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F540 Operations Record Book October 1955.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. Off. F. J. Maycock.___ Refs

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R.A.F. JEVER 1.10.55        Apart from four aircraft????????????????????????????????????????.
morning was spent bringing Squadron duties up to date.   Most of the airmen attended
trade training lectures.
                                                Flights :- 5        Hours   4. 40
  3.10.55        Good weather stayed with us throughout the day, and a full day's flying
programme was carried out.   Flights consisted mainly of battle formation and
snake Q.G.H. practice, with a few cine quarter attacks towards the end of the
                                             Flights :- 32          Hours   23.55
  4.10.55        We were only able to get four aircraft airborne today due to deterioration of
the weather.   The rest of the day was spent attending lectures, and a very
good film on the "Battle of Britain" was shown in Flying Wing Headquarters.
                                           Flights :- 4        Hours   4.00
  5.10.55        Flying started off well this morning with five battle formation trips of
four aircraft each, but the weather deteriorated once again by lunch time,
flying was limited to one pair per Squadron.   The airfield closed at 1300
hours for a Station spots afternoon.
                                           Flights :- 17        Hours   13.30
  6.10.55        Today was by far the best flying day we have had with our Hunters, thanks
to a combination of good serviceability and good weather.   All flights were battle
and snake Q.G.H. exercises, and in some cases a tail chase also.
     Flying Wing was given a stand-down until Monday morning in lieu of the
previous week-end, when we were on Exercise "Fox Paw".   Two new pilots
arrived???????????????????Pilot Officer F Dawson and Pilot Officer M
.   They have both just completed a Vampire/Hunter O.C.U. at Chivenor.
                                             Flights :- 43          Hours   32.20
  10.10.55        Although the weather remained excellent all day, we were not able to equal
last Thursday's effort, mainly because we had four of our aircraft on primary
                                             Flights :- 22          Hours   17.50
  11.10.55        Thick fog persisted all day and there was no flying.   In the morning, films
were shown in Flying Wing Headquarters, a series of three on the Battle of Britain
and one on the security precautions necessary for crashed aircraft.
     Two aircraft were due to go to Lyneham this morning, but were, of course,
  12.10.55        The fog was still with us today, and so once again a ground training programme
was carried out, quite a lot of the time being devoted to aircraft recognition.
     The afternoon was a Station sports afternoon.
  13.10.55        Two pilots were standing by all day ready to take off for Lyneham, should
the weather clear.   Unfortunately, this did not materialise, and it was
again a day of films and lectures, much to the discontent of all concerned.
  14.10.55        Yet another day of fog, conditions remained absolutely static here at
Jever, with little prospect of any improvement.
  15.10.55        At long last the fog began to lift this morning, and by 11:00 hours, one
aircraft was airborne for Lyneham, the other one did not take off