aug0630, Aug0631, Aug0632, Aug0637, Aug0638, Aug0695, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06129, Aug06130, Aug06141, Aug06144, Aug06160, Aug06165, Aug06229, Aug06252, Aug06254, Aug06255, Aug06257, Aug06258, Aug06259, Aug06260, Aug06261, Aug06262, Aug06267, Aug06272, Aug06276,
Location   Wife: Margaret (Deceased Mar20.) Died Age BrianButterworth.jpg, 5463 bytes
4 The Grove, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Ln2 1RG. 01522-543590 21Jan15. 83.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot 17Feb59. Jan61.
Notes: Svc No: 503420. On 14Mar15 Hugh, his son, wrote: "Jever was RAF camp number 2 that I lived at followed by another 10 camps in the following period up till 1974 when dad retired at RAF Andover...where he learned to fly helicopters in his last tour.   He was the squadron leader for 21 squadron before he was demobbed."
Carr Captain Ian I E Carr (Retd)
Appears: pym556, 93540Oct56, 4540Apr57, 4540May57, 4540Jun57, 4540Jul57, 4540Aug57, logbook, brwnjug2,
Location Died Age iancarr.jpg, 1569 bytes
Rivendell, 11 Amberley Close, Send, Woking, Surrey, Gu23 7BX. Retired from British Airways. (2000) 2002  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Bef Oct56. Aft Sep57.
Carthew Major T W C Carthew (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Bef May56. Sep16.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Carver Air Commodore Tony Henten Sylvester Carver CBE, LVO.
Appears: Helsinki2, 93540Nov57, Formal57, BoneD57, 93540Dec57, jan58, 93540Feb58, 93540Apr58, 93540Jun58, obit
Location Died Age tonycarver.jpg, 1284 bytes
Dene Place Nursing Home, West Horsley, Surrey. 12May14. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Flt Cdr. 27Jul57. Aug58 to OATS Co.
Chadwick Flight Lieutenant Dave D S Chadwick
Appears: harv, ocu953, DesBrowne, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, 93540Feb54, trophy, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, 93540May54, sabcon, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, Sylt54, jevsab54/55, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, aeros1154, 93540Dec54, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, 93540May55, cop55, 93540Jun55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, SabreAerosAug55, 93540Sep55, 93540Oct55, anov55, 540Nov55, 540Dec55, flechdordec55, flechdordec55same, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Jan56, 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, 93dscar456, 93540Apr56, AFltApr56, 93540May56, 93540Jul56, 6LoopAug56, 93540Aug56, 93540Sep56, 93540Dec56, roywed357, ritawed72, 4384,
Location       Wife: Barbara(Died 10May20) Died Age DaveChadwick.jpg, 8046 bytes
40, Fir Tree Avenue, Knutsford, Cheshire. WA168NF. 2Dec10. 77.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. Member of Sqn formation Aeros team 56. 9Dec53. 5Dec56.
Notes: Svc No 3511207. Joined RAF as cadet Pilot, ITS Jurby, IOM; Flying training at Heany, S Rhodesia; Advanced training at Feltwell, Valley and Pembrey; Posted to 93 Sqn, Jever 53 as operational pilot; member of 2TAF aerobatic team 54-56; Fg.Off. wef 26Dec53; Posted to 43 Sqn Leuchers 56; Joined aerobatic team for display for HM the Queen Jul57; Direct entry into BEA 57. RAF Flying hours 51-57 Tiger Moth, Chipmunk, Harvard, Vampire, Meteor, Sabre 4, Hunter, Mystere - total 1,000 hrs. British European Airways: Direct entry into Viscount 700 at Heathrow 57; Transferred to Viscount 800 60; Posted Manchester 61; Promoted Captain 67 on Vanguards at Heathrow; Transferred to BAC1-11 73 and returned to Manchester; Early retirement Dec86 after 29½ yrs service. Viscount hrs 4,735; Vanguard hrs 2,238; BAC 1-11 hrs 7,009; Total 13,982. Hrs in command 10,689 P2 3,303 hrs.
Chapman Squadron Leader Ray "Chappy" R C Chapman (Retd)
Appears: 4f540dec55, xmas553, 122wgdec55, 1st4, 4540jan56, 4540mar56, 4540apr56, 4540may56, pym556, sylt556, VideoSu002, VideoSu003, 4540jun56, 4540jul56, 4540Aug56, 4540Sep56, 4540Oct56, 4540Nov56, 4540Dec56, nye56, 4540Jan57, 4540Feb57, 4540Mar57, 4540Apr57, 4540May57, 4540Jun57, 4540Jul57, 4540Aug57, logbook,
Location Died Age chappychapman.jpg, 1587 bytes
  Late 2002  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 4 Sqn. 5Dec55. 1Sep57.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04. Gilpin 4 sqn Think he was Sqn Boss before Chappy Chapman Say early 53 - 55.
Charles Wing Commander G P Charles OBE MC (Retd)
Appears: COs, 11may40,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Aug39; Feb41. Sep40; Jun41.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Clark Flying Officer Andy Clark (Retd)
Appears: zephyr, EdOff, HMDI4-59, SSQ59, OpDyJun59, dinghy59, OMSum59, jencar, MRoseDngOutJan60, rugby,
Location      Wife's name: Kathe Died Age andyclark.jpg, 1380 bytes
Lady Anne Middleton's Hotel, Skeldergate, York, Yorkshire Yo1 1PS Autumn 2014 from Parkinson's Disease'  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Dentist Bef Sum59. Aft Jan60.
Clark A Flight Lieutenant "Nobby" Alan Clark (Retd)
Appears: Squibs ,Sqnmar53 ,98sqnphoto
Location Died Age AlanClark.jpg, 4969 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Deputy Flight Commander 98 Sqn Fassberg.  
Clarke E Flight Sergeant Ernest "Nobby" Clarke BEM
Appears: 46th1, 46th2, , xmas58, xmas59, 2540Mar60, MQ,
Location Died Age ernestclarke.jpg, 1906 bytes
  Jan 2000.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn and 2 Sqn groundcrew. 93 Sqn Summer 57; 2 Sqn 58 93 Sqn 58; 2 Sqn Apr61
Notes: Son David.
Claughton Senior Aircraftsman Guy G Claughton (Retd)
Appears: grunau
Location     Wife: Gill Died Age guyclaughton.jpg, 1344 bytes
  1998 61.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Member of Mobile Field Photograph Squadron attached to 2 Sq. 57. 59.
Notes: Member of Jever Gliding Club, keen photographer who became a professional.  Friend of Merv Hodson who is still in touch with Gill his widow.   On retirement worked as a photographer for Hunting Aircraft Co. and then for General Motors.
Clayton Corporal W Clayton MM (Retd)
Location Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn. Before 11Nov19. Not at Jever. After 11Nov19.
Notes: Svc No: 31415.   Kevin McKenna wrote on 29Jan2019: "I am contacting you on behalf of a friend Dave Clayton who is W Clayton's Grandson.   We know that Corporal Clayton served on 4 Squadron during the first wold war with both the RFC and latter the RAF.   Corporal Clayton won the Military Medal, which is now in the possession of his Grandson, while serving on 4 Squadron but we do not know why he was awarded this medal.   Clayton's service number was 31415, he was Gazetted on the 11/07/1919 and the page reference is 8990, however we cannot find the citation for the award or why. Dave's Grandfather never spoke of his time on 4 Squadron."
Clayton-Jones Flying Officer Richard "Clam" W R Clayton-Jones (Retd)
Appears: Clam, DesBrowne, jevsab54/55, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540May55, SqnPicAug55, 93540Aug55, GrdAirAug55, SabreAerosAug55, 93540Oct55, 540Nov55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, flechdordec55, flechdordec55same, 540Nov55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 540Dec55, 93540Feb56, spang556, 93540Jun57, 93540Sep57, Helsinki, Helsinki2, 93&111, 93540Mar56, carrace, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, 93540Apr56, AFltApr56, 1stAGM, 93540May56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, cert756, 6LoopAug56, 93540Aug56, 93540Sep56, 93540Oct56, 93540Nov56, 93dec56, 93540Dec56, OrigBdGov, 2OrigBdGov, MGRally, 93f540Jan57, 93540Feb57, 93540Apr57, erics2457, erics3457, erics4457, erics6457, erics8457, erics1457, erics457, redexparty, LineBk57, LineBk57, LineBk57Fuel, 93540May57, LineBk2formaero557, 93540Jun57, TeamJun57, TeamJun572, LinBkTeamJun57, LineBk57Fuel+, 93540Jul57, 93540Oct57, bodger, Rtn Vid List VideoSAF01Barkarby, Rtn Sqn List VideoSAF01Barkarby, 11158, 6jun59111, AGM09, AGM09-08, AGM09-45, AGM09-49,
Location Died Age ClamClayton-Jones.jpg, 7609 bytes
"Killed in a flying accident when he crashed after an engine failure whilst crop dusting in Jamaica. (Click to see stories about Clam). 5Nov75. 40.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot & Sqn Adjutant. No 4 in 93 Sqn Form Aeros Team. 16Jan55. 31Oct57 for 111 Sqn.
Notes: SVC No 4102087. To 93 from OCU. Eric Pigdon sent extracts from book about The Cresta Run which featured Clam.   He also said: "Clam I am certain that I was told that he was killed in a flying accident crop dusting in the West Indies.   [Click here to see fuller story of Clam.]   From 111 Black Arrows Brochure 1958: "..aged 23 joined the RAF in 1952 and on completing his flying training went to No. 93 Sqn in Germany, which exchanged its Sabre fighters for Hunters shortly afterwards.   He was a member of the Squadron's Hunter aerobatic team which gave displays in France, Holland and Sweden.   He joined No. 111 Sqn at the beginning of 1958".
Cleaver Wing Commander Peter P H Cleaver (Retd)
Appears: hdvis559p2, HMTea5-59, ladten, airqtr, class4, brown, ladclb1, ladclb2, ladrw59, RidingSch2, MTHO, srb, hdvis560p2, MTHO1, class61, Tea8-61, newsrpt,
Location      Wife: Sheila Died Age
Bognor Regis. E-mail: 23Jun91 69
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC Admin Wg. Handed Jever to GAF. Bef May59. 29Dec61.
Notes: Son Richard contacted web site Jan06. E-mail: Richard says: As I was 7 when we arrived and 10 when we left, I have to admit that my memories are somewhat hazy although the names of various friends of my parents came back to me when I looked through the list. We lived next door to the Bowens and the Mackledens at various times during our stay.
Cleote Squadron Leader J H Cleote (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 8Feb44. 19Sep44.
Clostermann Colonel Pierre P H Clostermann DFC and bar, Grd-Croix Leg. d'honneur, Compagnon de la Liberation, Croix de Guerre 19 Palmes (Retd)
Appears: obit
Location Died Age pierreclostermann.jpg, 8610 bytes
At home in Pyrenees, France. 22Mar06. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
122 Wg WWII pilot. Dec44. Aug45.
Notes: Click to see full details under his obituary.
Colvin Squadron Leader Al A J Colvin (Retd)
Appears: trophy, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, SabConApr54, om455, jevsab54/55, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, aoc754, 93540Aug54, Videosen012, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, 93540Nov54, 93540Dec54, pod97, pod135, 93540Jan55, pod137, pod141, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, 93540Jul55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Aug55, 93540Sep55, 93540Oct55, 93540Nov55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, 122wgdec55, 93540Jan56, 93540Feb56, 93ds4562, 93540May56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93540Aug56, 93540Sep56, 93540Oct56, 93540Nov56, 93540Dec56, MQ,
Location   Wife: Kay Died Age AlColvin.jpg, 7759 bytes
Was instructing with Singapore Air Force at one time. 1989  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn B Flt Cdr. 24Nov53. 7Dec56.
Notes: Svc No 57633.
Concannon Flying Officer "Barney" B J Concannon (Retd)
Appears: 93540Jun52, 112540Jun52, 112540Jul52, 112540Aug52, 112540Sep52, 112540Oct52, 112540Nov52, 112540Dec52, 112540Jan53, 112540Feb53, 112540Mar53, 112540Apr53, 112540May53, Ex53, mov1/53, SqnMay53, VampMay53, 112540Jun53, 112540Jul53
Location Died Age BarneyConcannon.jpg, 6025 bytes
Author/Writer, 41 Highfields Close, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, Le65 2FP (2004) About 2013  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 112 Squadron pilot. From initially 93 - 21Jun52. Move from Jever to Bruggen 6July53. Dec54.
Conway Brian B D Conway (Retd)
Appears: vamval, 3ages1, 3ages2, 3ages3, pem2jul53, shoot53, 98Sqn54, 98540Apr55, 98Pig55, ellet, 98540Aug55, rob, AGM93-14, AGM06
Location Died Age BrianConway.jpg, 5906 bytes
44 Newtown Road, Warsash, Southampton, Hampshire, So31 9FZ (2009). Feb21.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. Jul53. Aug55. Demob.
Notes: From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "We were on the same courses at Valley and Pembrey."
Cook Gordon Cook
Appears: sylt256, syltparty356, syltparty3562, syltparty3563, syltparty3564, postsylt456,
Location Died Age gordoncook.jpg, 27761 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Nat Svc Radio Technician. Bef Feb56. May56.
Notes: Donald Cook, his son, wrote on 30May11; "My dad’s name was Gordon Cook and he came from Barrhead, which is a town on the south west side of Glasgow.   Sadly my dad passed away some years ago and I remember as a young boy viewing this album but thought it lost.   It wasn’t until my mother, who has recently taken ill, had to leave her home and during the clear out of belongings that I found the album again.   It would also be interesting to know if any surviving members of the Squadron remember my dad, but I don’t know how to go about finding this out".
Corkery Wing Commander M P C Patrick Corkery
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Sep45. May46.
Notes: Presumed dead.   Sqn Ldr Ronald Miller wrote on 3Aug17: "His notes omit that he wrote a very interesting book on his experiences in the RAF in India 1936 - 39 called "Elephants and Dinner Jackets".   ublished 1989 ISBN 0 86332 390 1.   Particularly interesting because he details, with some humour, the fine details of living in a multitude of colonial settings, from dilapidated huts to country clubs.   I understand he went on to have a very interesting wartime career - a pity he didn't relate that too."
Couch Flying Officer Geoff G J Couch
Appears: vamval, 93540jul53, pem2jul53, 8roll, 93540Aug53, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, senn1053, stlunch1, stlunch, stlunch2, stlunch3, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, pod94, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, brux, brux2, brux3, 93540Apr54, SabConApr54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, Videosen012, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Nov54, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, sumball55, 93540Jul55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, anov55, 93540Nov55,
Location Died Age JeffCouch.jpg, 7813 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 26Jul53. 19Nov55.
Notes: Svc No 4088080.   Daughter Christine reported his passing in an e-mail to the web site 26Aug06.   Geoff worked in the city for 40 years after leaving the RAF.      Recently qualified as Physical Fitness Instructor when he arrived on the Sqn.  Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04.   When I arrived Oct53 I was the 35th pilot on the squadron with 22 Vampires.   In 55 Squadron size was reduced 22 pilots and 12 aircraft. He left during the reduction.   Broke the station records for the Hop,Step and Jump and the Long Jump Jun54.
Coulson Group Captain Stafford Pulleine Coulson DSO, DFC
Appears: 4540Dec52, 93540dec52, 93540jan53, 4540Feb53, 4540Mar53, 93540Mar53, 93540Apr53, 112540May53, mov1/53, 93540jun53, 4540Jul53, 93540Aug53, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, 93540Nov53, 93540Jan54, pod87, 93540Feb54, tent2, tent3, 454Feb54, obit,
Location Died Age staffordcoulson.jpg, 1366 bytes
Much Marcle, Herefordshire 29Apr07. 90.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Wg Cdr Flying. 1Dec52. 13Feb54.
Notes: Formerly Queen's Messenger. Also OC Flying at Sylt before Jever. 19Jun53 his driver reversed his Landrover over Stafford who was standing watching aircraft in dispersal. Broke his back.
Craig Flying Officer Ian J B Craig
Appears: Bruno, xmas532, dec531,dec532, FassParty, feb54, dec54, VideoM002, sumball54, 118540Jun55, sylt, 118onHunt, 118SyltCrwm, 118540Aug55, cinc16sep55, cinc216sep55, cinc316sep55, crewsep55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, jever, 118540Jan56, 118SyltJan56, 118PartyJan56, ptyjan56, 118540Mar56, 118airgrdMar56, 118540Apr56, 118540May56, 118postsyltapr563, SqnEarly56, 118540Jun56, 122pty56, OrigBd, 2OrigBdGov, VideoPOW007, Street, SqnApr59, AGM87-08, AGM88-05, AGM91, GoldSh01, AGM92-05, AGM92-06, AGM92-19, AGM94-03, AGM94-08, AGM94-10, AGM99-15, AGM01-1, AGM01-4, AGM01-9, AGM01-13, AGM01-14, AGM01-15, AGM01-20, AGM01-32, AGM01-34, 118 Reunion, AGM05
Location   Wife: Shirley Died Age IanCraig.jpg, 5397 bytes
20 Weeks House, Ham, Richmond, Surrey Tw10 7TY (2004) (Tel: 020-8948-0130). March 2004  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. Bef Feb54. Aft Jun56.
Notes: From Letter from Ian dated 21Jan93 in JSL files
Critchley Junior Technician "Tony" William Anthony Critchley (Retd)
Appears: 57team, F64cov, F641, F6423, F6445, F6467, F6489, F641011, F641213, F856cov, F856inscovp1, F85623, F85645, F85667, F85689, F8561011, FMed101fr, FMed101in, asf, stnbdg, 2tafbdg, WilAC, athclub, drvlic8Oct56, block, sports, athjevp122may57, , athjevp4522may57, marathon, aloft, step, ath5jun571, ath5jun572, ath5jun573, ath5jun575, ath15jun5745, ath15jun571213, ath29jun5734, ath29jun5745, F577, GCE6Oct58, YellFev13Apr81
Location Died Age
19 The Bancroft, Etwall ,Derbyshire. DE65 6NE (2012) 10Dec2019.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Eng. Fit. ASF Tech Wg. May54. Dec57.
Notes: Service Number: 4140233.   On 20Apr11 Tony wrote: "I ran for the station and also 2TAF AT 5000 & 10000 metres and also Cross Country. I was also invited to join the local Athletic Club in town. I enjoyed my stay very much and saw most of 2TAF and BAOR.   I was very lucky in that I visited most of the Airbases in 2TAF and Army Barracks in Germany, Holland , Belgian and France with my Athletics so my stay was most enjoyable for the main part."
Croall Flight Sergeant George Alexander Croall
Appears: killed, history,
Location Died Age georgecroall.jpg, 1293 bytes
North sea off the Dutch coast in WWII. 24Feb43. 22
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. Jul42. 24Feb43.
Notes: Svc No: 1179854. Alex Davidson, George's Nephew-in-law writes: "I am researching my own and my wife's family history and her uncle George Alexander Croall was the pilot that was lost on February 24 1943 off the Dutch coast.   It says in the 188 Sqn history "North Sea Action"---- These could however be costly as on February 24 when F/Sgt Creal (should be CROALL ) was lost off the Dutch coast and F/Sgt Buglass ditched his Spitfire EN 969."   We have the letters that were sent to his parents etc and a photograph of George with his plane as just before he was killed he was given authority to display the crest of his home town, Barrow in Furness on the side of his Spitfire.   It consists of a photo-graph of him on the wing of his aircraft,plus a copy of the telegram to his parents informing them that he is missing, a letter dated 25 February 1943 from Flight Lieutenant Commanding No 118 Squadron, (looks like L Vewhery ) at R A F Coltishall, and another letter from the Record Office Gloucester dated 15 April 1943 signed R Williamson Air Commodore Air Officer ic Records.   Both these letters explain that George was sent with another pilot to attack an objective in enemy territory Manniston Burt/Zond Canal and the other aircraft was damaged by anti aircraft fire.   On returning home George was concerned about his leader's plight so he flew underneath the other aircraft to observe the damage and at around 200 feet in bad weather his starboard wing hit the sea causing the aircraft to dis-integrate and plunge into the sea.   My mother in law (George's sister ) has always told us that George should have been on leave at the time of his death but he had requested a later date so that he could be off at the same time as his step-brother Robert.   We also have details of the Minute Book of the Council at Barrow in Furness Lancashire,George's home town granting permission for him to put the towns Coat of Arms on his aircraft, I wonder if this was requested by George as Barrow had recently had a number of bombing raids due to the Submarine and Ship building yards at Vickers."
Crocker Pilot Officer Michael John Crocker
Appears: 93540Mar53,
Location Died Age  
Etzel, 5 mls S. of Jever airfield, Germany. 31Mar53. 20.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 20Mar53. 31Mar53.
Notes: The pilot, in Vampire Wa198, on one of his first conversion sorties having been on the Sqn for only 11 days, started a controlled descent over the airfield from 15,000 feet but then told ATC that he was experiencing icing and was breaking off the QGH.  The aircraft was seen to emerge from the cloud base at high speed and then to break up and scatter wreckage over a wide area, 5 miles south of Jever airfield.
Currant Wing Commander "Bunny" C F Currant DFC & bar, Order of St Olaf
Appears: obit
Location     Wife: Cynthia. Died Age bunnycurrant.jpg, 3880 bytes
  12Mar06. 94.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Founder of 122 Wg and 1st CO. Aug42 Zeals, Wiltshire. About Jul44.
Notes: Click to see full details in his obituary.
Dale Wing Commander Barry B H Dale (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, 98Nov56, 98540Dec56, RmVu56, MarchJun57, OutSylt57, Anson57, Cologne57, 98540Apr57, party, SyltScore, CrewRmSylt, VW1Sylt, VW2Sylt, 98540May57, 4540Jul57, HartzHorn1Jun57, HartzHorn2Jun57, BfastHartzJun57, BfastHartz2Jun57, Car1HartzJun57, Car2HartzJun57, DiggingHartzJun57, 98540Jul57, 1ChildPty57, 2ChildPty57, 4ChildPty57, 5ChildPty57, 6ChildPty57, 4f540Dec57, 2SumBall57, Event57, T1157, 1OrrEwing57, 2OrrEwing57, BadKohlgrub57, Ski157, Ski357, Ski557, Surv157, logbook, VideoM036, 7Rug5758, MOJan58, 4Jan58, 4f540May58, intake, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, casaux858, 4f540Sep58, GunTeam58, 4f540Dec58, 4f540Apr59, 4f540May59, Sqn59, HatsSqn59, HMDI5-59, Socc59, gordwed61, AGM67, AGM83-03, AGM83-13, AGM87, AGM87-14, AGM88-07, AGM88-09, AGM88-30, AGM90-13, AGM91-12, AGM92, AGM92-08, AGM92-09, AGM92-10, AGM92-12, AGM92-24, AGM94-11, AGM94-16, AGM96, AGM97-4, AGM97-9, AGM97-14, AGM98-1, AGM98-2, AGM98-3, AGM98-4, AGM98-12, AGM98-15, AGM98-16, AGM01-2, AGM01-24, AGM01-34, GoldSh00, AGM06, AGM06-02, Aug06, Aug0691b, Aug0699, Aug06100, Aug06102, Aug06104, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06144, Aug06153, Aug06168, Aug06173, Aug06198, Aug06248, Aug06249, Aug06250, Aug06255, Aug06257, Aug06258, Aug06260, Aug06262, Aug06282, Aug06309, Aug06310, AGM07, AGM07-05, AGM07-07, AGM07-52, Nov07, lgn07pic14, lgn07pic15, lgn07pic25, lgn07pic46, lgn07pic53, bdpast, AGM12-17, AGM12-18, AGM12-29, AGM12-42, AGM13-25,
Location     Wife: Mary. Died Age barryDale.jpg, 1509 bytes
The Cottage, Fontridge Lane, Etchingham, East Sussex TN19 7DD (2007) 4Jan22. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 4 Sqn pilot. 98-1Dec56; 4-12Jul57. 98-12Jul57; 4-18May59.
Dale M Flight Lieutenant Maurice M Dale
Appears: 2f540Sep58, 2540Feb59, early, 2540Oct59, 2sqnMar602540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60,
Location   Wife: Patricia Died Age MauriceDale.jpg, 1336 bytes
Died at home in Lincoln from cancer. 17May91.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Sep58. Aft Aug60.
Notes: Contacted by his son Peter Dale, 29Feb08 - who writes: "I am not sure when he left Jever but I know he retired from the RAF in Oct 1964 having served at RAF Manby, Lincolnshire from some documents I found of his.   He was also at RAF Strubby between March 62 and Sept 1964 as I have a cigarette box which he was given by No. 3 squadron.   Maybe Manby and Strubby where joint airfields?   He then worked as a medical sales representative living in Alford, Lincolnshire.   He was a local councillor and also served as town Mayor for Alford.   In the early 80's he and Patricia (his wife) moved to Lincoln and he started flying 2 seater single prop planes (eg Cessna's) at Wickenby, Lincoln and regained his pilots and instructors licence.   He thoroughly enjoyed most weekends training eager students and I once had the pleasure to go up with him.   Unfortunately dad died on 17th May 1991 at home from cancer."
D'Arcy Squadron Leader Sam S H R L D'Arcy (Retd)
Appears: 93540Oct54, 98PersNov54, 93540Nov54, Report55, CritInj55, Eject55, 4540jan55, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, nov07, obit,
Location    Wife: Isabelle Died Age SamDarcy.jpg, 6651 bytes
La Bois_gardiere, Ferdere-Larcon, France 37350 (2012). e-mail:Dominique 24Jul12. 82.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket 14 Sqn pilot. 93 Sqn pilot then 4 Sqn A Flt Cdr. 93-20Oct54 4-8Nov54. 93-8Nov54 4-5Jan55 to ETPS.
Notes: Eddie McCullagh 3Jan05 says Sam D'Arcy was on 14 Sqn at Fassberg.  From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Was 4 Sqn.'A' Flight Commander handing over to John Wallace, I believe. Sam had a beut of a German Shepherd dog."
Dawes Flight Lieutenant William Edward Dawes
Appears: 98hist,
Location Died Age  
Killed in action flying Mitchell against armour at Foret de Grimbosq. 13Jun44. 31.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn WWII Mitchell pilot. Not at Jever. Not at Jever.
Notes: Svc No: 125758.   Son of Samuel Bird Dawes and Teresa A. Dawes, of Palmers Green, Middlesex.   Buried at FONTAINE-LA-LOUVET CHURCHYARD.
Dawson Captain Fred F R Dawson (Retd)
Appears: 4540oct55, vw, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 122DIparty, 122wgdec55, 118DI1255, pym556, 4540Feb57, 4540Apr57, abandon, 4540Aug57, logbook, brwnjug2, VideoM036, AGM88-06, AGM88-14, AGM96-08, AGM96-09, AGM96-19, AGM97-22, nov07,
Location   Wife's Name: Jill Died Age freddawson.jpg, 1534 bytes
Died from cancer - 12 Taw Court, Litchdon Street, Barnstable, North Devon EX32 8NN Tel: 01271-325314. 16Apr13.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 122 Wg HQ. 4-6Oct55; 122-Mar58. 4-Mar58; 122-Apr59.
Notes: 2TAF Ski Team 56/57.
Devan Flight Lieutenant James Jardine Devan DFC
Appears: 4std, pre-ball, grpball, ball, shop, atc, 426reunion,
Location     Wife: Jean Died Age jamesdevan.jpg, 1590 bytes
Died of a heart attack whilst serving in Singapore. 12Aug63.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
ATC, Flt Engineer in Ww2. 30Jan53. 23Jul55 to Prestwick.
Notes: Svc No: 51723. Awarded DFC as Flt Engineer 18Jan44.   His daughter Suzanne Lamb, who now lives in Massachusetts, writes: My father was stationed at Jever when I was born on 3 February 1955. His name was Flight Lieutenant James J. Devan. He died in 1963, when we were stationed in Singapore. Is there any record of him (us) being there? If so... do you know who was he working for and what was he doing? Thanks to the web, I have managed to discover a lot about my father and his war-time activities as a Flight Engineer with Thunderbirds, 426 Squadron. He didn't tell my mother anything about them, and she died 23 years ago, completely unaware of his wartime experiences. I found his pilot, W.C. Bill Swetman, a Canadian, alive and well and living in Ontario. I have kept in touch with him and even accompanied him two weeks ago, to the 426 Squadron reunion in Ottawa.   Although I was born on Feb 3, 1955, I have no idea when my father arrived in Jever and when he (we) left.   I live in Massachusetts, USA now (have done for the past 23 years) and am a dreadful flier, so it may be a while before I manage to visit the resource you mentioned personally and do some research.   Ken Senar remembers him e-mail 24Sep05.
Dimmock Pilot Officer Roger Lawton Dimmock
Appears: 4540Mar52, 4540Apr52, 93540Apr52, 112540Apr52,
Location Died Age
From RAF Jever Crashed into the ground in a Vampire pulling out from a Wing Strike on a bridge on the Ems Jade Canal on 8th April 1952. (See 4Sqn and 93 Sqn F540 reports for April 1952, click above) 21
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. About 1951 8th April 1952
Notes: Cranwell 52 Entry Apr51.
Di Rienzo Frank Di Rienzo (Retd)
Appears: fleet, , aloftath57, , athjevp2322may57, ath5jun574, ath5jun575, ath15jun5745, ath15jun571213, ath15jun571415, ath19jun5723, ath19jun5789, ath29jun5734, ath29jun5767, ath29jun578, history,
Location Died Age frankdirienzo.jpg, 1511 bytes
London. 2015.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
101SU. About 55. Aft 29Jun57.
Notes: Frank became a restaurant supremo in London.   Mike Fleet said: "Long serving Lloyd Maloney worked in HQ Admin, and National Serviceman Frank Di Rienzo was a fighter plotter.   Both represented RAF Jever.   Frank shone over 400m and 800m.   Both these fine athletes contributed positively to Anglo German relations as valued members of the TSV Germania Club in Wilhelmshaven."
Dodds Squadron Leader Bill W Dodds (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, xmas532, dec531,dec532, FassParty, stnpic524, 118s32853, GutLR753, VideoM002, 118s336, syltparty3564, 118Can54, feb54, roof, 118540May55, 118540Jul55, sylt, 118540Sep55, cinc16sep55, cinc216sep55, cinc316sep55, 118540Dec55, , 118540Jan56, 122DIparty, 122wgdec55, 118SyltJan56, 118onHunt, 118540Feb56SqnEarly56, 118DI, 118SyltCrwm, 118PartyJan56, 122pty56, 122pty562, BBQ356, ModCar256, 118airgrdMar56, syltparty356, SqnApr59, gunteam1, 118540Jul56, AGM87-01, AGM87-09, AGM87-13, AGM91
Location Died Age BillDodds.jpg, 8870 bytes
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire February 1990  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. Bef Sum53 Fassberg.   Jever May55. Aft Jul56.
Doe Wing Commander Bob Doe DFC and Bar, DSO (Retd)
Appears: obit, 1943, FtrPltBk,
Location Died Age bobdoe.jpg, 1391 bytes
Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 21Feb10. 89.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Supernumary pilot 1943. 1st time 13May41. 2nd time 3Jul43. 1st time 15May41. 2nd time 15Aug43
Notes: Daughter Dr Helen Doe, Department of History, University of Exeter is researching her father's career.   She would be happy to be contacted at .
Donaldson Pilot Officer Colin Robert C R Donaldson (Retd)
Appears: 112540Jun52, 112540Jul52, crash, 112hist,
Location Died Age
Killed in a flying accident while taking part in an interception exercise during a detachment to R.A.F. Odiham. See Notes. 27Jul52. 20.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn pilot Bef Jun52. Killed 27Jul52.
Notes: Failed to recover from an unauthorised attack on a civilian Dominie and crashed 2m SW of Haywards Heath. Robin Brown's book "Shark Squadron" tells a slightly different tale:" The Squadron's first fatal accident occurred during a detachment to RAF Odiham on 27Jul52 when P/O C R Donaldson flying No 2 to F/O Keith Williamson was involved in a dog-fight with the Odiham Meteors. He appears to have lost control and dived away vertically, startling a passing Anson pilot who though he was being bounced, but the Vampire never pulled out."
Donkin Air Commodore Peter Langloh Donkin CBE DSO
Appears: COs, 6mar44, obit,
Location Died Age peterdonkindb.jpg, 1514 bytes
Orange, NSW, Australia. 12Jul2000. 87.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. 5Sep40. 18Sep40.
Notes: b19Jun13 Invercargill, New Zealand retired 20Aug62. CBE 29Jun48, DSO 22Feb44. Plt Off 15Jul33, Fg Off 15Jan35, Flt Lt 15Jan37, Sqn Ldr 1Apr39, Act Wg Cdr 15Sep40, Temp Wg Cdr 1Jun41, Act Gp Capt 12Oct42, Wg Cdr 12Apr43, Wg Cdr 1Oct46, Gp Capt 1Jan51 Act Air Cdre 25Jan54, Air Cdre 1Jan57. 3Sep31 Flt Cdt C Sqn RAF Coll, 15Jul33 16 Sqn, 15Jan37 Flt Cdr 16 Sqn, 1Sep39 Member Brit Mil Miss to Poland, 11Oct39 OC 225 Sqn, 5Sep40 OC 4 Sqn, 18Sep40 OC 239 Sqn, 8Sep42 Air Staff, HQ Army Co-op Cmd, 12Oct42 OC 33 Wg, 1Apr43 OC 35 Wg, 30Aug44 Staff, School of Land/Air Warfare, 3Apr46 Air Staff, HQ RAF Levant, 25Aug48 RCAF Staff Coll, 11Sep49: Exch USAF, 1Jan51 OC Chivenor, 25Jan54 Air Attaché, Moscow, 28May56 Asst CoS Int AFCE, 6Jan59 Imp Def Coll, 13Feb60 AOC Hong Kong.
Drake Group Captain Billy Drake DSO, DFC and bar, DFC(USAF)
Appears: obit,
Location Died Age billydrake.jpg, 1371 bytes
UK. 28Aug2011. 93.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn OC in North Africa WWII. May42. Dec42.
Notes: Destroyed 17 aircraft in N. Africa 2nd highest score for theatre.
Drummond-Hay Squadron Leader Peter Derek Francis Drummond-Hay (Retd)
Appears: letdown, 4540Dec56, squash, HMTea5-59, HMDI5-59, AGM06
Location Died Age peterdrummondhay.jpg, 1092 bytes
The Ark, 44 Bonnar Road, Selsey, West Sussex PO20 9AU (2008)01243-607215 22Nov16. 95.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
GCA Air Traffic Control. 15Dec56. Jun59.
Notes: Captain Squash Team won 2TAF 3 years running.   Officer i/c Riding Club.   Peter was 88 in 2009.   During WWII he flew 324 operational hours on 86 Sqn Liberators who sank the last official U-boat on 3May45 (W.O. Mitchell).   This U-boat was brought up near Liverpool and is now on display there.   Unofficially, another U-boat was sunk after this by an Australian crew because they fired on a Liberator AFTER surrendering and during 86 Sqn escorting them into Scapa Flow.
Duke Squadron Leader Neville Frederick Duke DFC and bar, DSO, AFC, OBE (Retd)
Appears: 4540Nov55, obit,
Location    Wife: Gwen Died Age nevilleduke.jpg, 1439 bytes
Near Popham Airfield. 7Apr07. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn pilot. Nov41. Mar42.
Notes: Click to see full obituary.   Visited Jever aircrew on 22Nov55 on way to Hunter Users' Convention at Oldenburg.
Dunford Flying Officer "Mike" John Osmond Dunford (Retd)
Appears: srhodco, trgsrhod, sitting, ven, room, venwrk, FO15Nov53, 98Sqn54, carlegs, carmend, cargill, gilllasts, 98Sqnbar, rob, wedsep56,
Location    Wife: Gill Died Age MikeDunford.jpg, 6850 bytes
  18Aug22. 91.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 98 Squadron pilot. About 1954 Fassberg. Bef19Mar55 not at Jever.
Notes: Fg. Off. 15Nov53.
Eades Gerry G O Eades (Retd)
Appears: 4f540Dec57, SyltScore, MOJan58, 4Jan58, 4f540Mar58, merc, 4f540Apr58, 4f540May58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, 4f540Sep58, 4f540Dec58, gift359, 4f540May59, 4f540Jun59, 4f540Jul59, logbook, Sqn59, HatsSqn59
Location Died Age JerryEades.jpg, 1525 bytes
Lincolnshire 5Feb04.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn A Flt Cdr. 12Dec57. 2Jul59.
Notes: 52 Entry Cranwell.
Edwards Group Captain "Bodger" R A Edwards OBE, FIBM
Appears: Bruno, Bar54, 98540Apr55, Jever55, 98Pig55, Bowlers55, ExBasin55, Bodg, party, party755, 98540Nov55, qtrnov55, flykit1255, 122wgdec55, dinoutdec55, rob, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 98540Jan56, carrace, 98sqn56, ptyjan56, gnjev56, bowumb98, 98540Feb56, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, OrigBd, 98540jun56, crickcup56, pltsep56, 98540Nov56, elspeth, Dangast1Apr57, Dangast3Apr57, Dangast4Apr57, Dangast5Apr57, Dangast6Apr57, Dangast7Apr57, 98540May57, 98540Jul57, mcacc20jul57, bodger, SumBall57, Event57, pod108, AGM57, 2OrigBdGov, AGM58, AGM60, AGM65, 30yrs, AGM89, AGM90
Location     Wife: Freda Died Age BodgerEdwards.jpg, 5645 bytes
'Greystones',94 Wragby Road, Sudbrooke, Lincoln. 30Jan15. 83.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot Nov54. 15Jul57 to D.F.L.S..
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04.   Bodger Edwards, with Curly Hirst, they were into everything - flinging plates round the dining room on Guest Nights like frisbies, wrecking things till in the end they were charged three times the cost.   Full of life they would often bargain with Hammer regarding the cost if they did some prank.   Great guys to have around.
Englefield-Bishop Corporal George Englefield-Bishop (Retd)
Appears: RmView, pinto, fwhq, jack, sigs, blk40,
Location Died Age
On holiday in Dorset. 86 Durham Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9DS. (2006) 6Aug08.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Tech Wg signals, VHF/DF CRDF Ops. Sep53. Sep55.
English Paddy English (Retd)
Appears: Adj, sqn353, sqn3532, DI
Location     Wife: Yvonne Died Age PaddyEnglish.jpg, 5937 bytes
Stoke-on-Trent Jun2007, Emphysema  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn adj and pilot Fassburg. Fass bef Mar53, Not Jever 52. Not Jever 54.
Ewens Flying Officer Snowy J C Ewens (Retd)
Appears: 454Feb53, 4540Apr53, sylt653, mov1/53, 4540Oct53, syltoct53, 4540Nov53, stlunch3, 454Feb54, carapr54, 4540May54, 4540Jun54, graynote, 4540Nov54, gpcars, sharpie, jack, bumblebug, cavalier, 4540Apr55, skyh455, skyh2455, 4may55, 4may552, syltmay55, asylt655, asylt6552, 4sqnstor005, 4540Nov55, dinghy55, xb8224, 4540Dec56,
Location Died Age snowyewens.jpg, 1268 bytes
Leconfield, asymmetric on Meteor 7. About 1956.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot PAI. About Nov51. 18Nov55 to Leconfield Ftr Wpns Sch PAI.
Notes: Svc No: 4043990 Fg Off 7Nov52.  From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Snowy and myself spent a considerable time building model aircraft, most of which were destroyed by misfortune or intent.  I have cine of my Comet, which was launched by Snowie from the tower of 4 Sqn. Hanger.  It was loaded with a thunderflash, which made a swift end to it.  It was prior to the sad demise of the BOAC Comet's.  Snowie was a top-scoring pilot on both air to air at Sylt, and air to ground at Meppen Ranges.  He was attached to LECONFIELD for tests using the Sabre radar gunsight to determine the best radar reflector to fit on the flags.  He and I were returned to UK at the same time and we travelled in his sports car via Dover.  This was before RORO ferries and the car was lifted on and off by ships derrick.  We were searched and questioned for 2½ hours, the car had its floorboards taken out and the boot torn apart.  We had to put it back together even though nothing amiss could be found.  I was accused of importing cameras, although the receipts showed they were over two years old.  A nightmare.  Stayed with Snowie and his mother for two nights at Chalfont-St.-Giles.  His girl friend was a stunning film star.  Never got to meet her!  Snowie was killed while flying asymmetric on a Meteor 7 while once more at LECONFIELD(?)"
Fairhurst Wing Commander "Tim" Edward Armytage Fairhurst DFC
Appears: obit,
Location     Wife: Wendy. Died Age timfairhurst.jpg, 1465 bytes
  25Apr09. 91
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn WWII Lysander pilot. Nov40. About 41.
Fahey Flying Officer Denis Fahey (Retd)
Appears: 93540Sep59, 93540Oct59, 93540Dec59, 93540Feb60, 93Feb60, syltfeb60, 93540Mar60, 93540Apr60, 93540May60, AOC60, Rtn Vid List Videogunrace19May60, Rtn Sqn List Videogunrace19May60, 93540Aug60, 93Aug60, 93Aug60GrdCrw, 93Aug60AirGrdCrw1, 93AircrewAug60, sneeze1srp60, 93540Oct60, Score, 2540Jan61, onswift
Location   Wife: Barbara (deceased)). Died Age DenisFahey.jpg, 4351 bytes
Howick, Auckland, New Zealand (2010) Son Mark: 4Mar10 79
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn and 2 Sqn pilot. 93 Sqn 3Sep59; 2 Sqn 1Jan1961. 93 Sqn 31Dec60; 2 Sqn Mar62.
Notes: Mark his son writes: "I just noticed your website and found my Dad listed there. I've noticed that there is very limited information about him and perhaps I can help you update some of the facts there. After all, I'm very proud of my Dad who is the inspiration to me for my own flying. He is in my opinion the finest and most honourable person I have had the pleasure of knowing. I'm sure his time in the Airforce made him into the man he was to become in civilian life. After Dad left the Airforce he returned to NZ with his wife Barbara and started flying as a First Officer on the DC-8's for Air New Zealand. He converted to the DC-10 a few years later, attained the rank of Captain and then Check Captain until Air New Zealand retired their fleet and introduced the B747-400. He converted to that aircraft before taking early retirement from Air NZ in about 1990. At that point he then began flying for Malaysian Airlines where he instructed their pilots in converting to the DC-10. He then returned to New Zealand and gained his rotary wing license before finally retiring from flying in the mid 90's. I'm sure that was a very sad moment for him. He has a lot of stories, I can tell you! He is most proud of a record he set flying the Hunters during an air-ground exercise in which he put 98% of his canon shells into the target. In his logbook, next to that sortie he has logged his score and put in brackets (fluke?). As far as we know, that record still stands. "Dad is in good health."
Farley J John Frederick Farley OBE AFC (Retd)
Appears: lifestory, 4f540May58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, 4f540Sep58, 4f540Oct58, 4f540Nov58, 4f540Dec58, 4f540Mar59, 4f540Apr59, 4f540May59, 4f540Jun59, 4f540Jul59, 4Aug58fun, BtlFlt59, relief, Sqn59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, HatsSqn59, 4f540Dec59, xmas59, ball, Chr1-60, srb, syltbare660, 4f540Feb60, 4f540Apr60, syltscores, My3Ang5-60, 4f540Aug60, 4f540sep60, Rtn Vid List Videowed462, Rtn Sqn List Videowed462, AGM83-03, AGM83-04 AGM83-05, AGM83-06, AGM83-07, AGM83-10, AGM83-11, AGM83-12, AGM83-15, AGM83-19, AGM06, AGM07, AGM07-03, AGM07-16, AGM07-27, AGM07-39, nov07, book, mq, DTObit
Location    Wife Adele Died Age JohnFarley.jpg, 8686 bytes
Skenies, West Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham Bay, Chichester, Sussex PO20 8PH (2007) 13Jun18. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 20May58. 14Nov60.
Notes: John Farley began a five-year student engineering apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Farnborough in 1950.   Then he joined the Royal Air Force for pilot training as he intended to become a test pilot.   After a tour flying Hunters he went to the RAF Central Flying School to train as an instructor.   While a flying instructor at the RAF College Cranwell, he was selected for the 1963 course at the Empire Test Pilots' School.   He was then posted to the RAE Aerodynamics Research Flight where he flew all the UK research aircraft then flying which included the Short SC1 and the Hawker P1127 prototype.   This early experience of jet vertical takeoff led to nineteen years testing such aircraft until he retired as Harrier Chief Test Pilot in 1983.   This was followed by five years as a freelance test pilot during which time he added another twenty types to the 60 already in his log book.   Today he works to encourage youngsters to take up a career in the aerospace business.   He is a chartered engineer, has received two honorary doctorates and has been awarded the OBE and the AFC.
Farley R Wing Commander Rodney R M Farley (Retd)
Appears: omlawnjun57, footy, HMDI5-59, AGM87-07, AGM92-12, AGM92-18, AGM94-03, AGM95-17, AGM95-20, AGM96-02, AGM96-04, AGM96-05, AGM96-13, AGM98-5, AGM98-9, AGM98-14, AGM98-15, AGM01-01, AGM01-12, AGM01-18, GoldSh02, AGM05, AGM06, AGM06-01,AGM06-08, AGM06-16, AGM07, AGM07-08, AGM07-13, AGM07-33, AGM07-37, AGM07-49, AGM2007-53, AGM2007-54,
Location Died Age
5 Walker's Close, Bottesford, Nottinghamshire NG13 0FF (2007) Oct14.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Air Traffic Control Jan57. Jun59.
Ferguson DC Wing Commander Fergie D C Ferguson AFC
Appears: OCU, fd31dec605, AGM90-08, AGM93-02, AGM93-21, AGM93-23, AGM94-15, AGM94-16, AGM95-09, AGM95-13, AGM95-15, AGM96-03, AGM96-05, AGM96-09, AGM96-11, AGM97-6, AGM98-10, AGM98-19, AGM01-2, AGM01-14, AGM01-25, AGM01-29, AGM06, AGM06-09, AGM06-15, AGM06-23, AGM06-26, AGM06-27, AGM07, AGM07-04, AGM07-55, AGM08-16, AGM08-31, AGM08-41, AGM08-42,
Location                Wife: Pat Died Age fergyferguson.jpg, 1929 bytes
101 Madeira Way, Eastbourne, East Sussex Bn23 5UN (2007) 6Apr09. 75.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn and 4 Sqn pilot. 2-58 4-76 2-61 4-79
Notes: Career details from his eulogy: 64 sqn Meteor, CFS Swinderby Vampires, 79 Sqn Swifts and 4 Sqn Hunters, 14, 74, 20 , 234.   Nellis and OCU + OC 2 Sqn Phantoms, and 92 Lightnings etc.   Included in the selection of photos on display at Shelley's, after the funeral, was a sharp image of Fergy as OC standing with Bob Stanford Tuck (92's foremost success with 27 enemy aircraft destroyed, two shared destroyed, six probably destroyed, six damaged and one shared damaged, whose boss on 92 Sqn was Big X, Sqn Ldr Roger Bushell shot as leader in the Great Escape).
Ferguson D Flying Officer Dave Ferguson (Retd)
Appears: 4540jul56, 4540aug56, abandon, 4540Aug57, logbook, 4f540Sep57, brwnjug1, DIOrr1Ewing57, DIOrr2Ewing57, MOJan58, 4Jan58, paper, SyltScore, 4f540Apr58
Location Died Age DaveFerguson.jpg, 1586 bytes
Lytham St Anne's, Blackpool, Lancashire 8Oct11. 76.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 23Jul56. 8Apr58.
Findlay Mr Bob Findlay (Retd)
Appears: 93540Feb59,
Location. Died Age bobfindlay.jpg, 1662 bytes
St Andrews Dec15. 97.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Met off. Nov58. May60 to Wahn.
Notes: Gerry Shipley reports: Bob Findlay's 90th went off well & he is very happy to be included in the JSL database.   He's a little hazy regarding exact dates, but remembers "Black" Smith as the Station Commander.   I had a chat with his son, who was about a month old when he went to Jever, so am able to give some details.   Bob is a very interesting character to talk to, he was conscripted into the RAF as a Met Officer early in WW II and spent some time flying the Atlantic weather recces in Hudsons and "the clapped out Halifaxes that Bomber Command didn't want to fly any more".   He eventually gave up his "aircrew" duties since they qualified for neither brevet nor flying pay, which seems a bit mean.   He stayed on as a civilian forecaster after the war and was posted to Jever in November 1958; some eighteen months later was sent to Wahn (promotion) and later to Geilenkirchen, serving some six years in 2 ATAF in all.   These days he is of course retired and living in St Andrews".
Fletcher Pilot Officer Francis Anthony Fletcher
Appears: 4540May52, 4540Oct52, 93540Oct52,
Location Died Age  
Died from injuries received in a Vampire FB.5 flying accident 3Oct52 making an emergency landing but overshot and was destroyed at RAF Jever.   Died 8Oct52.(See 4 Sqn F540 Oct52) and (See 93Sqn F540 Oct52) 8Oct52 26.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 3May52. 8Oct52.
Flight Roy Flight (Retd)
Location Died Age  
Hikurangi, Northland, New Zealand. 27Mar12. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Pilot WWII 42-43 About 42. About 43.
Notes: He flew "The Darlington Spitfire" when it was on 118.   If you would like to know a little more about Roy: log onto "The Darlington Spitfire", scroll down the index to Part 6.   After the war he moved to New Zealand and practiced as a doctor.   Son Jules: Rockells Bay, RD1, Hikurangi, Northland, New Zealand; Tel: 0064 94338119; E-mail:
Freeborn Wing Commander John J Connell Freeborn DFC and bar (Retd)
Appears: spitfire, 118hist, 118-06, Aug-0628, Aug-06f5, Aug-0635, Aug-0636, Aug-06f, Aug-06f13, Aug-0640, menu09, Rtn Vid List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Sqn List VideoApolIntro, freeborn, obit,
Location    Wife: Peta (deceased) Died Age johnfreeborn.jpg, 1394 bytes
Flat 2, Lulworth Lodge, Lulworth Road, Birkdale, Southport. Pr8 2AT (2007) 28Aug10. 90.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 118 Sqn. Jun43. Jan44. To OC 286Wg in Italy at 23 yrs.
Notes: John was on 74 Sqn from 38 to end of Battle of Britain when he joined 118 Sqn.   He was 22 years old.   He won his DFC at 19 and the bar 6 months later at 20.   He took command of 286 Wing, the largest in the RAF at the time, as the youngest Wg Cdr at the age of 23.   286 Wg became the Balkan Air Force.
Friend Flying Officer John 'Ginger' J C Friend (Retd)
Appears: nafsep53, syltoct53, stlunch3, 454Dec53, attparty1253, 4540Sep54, Videosen013, wsfeb55, bobpty2, bobpty, bobpty6, pkstx1, pkstx2, 122wgdec55, graynote
Location    Wife: Margaret Died Age johnfriend.jpg, 1407 bytes
Daughter Laura: 17Mar13. 79
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot Bef Sep53. Aft Dec55.
Notes: Svc No: 2538992 Plt Off 16Jan53.  Daughter Laura would like to hear from anyone who knew her father in the service: e-mail: .   From Ron Gray's Notes: "I have a recollection that he was interested in Customs and Excise when he left the RAF."
Fullerton The Reverend James J A Fullerton BA (Retd)
Appears: 122wgdec55, abandon, athjevp122may57, stnhockap57, Germ6-57, 4540Jun57, RugbyApr58, 46th
Location    Wife: Joyce Died Age padrefullerton.jpg, 1761 bytes
5 Farm Lodge Drive, Upper Road, Greenisland, Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Bt38 8XN. 15 February 2008 from lung cancer. 82.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Other Denominations Church of Scotland Padre Bef 9May57 Aft Jun57.
Notes: Looking after 2 small churches in the Republic in retirement.
Garratt Flying Officer David D C Garratt (Retd)
Appears: 93540Feb52, 93540mar52, 93540Apr52, 93540May52, 93540Jun52, 93540Jul52, F44931Jul52, 93540Aug52, 93540Sep52, 93sqnmovord10sep52, 93540Oct52, 93540Nov52, 93540dec52, 93540jan53,
Location Died Age
Hunter crashed at North Weald airfield during 111 Sqn formation aeros practice. 7Jun57.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Sgt. pilot. 25Nov50. 3Mar52 from Celle. 3Jan53. To OCTU.
Notes: Svc No: 4034662 Commissioned. P/O: 2Apr53. One of the founder members of the Black Arrows Formation Aerobatic Team. Pete Jennings tells us: "Dave Garratt was Standard bearer on the day ACM Harry Broadhurst presented the Standard to 111 sqn at RAF North Weald April 30th 1957. You may recall he had previously ejected from the Vulcan at Heathrow along with the Captain after they hit the ground, short!, on landing, and other crew members were killed. Dave Garratt was involved in a midair ( well extremely close to the ground ) collision with Derek Hall during an aerobatic practice at Weald on 7 Jun 57. ' Straw ' Hall had to divert to Stanstead as his A/C was barely manageable under 200kts. After landing the port wing was moving up and down several inches. Poor Dave G did not have a chance."
Garthwaite Flying Officer Roy "Garth" R Garthwaite (Retd)
Appears: val2653, ocu953, 93540Dec53, malc1253, syltpty, vampsylt, 93540Jan54, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, ahlhorn, brux, brux2, nf11, lrover, party54, 93540Apr54, 93540May54, forsth, sabcon, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, bestm, Sylt54, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, forsthaus, 93540Dec54, jever2, pod134, 93540Jan55, 93540May55, cop55, do55, 93540Jul55, 7sab855, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Aug55, anov55, 93540Nov55, 93540Dec55, 93540Jan56, 93540Feb56, carrace2, 93540Apr56, AFltApr56, 93540May56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93540Aug56, 93540Sep56, 98540Nov56, 93540Dec56, rockh, dec,
Location     Wife: Karin Died Age RoyGarthwaite.jpg, 9183 bytes
St Stephens Hospital, Hervey Bay & 176/58, Nissen Street, Pialba, Queensland, Australia, 4655. 13Nov15.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 9Dec53. 3Dec56.
Notes: Svc No 3512052. Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04.   Roy Garthwaite (Garth), Dates look good.   Lived on same street as Don Exley in Barnsley.   Arrived and departed from 93 sqn at the same time.   Became a QFI.   Was my best man in Aug 54.   Lulu Leigh-Lancaster knows him in Aus.   From Roy:   "I graduated CFS and was instructing at No 8 Flying training School at RAF Swinderby.   I transferred to the RAFRO as a Flt. Lt. at the end of 1959.   I worked as a shift Manager on the Iron Plant of a large steel works in Scunthorpe, migrating to Australia in May 1963, where I decided to return to Flying!   I obtained my Australian Commercial Pilot Licence and Air Transport Licence and Instructor and Instrument ratings and for many years flew as a Captain with a small Airline - CAA (Central Australian Airlines).   At the same time I started my own Aviation theory training school where I trained prospective pilots for their theory examinations for all licences and ratings, employing around 5 or 6 part-time lecturers.   I also started a Flying Training School at a small airfield just outside Adelaide, which I called "Central Flying School"!!   Here I trained pilots for all licences and ratings.   I was approved to test at all levels of licence and ratings which made operating the school much easier.   When CAA finally closed, I was approached (in 1983) to look at the further education of potential Airline pilots, preferably at tertiary level.   I was instrumental in developing, and starting, the first tertiary University course for pilots in the Southern hemisphere, and the third in the world - the other two were in the USA.   I was employed by the University of South Australia as a part time Senior Lecturer to run the course, which initially was for a Diploma.   It grew and very soon we had a degree course - students graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science.   I was employed full time with the University from 1987 as head of the school of Aviation and co-ordinator of the degree course, a position I held until I retired in August 1999.   I started the first University owned and operated flying training school in Australia in 1989.   I don't fly now but I am Vice President of the local Model Aero club - Susan River Model Aero Club, Hervey Bay.   I am also Editor of the club's newsletter and am currently developing a club web site - it's online now but still along way to go! If you want a look, its: but I have only installed photos under 'Club Photos', plus an advert for our next Airshow!   I am very busy with computers, I'm a member of the Hervey Bay Computer User Group, The Linux User Group and the Computer Audio Group, the latter is about to become, the Computer Audio/Visual Group!   Lots of very interesting projects here!   Of course, for exercise, I play lawn bowls, which is played here all year round because we don't have a proper winter!   The max. daily temperature hasn't been below 20C for over 18 months, and then when it does go below it's usually around the 17-19 mark!!   I must admit, we think it gets cold then and have to wear a cardigan to keep warm!!!"   On 16Jun14 Eric Pigdon reported: "Managed to get hold of Garth last night on Skype, he has come through an operation and initial treatment for chest cancer quite well, he is cheerful even though he is now loosing his hair after 4 weeks of radio therapy and chemo, having his last treatment in Brisbane Hospital today then returning home to Hervy Bay , Queensland tomorrow.   Due to continue with a further 4 weeks of Chemo in the local hospital.   Has has been advised that his immune system is poor so he must keep away from visitors etc. until his system improves.   Roy operates on Skype and his e-mail address is he will no doubt be happy to receive a call from you.
Gavan Maurice Gavan (Retd)
Appears: jb51, likely, likely57, clar, all, swing, schutz2, deuts, deuts2, sthalle, bop, schutz3, 118, sqn, voc, kate, other, other2, violin, sing, strandhalle, bird, nordheim, demob, airfield, airrail, demob2, malc, repose, reunion, , may08, gafpic646, brief1, brief2, brief3, brief4, bus, lift, airfld3, lunch2, blk402, witt, brwit3, mus0, mus1, mus5, bus, amus1, atc2, gaf755, dangavdav, dangav, davisstory, 27feb10, reunion1, 110a, gaf782, gaf787, gaf790, gaf792, gaf794, gaf801, gaf803, gaf811, gaf817, gaf831, gaf836, gaf839, gaf848, gaf853, gaf865, gaf866,
Location Died Age mauricegavan.jpg, 1224 bytes
Blackburn Royal Hospital/102 Whinney Lane, Blackburn, BB2 7DL. 01254-247405 20Oct15.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
101 SU Ops B. Clarinet in Jade Basin 5+1. 23Dec56. Jul58.
Notes: Svc No: 5028071.   Played Clarinet in Jade Basin 5 plus 1 Jazz band and is still an active musician.  Maurice recalls: "Many of us have reached a stage in life when we look into-the mirror of the past and recall the hilarity of military service and the warmth of old friendships.   My recollection of 101 S.U., which was largely staffed by national service geezers who formed a tight resistance movement against "signing on" and "bull" in general, is a rosy one.   Perhaps I was lucky because I seemed to spend a lot of time playing Jazz on Anglo German relations with the J.B. 5Plus 1.   When on formal duty I was the Chief Controller's Assistant (CCA) - which was, if I'm correct, 2TAF terminology for an (Ops. B).   These duties meant a coach trip every day or evening to Brockzetel, Some exceedingly rude songs seemed de riguer when travelling for night flying or late night watches.   Most of us were classified as POMS - and what an amazing lot they were!   Colin Rickards, the adjutant's clerk, became a newspaper proprietor, historian and journalist with many books to his name, particularly West Indian politics, Wild West History and Racial issues.   Tom Sharratt, became an accomplished reporter and Sub Editor on The Guardian newspaper - as well as 101 S.U's leave clerk!   Tony Imy, became a film cameraman for successful films like Ryan's Daughter, Frank Di Rienzo, a restaurant supremo London, Mick Pattinson also, was on our corridor and was, in another life,the Earl of Bridport, Michael Bangerter became a film star.   Al Gardham became a lecturer and well known cartoonist in the educational press.   These, I remember, as I write - there were very many more.   The unit was managed in a benign way.   Sporting activity, culture and the arts were encouraged and funded.   We seemed to have lots of free time making our own loose interpretation of the term Anglo German relations!    Working down the hole at Brockzetel I recall some kind souls with whom I worked. Flt. Lt. 'Daddy' Doyle; Flt. Lt Blackburn, and Sqn. Ldr.Jones.   Any news of these?    I went into education and took early retirement from Preston College where I laboured under the title of Principal Tutor.   This gave me the opportunity to play more clarinet and piano.   I still enjoy the odd gig.
Gibbs Air Vice-Marshal Charles Melvin Gibbs DFC, OBE, CB (Retd)
Appears: fasssumball54, mcgibbs, 118540May55, 118540Jun55, pod155, pod160, 118540Jul55, 118540Aug55, 118540Sep55, 118fm540Oct55,
118GibbNov55, 118540Nov55, menu09, Rtn Vid List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Sqn List VideoApolIntro, 118540Dec55, MQ, Obit,
Location     Wife: Pamela Died Age
20 Brompton Close, Taupo, New Zealand. 2730. (2011) 3 Oct18. 97
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC 118 Sqn. Feb 1954.   Jever May55. 3Dec55. To staff at Bracknell.
Giddings Air Marshal Sir Michael Kenneth Charles Giddings KCB OBE DFC AFC and bar
Appears: obit,
Location    Wife: Elizabeth Died Age michaelgiddings.jpg, 1394 bytes
  5Apr09 88
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Flt Cdr WWII Summer 44. Apr45.
Gill Air Vice-Marshal "Jimmy" Harry Gill CB OBE
Appears: obit,
Location    Wife: Diana Died Age harrygill.jpg, 1778 bytes
Newark, Lincolnshire 20Jan08 85
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot WWII About 1945. About 1947.
Notes: Became head of RAF Supply Branch.
Gillespie Squadron Leader Ted E R Gillespie (Retd)
Location Died Age
Engineer 1988  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Gilpin Group Captain Pete P W Gilpin CBE, DFC, WKhM (Retd)
Appears: COs, 454aug53, 4540Sep53, 4540Oct53, syltoct53, 4540Nov53, 4stdnov53, std2nov53, std3nov53, stlunch3, 454Dec53, xmasmenu53, attparty1253, attparty12532, 454Jan4, 454Feb54, 4540Mar54, 4540Apr54, 4540May54, 4540Jun54, 4540Jul54, Unknown, 4540Aug54, 4540Nov54, 93540Jan54, 4stor4, 4540jan55, pod140, 4540Feb55, gpcars, 4540mar55, 4540Apr55, 4540May55, 4may55, 4may552, seawall, 1sthunt, syltmay55, 4540Jun55, piano55, 4540Jul55, pod155, tank1055, , 4540Sep55, 4540oct55, 4f540Nov55, MQ, obit
Location   Wife: Helen Died Age petegilpin.jpg, 1450 bytes
Culvers Close, 39 Sheep Street, Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4LS, 01993-822362 19Jan13. 90
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 4 Sqn pilot 7Aug53. Dec55.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04.   Gilpin 4 sqn.   Think he was Sqn Boss before Chappy Chapman.   Say early 53 - 55.   Peter tells of an incident at Pembrey: "I was taking a Jordanian student on an instrument trip and was taxying out approaching the Tempest hangar when an airman by the hangar waved his arms signalling me to stop. I stopped thinking that a Tempest was being brought out of the hangar. As nothing seemed to be happening I looked around and saw the back of the Vampire was on fire. I ordered the student to get out helping him to unshackle and disconnect etc. As he got out and dropped over the nose there was a deep woomph from just behind and it seemed the fire was just behind the cockpit. I got out. As soon as I was out I realised the fire was quite minor but couldn't get in to switch off without steps, so ran to the hangar grabbed some steps and dashed back to the aircraft, climbed in and switched off. Meanwhile others had fire extinguishers and the fire was put out. The incident, which was caused by the previous users not lowering the flaps when refuelling. Spilt fuel had collected in the flaps and started to flow out, igniting by the jet eflux. The extra woomph was caused by stopping and sloshing out extra fuel which promptly ignited in situ. I returned to the flight and said I'd fill out an incident report after completing the instrument sortie in another aircraft. However the student refused to fly and subsequently voluntarily suspended himself from flying training."
Gledhill Chief Technician Frank Gledhill (Retd)
Appears: pork, sgtm59, xmas59, sqn601, sqn602, gronigen, meal, tk, tk2, tk3, malc, sgtm, deb, srb, cind, cind2, nye60, harv, harv2, harv3, grdnat, cinc, f8561, f8562, f8563, f8564, f8565, f8566, bfes61,
Location    Wife: Ann Died Age frankgledhill.jpg, 1347 bytes
Heart attack. 1973. 50.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Squadron C/T engine fitter. 1958. 1961.
Notes: Svc No: 634508.   Enlisted 18Dec46.   Daughter Carole Tinsley says: "I just had to say, how amazed I was to come across this site.   As a child my father Chief Tech Frank Gledhill was an aircraft engineer stationed at Jever from 1958 to 1961.   I attended the BFES Primary school and Daphne Hedges was my teacher.   The lady seated to the right of Deb Smith in picture 591 is my late mother Anne Gledhill who worked at the Malcolm Club.   In picture 331 my father is listed in the theatre club programme as Detective Ayling in the production of Grand National Night and my elder sister Margaret is listed as Properties.   My father also played the part of Marvin Wilson in the later production of Harvey.   I have really enjoyed visiting your site and it has enabled me to show my own children pictures and the reason why I enjoyed happy times at Jever.   Sadly my father passed away at the age of 50yr after a heart attack.   He was stationed at Jever between 1958 and 1961 and is on pic306 and pic 066 in the second row back, and the second along from the left.   He went to Officer Training School at RAF Kirton Lindsey until 1963 then to RAF Upwood before leaving the service in 1967 for health reasons.   However, he could not leave his love of aeroplanes behind and became the groundcrew manager at Leeds Bradford Airport working on airliners until his untimely death in 1973.   One thing you may recall about him, was that he owed an aquamarine 1960 Opel record with a white roof and white wall tyres which was quite dashing in those days and turned a few heads on our return to the UK."
Goffe 2nd Lieutenant Walter Scott Goffe (Retd)
Location Died Age waltergoffe.jpg, 1482 bytes
Stafford. 1949.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot WWI. Not at Jever. RFC 1916 Not at Jever. 1941
Notes: Grandson Alex Goffe wrote on 23Apr14: Found your Jever Steam Laundry website while looking up my great grandfather Lt W Goffe who flew both for the RFC and RAF during both wars (he's listed under the long history of 98th sqn).   Was great to see LT Goffe on the website, he was shot down on the day he was mentioned (8Aug18) and suffered horrific burns to his face, chest and arms and became POW'd (the pilot who shot him down actually visited him in hospital in Germany before the first world war ended![11Nov18])   after the war he had his face "reconstructed" at Sidcups by Harold Gillies.   He trained bomber pilots for the second and joined the RAFVR but they wouldn't let him fly active missions as they didn't want to panic bomber crews who flew with him due to his burnt face!   One of photos in his RFC uniform says 1916 on the back but his RAF record (that was sent to me from the National Archive) starts from the beginning of 1918.   He continued in the RAF & RAFVR until 1941.   He then went to the ATC in Stafford after this.   He died at his home in Stafford, England in 1949 after returning to civilian life as head of the tax office in Stafford.
Goodwin Air Commodore Ken J Goodwin CBE AFC (Retd)
Appears: gunnery, Bruno, 93540Jan54, SabreOCU14Apr54, sylt954, Browne D, 118540Jul55, bar755, VideoM002, pod124, 118540Sep55, 118540Oct55, 118540Dec55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 118540Jan56, 118SyltJan56, 118PartyJan56, 118540Feb56, 118airgrdMar56, syltparty356, syltparty3562, 118540Apr56, 118540May56, carrace, 4540may56, 118F428May56, VideoM013, Videopow001, 118onHunt, ModCar156, ModCar256, OrigBd, 118540Jun56, 98540Jun56, 118540Jul56, aeros, inverted, 118540Augl56, 6LoopAug56, VideoPOW007, Street, 118540Sep56, 93540Sep56, 93540Oct56, 118540Nov56, fltcmmtdec56, 118540Feb57, 118540Mar57, JevLgHist, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, 93540Apr57, tosylt, 118540May57, goodwin, OpDyJun57, 118540Aug57, 93LineBk57, inverted, mcacc20jul57, 93LineBk57Lyons, VideoM024, 118540Jun57, 118540Jul57, DisBndAug357, 93540Jun57, Rtn Vid List VideoSAF01Barkarby, Rtn Sqn List VideoSAF01Barkarby, 118ShakeApr58, 2OrigBdGov, 1stAGM, AGM57, AGM58, AdenJSL, DartJSL, 4SqnJul59, TaxyInSylt, SqnApr59, , MQ, AGM61, AGM87-11, AGM87-16, AGM88-06, AGM88-08, AGM88-18, AGM88-20, AGM88-22, AGM88-25, AGM88-26, AGM88-27, AGM88-29, AGM88-31, AGM90-03, AGM90-04, AGM90-07, AGM90-11, AGM91, AGM92-13, AGM92-14, AGM92-16, AGM92-17, AGM92-21, AGM92-23, AGM93, AGM93-01, AGM93-03, AGM93-04, AGM93-06, AGM93-08, AGM93-09, AGM93-11, AGM93-12, AGM93-16, AGM93-29, AGM94-01, AGM94-02, AGM94-04, AGM94-06, AGM94-07, AGM94-08, AGM94-12, AGM94-15, AGM95-05, AGM95-11, AGM95-19, AGM97-2, AGM97-7, AGM97-11, AGM97-16, AGM97-17, AGM97-18, AGM97-21, AGM98-1, AGM98-3, AGM98-11, AGM99-6, AGM99-10, bruno, knoke, AGM01-5, AGM01-11, AGM01-12, AGM01-18, AGM05, painting, AGM06-03, AGM06-09, AGM06-15, AGM06-16, AGM06-23, AGM06-27, Aug06, Aug064, Aug067, Aug068, Aug0612, Aug0613, Aug0619, Aug0620, Aug0621, Aug0622, Aug0624, Aug0626, Aug0628, Aug0629, Aug0635, Aug0639, Aug0643, Aug0668, Aug0672, Aug0675, Aug0680, Aug0689, Aug0692, Aug0698, Aug0698a, Aug06100, Aug06s16, Aug06102, Aug06104, Aug06151, Aug06156, Aug06157a, Aug06164, Aug06169, Aug06191, Aug06201, 118-06, Aug06230, Aug06231, Aug06232, Aug06236, Aug06237, Aug06238, Aug06247, Aug06259, Aug06260, Aug06283, Aug06284, Aug062685, Aug062686, Aug06287, Aug06288, Aug06293, Aug06294, Aug06300, Aug06302, Aug06310, Aug06315, mayorlet, 118-06, Aug-0628, 118-0632, 118-0645, Aug-0665, Aug-0668, Aug-06j1, Aug-06j2, newsrpt, AGM07, AGM07-05, AGM07-09, AGM07-12, AGM07-14, AGM07-33, AGM07-35, AGM07-37, AGM2007-51, AGM07-57, AGM07-59, spithist, Nov07, lgn07pic31, lgn07pic46, lgn07pic48, lgn07pic55, gldshr, bdpast, AGM09, AGM12-13, AGM12-18, AGM12-29, AGM12-32, AGM12-39, AGM12-43, obit, eulogy,
Location    Wife: Sue(Deceased) Died Age KenGoodwincloseupWeb.jpg, 8038 bytes
Auldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4BE (2007). Sep20 92.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. B Flt Cdr. 2TAF Solo Aerobatic Display Pilot 56 & 57. President JSL 5Jul55. From PAI at Sylt. Oct57 to Jever Wg PAI.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Came to 118 from PAI at Sylt.   He was very much one of the instigators of the idea of a mythical laundry.   Discussed round the bar late 1955-mid 56, followed on to meeting in London.   Following a London meeting for 93 Sqn started 55 by Des Browne meeting at the RAC Club.  From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "I can remember Ken Goodwin clearly, if only for the bloodshot eyes from his non-stop negative g performances."
Graham G Corporal G.A. Graham (Retd)
Appears: 118540Dec56,
Location Died Age  
RAF Jever. 1Dec56.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Cpl. Armourer. Bef 1Dec56. 1Dec56.
Notes: No. 584079.   An unfortunate accident in the Central Armoury reulted in the death of Cpl Graham, G.A.
Gray K Flying Officer Keith D Gray (Retd)
Appears: 118SyltJan56, 118540Jun56, 118540Feb57, VideoM017, 118AGMar57 118AMar57, 118540Jul57, Bruno, AGM06
Location    Wife: Margaret Died Age KeithGray.jpg, 7307 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. 25Jun56 31Jul57 to UK.
Notes: Died peacefully after a long struggle with cancer. Left wife Margaret, daughter Joanna and two sons Richard and Stephen.
GrayT The Reverend Squadron Leader Walter T W R Gray (Retd)
Appears: 4540Apr52, 4540Nov52, 93540Aug53,
Location  Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Padre. 1951. 19Sep53.
Green Flight Lieutenant "Dickie" J R Green (Retd)
Appears: mar56, formal456, geilmay56, 2540Feb58, 2540May58, 2540Jun58, 2f540Aug58, 46th2f540Sep58, 2540Jan59,
Location Died Age dickiegreen.jpg, 1175 bytes
Killed testing the Flying Bedstead at Farnborough.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 2 Squadron pilot and Flt Cdr. Bef Mar56 Geil, Jever Jan58. Jan59 to ETPS.
Hall J Squadron Leader Jeremy J T Hall (Retd)
Appears: 93540Nov58, afc251258, cars15jan59, 93540Feb59, vw159, lakeman24feb59, 93540Mar59, Rtn Vid List VideoOsloMar59, Rtn Sqn List VideoOsloMar59, 93540Apr59, carbad29apr59, 93540May59, eagle2may59, 93540Jul59, green20jul59, sail, sail2, 93540Aug59, RidingSch1, RidingSch2, 93540Sep59, 93540Oct59, 93540Nov59, dutch9nov59, 93540Dec59, Minx, 93540Jan60, 93540Feb60, ski260, 93Feb60, syltfeb60, 93540Mar60, AOCMarch60, AOC60, 93540Apr60, logistics4apr60, 93540May60, Rtn Vid List Videogunrace19May60, Rtn Sqn List Videogunrace19May60, 93540Jun60, 93540Jul60, 93Aug60, 93Aug60GrdCrw, 93Aug60AirGrdCrw1, 93AircrewAug60, 93540Sep60, 93540Oct60
Location Died Age JeremyHall.jpg, 5122 bytes
Killed flying Harrier. 12Sep72.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. B Flt Cdr 27Sep60. 20Nov58. 19Oct60.
Notes: His fatal date was 12 Sep 1972, in Harrier Gr1 Xv799 from 233OCU, when he flew into high ground in Scotland.
Hamilton Wing Commander M B Hamilton (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
1st CO 93 Sqn when full strength. 23Apr41. 6Dec41.
Harbison Air Vice Marshal Paddy Harbison CB, CBE, AFC, FBIM (Retd)
Appears: 118hist, hist, spit, sep45, nov45, bruce, mustang, self, nov07, AGM09, AGM09-13, AGM09-18, AGM09-32, AGM09-33, AGM09-52, AGM09-58, 11809-246, 11809-281, menu09, Rtn Vid List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Sqn List VideoApolIntro,
Location     Wife: Helen Died Age paddyharbison.jpg, 1200 bytes
3292 Annandale, Falls Church, Virgina, USA 22042 25 Dec 18. 96.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket. No 118 Squadron pilot and CO. 118 Sqn-May 1943 118 Sqn-May 1946
Notes: Joined RAF 1941; After flying training joined 118 Sqn; and remained with them until the end of the war, flying Spitfires and Mustangs in Europe.   Post-war was with 64 Sqn on Hornets and 263 and 257 Sqns on Meteors.   48 posted to March AFB California as Exchange with 1st Ftr Gp on Sabres.   Returned to England 50 and completed a tour with the All Weather Development Squadron at the Central Fighter Establishment.   Posted to active duty in Korea with 4th USAF Ftr Gp.   Another Sabre tour followed commanding 67 Sqn in 2ATAF.   56 awarded AFC and attended Army Staff College Camberley.   57-62 Air Def Ops Dept MOD, OC 29 Sqn Javelins, Brit Def Staff Washington returning to attend Joint Services Staff College.   Next Stn Cdr Leuchars, awarded the CBE, followed by Canadian National Defence College.   Returned to Gp Capt Ops Fighter Cmd.   Promoted Air Cdre as Dir Ops National Air Traffic Services.   Aug72 Air attache and Cdr RAF Staff in Washington.   Promoted Air Vice Marshal Jan75 and in Feb75 became AOC 11 Gp which replaced Ftr Cmd.   Jan77 awarded CB.   Retired at end of his tour and returned to USA representing BAe.   Wife Helen from Bloomington Illinois and they have 2 sons.
Hardiman Wing Commander R J Hardiman (Retd)
Appears: COs, 27dec43,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. 27Dec43. May44.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Hardy R Sergeant Ron Hardy (Retd)
Appears: party52, fasspty523, fasslate52, feb54, 118540Jun55, 118-06, Aug-0623, 118-0632, Aug-0666, Aug-0668, Aug-06j2,
Location     Wife: Margaret Died Age ronhardy.jpg, 1283 bytes
The Close, Smelsmoore Lane, Chelleston, Derby. DE55 1AT.Tel: 01283-701803. E-mail: 7Nov11  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Sergeant pilot Fassberg. Bef Oct52. Aft Feb54, bef Jun55.
Harrington Wing Commander William T. Harrington OBE (Retd)
Appears: 122wgdec55, VideoSu004, tourex, BBQ1, BBQ2, abandon, athjevp122may57, 4540Jun57, dec57, AGM57, AGM06
Location Died Age harryharrington.jpg, 1473 bytes
Kingston-On-Thames, Surrey 1Jan09. 101.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC Tech Wg. Hon Member of 93 Sqn. 54. Maybe Apr58.
Notes: Born 31May07.
Harris Air Commodore Joy I J Harris CB RRC OStJ, MIC (Retd)
Appears: Baby8-58, jevermess, SwPool12-58, SwPool212-58, SnChJoy12-58, SSQ59, 3Nurs, 3Nurses59, JeanJoy59, HMDI5-59, Ball7-59, sail, sail2, ball2,
Location Died Age joyharris.jpg, 1964 bytes
Bramley Court Care Home, Histon, Cambridgeshire. 14Aug21. 94.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Senior Nursing Officer PMRAFNS of Maternity Unit 5Aug58. 23Jul60.
Notes: Extract from "Who's Who 2005" by WebMaster not provided by the subject.
HARRIS, Air Cdre Irene Joyce, (Joy), CB 1984; RRC 1976; SRN, SCM; Director, Nursing Services (RAF), and Matron-in-Chief, Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service, 1981-84; d of late Robert John Harris and Annie Martha Harris (née Breed).   Educ: Southgate County Sch.; Charing Cross Hosp.; The London Hosp.; Queen Mary's Meternity Home, Hampstead.   SRN 1947, SCM 1950.   Joined Princess Mary's RAF Nursing Service, 1950; gen. nursing and midwifery duties in UK, Singapore, Germany and Cyprus; Dep. Matron, 1970; Sen. Matron, 1975; Principal Matron, 1978; Dep. Dir. Nursing Services (RAF), 1981; QHNS 1981-84.   Recreations: travel, ornithology, music, archaeology, gardening. Club: Royal Air Force.
Harrison Squadron Leader James Gordon Harrison OBE AFC (Retd)
Appears: Obit
Location   Wife: Maureen Died Age jimmyharrison.jpg, 1539 bytes
Derbyshire 16Apr07. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Aft WWII Mosquitos. Aft WWII Mosquitos.
Notes: Not on official list of 4 Sqn COs.
Hart Squadron Leader John Stewart Hart DFC (Retd)
Appears: Obit
Location   Wife: Maureen Died Age
Vancouver, Canada. 18Jun19. 102.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn OC. Mar45 Mustangs. 5Nay45.
Hayes Flight Lieutenant Ralf R W Hayes (Retd)
Appears: 93540Jan55, 93540May55, 93540Jun55, sumball55, 93540Jul55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Sep55, anov55, 93540Nov55, 540Dec55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Jan56, 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, AFltApr56, 93540May56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93540Aug56, MQ,
Location   Wife: June Died Age RalphHayes.jpg, 6619 bytes
Killed after a mid-air collision over South Wales when his ejection seat drogue malfunctioned. 17Sep56.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. A Flt Cdr. 16Jan55. 3Aug56/17Sep56. OATS then ETPS.
Notes: Svc No 2600756. Came from 266 Sqn. From Eric Pigdon's notes 23NOv04. In as A Flt Cdr, 93. Wife June working for Malcolm Club after his death and has re-married (21May05).
Hayward Mr "Geoff" Geoffrey Guy Hayward
Appears: vwgate58, 11+, East59, Sum59, AGM15-25, AGM15-28,
Location       Wife: Betty Died Age hayward.jpg, 1374 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
NAAFI Manager. About Aug58. 31Dec61 to Dortmund.
Notes: Son Paul attended BFES School at Jever and Prince Rupert BFES Boarding School in Wilhelmshaven.
Hedges Miss Daphne Hedges
Appears: bfes, schboy, harv, harv2, ride, gingerpop, GrdNatNt61, pupil,
Location Died Age
Cambridge. About 2006.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
BFES School teacher. About 1959. About 1961.
Heppell Squadron Leader P W E Heppell DFC
Appears: 118hist,
Location    Wife: Jean Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 118 Sqn WWII. Jan44. 2Mar45.
Notes: Son Phillip Heppell,, Tel: 00-27-21-433-2353. 75 Arcadia Road, Bantry Bay, Cape Town, S Africa.   Wife: Jean Heppell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Hickman Flying Officer George G E Hickman (Retd)
Appears: 93540Sep53, hock, 93540Oct53, stlunch, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, pod94, Sylt54, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, pod97, brux, brux2, brux3, SabConApr54, jevsab54/55, 93540May54, walk54, 93540Jun54, pod119, pod120, Videosen012, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, 93540Sep54, pod127, 93540Oct54, 93540Nov54, 93540Dec54, 93540Jan55, pod139, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, hockapr55, 93540Apr55, cop4555, 93540May55, pod149, 93540Jun55, 93540Jul55, 7sab855, BurAug551, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Sep55, 93540Oct55, 93540Nov55, 122wgdec55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, 540Dec55, 93540Jan56 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, 93540Apr56
Location Died Age GeorgeHickman.jpg, 11503 bytes
Killed in a Hastings crash on take-off in Malaya.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 23Sep53. 9Apr56.
Notes: Svc No 3511202.  Fg.Off. wef 26Dec53.  From Lulu Leigh-Lancaster.   Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04. George Hickman.   Had heard that he was killed in a Hastings crash in Malaya.   Date? Early 1954 to 56.
Hipperson Captain "Paddy" David G Hipperson (Retd)
Appears: 98sqn56, 122pty56, 122pty562, crickcup56, 98540Aug56, pltsep56, Bruno, 118SumBll56, 98540Jan57, 98540Mar57, fronthangar, TedIsobella57, 98540Apr57, SyltScore, CrewRmSylt, Sea2Sylt57, SeaSylt57, 2SeaSylt57, Dangast2Apr57, Dangast3Apr57, Dangast4Apr57, wedpete, wedpete2, wedpete6, bowlmess57, abandon, HartzHorn3Jun57, DigHartzJun57, TentHartzJun57, BeerHartzJun57, 98540Jul57, 4540Jul57, logbook, party, curlwed, 2SumBall57, Event57, 4f540Dec57, VideoM036, MOJan58, 4Jan58, happy, 4f540Apr58, RugbyApr58, 4f540May58, 4f540Jun58, 4f540Jul58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, 4f540Sep58, HipMet858, GunTeam58, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM05
Location   Wife: Anne Died Age PaddyHipperson.jpg, 5863 bytes
Abingdon, Oxfordshire May 2004.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 4 Sqn pilot. 98-May56; 4-16Jul57. 98-16Jul57, 4 aft Dec57.
Notes: Harry Aspey, who looks after the Old Boys' section of the Shebbearian magazine, writes: "Paddy was a pupil at Shebbear College in North Devon from the age of seven to when he entered Cranwell, about 1942-1953. He was also a brilliant cricket and rugby player. The next edition of The Shebbearian will carry an obituary on Trevor Ward who with Hipperson formed the most formidable opening partnership the school ever had."   Barry Dale writes: "He was subsequently a captain on the Boeing 747 with Virgin Atlantic who he stayed with until retirement."
Hives Group Captain "Bengy" D B Hives (Retd)
Appears: wuxd950, 4f540Apr59, 2540Nov59, 2540Dec59, 2540Jan60, 2540Mar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, 2540Nov60, 2540Dec60, 2540Jan61
Location   Wife: Shirley Died Age  
Ellastone, Staffordshire. 25Nov19. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn A Flt Cdr. Nov59. Aft Jan61.
Notes: He was Fighter Pilot and Flying Instructor.   He was Air Attache to the British Embassy, The Hague between 1976 and 1978.   He was Air Commander of the Hong Kong between 1981 and 1983.
Holden-Rushworth Squadron Leader Phil P A Holden-Rushworth
Appears: 2540Feb59, early, 2Swifts, HMDI5-59, HMDI5-59, 2540Jun59, 2540Jul59, 2540Oct59, 2540Jan60, 2540Mar60, 2sqnMar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, 2540Nov60, 2540Dec60, 2540Jan61, onswift, HuntFR
Location Died Age PhilHoldenRushworth.jpg, 1272 bytes
After a long fight against Cancer. 26Feb12 83.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. 10Feb59. Oct61 when 2 Sqn to Gutersloh
Notes: Born in Edmonton 1929, trained in Rhodesia 48/49.
Hollingworth Flight Sergeant Joseph Hollingworth (Retd)
Appears: hist, sqn, spit, self, wifejean, spit43, VideoApolIntro,
Location    Wife: Jean Died Age josephhollingworth.jpg, 1255 bytes
Sadly, the month ended on a sour note with the loss of Hollingworth and P/O Buglass in a collision near Coltishall. 31Jul43. 21.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot WWII. 1942. Aft 27Jun43.
Notes: His son David ( ) tells us: ''My father F/Sgt Joseph Hollingworth served in 118 squadron during 1942-43. I see he is mentioned three times in the narrative and was, in fact, killed before I was born. My mother saw the accident when she was six months pregnant with me so it is a miracle I ever happened! Family folklore has it that Cyril Talalla came home on leave with my father on one occasion and the event went down in the annals of history in a North Staffordshire mining community.''
Homer Wing Commander J W Homer (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540nov40, 93540dec40, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
1st CO 93 Sqn when full strength. 7Dec40. 22Apr41.
Hook Flight Lieutenant Leo "Larry" Hook (Retd)
Appears: hdmst559, HMDI5-59, lifestory,
Location     Wife: Beryl. Died Age larryhook.jpg
Copmanthorpoe, Yorkshire. 17Sep12. 89.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC Station Flt, No 122 Wing IRE. Bef 7May59. Aft 11May59.
Notes: Instructor on Hunter Flt Sim.
Howard Squadron Leader Stanford S J Howard (Retd)
Appears: likely, Bruno, 118SyltJan56, jb51, trump, ldr, all, swing, schutz2, deuts, deuts2, sthalle, bop, schutz3, 118540Jul56, 118540Oct56, 118, sqn, voc, kate, sing, piano, strandhalle, nordheim, 118540Jan57, 118540Feb57, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, MarchJun57, ath292jun57, Formal57, 93540Jul57, BoneD57, MarchJun57, 118540Jul57, VideoM024, 118540Aug57, DisBndAug257, squash, jan58, 93540Apr58, 118DuncApr58, 118MaishApr58, reunion, lgn07pic57, 101s43, AGM92,
Location Died Age StanfordHoward.jpg, 5988 bytes
Retired Cranwell June 1976. 1991  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn and 93 Sqn Pilot and Jade Basin Five plus One. 118-18Jul56, 93-Sep57. 118-Sep57, 93-Aft Apr58.
Howell Squadron Leader Frank J Howell DFC and Bar
Appears: 1stcoww2, crashrpt, obit, menu09,
Location Died Age frankhowell.jpg, 1171 bytes
Struck by taxying Vampire wingtip at Odiham whilst filming. 9May48. 36.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
1st CO 118 Sqn WWII. 20Feb41. 23Oct41 to Singapore 243 Sqn.
Notes: From 118 Sqn Long History: "[On being re-formed at Filton] it was commanded by S/L F J Howell DFC, an experienced fighter pilot who had gained a number of victories with 609 Sqn during the Battle of Britain."   Chris Howell, Frank's nephew writes from Chris Howell Tel: 01494-784350, Mapletree Farm, Chartridge, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 2TF: "Frank was my uncle and I read the long version of the 118 Sqn history with interest.   I don't know if you have been in contact with his daughter ( he also has a son, both alive!).   If you would like to have a photo of him, as he did re-form the squadron and was its first c/o, please let me know.   I would be delighted to see it on the site!   I'm not sure if he received his Bar to the DFC whilst with the squadron, or after he left and went to Singapore on the Prince of Wales to be S Ldr of 243.   I think the photo, taken in Bognor Regis ( the family house was in Felpham) was taken shortly after he received his DFC on 25th October 1940.   He was 28."
Hoy Wing Commander William Hoy DFC, AFC
Appears: obit, F540Oct40, F540Nov40, F540Jan41,
Location Died Age williamhoy.jpg, 1742 bytes
Australia. 20Nov12. 94.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII pilot on 420Flt which became 93Sqn. 21Oct40. Aft 16Jan41.
Notes: As a Pilot Officer flew on aerial mines trials on Harrow aircraft during WWII on 420 Flight which became the re-formed 93 Sqn.
Hudson Senior AirCraftsman Victor John Hudson
Appears: 12Feb53,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Airframe Mechanic. Bef 12Feb53. Jun55.
Notes: On 9Sep20 Suzanne wrote: "My name is Suzanne Milne - I am the daughter of Victor John Hudson who was in 4 squadron at Jever for a while in 1953.   He is on the photograph entitled '4 squadron B flight ground crew and air crew'.   I have the exact same photo - he has documented that it was taken on February 12th 1953.   He is the 5th man from left on middle row.   Dad competed his national service (June 52 to June 55) in Germany ( he spent the first few months at Cardington completing training to be aircraft mechanic) and I have been trying to have a look at the places he was stationed.   I have a photograph album full of pictures of Jever, Guterslah and 652 Detmold, other men that he served with and places he visited in Germany when on leave.   Sadly my dad passed away in January 2013.   I wish I had asked him more about his days in National Service.   The only thing he told me was that he didn't enjoy it much and spent his 21st birthday on the train coming home!   He learnt a trade there though - he became a mechanic for 10 years working for a farm machinery repair firm and then went to be an engineer and subsequent foreman for Crane Fruehauf (making tankers) until his retirement in 1999.   He attributed his working life to the skills he learnt during national service.   He loved to tinker with engines and machinery.   I have his work books from 1952 with all his notes and training in.   I also have his service record book, cap, medical card and driving licence for his time in the RAF."
Hughes E Flight Lieutenant Eric E S Hughes (Retd)
Appears: 93540Aug52, pod74, 454Feb54, 93540Mar54, 4540Mar54, pren, pren2, pren3, pren4, pod120, 93540Jul54, SubParty, 93540Nov54
Location Died Age
Le Courtil du Milieu Four Cabot, St Andrews, Guernsey, Channel Isles   About 74.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Jever Station IRE. 93 Sqn Bef Aug52 IRE. 4Nov54.
Notes: Letter from Eric in JSL files dated 3Jan94 saying he had had 3 heart attacks in the last year.   
Hughes Air Marshal Sir Rochford S W R Hughes CBE AFC (Retd)
Appears: 4f540dec55, Carprz2, 122wgdec55, Xmas55, 540Dec55, 118540Dec55, 4540jan56, 4540Feb56, 98540Feb56, 98540Mar56, cresta, VideoM014, 4540apr56, 93540Apr56, StnCdrBBQMay56-1, StnCdrBBQMay56, 4540jun56, 98540jun56, VideoM017, itvisjun56, 93540Jul56, 118540Jul56, aoc20Jul56, VideoSU003, VideoSU004, 93540Sep56, 98540Oct56, shipw56, 98540Nov56, maj1Nov56, fleet, hist, Winball56, crestarun56, nye5657, 4540Jan57, 93f540Jan57, 98540Jan57, 4540Feb57, 4540Apr57, 93540Apr57, stnhockap57, athjevcov22may57, athjevp122may57, 4540May57, 93540May57, 118540May57, 93540Jun57, AGWk6-57, aoc, stncdr, 4540Jun57, OpdyJun57, 2OpdyJun57, OpDy16-57, OpDy26-57, AstraJun57, 2AstraJun57, SptsJun57, SptsJun57bouq, PresJun57, TrophyJun57, 93paintJun57, 93paintJun572, ath29Jun57, 93linbk57, fishfingers,757, disbleafjul57, SumBall57, OrrEwing57, OrrEwing57, menu1257, 4f540Dec57, OffMess, MOJan58, RugMed57581, RugMed57582, 118MaishApr58, OpDyMy58, OpDyMy58schut, 3wives, Baby8-58, 93540Sep58, Let9-58, Inv9-58, 4f540Oct58, germanhist,
Location    Wife: Elizabeth Died Age SidHughes.jpg, 7088 bytes
24 Scenic Heights, Acacia Bay,Taupa, New Zealand September 1996 Taupa 87160
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Station Commander RAF Jever 1Dec55. 1Oct58.
Hugill Flying Officer Jim Hugill (Retd)
Appears: mar56, karup, 2540Feb58, 46th, 2f540Sep58, standard, 2f540Oct58, swift,
Location   Wife: Grace (Deceased) Died Age jimhigill.jpg, 1282 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Bef Mar56. Oct58.
Notes: Jim's daughter Alison writes on 10Apr09: "Sadly it is true that Dad passed away, on 14th July 2007. I remember he told us exciting stories of his life in the RAF but we were so young a lot of it is vague - and I certainly don't remember him telling us the one about his locked wheels!! - had a good read of the squadron Monthly op record Feb58 and noticed also Flt Lt Whittam. If this is the same person - Enid Whittam was my godmother although I never got to know her. And I remember the name Mortley also. Dad spoke very fondly of him, but referring to him as Wing Commander Mortley, not Squadron Leader, as I remember. Jim's wife, our Mum - Grace (nee Alderson) - tragically was killed in a car crash in November 1980 (Dad never remarried).   I'll let Jonathan, Lois and Stephen (siblings) know about the reunion in case they are able to attend.   In any case they're going to be thrilled at this turn of events!   If any members knew my Dad, have photos, want to share stories ; plus if you might be able to point me in the right direction to find out exact dates of joining (circa 1949) and leaving (circa 1970) RAF...much appreciated.   A flying story: Mum had been away to Home Economics/teaching college in London.   The story goes, she had become acquainted with another 'admirer' while she was away and when Dad heard about it he flew his plane down to London, in fog, to 'claim her back'!   (and he was severely chastised for it by the RAF afterwards too!)   Her death was very traumatic.   She had so much to give, it was a tragedy, she had boundless energy, she dreamed big and then put it into action as it were, and a high achiever, very sociable and well thought of and respected both at work and in the local community.   Re: car crash - in short, they'd been to a Halloween bash laid on by her then-employers (she was Chief Home Service Advisor/Home Economist) the North Eastern Gas Board in Harrogate and they were being driven home by one of her colleagues who, unbeknown to them, was way over the alcohol limit.   It was the first time Dad had 'allowed' anyone other than himself to 'drive her' and so I don't think he ever forgave himself for that, although of course it was in no way his fault.   They hit oncoming traffic causing a multiple pile up.   Dad was front seat passenger and he was the only survivor.   If any members knew my father, have photos, want to share stories; plus if you might be able to point me in the right direction to find out exact dates of joining (circa 1949) and leaving (circa 1970) RAF...I look forward to hearing from you and it would be very much appreciated."
Hunwick Flight Lieutenant "Pfennig" Pete P F Hunwick (Retd)
Appears: 118SyltJan56, 118540Augl56, SumBall57, Ski57, 2BadKohlgrub57, 118540Mar57, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, legs, Bruno, 118540Aug57, 4f540Sep57, BrewJun57, logbook, 4f540Oct57, 4f540Nov57, 4f540Dec57, VideoM035, 4f540Jan58, MOJan58, 4Jan58, 4f540Feb58, 4f540Mar58, pfennig, 4f540Apr58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, aalborg, 4f540Sep58, ShLvPty2Sep58, 4f540Nov58, SyltScore, CrewRmSylt, syltbare660, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM64, CamelsDec64, AGM65, AGM66, AGM87-04, AGM87-12, AGM88-09, AGM88-19, AGM88-22, AGM89, AGM90, AGM90-14, AGM90-15, AGM91, AGM91-02, GoldSh91, AGM92, AGM92-08, AGM92-18, AGM93, AGM93-06, AGM93-07, AGM93-10, AGM93-12, AGM94, AGM95-01, AGM96-07, AGM96-08, AGM96-14, AGM96-15, AGM97-5, AGM97-11, AGM97-12, AGM97-13, AGM97-15, AGM98-6, AGM98-7, AGM99-3, AGM99-21, AGM01-21, AGM01-23, AGM01-31, AGM01-35, 118 Reunion, AGM06, jenvking, Aug06, Aug0619, Aug0620, Aug0621, Aug0622, Aug0626, Aug0628, Aug0629, Aug0635, Aug0643, Aug0658, Aug0668, Aug0672, Aug0675, Aug0679, Aug0680, Aug0697, Aug0698, Aug0698a, Aug06104, Aug06121, Aug06126, Aug06128, Aug06141, Aug06143, Aug06198, Aug06228, Aug06229, Aug06256, Aug06260, Aug06262, Aug06282, Aug06308, Aug06315, 118-06, Aug-06f5, Aug-0635, Aug-0636, Aug-0640, Aug-06j2, AGM07-33, AGM07-37, AGM2007-54, AGM07-60, AGM07-62, nov07, AGM08, AGM08-06, AGM08-08, AGM08-11, AGM08-22, AGM08-33, AGM08-36, AGM08-44, bdpast, gaf798, gaf799, gaf800, gaf803, gaf807, gaf818, gaf851, gaf853, gaf862, gaf869, AGM12-14, AGM12-15, AGM12-35, AGM12-48, AGM13-17, AGM13-24, AGM13-26, AGM13-30, AGM13-32, AGM13-33,
Location   Wife: Tania Died Age PeteHunwick.jpg, 1653 bytes
The Old Malt House, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0EG (2007) 8Jan18. 84.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 & 4 Sqn pilot. Flying Division -bottom end. 118Sqn 6Aug56; 4Sqn Sep57. 118Sqn Sep57; 4Sqn Sum59.
I'Anson Captain "Chunky" Brian Allan I'Anson (Retd)
Appears: dance, 118540Mar56, sylt155, syltsum55, 4540jan56, 98540Mar56, VideoM024, 4540Aug57, accrep,
Location   Wife: Nancy Died Age chunkyianson.jpg, 1359 bytes
Died taking off in a DH-125 at Turnhouse, Scotland 20Jul70. 40.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Sylt P.A.I. On strength 112 Sqn Jun52. Aft Aug52.
Ibbett Flight Lieutenant Al A K E Ibbett (Retd)
Appears: 2f540Oct58, , 2540Dec58, debrief, 2540Feb59, wup, wup2, 2540Jan59, 2540Mar59, 2540Aug59, 2sqnplts2540Oct59, 2540Nov59,
Location Died Age AlIbbett.jpg, 1569 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn Flt Cdr. Bef Dec57 Geil. Jever Jan58. Nov59.
Notes: On 30Nov16 his son Mike wrote: "My father, Allan Ibbett was posted to Geilenkirchen, I think it was 1956, attached to #2 squadron flying Swifts; he, my mother, my brother and me aged 7, then moved up to Jever when the squadron redeployed in 1957/8 where I seem to remember we lived in what was I think, referred to as "downtown" Jever, because I do not think it was on the camp as I used to get a bus to school.   I remember it was freezing with feet of snow on the pavements.   I remember many photos my dad had taken of Jever ( mainly transparencies), but sadly my mother has been keen on de-cluttering over many years and nearly all have been binned.   I noticed from your biography that while a lot younger than my dad you appear to have been at Jever during the same period, so perhaps you knew him?   From some of the documents I've seen, like entertaining visiting teachers etc., my father seems to have escaped most of the additional duties normally reserved for younger team members although I do recall the name of Olaf Bergh from my father.   Perhaps it was because you lived in Mess?   I see the records/photos refer to my father's forced belly landing due to (I seem to remember him telling us), a front wheel hydraulic failure and while not wishing to contest the memory of Merv Hodson, I would like to suggest that the plane you show was not the one flown/landed by my father at the time.   When I saw it ( ), I thought there seemed more damage than I remembered, so I dug out an old photo I kept before my mother chucked the rest; these, three show the actual landing sequence as it slides down the runway and another stationary on the tarmac.   (see image 1568 attached).   The tail plane identity marking is a "Y", not a "U".   As these were given to my dad as a memento(!), I would like to suggest this was the plane he crash-landed in and the other plane must have been involved in a similar incident which as Merv recounted, seemed to happen with monotonous regularity.   It's interesting to reflect that one of the tower/flight crew-room members had the foresight to photograph it, so they must have heard from the tower that my dad was in difficulty.   He did tell us that he had tried until nearly out of fuel (well he would have said that wouldn't have he!!) to get the undercarriage down but finally went for the ditch it approach as he always said he was always worried being long in the leg that he didn't fancy losing his kneecaps if he had been forced to eject.   I've only had the chance to have a quick scan of the many photos etc on the site, but I will get back to you should a photo ( ) include my mum.   I'm asking her to confirm or not!   But she was definitely in the riding club at Jever and might have kept a few photos of various gymkhanas.   One final issue I would question is the date of my father's departure from Jever.   I seem to remember staying with my grandparents in London on our way up to Linton over the Guy Fawkes period of 1959 miffed that I could enjoy the fun.   Please excuse me; it's not a major issue and I have no intention of introducing conflict - just childhood memories which could very well be wrong."
Iles Wing Commander Brian H B Iles
Appears: WACOMar53, pod66, 93540Oct53, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, pod94, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, m18pan, 93540Apr54, SabreOCU14Apr54, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, m18trip, VideoM18-1, VideoM18-2, VideoM18-3, VideoM18-4, VideoM18-5, miles18, pod120, pod121, 93540Aug54, Sylt54, ASRescSylt54, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Nov54, 93540Dec54, 4540Dec54, pod97, pod133 93540Jan55, 4540jan55, carsylt21jan55, bobpty1, 4may55, 4may552, 493bbqsum55, BBQ2Jul55, 4540Jul55, BurAug551, sylt556, 122DIparty, 4540Nov55, 122wgdec55, MtnAir, 122party, 4540Feb56, carrace, 4540mar56, 4540may56, clamp856, 118DI1255, VideoM014, pym556, 4540jun56, VideoSU001, VideoSU005, asylt655, asylt6552, nye56, 4540Jan57, 4540Mar57,
Location    Wife: Pat Died Age BrianIles.jpg, 5946 bytes
Died in Malta.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. A Flt Cdr 4 Sqn. 93-5Oct53. 4Sqn-5Jan55. 93-5Jan55 4 Aft 31Mar57.
Notes: Svc No 512158.   Info from Eric Pigdon Notes.   Was CO Oxford UAS Mid 60s.   Fly refresher with Eric Cranwell 1962.   Eric Pigdon Email 25Dec04 Our 16 returning party were split between Chivenor and Pembrey.   Iles and Jack in the Chivenor group and I went to Pembrey.   On arriving at RAF Jever mid October 1953, I found that Brian Iles was already on 93 Sqn, and John Jack on 4.   Same instructor then same station.   The 4 Sqn Boss Sqn Ldr Gilpin discouraged contact by his guys with 93s so I did not have much contact with John Jack apart from the Basketball Team.   Brian flew his own Miles M.18 light aircraft to S Rhodesia and back with Brian Sanderson July 1954.
Isaacs Master Air Pilot Leslie Charles Isaacs (Retd)
Appears: 2540Mar58, 46th, 2540Dec58, 2540Aug59, 2sqnplts,
Location Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 98 Squadron Engine Fitter. At Hucknall Jul39.   Never at Jever. Feb41
Notes: , Service number 571119.   On 18Apr22 Wayne Fuller wrote of Leslie Isaacs, (his wife's uncle) wrote: "He joined up as an Apprentice at RAF Halton and later went on to become a Sgt pilot in 1941 and served until 1957 retiring as a Master Air Pilot.       He was an AC2 at when he joined 98 Sqn.   .   His course ended without a passing out parade and end of course photo as personnel were needed urgently to man the squadrons.   I now have some more of his service records, he was posted onto 98 Sqn in July 1939 at Hucknall and was there until October 1939.   He remained with 98 Sqn as follows: Oct 1939 to Upwood then Jan 1940 to Finningley February 1940 to April 1940 to Scampton April 1940 to June 1940, he served with them in France and was onboard the Lancastrian when she was bombed and sunk.   It looks like he didn't go to Iceland with the Sqn as far as I can see, his name was on the movement order but it was crossed out.   His records show him with 98 Sqn from July 1940 to Feb 1941 at Gatwick.   He then transferred to 485 Sqn until Dec 1941.   At that point he went to the Aircrew Reception Centre and then onto pilot training in Canada until February 1943.   I would think he is in the photograph, I will open it up on my computer, so my old eyes can see it more clearly."
Ives Squadron Leader Dave Ives (Retd)
Appears: 2540Mar58, 46th, 2540Dec58, 2540Aug59, 2sqnplts, AGM92-01, AGM92-09, AGM92-10
Location Died Age DaveIves.jpg, 1523 bytes
Fakenham, Norfolk August 1994. Funeral 1100 hrs 5Sep94.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 2 Squadron pilot and Sqn Adj. Before Mar 1958. Aug59.
Notes: From receipt for flowers sent by Jeff Jeffreys
Jack Flying Officer John Jack
Appears: WACOMar53, 4540Oct53, syltoct53, pod97, xmas53, M18flt, 4540Jun54, crash, 4540Jul54,
Location Died Age JohnJack.jpg, 6125 bytes
In Sabre Xb647 at Jever, on overshoot with dive brakes extended, aircraft flicked over at slow speed and rolled into the ground. 8Jul54. 24.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 4 Squadron pilot. 2ct53. 8Jul54.
Notes: From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Braw Scotsman who had train in the States and thought American A/C were the bees knees.  Snowy and I were on the hanger tower when Jock finished a QGH very, very slowly.  He turned towards downwind and stalled into the forest.  08-07-54."   From George Englefield-Bishop, corporal ATC at the time: "The Sabre that I saw crash whilst in circuit, this plane the only one in our air space at the time wanting to land, the pilots downwind leg Rate One turn and Approach were the most perfect I have ever seen, and ATC was rather surprised when just as his wheels were about to touch down he decided he wanted to 'go round again'.   ATC actually queried this but he was adamant that was what he wanted to do.   I watched him as he did a low run over the airfield and then climb into the circuit, it was a nice day in early summer and I had the two big back doors on the truck that housed the station Homer open so had an excellent view as his turn bought him to the south of me   The plane was exactly due south when, without any change at all in its attitude, its Engine cut out, being conditioned by V1's during the War, I immediately became even more alert and expecting the worse, even after the flame out there was an appreciable delay before the plane went onto a nose down position and dived vertically into the ground."   Eric Pigdon told Mick Ryan in a telecon 21Nov2004.   Brian Iles and Eric trained in USA Apr52 to May 53.   T33 stage had same instructor.   Eric Pigdon Email 25Dec04 Our 16 returning party were split between Chivenor and Pembrey.   Iles and Jack in the Chivenor group and I went to Pembrey.   On arriving at RAF Jever mid October 1953, I found that Brian Iles was already on 93 Sqn, and John Jack on 4.   Same instructor then same station .   The 4 Sqn Boss Sqn Ldr Gilpin discouraged contact by his guys with 93s so I did not have much contact with John Jack apart from the Basketball Team.
Jarvis Flight Lieutenant Pete P D Jarvis (Retd)
Appears: 4f540Nov58, Sqn59, 4party, mobike, mobike2, read, 4f540Apr59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, HatsSqn59, tedboy2, tedboy3, tedboy4, tedboy5, tedboymar59, 4f540May59, fdress592, 4f540Jun59, trio59, HMDI5-59, 4f540Dec59, Fr&N11-60, 4f540Feb60, 4f540Mar60, 4f540May60, syltscores, 4f540Jul60, 4f540Aug60, gunteam1, gunteam, 4f540sep60, 4f540dec60, finaldi2, AGM87-01, AGM88-15, AGM90-05, AGM91-07, AGM91-10, AGM92-22, AGM93-02, AGM93-05, AGM93-13, AGM96, AGM96-13, AGM96-16, AGM96-20, AGM98-10, bruno, AGM01-2, AGM01-6, AGM01-7, AGM01-10, AGM01-24, AGM06, AGM06-02, AGM06-13, AGM06-14, Aug06, Aug0696, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06138, Aug06208, Aug06230, Aug06248, Aug06253, Aug06261, Aug06309, AGM07, AGM07-52, AGM07-67, AGM07-69, AGM07-71, nov07, AGM09-45, AGM09-53, AGM12-14, AGM12-18, AGM12-19, AGM12-42, obitweppard,
Location Wife: Pat (Deceased) Died Age PeteJarvis.jpg, 9461 bytes
Guildford Hospital & St Annes, Cox Green, Rudgwick, Sussex 17Apr14.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 11Nov58. 31Dec60.
Notes: To CFS.   Pete Jarvis has sent the sad news of the death of his wife Pat after ten years of Alzheimers disease.   She died on 4th January, 2009 and was buried at Holy Trinity, Rudgwick, on 15th January.   Pat was with Pete at Jever and they had a very happy 51 years of marriage.   Pat left a family of six children and seventeen grandchildren.   Al Pollock wrote on 28Apr14: "Peter came out to 4 Sqn at Jever and was there from 11Nov58 to 31Dec60, arriving from 63 Sqn when that Sqn had disbanded on 30Oct58 at Waterbeach with their Hunter F6's - by that time I had rejoined 26 at Ahlhorn and on to Gut so we did not overlap there but we would meet up and got to know each other from the Jever Steam Laundry reunions and we also met briefly in FTC in the 1964 display season at RNAS Brawdy etc, when I was the Gnat display pilot.   Peter did well and won the Wright Jubilee Trophy solo display flying two years running for Flying Training Command in in both 1964 and 1965 in what one imagines were by then Jet Provost Mk4's"
Jeffrey Squadron Leader Jeff T M Jeffrey (Retd)
Appears: 4540jun56, clamp856, 4540Jun57, VideoSU005, logbook, 4f540Oct57, 4f540Nov57, BadKohlgrub57, 2BadKohlgrub57, FallingSki57, Skiis57, NoSkiis57, 4f540Dec57, 1ChildPty57, 3ChildPty57, 6ChildPty57, altmisread, VideoSU007, roll, MOJan58, 4Jan58, 4f540Feb58, 4f540Mar58, tail, 4f540May58, VideoM044, AGM88-06, AGM88-09, AGM88-20, GoldSh90, AGM90-09, AGM92-06, AGM92-08, AGM93, AGM95-06, AGM98-6, AGM01-2, AGM01-3, AGM01-11, AGM01-12, AGM06, AGM06-10, AGM06-18, Aug06, Aug068, Aug069, Aug0612, Aug0613, Aug0614, Aug0626, Aug0627, Aug0629, Aug0645, Aug0648, Aug0669, Aug0676, Aug0681h, Aug0691c, Aug0696, Aug0698d, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06121, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06130, Aug06138, Aug06144, Aug06149, Aug06161, Aug06164, Aug06230, Aug06253, Aug06255, Aug06315, AGM07-27, AGM07-38, AGM07-39, AGM07-70, AGM07-74, Nov07, lgn07pic04, lgn07pic09, lgn07pic50, AGM08, bdpast, 118hist,
Location   Wife: Olive Died Age JeffJeffrey.jpg, 8181 bytes
2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 4TW Tel: 01480-454788 10Sep15. 81.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot.  Sec JSL 11Jun56. Jun58.
Notes: Jeff will be known to many of the older group as a QHI on 1 Sqn at Tern Hill in the early-mid 60s.   He then appeared in Hong Kong as the rotary wing exchange officer with the RHKAAF, after Les Rigby.   On promotion, Jeff went to 110 Sqn in Singapore and was its last CO before disbandment.   Jeff had some postings to both Support Command at Brampton but was also based at Innsworth.   He retired to live in Huntingdon.
Jenkins Flying Officer "Jenks" Jenkins (Retd)
Appears: Ex53, SqnMay53, 112540Jul53
Location Died Age JenksJenkins.jpg, 4666 bytes
Killed in Meteor7 practicing assymetric circuits at RAF Bruggen. 25Sep54.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 112 Squadron pilot. Before May 1953. Move from Jever to Bruggen 6July53.
Jenkins L Major L Jenkins (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 112 Squadron pilot. Before May 1953. Move from Jever to Bruggen 6July53.
Jennings Captain Peter David Jennings (Retd)
Appears: 1stpic, 4f540Oct58, BtlFlt59, hiscar, hxe548, tr2, tr2au, hamburg, 4f540Mar59, DI359, 4din, 4f540Apr59, 4f540May59, Socc59, 4party, tedboy2, tedboy3, tedboy4, tedboy5, tedboymar592, 4f540Jun59, taxy, jencar, 4f540Jul59, 4f540Aug59, form59, Sqn59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, HatsSqn59, party659, fdress592, HMDI5-59, shave, 4f540Dec59, avtur, xmas59, 4f540Jan60, sprite1, sprite2, sprite3, 4f540Apr60, 4f540May60, sunsylt660, syltscores, 4f540Jul60, 4f540Aug60, 4f540sep60, 4f540dec60, finaldi2, wed, AGM87-01, AGM87-12, AGM88-19, AGM90-05, AGM91-09, AGM93-02, AGM93-05, AGM93-13, AGM94-11, AGM95-15, AGM95-18, AGM96-04, AGM96-20, AGM98-7, AGM99-16, AGM99-18, AGM01-6, AGM01-7, AGM01-10, AGM01-12, AGM01-17, AGM06, AGM06-15, AGM06-23, AGM06-27, jenvking, Aug06, Aug069, Aug0612, Aug0619, Aug0620, Aug0621, Aug0622, Aug0624, Aug0627, Aug0629, Aug0638, Aug0640, Aug0643, Aug0647, Aug0664, Aug0668, Aug0675, Aug0679, Aug0688, Aug0697, Aug0698a, Aug0698d, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06138, Aug06164, Aug06169, Aug06198, Aug06230, Aug06253, Aug06255, Aug06259, Aug06274, Aug06276, Aug06315, AGM07, AGM07-02, AGM07-04, AGM07-35, AGM07-37, AGM07-40, AGM07-58, AGM07-67, AGM07-69, AGM07-71, nov07, AGM08-14, AGM08-18, goldshare, AGM08-34, AGM08-35, AGM08-41, AGM08-42, AGM08-46, AGM12-4, AGM12-44, AGM13-12, AGM13-13, AGM13-26, obit, eulogy,
Location      Wife: Mary Died Age PeteJennings.jpg, 8497 bytes
Amarnth, 6 King's Paddock, Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 1RZ 1Jan2021. 87.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 24Oct58. Mar61.
Notes: To CFS.
Jillings Group Captain David Samuel Jillings CBE, MC
Appears: lifestory
Location Died Age davidjillings.jpg, 1491 bytes
Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. 21Apr53. 71.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn adjutant WW1.   Never at Jever. Nov15. Jan18.
Notes: Quote from The Military Cross to Flying Personnel of Great Britain and the Empire 1914-1919 by Hal Giblin and Norman Franks.   "Keen to progress to piloting, he gained his Royal Aero Club Certificate (Number 1178) on 15 April 1915.   His formal pilot training duly completed, he was confirmed and gazetted Flying Officer on 2 July following.   He served with 14 Squadron in the UK, but, age 34, was probably considered a little old for operational flying and was subsequently appointed Adjutant to 2 Reserve Aeroplane Squadron in November 1915.   Jillings held this position until January 1918, before serving out the reminder of the war in various Administration posts as A/Major"
John Flying Officer Brynmor John (Retd)
Appears: EdOff, OpDyJun59, Ball7-59, OMSum59, MRoseDngOutJan60
Location Died Age  
Member of Parliament and Minister of State for the RAF. 1992  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
National Service Education Officer. About 59. About 60.
Notes: Friend of Ted Childs.   Went into politics and became Minister of State for the RAF.
Jones Sergeant Pilot Gordon G R Jones
Appears: paint41, ibsley41, song,
Location Died Age gordonjones.jpg, 1196 bytes
Assumed deceased.    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWII 118 Sqn Sgt pilot. 1941. 1941.
Notes: From Australia.
Jones K Squadron Leader Ken Jones DFC (Retd)
Appears: FassParty, fasspty523, fasslate52,
Location    Wife: Barbara Died Age kenjones.jpg, 1082 bytes
9 Richmond Court Gardens, Colne Road, Cromer. Norfolk. (2007) 2015.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot Fassberg. Fassberg Late 52. 53.
Jones P Flight Lieutenant Peter Jones (Retd)
Appears: 118SyltJan56, 118540Augl56, 118540Jan57, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, BrewJun57, ernest657, 118540Jul57, 118540Aug57, logbook, SyltScore, Bruno, 4f540Nov57, 4f540Dec57, MOJan58, 4Jan58, xj639, 118DuncApr58, 4f540May58, OpDyMy58, 4f540Jun58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, aalborg, 4f540Sep58, 4f540Nov58, 4f540Dec58, AGM87-04, AGM90-01, AGM92-04, AGM92-08, AGM92-09, AGM92-15, AGM92-20, AGM93-01, AGM93-02, AGM93-05, AGM93-09, AGM93-11, AGM95-03, AGM95-06, AGM95-12, AGM96-02, AGM96-06, AGM96-10, AGM96-11, AGM96-12, AGM96-13, AGM96-17, AGM97-12, AGM98-1, AGM98-2, AGM98-3, AGM98-4, AGM98-12, AGM99-12, AGM99-18, AGM01-01, AGM01-25, AGM01-29, AGM01-33, 118 Reunion, AGM06, AGM06-01, AGM06-11, Aug06, Aug067, Aug068, Aug0612, Aug0613, Aug0614, Aug0629, Aug0631, Aug0637, Aug0638, Aug0658, Aug0659, Aug0669, Aug0676, Aug0681, Aug0681f, Aug0681h, Aug0691c, Aug0695, Aug0698d, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06121, Aug06126, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06138, Aug06141, Aug06144, Aug06154, Aug06161, Aug06164, Aug06171, Aug06209, Aug06229, Aug06230, Aug06253, Aug06258, Aug06259, Aug06315, 118-06, 118-06F7, 118-0633, 118-0634, Aug-0665, Aug-06j2, AGM07, AGM07-49, AGM2007-53, AGM2007-54, nov07, lgn07pic48, lgn07pic55, AGM2008, AGM08-01, AGM08-05, AGM08-33, AGM08-36, AGM11-02, AGM11-03, AGM11-10, AGM11-12, AGM11-13, AGM11-23, AGM12-11, AGM12-35, AGM12-44, AGM13-18, goldshare2013, AGM13-24, AGM13-30, AGM13-33, AGM14-37, AGM14-51, AGM15-8, AGM16-12, AGM17-14, AGM17-24, AGM17-30, Obit,
Location   Wife: Jennifer Died Age PeteJones.jpg, 1482 bytes
Leaside, Mill Lane, Copdock, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 3HU (2007)    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn & 4 Sqn pilot. 118-6Aug56. 4-Oct57. 118-Oct57; 4-Feb59.
Jonklass Flying Officer "Jonk" C G D Jonklass (Retd)
Appears: 112540May52, 112540Jun52, 112540Jul52, crash, 112540Aug52, 112540Oct52, mov1/53, SqnMay53, 112540Jul53, 112540Sep52, 112540Oct52, 112540Nov52, 112540Dec52, 112540Jan53, 112540Feb53, 112540Mar53, 112540Apr53, 112540May53, 112540Jun53, 112540Jul53, 112hist,
Location Died Age JonkJonklass.jpg, 5344 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 112 Squadron pilot. 19May52. Move from Jever to Bruggen 6July53.
Notes: Control lost after entering slipstream during formation take-off and crashed at Wahn - 13Jul52.
Karck Sergeant David Lee Karck
Appears: scramble, memorial,
Location Died Age JonkJonklass.jpg, 5344 bytes
Old Crookhey Farm, Cockermouth, Near Lanacaster. 28Aug44. 23.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93Sqn pilot. bef 24Aug44. Killed flying from Ramatuelle, Southern France.
Notes: On 25May16 Lorraine Bricknell wrote: "I have been researching a family member who belonged to 93 Squadron in WW2.   In looking over his log books etc, he mentions about his fellow pilot, David Karck, who was killed in action.   I notice that you have a photograph of this gentleman emerging from a bunker (Click to see).   I found his Probate notification on Ancestry which is as Follows: KARCK David Lee of Old Crookhey Farm Cockermouth near Lancaster died 28 August 1944 on war service Administration Lancaster 27 October to Philip Porter Karck of no occupation.   Effects £8016   5s.   3d.   (Value today Jun17: £348,304.)"
Kelly Squadron Leader "Manx" M A Kelly (Retd)
Appears: sal55, mar56, formal456, geilmay56, xmas56, 2540Apr58, 2540May58, 2540Jul58,
Location      Wife: Judy Died Age manxkelly.jpg, 1132 bytes
Corona, California. 1May76 when aerobatic aircraft Acro-duster 1 broke up.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Bef Sylt55 Geil, Jever Jan58. July58.
Notes: MANX KELLY DIES IN AIRSHOW CRASH - On May 1, 1976 at Corona, California, Manx Kelly, internationally known British Aerobatic and Airshow star, died in the crash of the original Acro-duster 1.   After a slow roll on takeoff, he climbed to an altitude of 4000-5000 feet above field elevation.   He did two turns of an inverted spin, and came out pointed straight down.   The engine sounded like the throttle was wide open.   At approximately 700-800 feet, he initiated a pull out.   As he reached 10°-15° from the vertical down line, the tail flew off, the ailerons flew off, and the wings buckled, collapsed and flew off, in that order.   Manx was instantly killed in the crash.   He did not wear a parachute.   At the present time, the F.A.A. is conducting an investigation.   The investigation has not been concluded, and so the results have not been re¬leased.   Weather conditions were clear, with a wind of 20-25 MPH. The wind was gusty, and could have contributed to the accident.   Manx was an internationally famous air show pilot.   He was a vetaran of the R.A.F., where he served 18 years, and became a squadron leader.   He had about 4500 flying hours, in all types of aircraft, both propeller driven and jet.   In 1971, he was The British National Aerobatic Champion.   He organized and led both the British Rothman and Canadian Carling Aerobatic teams.   He was a Pitts dealer in England, and used Pitts aircraft on his airshow teams.   Manx was a highly skilled pilot, and a tremendously fine person.   He was talented as an artist and musician, as well as in the field of Aviation.   He was modest and friendly at all times, and with a most engaging personality.   He is sorely missed, by all who knew him.   He leaves a brother, a wife, and five children in England.   [Courtesy the Stardauster Magazine Apr76.]   FAStoat wrote in PPRuNe, Professional Pilots Rumour Network on 27Jun09: "It was in 76 Manx Kelly handed over the RATS to my good friend Colin Woods, to set up the Carling Red Caps,in Canada.   However he let Bill Loverseed lead that until a falling out, and then he was involved with flight testing the Starduster and Akroduster 2 for Stolp, in Florida.   I was flying at the Rothmans Display at Booker later that year, when I think it was James Gilbert who announced to us in the Pilots Tent of Manx's fatal accident.   He had been doing a lot of flying with Debbie Garry and Gene Soucy in the US at the time.   Incidentally Pete Sheppard and myself had bought the single seater S1D GAXNZ from Kelly aeroplane, the year before, and later bought Stampe GAYIJ from Manx's widow Judy Kelly.   A couple of Rothmans operators that don't ever seem to get a mention these days were the 2 managers, Jim "the Prim" Primrose,and Meteor exponent extraordinaire, and Javelin driver Pete Woodams.   I did quite a lot of experimentation with both these two in YIJ, after Mike Findlay nearly blew his eyeballs out when trying a triple flick in the S1 XNZ, so they were the only ones available.   I think it is now legend how he recovered back to Booker with light grey above and dark grey below, trying to keep himself erect, as that was all he could get his brain to recognise.   Going back to Manx's accident, I think it was in James Gilbert's fine "Pilot" Magasine that there was a very prophetic comment from Manx on flying the Akroduster, only a few months or even weeks before the crash.   The Rothmans Team was one of the best ever tight formation Teams, and it is a great shame there are no formal Archive Film of them available?   The fact they were a Rothmans sponsored Team, meant the TV Air Displays Coverage never were able to show them, yet they participated from 69 onwards at virtually every show except in the gap years, when only Marcus's Vixen2 and Bob's Jubilee Duo were doing it,until the 80s.   Maybe Jeanne Francis has some access to Film footage of the RATS in action."
Keyser Flying Officer Richard John Keyser
Appears: 4540May52, 4540Aug52
Location Died Age  
Collided on take off from RAF Jever en route to England with another Vampire flown by a French Air Force Sergeant Pilot. Both were killed. 20th August 1952  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 4 Squadron pilot. 3May1952. 20Aug1952.
Notes: [See F540 report on the accident.
King Air Commodore Pat King (Retd)
Appears: 118540Jul56, 118SyltJan56, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, BrewJun57, SumBall57, 118540Jul57, 118540Aug57, DisBndAug357, 93540Aug57, 93Nov57, 71421, Formal57, BoneD57, 93540Jan58, jan58, 118DuncApr58, RugbyApr58, 93540May58, 93Aug58, PreSylt58, 93540Sep58, afc251258, 93540Dec58, ball2, 93540Jan59, 93540May59, 93540Feb60, CamelsDec64, AGM66, AGM67, AGM83-02, AGM83-05, AGM83-12, AGM83-13, AGM83-15, AGM87, AGM87-10, AGM87-17, AGM66, AGM88-06, AGM88-15, AGM88-19, AGM89, AGM90, AGM91, GoldSh93, AGM93-19, AGM93-23, AGM01-23, AGM01-25, AGM01-29, AGM01-33, AGM01-35, AGM05, AGM06, jenvking, AGM06-08, AGM06-13, AGM06-17, AGM06-24, AGM06-25, Aug0612, Aug0620, Aug0622, Aug0623, Aug0624, Aug0626, Aug0627, Aug0628, Aug0629, Aug0635, Aug0638, Aug0643, Aug0645, Aug0648, Aug0668, Aug0672, Aug0675, Aug0679, Aug0680, Aug0691c, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06151, Aug06152, Aug06154, Aug06157a, Aug06156, Aug06164, Aug06196, Aug06202, Aug06231, Aug06295, Aug06296, Aug06326, newsrpt, 118-06, 118-06f9, 118-0639, 118-0637, 118-0638, Aug-0665, AGM07-33, AGM07-37, AGM2007-50, AGM2007-51, AGM07-73, AGM07-75, nov07, lgn07pic32, lgn07pic33, lgn07pic48, lgn07pic55, AGM08-08, AGM08-09, AGM08-10, AGM08-12, AGM08-16, AGM08-18, AGM08-31, AGM08-34, AGM08-35, AGM08-41, AGM08-46, agm09, bdpast, bdcurr, AGM09-08, AGM09-14, AGM09-39, AGM09-54, AGM09-56, AGM09-56, AGM10-11, AGM10-17, gaf788, gaf798, gaf799, gaf803, gaf807, gaf808, gaf818, gaf825, gaf833, gaf834, gaf838, gaf843, , gaf851, gaf855, gaf867, gaf869, gaf875, AGM11-02, AGM11-09, agm11-15, agm11-16, agm11-17, AGM11-18, AGM11-20, AGM11-29, gaf877, AGM12-4, AGM13-14, AGM13-16, AGM13-24, AGM13-26, AGM13-30, AGM13-32, AGM13-33, AGM14-6, AGM14-8, AGM14-12, AGM14-13, AGM14-14, AGM14-22, AGM14-31, AGM14-32, AGM14-38, AGM14-39, AGM14-40, AGM14-58, AGM14-59, AGM14-61, AGM15-10, AGM15-11, AGM15-16, AGM15-23, AGM15-24, AGM15-31, AGM15-32, AGM15-33, obit4, obit93, AGM19-1, AGM19-12,
Location    Wife: Audrey Died Age PatKing.jpg, 6655 bytes
73 West Street, Helpston, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE7 7DU Tel: 01733-252937 8Nov15. 80.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 and 93 Sqn pilot 118 18Jul56; 93-1Oct57. 118-1Oct57; 93-8Jan59.
Notes: President Jever Steam Laundry.
Kipp Hr Gunter Kipp
Appears: HuntGerm, JeverPlan, RwyDiv, GAF6205, 16aug05, 16aug052, painting, aug06, AGM06, Aug06, Aug0699, Aug06102, Aug06104, Aug06121, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06198, Aug06229, Aug06259, Aug06260, Aug062665, Aug062685, Aug06295, Aug06310, Aug06315, may08, gafpic646, brief1, brief4, bus, airfld3, lunch, lunch2, blk402, witt, brwit1, mus1, mus6, amus1, bus, atc, gaf755,
Location     Wife: Hilde. Died Age
Im Obstgarten 18a, D 27798 Hud, Germany 26Dec217.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket.   Co-author of  "RAF Hunters in Germany"    
Notes: Attended Jever visit 16Aug05.
Kirk Squadron Leader Neil Kirk
Appears: mq, 4sqntedboy, 4sqntedboy2, 1959, ScottieNeil, SnoAmb, ski260, hdvis560p2, 122w166, 122w167, 122w168, 122w165, 122s169, fd31dec60, fddec601, fd31dec602, fd31dec603, fd31dec604, fd31dec605, fd31dec606, fd31dec607, , MQ,
Location     Wife: Barbara (Deceased). Died Age neilkirk.jpg, 1324 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Senior Medical Officer Bef 13Mar59 Aft 31Dec60
Knoke Hauptman Heinz Knoke
Appears: luftwaffehist, spitfire, 43, atc, metoff43, 109gaf599, 109gaf600, gliding, schloss, painting,
Location Died Age heinzknoke.jpg, 1165 bytes
Ahornweg 7, 4505 Bad Iburg, Germany. 18May93. 72.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Luftwaffe fighter pilot WWII. Sep41. Aut41.
Notes: Hanging in the Jever Officers' Mess is a painting from Heinz Knoke which is dated 1987.   Heinz Knoke wrote the book 'I Flew for the Führer' and served at Jever in the early part of WWII.   After the war he lived in Schortens, was involved in local politics for a number of years and finally moved away to study at the Osnabrück University. (See last address below).   Was an active member of the German Jever Gliding Club which used the RAF airfield as late as Jul55. Entry from Kracker Luftwaffe Pilot Archive: Born 24Mar21 in Hameln. 44 kills. Flew with II/JG-52 (Russia 6/41), 11/JG-2, 2/JG-1 (8/41), 5/JG-1, Stfkpt 5/JG-11 (4/43), Kdr III/JG-1 (8/44). Aircraft: Bf 109F-2 Wk#12866 "Yellow 7" w/JG-1 (25% dam 8/16/41), Bf 109G-1/R2 Werk # 14049 "Black 3" in 2/JG-1 (2/43), Bf 109G-1/R2 "Red 1" in 5/JG-11, Fw 190A-8, Bf 109G-6 "Black 1" in 5/JG-11. Awards: RK(4/27/45), DK-G(11/17/43), EK 1 & 2, DRL Sports Badge, Wound Badge, Fighter Operational Clasp. Notes: Barbarossa pilot. 19 bombers. Over 400 missions. All victories in the West. He wore the Croatian Pilot wings also. He joined the "circle of four-engine bomber slayers: Specht, Frey, Sommer and König. He tried the new idea of dropping a timed-fuse bomb into the middle of a B-17 "box". He crashed a Bf 109G at Hilversum Holland on 30Jan44, his injuries, if any, unknown, serving in 5/JG-11 at the time (DeSwart). His 20th victory, a B-17 at Wagenfeld-Sulingen on 10Feb44. Opposed the 6Mar44 Berlin Raid, and the Schweinfurt Raid, but crashed at an airfield near Bonn after his left wing spar was severely damaged by B-17 return fire. His mechanic was Ogefr Arndt. Flew Bf 109E "Black 3" in Autumn 1941 in JG-1. Flew Bf 109G-1 in 5/JG-11. His 25th victory, a P-51 at the Waggum airfield on 29Apr44. Alt incorrect spelling; Knocke. His flying career ended with a car crash on 9Oct44 which nearly caused him to lose a leg. After the war, he resided 7 miles south of Osnabruck at Ahornweg 7, 4505 Bad Iburg, Ger. Died 18May93.
Lacey "Ginger" Lacey (Retd)
Appears: lobsters, Sevens58, pod182, pod183,
Location Died Age  
Flamborough, East Yorkshire 1989  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn Pilot.    
Notes: Mike Wilson says there is a plaque in memory in one of the local churches.
Lack Flight Lieutenant "Ernie" E N H Lack (Retd)
Appears: obit, 4540Mar52, 4540Apr52, 4540May52, 4540Jun52, 4540Jul52, 4540Aug52, 4540Sep52, 4540Oct52, 93540Oct52, vamp52, 4540Nov52, 4540Jan53, b53, bg53, cofbar, 4540Mar53, mov1/53, trev453, sylt653, wahn, 4540Sep53, 38jbg, aug06, Aug0664, Aug0668, Aug0672, Aug0675, Aug0679, Aug0690, Aug0695, Aug0699, Aug06100, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06129, Aug06138, Aug06141, Aug06144, Aug06145, Aug06165, Aug06217, Aug06230, Aug06252, Aug06253, Aug06254, Aug06258, Aug06260, Aug06261, Aug06315, gaf788, gaf790, gaf814, gaf850, , gaf851, gaf854, gaf858,
Location    Wife: Elisabeth Died Age ernelack.jpg, 1496 bytes
Lindemannallee 15, 30173 Hannover, Germany. (2010), 00-49-5118-15566, Early Nov16. 93.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Pilot. Jever Mar52. Oct53 to Bomber Command.
Notes: Born Prome, Burma 17Aug23; Stewart's College Edinr; Edinr University 41-49 (war service 43-47); direct from FTS Feltwell to 4 Sqn; Apr51-Feb52 4 Sqn Wunstorf; Mar52-Sep53 4 Sqn Jever; Married in Edinburgh Jan53 Elisabeth, daughter of Major a.D. Hans Leddin Buchdruckereibesitzer, Wunstorf; 209 AFS Weston Zoyland Nov/Dec53; Jan54-Mar54 Canberra OCU Bassingbourn; Apr54-Dec56 10 Sqn Scampton/Honington Canberra B2; Jan57 qualified as IRE; Feb57-Jul57 76 Sqn Edinburgh Field, Australia & Christmas Island Canberra B6; Jan58-Sep60 Flight Test Observer Blackburn B103/NA39 (later Buccaneer) Brough; my aircraft was Deck Landings prototype.   Because of death of both parents-in-law in 1960 returned to family home Wunstorf; May61-Dec86 Food technologist Unilever frozen/canned foods; Head of QC Depts Germany, Italy-2yrs, Turkey-4 yrs; retired Jan87; intermittently 88-94 SES Consultant for frozen foods/ice-cream Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Germany. (German SES = British BESO).   Son born 1953 (2 sons); daughter 1955 (1 son); son 1957 (2 sons).   Highlights: Leading Bomber Command Demo Flight to impress Bulganin & Khrushchev et al. WWII ½ Nicosia Oct/Nov56 air raids on Egypt.   Operation Grapple 1957 Britain's hydrogen bomb trials Christmas Island.   I was the IRE who checked that 76 Sqn pilots could recover from unusual positions when sampling turbulent mushroom cloud.   Landing in an atom bomber on HMS Victorious!   Inventing computer controlled harvest prediction programme for pea crops (alas not allowed to patent it).   Renewing my 1950 PPL in Italy so that I possess English, Italian, German, Turkish, Chilean licences.
Lakeman Flying Officer John A J Lakeman (Retd)
Appears: gunnery, 118540Jan57, VideoM023, 118AGMar57, 118AMar57, Rtn Vid List VideoDanesMay59, Rtn Sqn List VideoDanesMay59, BrewJun57, VideoM027, opdyjun57, VideoM026, VideoM028, SumBall57, 118540Aug57, DisBndAug557, 93540Nov57, 93Nov57, Formal57, BoneD57, jan58, 93540Feb58, Flag, Rugbytales58, RugbyApr58, 93540Jul58, 93540Aug58, 93Aug58, PreSylt58, 93540Sep58, 93540Dec58, 93540Jan59, prs15jan59, 93540Feb59, lakeman24feb59, 93540Mar59, rugby15, 93540Apr59, 93540May59, 93540Jun59, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, 16aug05, JohnLakeman
Location Wife: Marion Died Age JohnLakeman.jpg, 6013 bytes
QFI Vampire T11 climbing out in cloud collided with Varsity at Oakington. (See details) 7Jul60.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
No 118 Sqn and No 93 Squadron pilot. 118-Nov1956; 93-Sep1957. 118-Sep1957; 93-3 June 1959 to CFS.
Notes: Chris Stone and Jeff Jeffreys both believe this is true but no solid evidence so far.   Gordon Talbot supplied more detail.
Lamb Flight Lieutenant Dennis "Larry" Lamb (Retd)
Appears: fasspty522, fasslate52, asker, 118 Reunion
Location Died Age larrylamb.jpg, 1201 bytes
The Spinney, 103 Pear Tree Lane Little Common,Nr. Bexhill, East Sussex Tn39 4AB. (2007) 01424 842891 29Jun09 85
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot Fassberg. Fassberg Bef Late 52. Fassberg Bef May53.
Lambden Tony Lambden
Appears: 2tony, malcsylt, jazz2, jazz54
Location Died Age tonylambden.jpg, 1275 bytes
  21Sep06. 72.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Admin. Jan52. Jul57.
Notes: Drummer in Station Jazz band.   His son C Lambden tells us that Tony gave up jazz after the 60s and got into photography instead.   Some members might be interested to know there is a blog starting about his photographic activities at   Wg Cdr Joe Cardel tells us: "He passed away recently, Tony was an administration assistant to Sqn. Ldr.'s Allen and Browne at R.A.F. Jever during the early 1950's.   He was noted for his efforts in acquiring hard to find parts for his beloved F-86E aircraft, from the U.S.A.F. in England.   Lambden was instrumental in bringing some members of the Eighth Air Force Angels aerobatic team based in England, to Sylt and Jever.   He arranged cine dog fights with the Angel team members and 93 "Top guns" Shrubsole, Tann and Al Clovin.   A few light hearted cheers and a lot of hissing from the 93 Pilots went on when the results were shown.   This was due to the use of far superior aircraft and equipment flown by the U.S.A.F.   After leaving the R.A.F. Tony Lambden worked as an actor and a jazz musician.   He acted in many B.B.C. plays and shows, such as Dr. Who, The Avengers, Several comedy shows.   Tony toured with various big bands and singers such as Mel Torme, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne.   At 75 years of age, Tony Lambden has flown to the big jazz concert in the sky.   A memorial meeting was held at a Mayfair night club recently, to celebrate his life in the jazz and entertainment professions.   I unfortunately could not attend, but understand that it was a packed house of celeb's and dignitaries for a very popular gentleman."
Lambert Flight Lieutenant W R Lambert (Retd)
Appears: 98Hist3
Location Died Age
Was an instructor on Canberra OCU. The flew BA Viscounts in to Scottish Isles. Death date from RAF Personnel Management Agency. May 1998.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn. Co-Author of  "A short History of No. 98 Squadron, R.A.F."    
Langstone Flying Officer Pete Langstone (Retd)
Appears: 4540Apr54, sabk, Videointake, cavalier, gpcars, 4may55, 4may552, bobpty5, syltmay55, asylt655, asylt6552, glide, nude655, piano55, 4540Sep55, 4540oct55,
Location Died Age petelangstone.jpg, 1482 bytes
Killed when Pilatus Turbo-Porter he was flying in crashed in Libya. 1971  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 5Apr54. Mar56.
Notes: Daughter Sarah Higgins contacted us 26Apr06.   Pete's wife lives in Sevenoaks and Sarah lives in Chatham.   She has kindly offered copies of his photographs and memorabilia.   I will be contacting them both in due course.   In the meantime, Sarah would love to hear from anyone who has memories of her father.   E-mail:    Pete's History built from Sarah's memorabilia: 3ITS Cranwell Jan52-Jun52; 3FTS Feltwell Jun52-Aug52; 3308Plt Trg Sqn (Contr.Fly) Class 53.F, KinstonAFB, NCarolina Aug52-Apr53; 3531 Plt Trg Sqn, Bryan AFB, Texas Apr53-Oct53 Wings 16Oct53; 3599 Ftr Trg Sqn Nellis, Las Vegas, Nevada Nov53-Mar54; 4Sqn 5Apr54-Mar56. ? Demob Jun56; Club flying and CofA testing, Oil field flying in Libya; Worldwide Helicopters Ltd, Benghazi, Libya; Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Pete Langstone.   Think he was on 4 Sqn 54-56 time.
Leedham Tony Leedham (Also Lee professionally)
Appears: Jazz2, Jazz4, Jazzcvr, piano, jazz54
Location Died Age
London Died March 2004 of cancer  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
MT Section - Bowsers. About 54. About 54.
Notes: Pianist in Station Jazz band.   Made recordings for Koln BFN.   Trevor Pailing, a friend at Jever, found a very interesting article about Tony (who sadly died of cancer in March 2004) on   Apparently he became quite a professional at Ronnie Scott's, his service in the RAF as a driver is mentioned, he also recorded with Dizzy Gillespie.   Bob Rudd reports:"In fact Tony Leedham became a well known jazz pianist of international repute playing the clubs all over England.   As a jazz pianist he was known as Tony Lee my wife and I used to go to many of his performances in Pubs and clubs as we could all over the country, sadly he passed away back in Nov 2004."
Lindsay Roger Lindsay
Appears: HuntGerm, AGM06, refuel, coldwarshield2,
Location Died Age
7 North Meadow, Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire, TS15 0LD. August 2019. 83.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket.  Co-author of  "RAF Hunters in Germany" and "Cold War Shield". Never served at Jever  
Lloyd Sergeant Graham James G Lloyd (Retd)
Appears: lloyd, me109,
Location Died Age grahamlloyd.jpg, 1193 bytes
Flat 19, Eaton Court, Eaton Gardens, Hove, East Sussex. (2007) 25Oct08.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot 1941 WWII. 41  
Notes: Had a bad accident and was in hospital for one year before moving to 129 Sqn.
Lloyd WO Warrant Officer Vernon Lloyd B.E.M. (Retd)
Appears: mq58, 93540Jul56, mq,
Location Died Age  
  2005. 82.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Chief Technician Airframe Fitter. Sep54. Dec56.
Notes: His daughter Patricia LLoyd said on 7Apr22: "My father was a Halton Apprentice, and stayed in until the age of 55, when he retired from the RAF with the rank of Warrant Officer."
Lockspeiser Flight Lieutenant Dave Lockspeiser (Retd)
Appears: 118hist, ffxj639, Cannon, fasslate52, DIfass53, 118Can54, Rtn Vid List Videoaoc5may60, Rtn Sqn List Videoaoc5may60, relief, 118 Reunion, 118 Reun Photo, AGM01-32, AGM06, 118-06, 118-0632, Aug-0665, Aug-06f2, Aug-06j1, Aug-06j2, nov07, lgn07pic03, lgn07pic31, lgn07pic48, lgn07pic55, AGM08, Rtn Vid List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Sqn List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Vid List Videotoasts, Rtn Sqn List Videotoasts, AGM11-02, AGM11-07, AGM11-14, AGM11-18, AGM12-5, AGM12-12, AGM12-14, AGM12-18, AGM12-22, AGM12-45, obit,
Location    Wife: Anne Died Age DaveLockspeiser.jpg, 7480 bytes
Birchway, 15 Waverley Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7EY (2007) Tel: 01252 540544 Mob: 07503729642 23Mar14. 87.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket.  118Sqn pilot. 10Mar51 Fassburg. Aft Summer53.
Notes: Designed and Built the prototype LDA-01 Boxer light aircraft.
Longcroft Brigadier-General C A H Longcroft (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn 3rd OC. Jan15. Aug15.
Notes: Presumed dead.
MacDonald Squadron Leader K F MacDonald (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
  Killed 11Sep43.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 20Aug43. 11Sep43.
Macrae Flying Officer Duncan Macrae
Location Died Age
Killed in Spitfire IX Ml406 off Peterhead, Scotland. Killed 23Aug44. 24.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot WWII. . 23Aug44.
Notes: Svc No: 403364Born Sydney NSW 2Aug20, enlisted Sydney 6Jan41..
Mac Donald G Wing Commander G E Mac Donald (Retd)
Appears: COs, 29oct42,
Location Died Age
His target barges between Zwolle and Deventer exploded destroying his Mustang. 28Apr43.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Oct42. Mar43.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Madelin Group Captain Ian Madelin (Retd)
Appears: 4540Apr54, vw, sylt155, bobpty6, skyh455, skyh2455, 4may55, 4may552, syltmay55, beach, 30sqmtr, 122wgdec55, 4540jan56, graynote, graynote2, pym556, ski156, 4540Aug56, 4540Oct56, 4540Nov56, 4540Dec56, 4540Jan57, 93f540Jan57, 4540Feb57, 4540Mar57, 4540Apr57, logbook, 4f540Sep57, VideoM036, AGM89, AGM90-01, AGM92, AGM1994, AGM01-01, AGM06, AGM06-01, AGM06-04
Location   Wife: Elvira Died Age ianmadelin.jpg, 1779 bytes
Reading, Berkshire (2007). 30Sep13. 82.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 5Apr54. Aft 28Sep57.
Notes: From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "One of the first to purchase a brand new car.  (Tony Vasey had a Ford Prefect).  In Ian’s case a WV Beetle with the small rear window.  Would be worth a fortune today.  I met Ian by chance in Newcastle one lunch hour.  He was at that time stationed at RAF ACKLINGTON."
Maffet Squadron Leader Maffet (Retd)
Appears: COs, 22may40,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Oct40. Dec40.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Maloney Warrant Officer Edward Sunter Lloyd Maloney
Appears: Team57, , aloft, athjevp122may57, athjevp2322may57, ath5jun573, ath5jun574, ath15jun5745, ath15jun5789, ath15jun571011, ath15jun571213, ath19jun5723, ath19jun5789, ath29jun5734, ath29jun5745, ath29jun5767, Service,
Location    Wife: Ann. Died Age
Great Gonersby, Lincolnshire. 31Mar15. 77.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
SHQ Admin.. About 56. Dec60.
Notes: Native of Monserrat. Mike Fleet reports 31Mar15: "Long serving Lloyd Maloney worked in HQ Admin, and National Serviceman Frank Di Rienzo was a fighter plotter.   Both represented RAF Jever.   Lloyd also competed for 2TAF with distinction.   As a multi event man he was the mainstay of the station team.   He loved the diversity of the sport, happily trying his hand at everything up to 200m, and all field event apart from the hammer throw, while Frank shone over 400m and 800m.   Lloyd also contested the 1957 Amateur Athletics Association (British) Decathlon Championships winning the bronze medal, having been specially coached by Mr Edwards, the PE Master at Prince Rupert's School, Wilhelmshaven.   Lloyd's pole vault record of 3.58m which he set for the Caribbean island of Montserrat in 1959 still stands.   Both these fine athletes contributed positively to Anglo German relations as valued members of the TSV Germania Club in Wilhelmshaven."
Mapplebeck Captain Gilbert William Mapplebeck DSO and bar (Retd)
Appears: WW1,
Location Died Age
Killed test flying a new French monoplane. 24Aug15. 23.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn WWI pilot. Jun14. 11Mar15.
Notes: Lt Gilbert Mapplebeck, who was to become one of the leading lights of 4 Sqn during the early part of the Great War. Mapplebeck was nineteen years old when he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Special Reserve of Officers in 1911. The following year he took a course of flying with the British Deperdussin Aeroplane Co Ltd and received Royal Aero Club certificate No. 386. After being commissioned as a full time officer in the Liverpool Regiment, he was posted to the CFS at Upavon, where he got his hands on a visiting 4 Sqn Farman. He promptly crashed this aircraft, but was fortunately uninjured. Despite the crash, Mapplebeck was recommended for service in the Military Wing of the RFC and was posted onto the strength of 4 Sqn.
Margerison Corporal Ronnie Margerison
Location        Wife: Eunice (deceased) Died Age ronniemargerison.jpg, 1153 bytes
  About 1998.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Instrument Fitter. Abt 56. Abt 59.
Notes: Denise Issott writes: "My father and mother are both dead.   My father died about ten years ago.   His name was Ronnie Margerison.   He was a corporal, I believe he did try to advance himself but never quite made it.   I was eleven or maybe nearly twelve when we had the posting to Jever.   So that's about 1956/57 as I am now the ripe old age of sixty three.   I know that one address we stayed at was on Shumakerstrasse I think it was fourteen but I admit I am unsure.   My mother who sadly is also dead, she died at thirty six in Newark where we settled.   My father never had another posting as I got married and couldn't accompany him and my siblings (thank god).   Anyway, my mother left my father a couple of times whilst we were at Jever so we had two address's and I am afraid that the cobwebs of time have deleted the other address from my memory.   I didn't go to Prince Rupert's boarding school, home life being as it was I was needed to be at home.   So nearly all of my secondary education until the age of fourteen anyway and I left school at fifteen was in a primary school.   Never the less I managed to become a staff nurse so I didn't fair so bad.   I do remember a teacher named Miss Hedges who was so lovely, I do hope she had a good life.   I would dearly love to go back to Jever, I expect its not at all like I remember it, with its great woods and skating on the roads in the winter.   I know we were friends with a family that lived across the road from us, a German family not in the air force.   They were named Fricke, and had two young boys about our ages, I had one other sister then and a brother.   One was named Francis, he was disabled, Cerebral Palsy but got around great the other named Deter, the german children not my brother and sister."
Marquis Father John Marquis (Retd)
Appears: Farewell, AGM87-03, AGM88-02, AGM88-10, AGM88-11, AGM88-13, AGM88-18, AGM90-03, AGM91-01, AGM92, AGM92-07, AGM92-15, AGM93, bdpast,
Location Died Age FatherMaquis.jpg, 1623 bytes
London September 1992.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Roman Catholic Padre. August 1957 living at Oldenburg, acted as Joint RC Padre.  
Notes: From Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov 04 Drank pink gin with small white onions and stopped when onions butted his nose.   No drinking after midnight Saturday.   Had a crash whilst on UK leave and ended up being nursed by the Nuns in a Nunnery.
Martin P Flight Lieutenant Pete Seldon P S Martin DFC (Retd)
Appears: OCU, 4f540Jun58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, 4f540Sep58, ShLvPty2Sep58, 4f540Jan59, AOCs4, Sqn59, tr2, tr2au, footy, 4f540Jun59, 4f540Jul59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, wasp, tutu, HatsSqn59, rugby15, om59, trio59, carom, 2cars, bobtr2, HMstr5-59, HMDI5-59, shave, xmas59, ball, 4f540Jan60, rugby, 4f540Feb60, 4f540Mar60, MarchAOC60, 4f540Apr60, sunsylt660, sunsylt6601, sunsylt6602, syltscores, syltbare660, 4f540Aug60, 4f540dec60, , finaldi2, Rtn Vid List Videowed462, Rtn Sqn List Videowed462, AGM06
Location Died Age PeteMartin.jpg, 8963 bytes
40 Old London Road, Patcham, Brighton, West Sussex, Bn1 8XQ (Mar2005) 28Sep05 in Crete.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 19Jun58. 31Dec60.
Notes: To CFS.
McCullagh "Muckluck" Eddie Anthony McCullagh (Retd)
Appears: 118Can54, 98Sqn54, 98540Apr55, Jever55, 98Pig55, Bowlers55, 98540Jun55, 98540Nov55, qtrnov55, dinoutdec55, rob, self, 98540Jan56, bowumb98, 1stcar2555, 122pty56, 98sqn56, wedpete, wedpete2, wedpete6, 98540Feb56, lamppost, bowlmess57, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540May56, pltsep56, 98540Jan57, 98540Feb57, 98540Mar57, 98540Apr57, 98540May57, Event57, MGRally, 98540Jul57, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, curlwed, AGM87-11, AGM91-06, AGM92-05, AGM92-19, AGM93-02, AGM93-14, AGM95-04, AGM97-03, AGM97-08, AGM97-13, AGM97-14, AGM97-15, AGM97-19, AGM01-5, AGM01-9, AGM01-16, AGM06, Aug06, Aug064, Aug0626, Aug0638, Aug0643, Aug0666, Aug06181e, Aug0682, Aug0689, Aug0699, Aug06100, Aug06102, Aug06104, Aug06128, Aug06138, Aug06230, Aug06252, Aug06254, Aug06258, Aug06265, Aug06276, Aug06310, xe685, eulogy,
Location   Wife: Amaryl Died Age EddieMcCullagh.jpg, 6476 bytes
22 Deans Farm, The Causeway, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire Rg4 5JZ (2004)   E-mail: 2Feb07 - cancer 75
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. Oct53. 15Jul57.
Notes: Son Steve, daughters Norah, Clare and Angela.
McDonald Squadron Leader Bruce Anthony Donald Mackenzie McDonald AFC (Retd)
Appears: Obit,
Location     Wife: Joan Died Age EddieMcCullagh.jpg, 6476 bytes
  19Oct2018. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. 1963 1965.
McElhaw Tim T J McElhaw (Retd)
Appears: Spi49, 98540Apr55, ukcourse, 4540Aug57, logbook, 4f540Sep57, VideoSU007, 4f540Nov57, taxynot, 4f540Oct57, fltcmmtdec56, 4f540Dec57, 4f540Jan58, 4Jan58, MOJan58, 4f540Feb58, boss, 4f540Apr58, 4f540May58, 4f540Jun58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4gn58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, 4f540Sep58, 4f540Oct58, 4f540Nov58, 4f540Dec58, 4f540Jan59, rugby15, 4f540Feb59, SyltScore, tedboy, 4f540Mar59, gift359, DI359, quaife359, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM91-03, AGM92-22, AGM95-11, AGM95-17, AGM97-11, AGM97-12, AGM97-13, AGM97-19, AGM97-20, AGM97-21, AGM07, AGM07-04, AGM07-12, AGM07-32, AGM07-45, AGM07-62, AGM07-63, nov07, AGM08, AGM08-02, AGM08-33.
Location   Wife: Pamela Died Age TimMcelhaw.jpg, 1661 bytes
Virginia Water, Surrey 23Feb18.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 4 Sqn. 2Sep57. 12Mar59.
Notes: Tim was the last pilot to shoot down 2 Egyptian fighters in 1948.   He also flew in Korea with Buzz Aldrin.
McElwain Wing Commander Jock Snowy D S McElwain (Retd)
Location Died Age
Maidenhead, Buckinghamshire 2002  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. About 53. About 55.
Notes: From Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04.
McGregor Squadron Leader I O B McGregor (Retd)
Appears: COs
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Jan38. Aug39.
Notes: Presumed dead.
McLennon Flying Officer John McLennon
Appears: 118540Sep55, 118540Oct55,
Location Died Age
Mid-air Hunter F4 (Wt757) collision with Brian Rogers near Hamburg. 20Oct55. 22.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. May55 from Fassberg. 20Oct55 collided with Rogers.
McLoughry Squadron Leader Kingston McLoughry DSO MC (Retd)
Appears: COs
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Jan36. May37.
Notes: Presumed dead.
McVie Squadron Leader John "Jock" McVie (Retd)
Location Died Age
  29Dec21. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Nov56 at Oldenburg. To 14 Sqn also at Oldenburg.
Notes: From John White of the Hunter Register: John "Jock" McVie passed away peacefully at home on 29 December 2021, aged 88.   John was born on 16th October 1933, He joined the RAF as an apprentice at Locking and from there went to RAF College Cranwell on No 67 Entry and graduated as a Senior Under Officer in Apr 1956.   After No 24 Hunter conversion course at RAF Chivenor in Nov 56, he was on No 4 Sqn then No 14 Sqn [part of No. 2 Group, RAF Second Tactical Air Force located at RAF Oldenburg], where in 1959, he was part of RAF Germany air to air gunnery team.   In the early 60s he was A Flt Cdr on No 8 Sqn Aden in Khormaksar where he flew the Hawker Hunter in combat at Aden.   [On 8 July 1963, a local ruler in the Hilyan area reported that he was under siege in Hilyan fort and exchanging fire with hostile tribesmen.   A pair of Hunters were dispatched to drop leaflets on the offenders and a flagwave flown early next morning.   As these made no impression, pairs of Hunters from 8 and 208 Squadrons carried out cannon strikes on dissident targets during the afternoon.   The 8 Squadron pair were flown by Flt Lt McVie (XE620) and Fg Off Bottom (XE654).   A second strike was carried out on the 10th by Flt Lts McVie (XE609) and Constable (XG154) as Lt Notley (RN) maintained top cover in an FR.10 (XE614) borrowed from 1417 Flight.]   Jock was promoted to Sqn Ldr in Jan 64 and became OC 8 Sqn taking over from Fred Trowern in Oct 1968 in Bahrain.   [This extract from the 8 Squadron ORB dated August 1970 is but one of many similar entries: 'Social activity at Sharjah was mainly centred around the consumption of alcohol, paid for by various members of the Squadron. Ken Parry celebrated the arrival of his twins and Keith Grumbley the arrival of his promotion to Flight Lieutenant. The Squadron also threw a beer call for the Mess and had a successful aircrew/groundcrew party. For once, the Boss, Sqn Ldr 'Jock' McVie, managed to avoid getting beer thrown at him. On 29 August, having returned to Muharraq, the Squadron took advantage of 208 Squadron's hospitality at a first-class pool party.']   On completion of his Sqn Cdr tour, Jock was dined-out at a Mess function attended by his successor, Sqn Ldr Bill Stoker.   On leaving the RAF in Oct 1971, with the rank of Squadron Leader, John joined Dan Air and mainly flew the Comet as Captain on scheduled and charter flights in the UK and Europe.   On Dan-Air's demise, John flew the Boeing 737 with Air Europe based at Gatwick and ended his career as a 737 Captain with Hapag Lloyd based at Hannover.
MacNae Captain Andy A R W MacNae (Retd)
Appears: crickcup56, pltsep56, 98540Nov56, 98540Dec56, 98540Mar57, self, 4540Jul57, Sea2Sylt57, 2SeaSylt57, CrewRmSylt, HartzHorn2Jun57, HartzHorn3Jun57, BfastHartzJun57, ShaveHartzJun57, Shave2HartzJun57, TentHartzJun57, Beer1HartzJun57, Beer2HartzJun57, CleanHartzJun57, logbook, party, 98540Jul57, SyltScore, OpsBJugSep57, OpsBJugSep57way, 1ChildPty57, 5ChildPty57, 6ChildPty57, 4f540Dec57, 98540Jan57, Event57, 1OrrEwing57, 2OrrEwing57, 4f540Oct57, brwnjug1, MOJan58, 4Jan58, firex, 4f540Mar58, 4f540May58, 4f540Jun58, bdpast,
Location Died Age AndiMcNae.jpg, 4674 bytes
Was with British Airways 91.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 4 Sqn pilot. 98-Aug56; 4-16Jul57. 98-16Jul57; 4-Jun58.
Notes: Bill Maish 4sqnpic052
Malcolm 2nd Lieutenant Alan Alexander Malcolm
Appears: Svcpage1, Svcpage2, Svcpage3, Svcpage4, Svcpage5, Svcpage6,
Location Died Age  
  17May18. Missing in action. 21.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn observer. 1Apr18. Never at Jever. 17May18.
Notes: Service Number: 21646.   Originall 17th Lancers.   Great Uncle to Fiona Howard ( who wrote: "I have recently been researching my Great Uncle, Alan Alexander Malcolm, who was reported missing, presumed dead) aged 21 on 17th May 1918 whilst serving with the 98th Squadron, from the 17th Lancers, and was in a plane as an observer, when it was (we believe) shot down on the Ypres-Menin road. His body was never recovered and he has a memorial in the Arras Flying Services Memorial Cemetery (which we have only just discovered). For many years my great grandparents desperately tried to find out what might have happened to him, or whether indeed he might have survived. but were unsuccessful."
Medhurst Squadron Leader C F H Medhurst OBE MC (Retd)
Appears: COs
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Jan30. Jan31.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Millward Squadron Leader Dickie R W Millward AFC (Retd)
Appears: 4f540Jun58, 4f540Jul58, 4f540Aug58, 4Aug58, 4Aug58fun, aalborg, 4f540Sep58, 4f540Oct58, 4f540Jan59, mexhat, bounce22Feb59, 4f540May59, Sqn59, party659, 4f540Jun59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, HatsSqn59, DI359, HMDI5-59, 4f540Dec59, sunbeam, 4f540Mar60, 4f540Apr60, wedjul61,
Location     Wife: Dorothy (nee Sells dis Sep16.) Died Age DikMillward.jpg, 1310 bytes
  Sep87. 54.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Flt Cdr. 7Jun58. 31Mar60.
Notes: Cranwell 63 Entry Dec54. From his Brother Geoff Millward 2(AC) Sqn.   Richard Walter Millward (Dickie) was born in Lambeth South London on 12th of March 1933.   At the start of the Second World War, Dick and his Mother moved to Chichester in Sussex to escape the bombing.   Dick was educated at the Chichester High School for Boys where he eventually won a languages scholarship entry into the Royal Air Force as an Officer Cadet pilot with No 63 Entry, The RAF College Cranwell.   Dick's first official flight in his RAF career was in January 1953 in a Chipmunk trainer, although his log books show he had already flown over 50 hours with 461 Squadron, the Air Training Corps, as a passenger, by this time.   At the end of his 3 year training, Dick graduated as a Senior Flight Cadet on the 14th December 1954.   As a cadet, he won the Dickson Trophy and the Michel Hill Memorial Prize.   During this period, and throughout his flying career his flying ability was consistently assessed as `above average` and it was no surprise that he was `creamed off` to fly the newly emerging jet fighters.   The normal training route via Operational Conversion Units led him first to fly the Hawker Hunter with 257 and 263 Sqns at RAF Wattisham.   Then, in 1958 he was posted to 4 Sqn at Jever in West Germany, again, flying Hunter Jets.   At the end of this tour his fluency in German led to a post as a NATO fighter tactics advisor to the embryonic West German Air Force, The Luftwaffe.   Flying the Canadian built F86 Sabre Jet with JG71 (Richthofen) Wing at Alhorn, Dick found he was providing fighter tactics advice to none other than Erich Hartmann the highest scoring fighter ace of all time (over 350 kills)!   He and Hartmann, being of like mind, became good friends during this time.   Later in this tour, Dick ejected from an F86 following an engine fire at altitude.   Luckily he was unhurt!   Dick (and new wife Dorothy), returned to the UK in 1962 to a Fighter Development post flying Hunter, Lightning and Javelin fighters for a short while before his fluency in French (as well as German) led to him being selected to attend the French Test Pilots School at Istres in Provence, the first English pilot to do so.   On graduation from Istres, he was posted to Aero Flight at RAE Bedford.   It was here he was able to fly the FD2, BAC221, SC1, HP115 and numerous other experimental aircraft.   He also managed to demonstrate many vintage aircraft of the Shuttleworth Collection - Here he specialised, as ever, in fighters - SE5a, Bristol Fighter, etc.   He was promoted to Squadron Leader in Command of Aero Flight and was awarded the Air Force Cross whilst at Bedford.   In 1969, Dick was posted to a ground tour.   This was not much to his liking and so in November 1970 he left the RAF, having amassed over 6,000 hours flying time, mainly in jet fighters and experimental aircraft.   From 1970 until 1983 Dick had a variety of flying jobs, ranging from demonstrating and selling Britten-Norman Islanders, to proving new locations for civil airports by flying light aircraft into small spaces (London Docklands & Paphos - Cyprus being just two).   For a while, he was employed as an accident investigator with British Airways and he acted as technical advisor for the TV series 'Airline'.   On the 15th April 1983 Dick flew his last official flight.   Sadly, an engine failure on take off led to a nasty crash which destroyed the light aircraft he was flying and broke both his legs.   Whilst in hospital recovering, he developed diabetes and this brought a premature end to his flying.   By this time Dick had more than 11,000 hours as a pilot in over 178 different aircraft types, including Fighters, Bombers, Experimentals, Airliners, Freighters, Hovercraft, Airships and Helicopters.   After such a fantastic career in aviation, he took up a second one in event coordination and management.   He approached this with the same enthusiasm as he did his flying and continued in this profession until his untimely and unexpected death in 1987.   He and Dorothy were on holiday bird watching in Cornwall.   They were at dinner in the hotel and had got to the "Brandy & Cigars" stage when Dick said "My eyes feel funny" - his heart stopped & and he fell from his chair unconcious.   Despite 20 minites of mouth to mouth, CPR etc the staff failed to revive him.   He was aged only 54.
Milne Wally Milne (Retd)
Appears: anderson,
Location Died Age  
Nottingham (Aug2010). 8Sep10. 92.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118Sqn WWII pilot. Filton Feb41. Aft41.
Notes: 92 in Jul10. Wanted to hear from anyone on 118Sqn. Duxford Wing for Battle of Britain. Founder member of 118 Sqn Assoc.
Mitchell R Flying Officer Roy Mitchell (Retd)
Appears: 454aug53, syltoct53, Ski, pkstx2, bpolo1, 4540Mar54, Unknown, 4540Nov54, singxmas54, 4540Apr55, nude655, syltmay55, beach,
Location Died Age roymitchell.jpg, 1256 bytes
Camberley. 19May13. 79.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4Sqn pilot. Aug53. 4Apr55 to holding unit Buckeburg then Tgt Tow at Sylt.
Notes: Came back to sqn at Sylt May/Jun55. Roy writes in 2008: "I did not sign up beyond the Short Service Commission (4 years) and so was sent to Buckeburg as the Squadron was due to re-equip with Hunters.   After a short period of two or three months training new squadron pilots on basics of battle flight and so on I was posted on to Sylt when the unit was disbanded.   I then ran a flight for two months as a target-tower on Meteor 8's.   While there I heard about the interviews taking place at Buckeburg, borrowed a Meteor and flew down for a interview with BOAC on 28Jul55.   A fortnight later I was out of the Air force, and starting life as a third pilot in BOAC on Stratocruisers.   Having retrieved my log book I found that I l did my last flight at Jever on the 31Mar55 I did my first flight at C.S.U at Buckeburg on April 14 flying Vampire Mk 5 and T11, with training and general duties.   My last flight at Buckeburg was on the 13May55, then on the 24/25 I did an air test on a Sabre at Sylt, followed by flying the Prentice/ Anson / Prentice/ Meteor 7 and 8.   I see I ferried a P/O TYE to Jever, on 3Aug55 in a prentice I had forgotten that.   I had my interview at Buckeburg with BOAC on the 28Jul55 and did my last flight in the RAF on the 15Aug55."   On 17Jul13 Graham Perry sadly gave us this news: "Roy and I were neighbours and good friends in Camberley.   You may know that he spent his civilian flying career with BOAC/BA, and that he was deafened by the organ-pipe effect of a windscreen pin-hole blow-out in a Boeing 707.   As a result he lost the medical category needed for a captaincy, and retired as a very senior Senior First Officer.   All good wishes, Graham Perry, (OC Eng Wing RAF Binbrook, 1981-83)
Molden Flying Officer Bob P R Molden
Appears: 4540Nov52, 4540Apr53, mov1/53, tent53, sylt653, tea53, 454Sep53, syltoct53, stan1153, stlunch3, 454Dec53, stacey4540Mar54, Unknown, 4540Jun54, bobpty1, bobpty2, bobpty3, bobpty, 4540Nov54, Videointake, 4540mar55,
Location Died Age bobmolden.jpg, 1359 bytes
Killed near kemble. Provost wing snapped. (See Notes). 22Apr55. 22.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Bef Nov52. 8Mar55 to CFS.
Notes: Svc No: 3507991 Fg Off 5Dec52. Bob Simms says: He returned to UK and was killed possibly at Little Rissington soon after reputedly pulling the wings off a Piston Provost.   Colin Cummings book Category Five records:" 22Apr55 Provost T.1 WV570 from CFS near Kemble.   During an aerobatic sortie the student pulled out of the dive very harshly and the instructor; Flight Lieutenant J W Thompson, blacked out.   On recovering, the aircraft was diving steeply and the student said he could get no response from the controls.   The instructor ordered the aircraft to be abandoned, at which point the starboard wing failed and the aircraft began to spin rapidly.   The instructor abandoned the aircraft with some difficulty but despite releasing his harness and deploying his parachute, the student remained in the aircraft."
Moran Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Hugh Moran KCB MVO ADC
Appears: obit,
Location     Wife: Lizzie. Died Age
Collapsed during a triathlon at RAF Brize Norton. 26May10. 54.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC 4 Sqn. Gutersloh pilot 80;Wittering OC 94. Gutersloh 85; Wittering 96.
Notes: C-in-C Air Command.
Moran J Flight Sergeant John (Jack) Vincent Moran
Appears: sgtmess58, pool58, alldec58, alldec58shel, alldec58shel2,
Location     Wife: Sheila. Died Age jackmoran.jpg, 1640 bytes
 . 18Mar76. 59.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Clerk general Duties. 57. 59.
Notes: Born 6Dec16, enlisted 5May39, Discharged 12Sep61 at RAF Watton.   His duties are described as "Supervises the carrying out of clerical and administrative procedures in use in general offices, orderly rooms and registries at unit level, including day-to-day personnel administration, routine organisation work, elementary typing, stenciling and duplicating.   Also employed on trade testing duties."   His son Neil tells us: "For a small part of the War, he served on the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious.   Unfortunately I have no dates for this, but I do have some pictures which he took onboard and also when the ship docked in Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean.   I remember my friends from that time were Kai Edwards (sadly died two years ago) and his sister Anne (who I am in touch with), Michael Ahern, David Roberts, Derek Grover (son of Flight Lieutenant Grover) and also, I think it was 'David' Plumtree (I think his father was pretty high up in the ranks, as I remember going to their quarters which was actually on the Jever base).   When I told my father I had been to the Plumtree's quarter, I think he was mortified that I had been playing with the son of someone of much higher rank and I think he made contact with him just to check that it was OK.   The answer came back that it was absolutely fine, so we carried on playing together.   I wonder what David is doing now.   I remember the primary school very well and Mr Watson the headmaster. I have copies of all my school reports and my teachers were, Mrs Gardner and Miss Hedges in 1958 and John Roberts in 1959.   I vaguely recall doing science experiments with him, which I found fascinating.   I also have memories of going to the children's Saturday matinee's at the cinema on base and also collecting the daily English newspapers for dad in the evening from, I think it must have been the Corporals Mess (I may have that wrong [Web master: I think it was probably the Malcolm Club.]), just inside the base on the right, I believe it was.   The young squaddies were playing the juke box with the latest records of the day and quite often used to treat us kids to a game on the football machine - a little different from today's pub games!   I can even tell you a story about the little railway that ran into the base, just behind the cinema somewhere, but will have to leave that for another time."
Morter Flight Lieutenant Derek Morter (Retd)
Appears: 14Jeverpr61, bluheron, AGM16-10, AGM17-3, AGM17-5, AGM17-7, AGM17-6, AGM17-28, AGM17-29, AGM17-30, AGM17-32, AGM18-7, AGM18-10, AGM18-19, AGM18-20, AGM18-21, AGM18-22, AGM18-23, AGM19-3, AGM19-4, AGM19-5, AGM19-6, AGM19-7,
Location     Wife: Eibhlin. Died Age  
5, rue Molière, Elne, France 66200 (2007) Oct22.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket. A Flt Cdr 14 Sqn. Jever 11Mar61. Jever 5Sep61.
Notes: Career notes he lodged with the Hunter Register: 16Jan-30Mar48 1 Recruit Unit, Cardington; 23 Apr-15Nov48 2 Radio School, Yatesbury; 16Nov- 1May49 1 Radio School Cranwell; 1May-6July49 ACTU, Kirton Lindsay/5 104 Personnel Despatch Centre (PDC) Hednesford; 7July49-17Apr51 4 FTS Heany, Southern Rhodesia; (21Mar51 Commissioned/Wings); 8May-19Jun51 5 PDC Hednesford; 20Jun-10Aug51 2 FTS South Cerney; Rhodesian Refresher Course; 15Aug-23Nov51 205 AFS Middleton St George; 28Nov-21Jan52 226 OCU Stradishall - Meteor; 21Jan-2Oct54 74 Sqn Horsham St Faith; 4Oct-13Oct54 551 Wing Gutersloh; 14Oct-8Nov54 34 Wing IRE Buckeburg; 8Nov-23Nov55; 34 Wing IRE/Fg Wing Adj. Laarbruch; 13Nov-7Oct57 124 Wing IRE/OC Station Flight Oldenburg; 2 Mar-30Mar57 First Flight Safety Course, Air Ministry Whitehall; 27Oct-16Mar58 124 Wing IRE/OC Station Flight Ahlhorn; 13Apr-24Aug58 Ops F4 D MOD Whitehall; 24Aug58-26 Jan60 Flying Wing Adj 229 OCU Chivenor; 27Jan-30Dec60 B Flt Cdr 20 Sqn Gutersloh; 1Jan61-16Dec62 A Flt Cdr 14 Sqn Gutersloh; 2Jan63-6May65 Tactical Instructor 229 OCU Chivenor; 6May65-6Jan66 BASO, HQMEAF, Steamer Point, Aden; 6Jan66-1May67 BASO HQMEAF Aden and 24 Inf Bde Little Aden; And very often BASO/OC RAF Det Al Habilayn; 2May67-18Apr68 Hunter Sim 229 OCU Chivenor - Retired. 11Aug68-May70 Chief Pilot F-86 OCU, Airwork, Dhahran, Royal Saudi AF; Nov and Dec 68 Sabre Trg Unit, RCAF Chatham, Canada; Apr69 F-86 Instructor Upgrade, Air National Guard, Baltimore, USA; May70-Dec72 Fleet Requirements Unit, Hurn (Airwork); Dec72-Jul85 Fleet Requirement and Air Direction Unit, RNAS Yeovilton; (Airworks and Flight Refuelling) Formed and Lead the Blue Herons Aerobatic Team of 4 x GA11 Hunters; 1975, 80 and 84.
Mortley Wing Commander Ron Sidney Mortley OBE, AFC (Retd)
Appears: WWII, mar56, debrief, geilapr56, geilmay56, daughter, 11may56, 2540Dec57, 2540Jan58, 4f540Jan58, 2540Feb58, 2540Apr58, hugill, 1990,
Location    Wife: Died Age rommortley.jpg, 1388 bytes
Prostrate Cancer at Upper Stoke, Nr Rochester, Kent. 1992. 72.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC 2 Sqn. Before Apr56 Geil. Jever Jan58. Apr58.
Notes: Daughter Jill Warby .
Moss Harry Moss (Retd)
Appears: qtr, , MQ,
Location    Wife: Betty Died Age harrymoss.jpg, 1241 bytes
North-East England. About 1999.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Met Officer for several tours. Bef 31May55. Aft 58.
Notes: Ian Scott says: "Harry Moss was a civilian who was at Jever for several 'tours'. About eight years ago I was surprised to hear Harry Moss on Radio Newcastle giving the weather forecast. I contacted him there, but he died before we could meet. The 'Harry Moss' I knew was when I was in the Met. Office at RAF Jever in 1958. Harry was a civilian met. officer. He was married, Betty I think, but they had no children. My memory of him at that time is that he was 30 to 35 years old. He never spoke of any wartime experiences. I spoke to him when he was at the Newcastle Weather Centre. This was about 1990 to 1995. ( My wife's memory is better than mine! ) Assuming that the Civil Service retirement age was 60, then 'your Harry' would have retired in 1976."
NelsonEdwards Squadron Leader G H Nelson-Edwards DFC (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 1Jun42. 12Feb43.
Newing Captain Al A G Newing (Retd)
Appears: 2540Mar58, 2f540Aug58, 93540Oct58, 2540Dec58, 2540Apr59, 2540May59, 2540Jun59, 2540Oct59, 2540Nov59, 2540Mar60, 2sqnMar60, cars, cars2, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, AGM96-09, AGM96-20, AGM97-06, AGM97-09, AGM97-14, AGM98-10, AGM98-19, AGM05
Location     Wife: Lynn Died Age AlNewing.jpg, 1314 bytes
Sherbourne House Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxfordshire Ox18 2HA. February 2004  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Bef Mar58. 30Jun60.
Notes: Note in JSL files about April 1994.
Newington Sam S J Newington (Retd)
Appears: 93540May57, lobsters, 93Nov57, Formal57, BoneD57, 93540Jun57, 93540Aug57, jan58, 93540Aug58, 93Aug58, PreSylt58, 93540Sep58, nov07, 93540Dec58, agm09,
Location   Wife's Name: Briony Died Age SamNewington.jpg, 6388 bytes
Rollsby, 15 Westwood Park Road, Peterborough PE3 6JL. 20Jun17.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot 20May57 from 130 Sqn. 1Dec58.
Noel-Smith Group Captain R Noel-Smith OBE
Appears: COs, 28apr43,
Location Died Age
Cheltenham. 4Feb08. 92
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn and 2 Sqn OC. 28Apr43; 11Nov43 to 2 Sqn. 11Nov43 to 2 Sqn.
Notes: His son Nick Noel-Smith writes that after 4 Sqn: "Spotted for USS Agusta on D Day, 1945 Commanded Celle Airfield and acting Group Captain; 1945 awarded OBE for services in War; 1947 appointed air Attache in Berne Switzerland; 1950s Secretary to the Joint Intelligence Committee, Middle East (based in Cyprus); 1956: retires from RAF and joins Dowty Aircraft Company, near Gloucester; 1980 Retires from Dowty as Sales Director; Passed away Cheltenham 4 February 2008 aged 92."
North Group Captain Derek E North DL (Retd)
Location Died Age
Pennington, Church Road, Worth, Crawley RH10 7RS (2006) 9Oct20. 75.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
10 Luftwaffe Flying Training School RAF Exchange QFI/QWI on F-104 at Jever. Feb77. Oct80.
Notes: Took over from Phil Langrill. 960 hrs on F-104.   Derek joined through Cranwell on No 89 Entry.   His first tour was instructing at RAF Leeming from 1967, then via Chivenor to No 208 Sqn RAF Muharraq on the Hunter in 1970-71.   Instructing at the Hunter OCU/Tactical Weapons Unit Brawdy and he then went onto the Lightning Force and spent his remaining flying years there at Gutersloh and Binbrook, apart from a 4 year exchange tour at GAF Jever on the F-104.   Thereafter he was heavily involved with the Typhoon from its inception and ended up with 3 years in Munich.   Derek left the Service early as a Gp Capt at the behest of Racal.   The family ended up near Worth in West Sussex; he was appointed Deputy Lieutenant for West Sussex in 2012.
O'Neill Flight Sergeant J O'Neill BEM (Retd)
Appears: 93mov752, 93mov852, pod60, 93540Sep54, 93540Jul56, 93540Nov56, BrowneD, 93f540Jan57, 93540Apr57,
Location Died Age
Swaffam, Norfolk 26Dec98.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn composite servicing FS awarded BEM. Bef Aug53. 27Apr57.
Notes: Svc No: 654065. He became Chairman of the Swaffham and Dereham branch of the RAFA, and received a Area Presidential Certificate for his work for the Eastern Area RAFA.
Oswell Wing Commander "Q" Quintin Miles Bayley Oswell (Retd)
Appears: 4540Feb57, 4540May57, 4540Aug57, 4f540Sep57, AGM90-03, AGM93-10, AGM93-21, AGM95-03, AGM95-05, AGM95-10
Location   Wife: Ingerid Died Age
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire 10Sep17. 81
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot 27Feb57. Aft 28Sep57.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04. Oswell. Late 56 4 Sqn.
Page Flying Officer "Podge" T Page (Retd)
Appears: val2653, buckeburg, scu1, scu54, jevsab54/55, om455, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, Videosen012, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, 93540Nov54, 93540Dec54, NYEdec56, pod135, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540May55, do55, BBQ2Jul55, sumball55, cop55, 93540Jun55, 93540Jul55, 493bbqsum55, 7sab855, BurAug551, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Aug55, 93540Sep55, anov55, 93540Nov55, 122wgdec55, 93540Feb56, AFltApr56, podge56, 93ds4562, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93540Nov56, 93dec56, 93540Dec56, monks1256, NYE1256, 93f540Jan57, roywed357, leave557,
Location     Wife: Doreen Died Age PodgePage.jpg, 7053 bytes
Hunter 6 XG200 No.229 OCU Chivenor. Mid-air collision with Hunter, XG235 (flown by Flt Lt I Ord) during tail-chase exercise and crashed into sea, two miles off Tintagel Head. 15May57.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot 21May54. 27Jan57.
Notes: Svc No 3512098. Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Podge Page, Married 4Sep55 from Jever.
Parkes Flight Sergeant John R Parkes (Retd)
Appears: sofa559, Eileen1259, xmas59,
Location      Wife: Eileen Died Age johnparkes.jpg, 1344 bytes
Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland. Grandson: 29Dec09. 90.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Tech Wg Hunter 2nd Line. from Binbrook 139Sqn Apr59. Oct61.
Notes: Svc No: 647825. Michael his grandson writes: "My late grandfather Flight Sergeant John R. Parkes 647825, a member of your site may know or have worked with him. Having spoken to my father he tells me that they lived in married quarters at 27 Schumacher Strasse between Apr/May59 and Oct61 (approximate dates) and that my grandfather worked on 2nd line maintenance undertaking Major servicng of the stations Hunters. I do know that he received a commendation regarding this work due to the speed at which this work was undertaken by him and his team whilst under his command."
Pavelin Ernie Pavelin (Retd)
Appears: cdgame, hide, forest, friend, ops, shop1, shop, ski, txwall2,
Location Died Age ernestpavelin.jpg, 1191 bytes
Gayton 26Mar09.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
VHF/DF Op2, Signals Section, Tech Wing. Late 53. late 55.
Notes: Svc No: 4115447I joined Oct.1952,kitted out at Cardington and then did basic training at RAF Bridgenorth.   Finished there in early 1953 and started trade training at RAF Compton Basset, finishing the VHF/DF OP. course at RAF Stradishall.   Spent about 6 months stationed at RAF Coningsby before arriving at Jever late 1953.   I think I was at Jever for around 2 years before returning to the UK for demob.   Mike his son says "Dad passed away suddenly in the early hours of Thursday, 26th of March at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after being taken ill at his home in Gayton.   He had recently been diagnosed with cancer.   The funeral is tomorrow, Monday 6th April 2009 at 13.45 hrs. at Mintlyn Crematorium near Kings Lynn, Norfolk."
Payne J Flight Lieutenant "Jack" Harry W Payne
Appears: clamp856, 93540Oct56, NghtMustFallJan57, AGPrg5-57, AGSoc5-57, VideoM026, athjevp122may57, Mssiah12-57, AGM06
Location Died Age  
Stamford, Lincolnshire Pe9 2NX. 28Jan09. 98.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
GCA  Air Traffic Control. 1955. 1960.
Notes: Daughter Jill married Geoff Timms.
Payne K Keith K W Payne (Retd)
Appears: AGM95-04, AGM06
Location Died Age
22 Margaret Crescent, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset TA8 1BX (2007) 18Nov17. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket.  Ex 16 Sqn, Celle. Sep52. Apr56.
Payne T Squadron Leader Tony Payne (Retd)
Location    Wife: Stephanie Died Age
30 St Margaret's Road, Wyton, Huntingdon, Cambridge Pe28 2AN (2004)Tel: 01480-461318 2Jul06  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Outer Basket.  Ex 98 Sqn, Canberras. Contributed 98 Badges, Pin and Tie    
Pearce Squadron Leader Tony A E Pearce (Retd)
Appears: buckeburg, 4540May54, scu, wildenwrath, salt54, Video967, sylt155, 4may55, 4may552, syltmay55, cop555, cop4555, cop5555, VideoG001, party7552, graynote, 4540Jul55, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 4540Sep55, tank1055, tank21055, pym556, VideoSU002, VideoSU004, ski156, 4540Feb57, AGM06, Aug068, Aug0625, Aug0630, Aug0631, Aug0632, Aug0636, Aug0637, Aug0638, Aug0669, Aug0676, Aug0681, Aug0681d, Aug0681f, Aug0696, Aug0698d, Aug0699, Aug06100, Aug06102, Aug06103, Aug06104, Aug06126, Aug06127, Aug06128, Aug06130, Aug06163, Aug06217, Aug06229, Aug06230, Aug06252, Aug06253, Aug06254, Aug06256, Aug06258, Aug06279, Aug06308, Aug06315, nov07, lgn07pic02, lgn07pic04, lgn07pic05, lgn07pic16, lgn07pic24, lgn07pic40, lgn07pic42, lgn07pic54, AGM09, boyle, AGM09-27, AGM09-40, AGM09-62,
Location    Wife: Mary Died Age tonypearce.jpg, 1364 bytes
71 Broadleas Park, Devizes, Wiltshire Sn10 5JG (2010). Tel: 01380-725217. e-mail: 8Jan2010 of cancer. 77.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. 21May54. Mar57.
Philips FO Flight Lieutenant Peter John P J C Phillips (Retd)
Appears: cofbar, 4540Nov52, 4540Jan53, 4540Feb53, 4540May53, bar532, b53, 4540Mar53, 4540Apr53, sylt653, bg53, mov1/53, 4540Jun53, 4540Jul53, 4540Sep53, syltoct53, 4540Nov53, 4540jan55, 4540Feb55, skyh455, skyh2455, graynote, 4540Apr55, tenapr54, bpolo1, 4sqnstor5, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, obit,
Location Died Age peterphillips.jpg, 1339 bytes
  Mar96? 66.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot QFI. 11Nov52. Aft 26Apr55 to CFS then Swinderby.
Notes: Svc No: 3507632 Fg Off 23May52. Test Pilot for Britten-Norman Islander. David Watkins added: "Commenced his flying training with No. 6 F.T.S. in August 1950, and obtained his "Wings" in May 1951. He went on to C.F.S. in November 1951, and after an "Instruction Tour'. joined No. 4 Squadron in Germany, where he flew Vampires and Sabres. He returned to this country in 1955 and carried out a further "Instruction Tour" on Vampires, and joined the Station Acrobatic Team Flying Vampires. From 1956-58 he was on the flying staff at C.F.S. and from 1957-58 he was the C.F.S. Aerobatics representative on Vampires and took part in many R.A.F. Air Displays. After leaving C.F.S. he joined No. 92 Squadron, and afterwards No. 54 Squadron, both being high level and ground attack squadrons, equipped with Hunters, and carried out aerobatics with this Squadron from the summer of 1959-60. During the time he was with No. 54 Squadron, he was introduced to The Tiger Club, and went with the British Team to Czechoslovakia to compete in the World Acrobatic Championships, in v Inch he flew a "hotted-up" Tiger Moth, known as the "Bishop Version" which proved to be no match for the Continental aircraft, but whilst there he had the opportunity of flying a "Zlin' and no doubt convinced the Continentals that it was the machine that made the difference—in fact the "Zlim" was considered one of the best acrobatic light aircraft in the World. During the same year he entered the "Lockheed Trophy Competition" again flying a Tiger Moth, and was again outclassed by the Continental machines. The Tiger Club then purchased a "Stampe", which has been fitted with an inverted flying fuel system. and after only a few hours' experience with the "Stamps" he flew this aircraft in the 1962 Lockheed Trophy Competition and was placed third, the very first time that one of our Own pilots had been "placed'': a very creditable performance in view of the high Continental competition. Peter Phillips will again be flying this aircraft in our Display. Since leaving the R.A.F. he has given dozens of acrobatic and team displays with the Tiger Club."
Pigdon Flight Lieutenant Eric J E Pigdon (Retd)
Appears: senar, obit, WACOMar53, 93540Oct53, senn1053, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, Sylt54, 93540Feb54, trophy, 93540Mar54, sbgr, 93540Apr54, SabreOCU14pr54, 93540May54, mower, lawn, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, aoc754, 93540Aug54, bestm, sumball54, jack, SubParty, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, dodg54, valm1854, 93540Oct54, play, solo, 93540Jan55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, nude6552, ten655, ten6552, gdn655, gdn6552, BBQ2Jul55, party7552, nude6553, sumball55, 493bbqsum55, 93540Jul55, Jever55, tosa55, tosa552, tosa553, tosa554, SqnPicAug55, 93540Aug55, GrdAirAug55, xb8224, 540Nov55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, 122wgdec55, 540Dec55, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 93540Jan56, 93540Feb56, 122pty56, 122pty562, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, Vortex, ucrecyc, uccctbr, Ladder, 93540Jul56, 93540Aug56, GardermoenVal, 93540Sep56, 93540Oct56, 98540Nov56, maj1Nov56, maj1Nov562, 93dec56, monks1256, monks12562, monks21256, NYEdec56, mutti1256, ball1256, 93f540Jan57, 93540Feb57, TeaFeb57, techwg, AnDrStFeb57, EricPigdonAccident, carcrash, babyvw, 93540Mar57, 93540Apr57, Clam, erics2457, erics3457, erics4457, erics5457, erics6457, erics7457, erics8457, erics9457, erics10457, erics11457, erics12457, erics13457, erics1457, redexparty, LineBk57, erics457, canb, MQ, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM83-03, AGM83-05, AGM83-12, AGM83-15, AGM83-16, AGM87, AGM87-02, AGM87-03, AGM87-06, AGM88-05, AGM88-13, AGM88-17, AGM88-18, AGM88-31, AGM91, AGM91-06, AGM92, AGM92-02, AGM92-20, AGM93, GoldSh92, AGM95-08, AGM95-15, AGM96-15, AGM97-04, AGM97-09, AGM98-4, AGM98-14, AGM01-5, AGM01-9, AGM01-11, AGM01-12, AGM01-13, AGM01-16, AGM06, AGM06-19, AGM06-21, AGM06-22, Aug06, Aug0629, Aug0632, Aug0643, Aug0659, Aug0661, Aug0671, Aug0681b, Aug0695, Aug0699, Aug06102, Aug06104, Aug06219, Aug06233, Aug06234, Aug06255, Aug06258, Aug06259, Aug06263, Aug06278, Aug06310, AGM07-31, AGM07-34, AGM07-42, AGM2007-56, AGM07-75, 60+, nov07, AGM08, AGM08-39, AGM08-42, AGM08-45, agm09, limpopo, bdpast, AGM09, AGM09-1, AGM09-4, AGM09-11, AGM09-18, AGM09-32, AGM09-36, AGM09-37, AGM09-38, AGM09-45, AGM09-62, AGM09-64, AGM09-65, AGM11-03, AGM11-04, AGM11-11, AGM11-21, AGM11-23, AGM11-26, AGM11-27, AGM11-31, AGM12-3, AGM13-2, AGM13-34, AGM13-37, AGM13-38, AGM13-42, AGM14-58, AGM14-59, AGM15-1, AGM15-3, AGM15-4, AGM15-5, AGM15-12, AGM15-16, AGM16-18, AGM17-25, AGM17-26, AGM17-27, AGM19-8,
Location   Wife: Val Died Age EricPigdon.jpg, 6316 bytes
48 St Mary's Lane, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 0DT (2007) 26Jan22. 92.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 14Oct53. Sabre Conversion 10-22Apr54 at Wildenwrath. 9Apr57.
Notes: Svc No 4078920. Fg.Off. w.e.f.12Dec53  Anita born 27Nov56.   Erics notes on Sabres and 93 Sqn for Duncan Curtis sent to me 8Dec04.   "I went to Wildenrath for the Sabre conversion 10 to 22/4/54, this consisted of about three days of ground school including a supervised start up and taxi, the next day 14/4/54 I flew four familiarisation sorties of 30, 45, 40 and 60 minutes duration.   In all the conversion course was 6:05 hours, on return it was all Sabre flying."
Plowright Norman Plowright (Retd)
Appears: 4f540dec55, athjevp122may57, hock1, stnhockap57,
Location Died Age normanplowright.jpg, 1294 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
RAF Regiment Officer. Bef 22May57. Aft 1957.
Notes: Station Hockey Team. Retired to become a schoolmaster.
Plumtree Air Vice Marshal "Plum" Eric Plumtree CB OBE DFC (Retd)
Appears: Let9-58, friend, AGM92
Location    Wife: Pat Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Officer Commanding Administration Wing    
Notes: From letter to David Watkins: Enlisted outbreak of War, commissioned in Battle of Britain. 53 Sqn Blenheims, 241 Mustangs, CO 169 Mustangs, 41 OTU as CFI. Various staff appointments then CO 54 Sqn Vampires Odiham Oct49 to Sep51. Personal Staff Officer to Chief of Air Staff Sir William Dickson 53 to 56. Dep. Director Joint Planning Staff. Snr Air Liaison Off in Canada, CO 22 Group and Southern Maritime Region. Director of Air Plans MOD. Retired 1974. Died 11Jun90.
Pocock Second Lieutenant Montague Vincent "Monty" Pocock MM RFC
Appears: hist, 4hist,
Location Died Age montypocock.jpg, 1848 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
WWI 4 Sqn Ground Wireless Operator. Bef 1916. Aft 25Jun17.
Notes: Svc No: 9176
Powell C Flying Officer Charlie C W Powell (Retd)
Appears: FassParty, VideoM002, Charlie, f4b, 118Can54, feb54, 118usaf, 118540May55, 118540Jun55, 118540Jul55, 118540Aug55, 118540Sep55, 118540Oct55, 118540Nov55, 118540Dec55, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 122DIparty, 122wgdec55, 4540jan56, 118onHunt, 118540Feb56118540Mar56, 118airgrdMar56, 118PartyJan56, ptyjan56, BBQ1, BBQ2, BBQ3, SqnEarly56, 122pty56, 122pty562, 118airgrdMar56, 118DI, Street, VideoM024, VideoPOW007, VideoPOW009, VideoPOW011, accident, 118540Jul56, 118540Aug56, 118540Jan57, agm09, AGM09-22, AGM09-24, AGM09-36, AGM09-53, AGM09-61, recserv, recserv1, recserv2, recserv3, recserv4, recserv4a, recserv5, recserv6,
Location Died Age CharliePowell.jpg, 1247 bytes
Vampire Fb.5, Wa121 of No.229 OCU, Chivenor - call sign "Whippet 25". Flew into high ground in cloud at Ashcott Farm, near Exford, 6m S of Porlock, Somerset, during weather check, killing pilot. 21Nov56. 27.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. Jul53 Fassberg. May55 Jever. 24Jan57 (20Jul56) to Chivenor.
Notes: Sister Katherine Dover-Powell e-mail: . Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Charlie Powell 118 Early 55-56 or 57.   Did not return from early morning weather check Chivenor.   Katherine Dover, his Sister, wrote: "I remember him buying the cine camera and I still have it today .   It is a Kodak brownie camera 8ml film (Koda crome 2 for daylight).   It came in a leather case and he would take it apart for me to show me how it worked.   It was made by Eastman of course in New York but I believe he bought it in Germany.   I'm not sure how long he was in Germany but he was there until July 1956 when he came to Chivenor to go on Hunters which he was thrilled about.   Obviously there still had Vampires there then. I know he was also instructing at the gliding club there.   I think he was in Germany from 1953 Fasberg and Jever.   I know he got his wings in Durban which I understand was the norm then.   Ironic really as three of my four children who fly all did their PPL s out here at Port Alfred ."
Powel-Shedden Group Captain "Fo-Fo" Geoff ffolliott Powel-Shedden DSO and bar DFC (Retd)
Appears: obit, 4540Dec52, 93540dec52, 4540jan53, 93540jan53, 4540Feb53, 93540Feb53, 4540Mar53, 93540Mar53, 4540Apr53, 93540Apr53, 4540May53, mov1/53, 4540Jun53, 4540Jul53, pod59, pod078, 454Sep53, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, 4540Nov53, 4stdnov53, 4std3nov53, stlunch3, 93540Nov53, dp, pod75, 93540Dec53, attparty1253, attparty12532, malc1253, xmas53, 93540Jan54, 454Jan4, pod95, railfeb54, 93540Feb54, duncpara19Feb54, 4540Feb54, duncpara219Feb54, 4540Mar54, kapitan, kombi, pod86, pod87, pod98, pod108, 93540Apr54, sab454, twsocc, pod117, 93540Jun54, m18flt, VideoM18-1, flt7sp54, aoc754, relay, 93540Aug54, SecChk, 38jbg, pod121, tk, VideoSEN001, Videosen012, haynes,
Location     Wife: Dianne Died Age ffpowelsheddon.jpg, 1469 bytes
 . Obituary 10Nov94.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Station Commander. Honorary Member 93 Sqn. 1Dec52. 8Aug54.
Notes: Erne Lack said that Inge the wife of his friend Hans Appell, who lives in Schortens, knows a chap Hans Böhringer who was the hairdresser at the airfield when I was there, so of course we toddled off to see him and had the most incredible chat together.   Hans knows all the same wild stories that we know, how we pilots got sunburnt bathing in the nude on Sylt, how Group Captain George Ffoulkes Powel-Sheddon stuttered and how his wife Dianne used to tell him (Hans) how nervous she was when her husband was going out to fly   Because he stuttered he would "twitch" with his hand on the handbrake during landing - and he burst both tyres on touchdown!   Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Powel-Sheddon, Gp Capt, Stn Cdr.   Is mentioned in Battle of Britain books.   Big strong hands fearsome at arm wrestling and schooner races.   Had a stutter.   On rare occasions came to fly with 93 a pilot was detailed to go with him to start the Sabre.   He would not turn finals to land until he had completed his down wind call - he would by then be on his way to Bremen and ATC would give him steers to get him back to base.   A good and well liked Station Boss.   Ken Senar told me 8Apr05 that "Grp. Capt. Powel-Shedden, 'Fo-Fo', died late in 1994.   His obituary appeared in the Daily Telegraph, dated 10/11/94.   I have a copy.   It was he who gave me the nickname 'Pod' in the bar on the night of my arrival at Jever.   Pod 'Papa Oscar Delta' was my unofficial call-sign when I was a GCI controller at Borgentreich/Auenhausen.   I used it to identify myself over the R/T to 93 Sqn pilots when I was controlling them.   The Russian monitoring stations must have wondered what was going on!
Pratt Flying Officer J. R. Pratt (Retd)
Appears: RugbyApr58, Sevens58, rugby15
Location Died Age Pratt.jpg, 1868 bytes
Caistor, Lincolnshire (1996) 1998  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
101 U. before about Sep57. Aft Mar59.
Notes: Believed to be Captain of the Jever Rugby team for 57/58 season.
Price J Air Vice Marshal John Walter Price CBE DL (Retd)
Appears: 98Sqn54, about54, obit
Location Died Age JohnPrice.jpg, 7263 bytes
2 Palace Yard, Hereford, HR4 9BJ (2009) 25Apr19. 89.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn Flt Cdr. President 98 Squadron Assoc. About 1953. Jul54.
Prickett Air Chief Marshal Sir Tom Thomas Öthere Prickett KCB DSO DFC (Retd)
Appears: 4540Aug54, pod121, Browne D, aoc754, 93540Aug54, pod130, 4540Nov54, 93540Dec54, 4540Dec54, Dec54, VideoSEN001, pod140, pod142, pod143, pod144, pod145, tk, stnhockap55, 4540May55, ellet, perm, newbar, wdball755, soc55, 93540Aug55, 4540Aug55, 98540Aug55, pod146, pod150, 4540Sep55, Parade, Pinto55, 93540Nov55, 4540Nov55, 122wgdec55, 93540Dec55, tourex, 118DI, gstnt56, gnjev56, 122DIparty, 122DIparty2, 122DIparty3, TowBridg, 4540jul56, AGM58, AGM75, AGM93, AGM06, nov07, bdcurr, obit, , MQ,
Location   Wife: Shirley Died Age tomprickett.jpg, 1778 bytes
UK. 23Jan10 96
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Station Commander and Founder of Jever Steam Laundry. 9Aug54. 1Dec55.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Very well liked Station Boss.
Extract from "Who's Who 2005" by WebMaster not provided by the subject.
PRICKETT, Air Chief Marshal Sir Thomas (Other), KCB 1956 (CB 1957); DSO 1943; DFC 1942; RAF retired; b. 31 July 1913; s. of late E. G. Prickett; m 1st, 1942, Elizabeth Gratian, (d 1984), d of late William Galbally, Laguna Beach, Calif, USA; one s. one d; 2nd, 1985, Shirley Westerman.   Educ: Stubbington House Sch.; Haileybury Coll.   Assistant, later Manager, sugar estates, India with Begg Sutherland Ltd, 1932-37.   Served Bihar Light Horse, Indian Army (Auxiliary).   Joined RAF, 1937; Desert Air Force, Bomber Comd, 1939-44; RAF Delegn, Washington; Dep. Dir Trng, 1944-45; commanded RAF Tangmere, 1949-51; Group Captain operations, HQ Middle East Air Force, 1951-54; commanded RAF Jever, 1954-55; attended Imperial Defence Coll., 1956; Chief of Staff Air Task Force, 1956; Director of Policy, Air Ministry, 1957-58; SASO, HQ No 1 Group, 1958-60; ACAS (Ops) Air Ministry, 1960-63; ACAS (Policy and Planning) Air Ministry, 1963-64; AOC-in-C, NEAF, Comdr British Forces Near East, and Administrator, Sovereign Base Area, 1964-66; AOC-in-C, RAF Air Support Command, 1967-68; Air Mem. for Supply and Organisation, MoD, 1968-70; Dir. Goodwood Estate, 1970-78; Man. Dir, Goodwood Terrena, 1970-78.   Recreations: polo, sailing, golf.   Address: 46 Kingston Hill Place, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7QY.   Club: Royal Air Force.
Prior Major H B Prior (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his14his2
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Jan19. Feb19.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Prosser 2nd Lieutenant John Edward Prosser (Retd)
Appears: cascard, recd2, recd3, F175, cascard2, sqnrec, effects, effects2, loss, W3347, inscriptionA, inscriptionB, grave, gravereg,
Location Died Age
France. 30Oct18. 18.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Observer WWI. Bef 30Oct18. 30Oct18. Never at Jever.
Notes: Svc. No.: 137782.   Presumed dead.
Pughe Squadron Leader R F H Pughe DFC (Retd)
Appears: 93hist
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 14Aug46. 30Dec46.
Raleigh Major George Hebden G H Raleigh (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn 1st OC. Sep12. Jan15.
Notes: Presumed dead. Australian
Ramsay Flying Officer Al A C Ramsay (Retd)
Appears: 93540Apr53, 93540may53, mov1/53, 93540jun53, 93540jul53, mov3/53, pod59, 93540Aug53, tree, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, stlunch1, stlunch, stlunch2, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, malc1253, 93540Jan54, syltpty, pod94, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, party54, 93540Apr54, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, Videosen012, 93540Aug54, Sylt54, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, pod130, 93540Nov54, bar1254, 93540Jan55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, 93540Jun55, 93540Jul55, BurAug551, 93540Sep55
Location   Wife: Gwen Died Age alramsay.jpg, 9640 bytes
Rickmansworth area. About 3Jan07.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot and PAI. 8Apr53. 22Sep55.
Notes: Svc No 4076370. Fg.Off wef 17Nov53  Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Al Ramsay 93 sqn.   Late 52-Early 53-55.   Spelt with an A from Air Force List.   Danny and Caroline Lavender attended a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Alan Ramsay at the Amersham Chiltern Crematorium on 19 January 2007.   The Chapel was crowded with relatives, led by his wife Gwen and son and daughter Christopher and Tricia, as well as with many friends and light blue uniforms mainly from the RAFVT(T).   Danny knew that Alan was on 93 Squadron at Jever in 1955/56 but was not familiar with the details of his early service in Germany.   He met him first when Alan flew down to Bombay from New Delhi where he was Assistant Air Advisor in 1969 to meet the Lavender family off the Lloyd Tristino boat Victoria which had brought them around the Cape for Danny to complete the Indian Defence Services Staff College course.   Having watched their 28 crates off loaded rather roughly and carried into the Customs shed, Alan dressed very smartly in his best suit smiled at the Senior Customs officer and handed him an envelope.   With out delay, the crates were stamped and cleared, and Danny questioned whether he had bribed the Customs man.   "Yes sir, came the reply, it is British High Commission policy in India as it's the only way to get things in!".   Much later, Alan worked for Danny over 8 years as the Surrey Wing Administrative Officer when Danny was Regional Commandant of London and South East Region, Air Training Corps.   Alan was devoted to helping the air cadets and the volunteer staff, and he was extremely well liked and respected.   Not long after his 2nd retirement, Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer followed by an inoperable tumour on the spine.   He bore his painful illness with great fortitude and his usual good humour even when he had lost the use of his legs.   When he wrote to Danny shortly before his death, he said "I can't remember the last time I was legless"!   We have lost one of the world's great gentleman, and many will remember him with great affection.
Rastall Dai J D Rastall (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, 122wgdec55, 98540Jan56, 98sqn56, 98540Feb56, 122pty56, bowumb98, wedpete, 98540Mar56, 98540May56, 98540jun56, crickcup56, 98540Jul56, 98540Sep56, Derby56, Derbypressep56, Derbyplaqsep56, Derbycutep56, Derbyptysep56, pltsep56, 98540Oct56, 98540Nov56, self, 98540Jan57, 98540May57, Event57, 98540Jul57, crashsylt11571, crashsylt1157, swift1157, 93540Nov57, 93540Dec57, Mssiah12-57jan58,
Location Died Age DaiRastall.jpg, 5161 bytes
Deceased Before October 1989  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 93 Sqn pilot. 98 8Jan56. 93 Aug57. 98-15Jul57, 93-Aft Jan58.
Ratcliffe Mastr Pilot T E Ginger Ratcliffe (Retd)
Appears: 4540aug56, stnhockap57, 4540May57, Baltrum, crash
Location Died Age gingeratcliffe.jpg, 1422 bytes
Killed Hunter Fr.10 4 Sqn. 24Jan67 43.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Sgt. pilot. Aug56. Aft May57.
Notes: Forced landed Hunter 6 Xg270 on one of the Fresian Islands, Baltrum.   (Click to see F540 report).  Station Hockey Team.
Reynolds Major H R P Reynolds (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn 2nd OC. Jan15. Jan15.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Richardson Flying Officer Kenneth Alan Richardson
Appears: 454aug53, stlunch3, 454Dec53, 4540Mar54, 4540Apr54, 4540Aug54, acc, pod127, 4540Oct54,
Location Died Age
During a tailchase in Sabre Xb937, dived into the sea 9 miles SE of Sylt.  See more below. 8Oct54. 24.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot and PAI. Aug53. 8Oct54.
Notes: Vv638 which arrived on the Squadron on 13Mar53 and had an engine failure caused by a fractured impeller blade on Wed 9Dec53.   The pilot, Ken Richardson, rolled inverted and pushed himself clear 1m N of Lamden.   From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "Ken was killed at Sylt on 8Oct54.  He had a theory about x kts. And y feet for a pull through which he had discussed with me the previous night as we were bedding down, I said bullshit but Ken had 'worked it out mathematically'.  We were sharing a room at Sylt.  The flags went u/s for Dave Clayton and Ken, then for Pete Phillips and me.  So were dog fighting and tailchasing.  I saw what he was up to and called him air brakes but I reckon he'd blacked out by then and felt nothing as he hit the water.  I had in excess of 8g on the clock and my engine was groaning as were my guts.  Ginger Friend and I sorted his gear.  Brian Watson took his ashes home when he went on leave."   Ken Senar relates:    " Ken died at Sylt when for an unaccountable reason he dived vertically into the sea from a considerable height.  I was stooging around at the time, waiting for my turn to fire on the flag when his Sabre plummeted vertically past me straight into the shallow waters inland of the island and just south of the Hindenburg Damm.  I was being called forward at the time by the tug pilot to go and fire on his drogue so heard no R/T calls at all.  I understand that I wasn't the only one to see what happened.  Next day, on overflying the area, the ASR launch was anchored near a visible hole in the shallow sea bed, and a small oil slick was present.  Larry Milberry's book states that Ken was in a tail chase and was flying XB 937.  The date quoted is October 8th 1954."
Richardson H Henry Richardson (Retd)
Location Died Age henryrichardson.jpg, 1197 bytes
Son: Nick: 1975. 62
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn armourer WWII. Aft 17Sep45. Bef 14Mar46.
Notes: On 4Mar13 his son Nick wrote: "He did not talk much about the war or his time in the RAF, sadly it is therefore only now that we are gaining insight into his time in the RAF.   One story I do remember is that he had a "lucky" escape when he was sick and not on duty when there was a major raid on the airfield, where his replacement was killed.   I think he said that the raid included the ME 262, which was the later jet bomber - I was wondering if the surprise attack mentioned in the squadron history was the same attack."
Rigall Squadron Leader R H D Rigall (Retd)
Appears: COs, 7jul43,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Mar43. Dec43.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Riley Flying Officer Don D C Riley (Retd)
Appears: 98540Oct55, Bruno, 122DIparty, dinoutdec55, stnhockap55, 98540Jan56, 98540Feb56, 122pty56, 122pty562, bowumb98, carrace3, gstnt56, 98540Mar56, party, 98540jun56, crickcup56, wedpete2, 98540Aug56, pltsep56, 118SumBll56, curlwed, 98540Dec56, 98540Feb57, 98540Mar57, 118DI, bowler, VideoM035, stnhockap57, 98540Jul57, 4540Jul57, logbook, brwnjug1, MOJan58, 4Jan58, SyltScore, 4f540Apr58, sun, RileyHawtinBJugSep58, AGM60-01, AGM92
Location    Wife: Edna9 Died 21May14 Died Age DonRiley.jpg, 1611 bytes
Mrs Edna Riley, Villa 146, Kawana Island Villas, 2 Grand Parade, Parrearra, Queensland, Australia 4575. 1991.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 4 Sqn pilot. 98-6Oct55; 4-12Jul57. 98-12Jul57; 4-17Apr58.
Notes: From Eric Pigdon's Notes 23Nov04. Unable to produce a son - after 4 girls Edna said enough. Doug Adamson knew him.
Rimington Squadron Leader Roy R Rimington (Retd)
Appears: knoke, JSLBrew, JSLBrew2, 2540Feb58, 2540Mar58, 2540Apr58, 2540May58, 2540Jun58, 2540Jul58, 2540Aug58, wk288, GldClubSep58, 2540Oct58, 2540Dec58, 2540Jan59, 2540Feb59, 2540Mar59, 2540Apr59, 2540May59, hdmst559, HMDI5-59, 2540Jun59, OpDyJun59, Rtn Vid List VideoJun59, Rtn Stn List VideoJun59, Rtn Vid List Video2Jun59, Rtn Stn List Video2Jun59, 2540Jul59, 2540Aug59, luckyday, 2540Sep59, 2540Oct59, 2540Nov59, 2540Dec59, 2540Feb60, 2540Mar60, 2sqnMar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, 2540Nov60, AGM95-10, AGM95-11, nov07, lgn07pic26, lgn07pic28, lgn07pic29, lgn07pic30, lgn07pic44, lgn07pic45, lgn07pic49, lgn07pic52, wallisobit,
Location   Wife: Christa Died Age RimingtonR.jpg, 1312 bytes
Compton Martin, Bristol 18Aug22. 91.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. 12Feb58 from QFI Worksop. Nov60.
Notes: Officer i/c Gliding Club.  (Click to see more).   31Oct58 broke leg at Off Mess function.
Ritchie Squadron Leader "Bill" William Buthlay Charles Ritchie MBE
Appears: 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, syltpty, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, sab354, 93540Apr54, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, coff, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, Sylt54, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, 93540Dec54, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, cop55, sumball55, BurAug551, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, 93540Nov55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Dec55, 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, 93ds4562, 93ds4563, 93dscar456, 93540Apr56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93540Aug56, GardermoenVal, 98540Nov56, roywed357, AGM01-01, AGM06-01, AGM06-19, AGM06-21, AGM06-22, Eulogy
Location Wife: Pat Died Age BillRitchie.jpg, 6725 bytes
Dunromin, 8 Garden Wood, Inchmarlo, Banchory, Aberdeen, AB31 4AW (Dec2005) 28May18 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 25Nov53. 19Nov56.
Notes: Svc No 2542285. Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04. Bill Ritchie Late 53-Nov 1956.
Ritchie B Flight Lieutenant Brian Joseph Ritchie (Retd)
Appears: life, EPAS,
Location Wife: Josephine Died Age brianritchie.jpg, 1402 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Officer i/c EPAS. WWII pilot. 5Oct51.  
Notes: Svc No: NZ415363. His son Christopher Ritchie ( Tel: 01780-765789 Mob: 07976-066435) wrote on 31May11: "I have a picture of a group showing my late father Brian Joseph Ritchie at Jever.   He was officer in charge - E.P.A.S. under Sqn Ldr J O'Hara MBE.   e was born in Auckland New Zealand.   Do you have any dates or info?".
Roberts Squadron Leader "Robby" Edwyn Roberts (Retd)
Appears: travdoc, garage551, garage555, pool, Videosen017, Xmas55, 122wgdec55, ath292jun57, idcard, AGM91-08, AGM91-11, AGM01-9, AGM01-16, AGM06, Aug06, Aug067, Aug0612, Aug0614, Aug0615, Aug0616, Aug0669, Aug0676, Aug0681, Aug0681d, Aug0681f, Aug0693, Aug0696, Aug0698, Aug0698c, Aug0698d, Aug0699, Aug06130, Aug06139, Aug06150, Aug06157, Aug06163, Aug06176, Aug06229, Aug06230, Aug06255, Aug06258, Aug06259, Aug06260, Aug06263, Aug06275, Aug06276, Aug06315, AGM07, AGM07-10, AGM07-44, AGM07-46, nov07, lgn07pic11, lgn07pic12, lgn07pic51, AGM09, AGM09-5, AGM09-6, AGM09-19, AGM09-20, AGM09-29, AGM09-30, AGM09-35, goldshare, AGM09-39, AGM09-41, AGM09-45, AGM09-60, AGM09-63, AGM10-01, AGM10-02, AGM10-03, AGM10-04, AGM10-06, AGM10-07, AGM10-09, AGM10-10, AGM10-12, AGM10-13, AGM10-15, AGM10-17, haynes, MQ, MQ, 2426, obit,
Location    Wife: Ann died 27Dec15. Died Age Robbie-Roberts.jpg, 4631 bytes
'Glasfgyn', Dyffryn Ardudwy, Gwynedd (Nr Llanbeder West Wales). Tel: 01341 247681 14Feb12. About 83.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
5352 Wing Detachment, Airfield Construction Branch. Built runway extension and Brockzetel. 14Sep54. Jan57, Went to UK and then back to Jever Dec56.
Notes: Svc No: 2494218.   [Click to see story of History of 5352 Airfield Construction Branch Wing Detachment and how they built Jever.]
Rogers Flying Officer Brian B L Rogers
Appears: xmasdec53, syltdec53, VideoPOW011, , feb54, 118540May55, sylt, venfass, aoc16sep55, 118540Oct55, MQ,
Location    Wife: Marjorie Died Age brianrogers.jpg, 1466 bytes
Mid-air Hunter F4 (Wt738) collision with John McLennon near Hamburg. 20Oct55. 25.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. Bef 29Dec53 Fassberg. Jever 31May55. 20Oct55 collided with McLennan.
Sachs Major A Sachs DFC SAAF (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 28Sep44. 15Feb45.
Sanderson P 'Sandie' Peter C P Sanderson (Retd)
Appears: socc54, press, 98540Apr55, 98540May55, 981955, 98540Aug55, 98540Nov55, bowumb98, 98540Dec55, 98540Feb56, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 122pty56, 122pty562, 98540Sep56, pltsep56, 98sqn56, 98540Oct56, self, AGM05
Location    Wife: Barbara Died Age PeterSanderson.jpg, 1220 bytes
Vale View, 42E Budleigh Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon Ex9 6EJ Tel: 01395-442465. e-mail: 28 August 2004.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. From Fassburg Apr54. 25Oct56. CFS A1 Trapper.
Notes: Eric Pigdon's Notes 23 Nov04.   Sanderson, Peter 98 Sqn.   To Jever from Fassburg with Sqn. Left 1956.   Went on to become A1 trapper CFS.   Severe stroke about 3/4 years ago.   I first came across Peter at Valley just completing his AFS training when we were sent to Valley on our return from the States to be shown clouds.   Discovered he had be at Cranwell as a boy entrant and that he also came from Scunthorpe.   The next time we were together was when 118 Sqn arrived at Jever when the Sqn transferred from Fassberg.   He was married to Barbara, an ex Scunthorpe gall but being under 25 he did not qualify for a quarter, we let him share with us for a while, this was also the time that John Sutton and his first wife Cherry were staying with us, we all had a great time.   After Jever he went to CFS and instructing and became an A1 and for some time he was on the Examining Wing which I believe included visiting all the flying clubs both in the UK and across the old Empire.   He was then sent to Ghana for 4 years as an Instructor with their Air Force, on his return he was the Weapons Spec at the CAW Manby, my predecessor once removed.   Then as Flt Cdr of my old Sqn No.3 in Germany not too happy there, not the good times as on his 118 tour, had the offer of a job with the Singapore AF as their A1 instructor and PVR.ed to go there.   Al Colvin was there as one of the wheels and Sid Hughes was the top man.   His blood pressure gave him trouble and he came home after about two years and got into Weapons and Missiles with whoever it was that operated near Fleet in Hampshire until he finally retired.   They moved back to the Scunthorpe area and lived at Winterton.   Peter had a bad heart attack while on holiday in the USA and was not too good after that and moved down to Devon to be near their Doctor Daughter, some time latter had a bad stroke and died a few years after."
Sanderson S Flight Lieutenant "Sandy" Brian Anthony Edmund Sanderson (Retd)
Appears: 93540jun53, 93540jul53, mov3/53, nafsep53, pod59, 93540Aug53, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, stlunch1, stlunch, stlunch2, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, pod94, Sylt54, DesBrowne, 93540Feb54, 93540Mar54, SabreOCU14pr54, 93540Apr54, jevsab54/55, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, m18trip, VideoM18-1, VideoM18-2, VideoM18-3, VideoM18-4, VideoM18-5, miles18, pod120, pod121, 93540Aug54, 93plt15sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, pod130, pod133 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, 93540Jun55, SqnPicAug55, GrdAirAug55, SabreAerosAug55, pod154, 93540Oct55, 93540Nov55, BFlt1Dec55, BFlt2Dec55, flechdordec55, flechdordec55same, 122DIparty2, 122wgdec55, 93540Feb56, 93540Mar56, babyvw, 93ds4562, 93540Apr56, 93540May56, itvisjun56, 93540Jun56, 93540Jul56, 93linebk, 6LoopAug56, 93540Aug56, shipw56, 93540Sep56, 98540Nov56, 93dec56, 98540Dec56, racdec56, guest, 93f540Jan57, 93540Feb57, 93540Mar57, 93540Apr57, erics3457, erics7457, erics8457, erics9457, erics1457, 93540May57, LineBk57, LineBkformaero557, LineBk2formaero557, LineBk3formaero557, spang556, carcrash, 93 Squadron 93540Jun57, 93540Jul57,
Location    Wife: Moira Died Age SandySanderson.jpg, 8463 bytes
As No 4 in 93 Sqn formation aeros team, "Sandie" was flying low after a bomb burst over a Spangdahlen USAF base in Germany, so that he could advise on the progress of the join up from a lower angle. He misjudged it and was killed when he flew into rising ground.   [See further in Notes below'] Fri 17May57. 27.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn & 93 Sqnpilot. No 4 in 2TAF Form Aeros Team, both Sabres and Hunters. Sqn PAI. 25Jun53. 17May57.
Notes: Svc No 4016600. Fg.Off. wef 4Oct53.  As reported by Eric Pigdon in notes to Mick Ryan 23 Nov 2004.   Met Moira, a TV Topper, while on PAI Course at Leconfield.   She returned to his home in Bulawayo and has re-married (21May05).   Son Christopher.   Flew Brian Iles' Miles M.18 light aircraft from Jever to his own home in Bulawayo S. Rhodesia and back July 1954.   From Colin Cummings Book Category Five: "17-May-57 XG258 Hunter F.6 93 Sqn 49 degrees 58' North/06 degrees 38' East 1 Fatality.   The aircraft was one of the squadron aerobatic team and after completing the bomb burst manoeuvre, it rolled off the top and recovered from the ensuing dive.   However, the aircraft then made a straight shallow dive across the airfield and struck the ground.   It seemed probable that the pilot was distracted by conflicting requirements including the need to achieve a synchronised rejoin of formation and he did not realise how close he was to the ground.   Flight Lieutenant Brian Anthony Edmund SANDERSON aged 27."
Sandle Squadron Leader Robin J R Sandle (Retd)
Appears: om455, party755, 122wgdec55, StnCdrBBQMay56, BBQ2, pod153, AGM63, AGM64, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, bdpast,
Location    Wife: Sybill Died Age robinsandle.jpg, 6959 bytes
53 Gayton Road, Heswall, Wirral, L60 8QE. Tel: 0151-342-2600 2003 from Heart Attack.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Supply Branch EPAS. Bef Apr54. Aft May56.
Notes: Not in Air Force List Jan54?   Eric Pigdon Notes 23Nov04 Believed still alive.   Ken Senar knows him and visited him last year 2003.   Severe stroke 1975/76 and has limited ability.   Was living in CHESHIRE area.   Ken Senar told me 8Apr05 that Robin left the RAF as a Squadron Leader (I think at Thorney Island) he had a massive stroke and became severely disabled and with considerable speech impediment.   He worked as a Pilot Officer in EPAS (NOT EPASS).   He lives in GAYTON (not Grayton), not far from where I lived before I moved here.   We met occasionally and remember well the occasion he was at home and I showed him, on film, drinking a bottle of Coke one hot sunny summer's afternoon during the RAF Jever Sailing Club Regatta in Wilhelmshaven harbour.   I filmed the Regatta as part of a longish collection of shots taken at Jever and now in the possession of the RAF Museum, Hendon.   Robin likes a bottle of Jever Pils.   If I can get some more I'll take him another bottle.   His phone No. is: 0151 342 2600.   Maybe you might phone him, but beware of his speech difficulties.   Mention my name.   Ken Senar told me of his death 2 years ago 25Apr05.
Saul Major R E Saul DFC (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4his1, 4his2
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Nov17. Jan19.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Saunders Wing Commander P H R Saunders (Retd)
Appears: COs, 1jan41,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Dec40; Jun41. Feb41; Oct42.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Saw Flight Lieutenant Ken Saw, D.F.M. (Retd)
Appears: ath57, VideoM017, athjevp122may57, athjevp2322may57, ath292jun57, RugMed57581, , ath5jun573, ath15jun5767, RugMed57582, history, fleet, , ath29jun5734, ath29jun5745
Location Died Age kensaw.jpg, 1487 bytes
  1965 from cancer.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Physical Fitness Officer Bef 22May57 Aft 29Jun57
Notes: Wife died in 1993. 2 sons Ken and Tony.
Scholfield Flying Officer George Scholfield (Retd)
Appears: 98Sqn54, VenAFCNov54
Location Died Age GeorgeScholfield.jpg, 5215 bytes
Killed at Fassberg when attempting to land just as his Venom's controls burnt through due to a belly fire. (Click to see story of fires). October 1954.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. Bef Oct54. Oct54.
Notes: Eddie McCullagh identified (18Aug04) George Schofield and gave details of his death.   Confirmed date in John Severne's book.
Scott Flying Officer Ted E H Scott
Appears: 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, jevsab3mar55, glide, 93540Aug55, aslats, BurAug554, BurAug556, BurAug551, BurAug552, BurAug553, pod152, pod153, xb812,
Location Died Age tedscott.jpg, 1390 bytes
Killed when 1 slat on Sabre 4 Xb548 came out when pulling out from air to ground at Meppen range. 3 August 1955.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. 16Jan55. 3 Aug 1955.
Notes: Svc No 1921649. To 93 from OCU. Aircraft numbers list from Duncan Curtis says Ted H Scott.   Eric Pigdon gave details of his death 21Nov4 and 8Dec04.   Ted E Scott killed on air to ground trip on Meppen range Aug55 Sabre Xb48.   Ken Senar may know more.   Only Sabre fatality on 93 Sqn.
Severne Air Vice-Marshal Sir John de Milt Severne KCVO OBE AFC DL (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, Napalm, 98PersNov54, 98540May55, Jever55, 98Pig55, Bowlers55, 98540Jun55, 98540Jul55, pod146, 98540Aug55, 98540Oct55, 98540Nov55, 98540Dec55, rob, 122wgdec55, dinoutdec55, self, 98540Jan56, 122pty56, 122pty562, ptyjan56, gnjev56, ukcourse, AGM74, AGM06, swings, wallisobit, MQ,
Location   Wife: Katharine Died Age JohnSeverne.jpg, 5791 bytes
Ashley House, Alhampton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6PY (2007)01749-860362. 4Oct15. 90.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn Flt Cdr. 30Dec53. 15Jan56 to command 26 Sqn.
Notes: Extract from "Who's Who 2005" by WebMaster not provided by the subject.
SEVERNE, Air Vice-Marshal Sir John (de Milt), KCVO 1988 (LVO 1961); OBE 1968; AFC 1955; Extra Equerry to the Queen, since 1984; b. 15 Aug. 1925; s of late Dr A. de M. Severne, Wateringbury, Kent; m 1951, Katharine Veronica, d of late Captain V. E. Kemball, RN (Retd); three d.   Educ: Marlborough.   Joined RAF, 1944; Flying Instr, Cranwell, 1948; Staff Instr and PA to Comdt CFS, 1950-53; Flt Comdr No 98 Sqdn, Germany, 1954-55; Sqdn Comdr No 26 Sqdn, Germany, 1956-57; Air Min., 1958; Equerry to Duke of Edinburgh, 1958-61; psa 1962; Chief Instr No 226 Operational Conversion Unit (Lightning), 1963-65; jssc 1965; Jt HQ, ME Comd, Aden, and Air Adviser to the South Arabian Govt, 1966-67; DS, JSSC, 1968; Gp Captain Organisation, HQ Strike Comd, 1968-70; Stn Comdr, RAF Kinloss, 1971-72; RCDS 1973; Comdt, Central Flying School, RAF, 1974-76; Air Cdre Flying Trg, HQ RAF Support Comd, 1976-78; Comdr, Southern Maritime Air Region, Central Sub-Area Eastern Atlantic Comd, and Plymouth Sub-Area Channel Comd, 1978-80; retd 1980; recalled as Captain of the Queen's Flight, 1982-89.   ADC to the Queen, 1972-73.   Hon. Air Cdre, No 3 (Co. of Devon) Maritime HQ Unit, RAuxAF, 1990-95.   President: SW Area, RAFA, 1981-95; Queen's Flight Assoc., 1990-2000; CFS Assoc., 1993-98; Taunton and dist Br., ESU, 1996-.   Won King's Cup Air Race, British Air Racing Champion, 1960.   Pres., RAF Equitation Assoc., 1976-79 (Chm. 1973); Chm., Combined Services Equitation Assoc., 1977-79 (Vice-Chm., 1976).   DL Somerset, 1991-2001.   Club: Royal Air Force.
Sharman Flight Lieutenant Brian B "Bebe" Sharman (Retd)
Appears: Bruno, LesBB, FancyDr52, HaveGun53, MUphill, ACT, Tank, 98Mar53, sqn3532, Weihe, Venom53, SkiJan54, 118Can54, Jprice54, VenAFCNov54, Brookers, 4Venom55, F455, 98540Apr55, Jever555, 98540Jul55, 1stcar2555, 1stcar55, 98Pig55, rules, perm, MPSep55, LineSh55, rob, 93Frm155, 93Frm255, 93Frm355, 93Frm455, 93Frm555, 93Frm655, 93Frm755, 93Frm855, 93Frm955, 98540Nov55, 98540Dec55, rob, 122wgdec55, dinoutdec55, 98540Dec55, 98540Jan56, gnjev56, invwilh, bowumb98, 98540Feb56, ball256, table256, 98540Mar56, 98540Apr56, 98540May56, 93540May56, Elbe56, 98540Jun56, ElbeInv56, wedpete2, Bowlers57, bowlmess57, 98sqn56, Derbypressep56, Derbyplaqsep56, Derbycutep56, Derby56, Derbyptysep56, curlwed, AGM58, AGM61, AGM87-03, AGM87-09, 30yrs, AGM90, AGM91, AGM92-05, AGM92-08, AGM92-16, AGM92-17, AGM92-19, AGM95-07, AGM95-20, AGM96-01, AGM96-10, AGM96-11, AGM96-12, AGM98-13, AGM98-19, AGM99-01, AGM99-02, AGM99-04, AGM99-10AGM99-11, AGM99-17, AGM99-20, AGM01-25, AGM01-26, AGM01-30, AGM01-31, AGM01-33, GoldSh03, AGM05, AGM07, AGM07-10, AGM07-37, AGM07-44, AGM07-45, AGM07-46, AGM07-68, nov07, lgn07pic13, lgn07pic15, bdpast, AGM09-35,
Location     Wife: Mamie Died Age BrianSharman.jpg, 6715 bytes
35B St George's Road, Old Felixstowe, Suffolk, Ip11 9PL, 01394 270961(2007) 15Oct04. 75.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. Sep52 Fassberg Apr55 Jever. Sep56 to Horsham St Faith.
Notes: Svc No: 3502682.   From Logbook: ACTU Driffield Jun50; 1ITS Jurby Jun50-Nov50; 5PDC Hednesford Dec50; 4FTS Heany, S Rhodesia Dec50-Nov51; 5PDC Lytham St Annes Nov51-Feb52; 7FTS Cottesmore Feb52-Apr52; 215AFS Finningley Apr52-Jul52; 229OCU Chivenor Jun52-Aug52; 98Sqn Fassberg Sep52-Apr55; Jever Apr55-Sep56; Horhsm St Faiths Sep56-Oct56; S. Cerney Oct56-Dec56; CFS Little Rissington Jan57-Mar57; 3FTS Feltwell Mar57-May58; Andover 5May58-Jan59; Eastleigh, Kenya Jan59-Apr59; Andover Apr59-Oct59; Halton Oct59; Lindholme Sep62-Jan63; 1MRS Bawdsey Jan63-Jan65; 2GC Kirton Lindsey Jan65-Oct65; 7GC Spitalgate Oct65-Jul67. Aircraft Flown: Tiger Moth; Harvard; Prentice; Meteor 8; Meteor 7; Meteor 4; Vampire T11; Vampire FB5; Venom; Hunter4; Hunter1+5; Auster6+7; Provost; Chipmunk; Venom4.
Shepherd Squadron Leader W Shepherd (Retd)
Appears: COs, 15may44,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. 15May44. May45.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Sheppard B Flight Lieutenant Bill "Weppard" W R Sheppard (Retd)
Appears: 2540Dec59, 2540Mar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, obit, jev60, hdvis560p9, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, drummond,
Location Died Age BillSheppard.jpg, 2045 bytes
Hammamet, Tunisia. 2Nov12. 81.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot Mar60. Oct60.
Notes: Flt Lt 16Jul56.
Shipley Gerry G V Shipley (Retd)
Appears: 93linebk, Bruno, MGRally, pltsep56, 98540Dec56, self, 98540Mar57, GerrySylt57, Dangast1Apr57, Dangast2Apr57, Dangast3Apr57, 98540May57, Event57, 98540Jul57, T1157, AGM57, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM90-06, AGM91-12, AGM95-20, AGM06, M-18Scot86,
Location     Wife: Solna. Died Age GerryShipley.jpg, 5357 bytes
Strathkinness by St Andrews, Fife 28Sep16.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
98 Sqn pilot. Aug56. 15Jul57.
Notes: Stu Musgrove says: "Gerry, Brian Cox and I met up at Halton in 1959 - all posted to ground tours as flight commanders with the apprentices.   Jerry was ex Jever, Brian ex 56 Squadron, and I was ex 79 Squadron.   A good posting, and Gerry married Solna, Brian married Pat (both PMRAFNS) and I escaped!   Gerry went on to CFS and then became a civvy flying instructor in Scotland at Prestwich and Perth."
Shrubsole Squadron Leader Bill "Shrubby" W R Shrubsole AFC (Retd)
Appears: 93540jul53, pod59, 93540Aug53, 93540Sep53, 93540Oct53, 93540Nov53, 93540Dec53, 93540Jan54, Sylt54, 93540Feb54, jevsab54/55, 93540Mar54, 93540Apr54, SabreOCU14Apr54, 93540May54, 93540Jun54, 93540Jul54, 93540Aug54, 93plt15Sep54, 93540Sep54, 93540Oct54, 93540Jan55, 93540Feb55, 93540Mar55, 93540Apr55, 93540May55, SqnPicAug55, pod146, press, GrdAirAug55, 93540Oct55, anov55, 93540Nov55, rattledec55, 93540Jan56, MQ,
Location     Wife: Joyce Died Age BillShrubsole.jpg, 7584 bytes
Penzance, Cornwall. 21Jan96. 71.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. Sqn PAI. Highest scorer at Sylt Jan54. 18Jul53. 7Jan56.
Notes: Svc No 1258834/1804440. Eric Pigdon notes 23Nov04.   Was Flt Sgt pilot PAI Oct1953.   Keen photographer produced many of the Squadron Photographs.   1968 leading Macaws Provost aeros team from Air Warfare College Manby.   1974/75 Sqn Ldr Range Safety Officer Pembrey.   Believed retired from there.   From letter to David Watkins: Joined 1942, trained S Rhodesia on Tiger Moths and Harvards.   Served with 60 Sqn, Burma and Java, flying Hurricanes and Thunderbolts.   To UK 54 Sqn Odiham on Tempest IIs and Vampires, attached to 247 from 24Sep-14Oct46 and 2Jul-26Aug48. To 229 OCU Leuchars/Chivenor 1Jan51. To 93 in Jul53. To UK 56. Ferry Sqns at Aston Down and Benson and with ATC Leuchars.   Coll of Air Warfare Manby Dec64. Led Macaws aeros team 65-69.   Later to CFS - flew Meteor with Vintage Pair 73 and 74.
Simms Flight Lieutenant Bill Simms (Retd)
Appears: unidec51, 4540Jun53, 4540Jul53, 454aug53, 4540Oct53, syltoct53, stlunch3, oo54, sf4apr54, v5jan54, 71421, 4540May54, wsfeb55, bobpty1, bobpty2, bobpty, bobpty3, bobpty6, 1stsab, 4540Feb55, pkstx1, pkstx2, skyhi, 4may55, 4may552, cop4555, syltmay55, asylt655, nude655, beach555, seawall, seawall2, jev55, piano55122DIparty2,
Location     Wife: Dorothy Died Age billsimms.jpg, 1559 bytes
Bexhill. 27Jan18. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Jun53. Aft 16Dec55.
Notes: Signed in to Web Site 8Feb06.  Bill tells me: "Returned to UK and finished RAF career on Meteor N.Fs. and Javelins in 1959.  I then did 3+ years at RAE Llanbedr in N Wales flying and operating Meteor and Jindivik drones for the RAF range in Cardington Bay.  I then decided it was time to settle down to a more secure life and started a 30 year career in civil Air Traffic Control, mainly at Gatwick.  I retired from there in 1992 and now enjoy a healthy life amongst the rest of the oldies in Bexhill.  I'm still married to Dorothy and have 3 children and 9 grandchildren."  From Ron Gray's Notes (21Mar06): "I have to this day guilt about Bill.  He and his wife called at my home in South Shields and I was away riding in a motorcycle trial.  My mother had no clue as to who it was and asked him to wait outside.  When I did eventually arrive it was a little awkward as I was due to meet my current girl friend about an hour ago and rather stood Bill off.  Hope by now he has forgotten all about it.  Both the Simms were super people, hence my deep feelings about this incident."
Simmons W Sergeant William "Bill" Simmons (Retd)
Appears: circus, schloss, goat, ruth garden doris
Location     Wife: Doris Died Age billsimmons.jpg, 1733 bytes
  Early 2014. 93.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn Instruments. Oct57 on closure of Oldenburg. Aft Oct59.
Notes: Bill's son Bill wrote on 21Nov14: "I have been looking at your Jever site with great interest.   My father was Sgt Bill Simmons in the instrument section of 4 Squadron.   We were at Jever 1955/56/57, not sure of the exact dates because I was a youngster but we transferred to Jever when Oldenburg closed.   We lived in married quarters off camp and I went to the base school.   Dad passed away, aged 93, earlier this year and I have found 15 slides of Hunters at Jever, plus a lot of slides of my family including me and my little sister in Jever town.   I remember travelling from Harwich by ship so I was interested to see the photos of the ship on your website.   I remember one story which is not mentioned on your site [ED: Click to see here.] - in 1956 the town church caught fire, caused by builders working in the church, a flight from RAF Jever, which was overhead, saw the fire and radioed down and the base fire unit got there before the town fire brigade which was blocked into their station by parked cars; we walked into town to watch and they were pumping water from the ring of ponds that circled the town centre.   Thanks for an interesting site."   And later: "I am surprised that the fire was in 1959 I thought it was earlier, its a long time ago but I definitely saw it and we must have returned to UK later that year.   We went for a few months to Blackpool (Dad was at transit camp in Lytham), then a few weeks later to Leeming.   I took Dad on a visit back to Jever in the 70's and we were told again the story about the town fire brigade then, I suppose its not surprising that its not mentioned in the report you have."
Simpson Squadron Leader S P Simpson MC (Retd)
Appears: COs
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Jan31. Oct33.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Sizer Wing Commander Wilfred Max Sizer DFC* (Retd)
Appears: 93hist, 93540Mar55, obit,
Location     Wife: Nita Died Age wilfsizer.jpg, 1511 bytes
  22Dec06. 86.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 93 Sqn. 13Feb43. 19Aug43.
Notes: See Obituary
Slessor Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John C Slessor GCB DSO MC (Retd)
Appears: COs, 4stpres1, 4stpres2, 4stpres5, 4stpres7, 4stpres8, stlunch,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. Apr25. Nov28.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Smith A Leading Aircraftsman Albert Smith (Retd)
Appears: xmas1252, xmas12522, trumpet, rm, ten, bat, block, hang, xmas53, grass553, wahncon753, wahn1,
Location     Wife: Faith Died Age alsmith.jpg, 1165 bytes
1 Granville Villas, Lees Road, Brabourne Lees, Ashford, Tn25 6QE.(2010) 31May07 of prostrate cancer.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn Airframe Mech. Jul52. Jan54.
Notes: Faith, his wife, tells us: "I saw your copy message in Al's inbox and have to give you sad news as Al died on 31st May, having had prostate cancer for a couple of years.   You can see more about him at and more on his heroic fight against cancer and our stand for better treatments at .   Al has certainly talked about 'Lofty' with fond memories and has shown me photos.   He was tickled pink to find the website and have contact with you; the war years and his national service have been important memories for him recently.   Al and I loved each other deeply - and still do - and were totally happy together.   It was only 12 years but seems a very intense time when we had a lot of adventures and stunning experiences and never stopped appreciating our good fortune and happiness.   He died peacefully and beautifully with no unfinished business in our local hospice; his funeral was full of love and celebration, helped by a local jazz band.   With very best wishes,   Faith".   Svc No: 2545454. Al told me: "Born 1933 in Barking, Essex.   Attended 11 different schools 1937 - 1948 as we moved around the UK trying to dodge the blitz.   Started work at 15 in a print shop in Stepney Green, then a couple of abortive months with a West End hairdressing salon. After this, I worked in a photographic darkroom printing snapshots for the customers of local chemist shops.   This took me up to National Service. RAF at Hednesford for squarebashing (basic training), St Athan in Wales for trade training as an airframe mechanic and then over to Germany for the remainder of my two years service.   93 Squadron at RAF Jever working on Vampire jets.   After National Service squarebashing at Hednesford I finished up as an airframe mech on 93 squadron's Vampires via trade training at St Athan.   After being inspired by leave-time visits to London jazz clubs, I crept up into the loft of the Jever barrack block to teach myself trumpet.   That accommodation was very well built and quite sound-proofed because not too many fellow airmen investigated to complain about the painful noises.   I shared my double glazed and centrally heated room (luxury thanks to the previous Luftwaffe tenants} with Bob (Lofty) Hope and John Lintott, a pipe-smoking elder statesman who was late doing his National Service.   He had been deferred while serving his apprenticeship with De-Havilland.   He also played the organ at church parade.   I remember that Lofty was a bit of a liability because of his habit of sliding off of his 'pads' and scouring the polished floor.   Not good news when the bull-night inspection was imminent!   Generally good memories of my service at Jever together with sadness at the loss of my pilot (F/O Spearman} and kite -'R' Roger - following, I believe, an air-to-air collision.   Now retired (of course) and living in Kent.   I'd be delighted to hear from anyone how remembers me.   In the meantime, take a look at my blog and website for the full story..."   Then later:"Bearing in mind that remembered detail gets a bit fuzzy after 50+ years, my recollection of Mr Spearman was that he was 'my' pilot when he often flew Vampire 'R' Roger, which was mainly in my care as airframe mech.   We became quite friendly during an all-ranks occasion at the Malcolm Club when the booze had broken the ice and I was complaining about being shaken around by the vibration on those occasions when I needed to stand with my back blocking the jet intake to assist starting.   There was also some hilarity over my service number, which was the unusual one of 2545454. From then on he always referred to me as '54'.   I only have hearsay about the cause his demise, but at the time it was said that during rocket firing practice 'R' Roger was nudged by a second 93 Squadron vampire which returned safely to Jever.   I took part in the funeral parade (location forgotten) where the Regiment provided the rifle salute party.   My most vivid memory was of Mr Spearman's sobbing fiance being comforted by family members.   On demob I worked for WHSmith, managing railway station bookstalls until I got the job with the Daily Express as a circulation representative.   This company evolved into Express Newspapers and I evolved into a Sales Development Manager until I took early retirement in '94.   Married in the 1950s.   Two children and three grandchildren.   Came to live on the Greek island of Kalymnos to start a new life with my then partner Faith.   We married in 2000."
Smith Alan Flight Lieutenant Sir Alan Smith CBE, DFC and bar
Appears: obit,
Location     Wife: Alice Died Age alansmith.jpg, 1930 bytes
Perth. 1Mar13.  95
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
93 Sqn pilot. Nov42. Jan43
Notes: Douglas Bader's wingman on 616 Sqn.
Smith I Group Captain "Black" Irving S Smith CBE, OBE DFC and bar (Retd)
Appears: drummond, Inv11-58, 4f540Oct58, 4f540Nov58, PartyNov58, 93540Dec58, 4f540Jan59, 2540Jan59, EdOff, tedboymar592, 93540May59, eagle2may59, hdvis559, hdmst559, 4f540Jul59, fire59, cfsvis, avtur, ladrw59, menu59, fwhq, MRoseDngOutJan60, 2540Mar60, srb, bergh, airqtr, soccer461, hdvis560p1, AOCBouchMay60, AOCMay60, aocnote, ladclb1, ladclb2, 2540Sep60, 540Oct60, frandn, MTHO1, news, 16aug05, obit,
Location     Wife: Deb Died Age blacksmith-.jpg, 1412 bytes
Northleigh, Devon Feb2000. 82
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Station Commander 1Oct58. 21Sep61.
Notes: Born Invercargill, New Zealand 21May17.   Joined RAF Mar40.Son, General Sir Rupert Smith, formerly commander of the UN Protection Force in Bosnia.
Smith J Pilot Officer "Smithie" John J Smith
Appears: fasspartyfeb54, crash,
Location      Wife: Rita. Died Age johnjsmith.jpg, 1139 bytes
Crashed in Vampire WA380 near Soltau during some practice cine-gun attacks. 21Dec53.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot at Fassberg. Sep53 Fassberg.. 21Dec53 Fassberg.
Notes: Ken Senar says: "John James Smith had been an apprentice at the engineering and machine tool manufacturer Messrs Jones and Shipman of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. After passing out we were both posted to RAF Pembrey and had adjacent rooms. On leaving Pembrey for embarkation leave, and subsequently meeting up again when boarding the troop train at Liverpool Street Station we found that he was going to Fassberg and I to Jever. We never met again. At a late stage in training John, sometimes called "Smithie" married his long time fiancée, Rita. When I was at Jever I met someone from Fassberg and enquired about John and was quite casually told "Oh, he bought it just before Christmas. Got too close to the ground and made an R/T call saying that he was 'going in'. His wife had come over for Christmas and was terribly distressed".
Smith M Flying Officer Mike J Smith
Location    Wife: Viola. Died Age
Sabre Xb950 exploded after severe fuel leak into engine compressor. Aircraft went into a dive, cleared a row of houses, then crashed one mile east of Heerlen, Netherlands killing the pilot. 5Jul55  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
112 Sqn pilot. Bruggen Bef Jul55. Bruggen 5Jul55.
Smith-Carington Wing Commander John Hanbury Smith-Carington AFC DL (Retd)
Appears: CO, pod151, 98PersNov54, Co2, 98Sqn54, NewYrs54, 98Pig55, perm, 98540Apr55, 1sthunt, 98540May55, 98540Jun55, 98540Jul55, 98540Aug55, 98540Sep55, 98540Oct55, tank21055, qtrnov55, qtrnov255, 98540Dec55, hunnov55, hunnov255, dinoutdec55, 122wgdec55, 98540Dec55, dep1255, cosdec55, cosartdec55, , MQ, AGM60-01, AGM60-02, AGM06
Location      Widow: Noreen Died Age SmithCarington.jpg, 5245 bytes
Deputy Lieutenant Leicestershire, Ashby Folville Lodge, Near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Le14 2TE. 25Jun09.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Commanding Officer 98 Sqn Sep42 Mitchells; May45 Mosquitos; Aug53 Venoms. Jan44; Dec46; 12Dec55.
Notes: 1 R in his name from John Severne 1996 survey return and added DL for Deputy Lieutenant.
Spearman Flying Officer Geoffrey Wickham Spearman
Appears: 4540Sep52, 93540Sep52, 93540Oct52, 93540Nov52, 93540dec52, 93540jan53, 93540Mar53, 93540Apr53, 93540may53, 93540jun53, 93540jul53, mov3/53, 93540Aug53, vz877,
Location Died Age
Mid-air collision 4 mls South of Werdum, Lower Saxony, Germany. 8 mls NW of Jever. 14Aug53. 21.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn then 93 Sqn pilot. 14Sep52 to 4 Sqn, 93 19Sep52. 14Aug53.
Notes: In 93 Sqn Vampire Fb.5 Vz877 R, whilst practising a battle formation break at 5,000 feet, the nose and cockpit of the aircraft struck the underside of the No.4 who was flying WA460 - crashed 4 miles South of Werdum, 8 miles North West of Jever airfield.   Pilot baled out but was killed when his parachute failed to open.   The other pilot Fg Off Bob Hannah baled out successfully.
Spencer Flying Officer Derrick "Spike" Spencer
Appears: Sep45, Aircrew45,
Location Died Age derrickspencer.jpg, 1530 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot. bef Sep45. Aft Sep45.
Notes: Photo submitted by son and daughter Barbara and Michael Spencer:
Spiers Air Commodore Reggie R J Spiers OBE FRAeS (Retd)
Appears: 4f540Mar59, gift359, 4f540Apr59, 4f540Jun59, Sqn59, SqnShirts59, SqnCrazy59, HatsSqn59, tedboy, hdvis559, hdmst559, HMTea5-59, 4f540Jul59, 4f540Aug59, 4f540Sep59, 4f540Oct59, 4f540Nov59, 4f540Dec59, MarchAOC60, MarchAOC602, Inv12-60, 4f540Feb60, 4f540Mar60, 4f540Apr60, 4f540May60, hdvis560p1, 4f540Jun60, syltscores, 4f540Jul60, 4f540sep60, 4f540oct60, 4f540dec60, finaldi, finaldi3
Location    Wife: Cynthia (Deceased Jul16). Died Age ReggieSpiers.jpg, 8636 bytes
Barton Stacey and Penton Mewsey, Surrey. 2Jun17. 88.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Officer Commanding 4 Sqn 13Mar59. 31Dec60.
Notes: To OC Flying Wg Jever.
Spooner Lieutenant Colonel Phil P A Spooner (Retd)
Appears: EdOff, carom, 2cars, AGM93-15, AGM93-21, AGM93-22, AGM93-26, AGM94-20, AGM95-09, AGM96-20, AGM99-7, AGM99-16, AGM99-18, AGM99-21, nov07, lgn07pic27, lgn07pic28, lgn07pic44, lgn07pic49, lgn07pic52,
Location    Wife: Sue Died Age
1 Maplehurst Road, Summersdale, Chichester, West Sussex Po19 4QL Tel: 01243-5287 July 2001  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC Royal Sigs. Air Formation Signals Troop. About 1959. About 1960.
Stacey Flying Officer Derek Bernard Stacey (Retd)
Appears: 454Dec53, pod80, 454Jan4, 93540Jan54,
Location Died Age
Crashed into a wood in Vampire FB5 in Germany.   See Notes. 28Dec53. (Click to see aircraft details). 23.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn pilot. Dec53. 28Dec53.
Notes: Cranwell 58 Entry Apr53. Believed happened to Vampire FB 5 Wa167 on Mon 28Dec53.  Funeral in Hamburg Sat 2Jan54.   From Ron Gray's Notes 21Mar06; "Brian Watson came to 4 Sqn with another Cranwell graduate, Derek Stacey, who was only with us a few short weeks when he crashed into a wood, believed to be flying his Vampire under a Cumulo-Nimbus on a low level X-cty".
Stanway Wing Commander Ian M I Stanway (Retd)
Location    Wife: Sheila Died Age
Colgate, W Sussex 14Mar07. 77
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
14 Sqn and 26 Sqn Pilot.   Outer Basket.    
Notes: Ian died rather unexpectedly at age 77, after making an initially promising recovery from major heart surgery at the London Heart Hospital, where both he and Sheila were impressed with the quality of care they had during his stay.   Ian had been up and about, gently walking around at home for almost ten days - quite a tragic reverse for Sheila, after they had both felt Ian was over the worst and on the way back to a full recovery.   At the back of my Hunter book (Roy Braybrook) where many of my Germany friends put in their squadrons, normally done in chronological order, Ian had entered his in upward numerical order as 5, 14, 26, 28, 41, 63, 71 & 603 Sqns.   Ian had been hoping to have been fit enough to make the 124 Hunter Wing RAF Club Reunion on 14 April.
St Aubyn Group Captain "Bunny" Bernard St Aubyn (Retd)
Appears: 2540Apr58, 2540Nov58, 2540Mar59, 2540Apr59, crashsylt9apr59, crashsylt9apr592, crashsylt9apr593, 2540Oct59, 2540Jan60, 2540Mar60, 2sqnMar60, 2540Apr60, 2540May60, 2540Jun60, 2540Jul60, 2540Aug60, 2540Sep60, 2540Oct60, 2540Nov60, 2540Dec60, 2540Jan61
Location    Wife: Breda (Deceased) Died Age BunnyStAubyn.jpg, 1449 bytes
Buckingham 4Jul17. 85.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
2 Sqn pilot. Apr58. Aft Jan61.
Notes: Recent news of Bunny 21Apr09: Personally, I am well, have a good pulse and take an active interest in aviation matters - from reading the mags and doing some flight sim to popping over to Bruntingthorpe when they fire-up their two Lightnings.  I also have an amazing kid brother who gained his Wings in Canada in the early 50's and, though now a Rev and shortly to celebrate his 75th birthday, still flies Cessnas out of Manston and, if the medics allow, plans to renew in May his annual ticket and IMC rating!!   He keeps me up-to-date on ILS and such-like civil matters.   So, though Bucks is hardly jumping and grandchildren are getting more expensive by the day, life is pretty good.
Steib Squadron Leader P F Steib (Retd)
Appears: 93hist
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
OC 93 Sqn. 1Jan46. 13Aug46.
St John Squadron Leader Harris St John (Retd)
Appears: COs, 21may44, 21may45,
Location Died Age
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
4 Sqn OC. 21May44. 21May45.
Notes: Presumed dead.
Stenger Pilot Officer Paul Stenger (Retd)
Appears: hist,
Location Died Age paulstengerdb.jpg, 1242 bytes
Shot down over France. 20Jun42  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn pilot WWII.   118 Sqn 20Jun42
Notes: Paul was the eldest son of my mother's only brother: H.A.J. Stenger.   He is buried in Senlis (near Paris), next to P/O Veen; I visited his grave some years ago.   Paul's older sister Dolly, who has passed away, has a son: Paul Blaupot ten Cate.   This Paul has flown a Starfighter for the Royal Netherlands Air Force: 322 sqdn.   He is retired and lives in Belgium.   May Paul and all the RAF heroes rest in peace.    Hans Vles, Middelburg, Holland.
Stephenson Flight Officer Margaret Stephenson (Retd)
Appears: love, 93540May59, 3Nurs, GrmNurs, sail2,
Location   Husband's Name: Joe Parker 93 Sqn Died Age margaretstephenson.jpg, 1571 bytes
Amesbury, Wiltshire    
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Nursing Sister in PMRAFNS Maternity Unit. Aug58.  
Stewart Flying Officer Ian Stewart (Retd)
Appears: 118hist, logbook
Location Died Age ianstewart.jpg, 1120 bytes
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn WWII. 14May42. Aft 24Nov42.
Stratton Pilot Officer Ted William Edward Stratton
Appears: xmasdec53, syltdec53,
Location Died Age tedstratton.jpg, 1392 bytes
Practice attack v Army vehicles hit ground southwest of Dollerup, Germany. 23Mar54.  
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn Venom pilot. Fassberg bef 29Dec53. Killed 23Mar54.
Strudwick Air Commodore Arthur Sidney Ronald Strudwick CB DFC (Retd)
Appears: ocfwdoFass53, 121wg, 98Hist, Venoms, 98SqnMar53, sqn3532, obit,
Location Died Age DaveStrudwick.jpg, 6622 bytes
  11Jun13. 92.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
CO 98Sqn pilot Fassberg. 15Mar51. 30Aug53.
Studholme Sergeant William Studholme MM Royal Flying Corps
Appears: hist, obit,
Location Died Age DaveStrudwick.jpg, 6622 bytes
France. 5Sep17. 19.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
Observer 4Sqn France. After Jun15 RFC. 5Sep17.
Notes: Svc No: 77451
Sutherland I Flight Lieutenant Iain "Jock" Sutherland (Retd)
Appears: hist, self, sep45, nov45, bruce, nfu, Rtn Vid List VideoApolIntro, Rtn Sqn List VideoApolIntro,
Location    Wife: Babs. Died Age iainsutherland.jpg, 1360 bytes
Tigh-na-Leven Cottage, Dunmere, Tabert, Argyll, Pa29 6XZ. 2Apr10. 89.
Jever Details - Unit/Role Arrived Departed
118 Sqn WWII pilot B Flt Cdr. Bef Nov45. Not at Jever. 10Mar46. Not at Jever.
Notes: Son Graeme: Tel: 01880-820580.   Max Sutherland DFC and bar is Iain's brother-in-law and Max led the raid on the Shell-Mex Building on 18Mar45.   (Click to see.)
Sutton Air Marshal Sir John Matthias Dobson Sutton KCB (Retd)
Appears: M18flt, hapwest55, stnhockap55, pod139, pod141, pod149, press, ten655, ten6552, gdn655, gdn6552, BBQ2Jul55, party7552, sumball55, 98540Jul55, tosa55, tosa553, tosa554, garage553, VideoM044, 4f540dec55, 122wgde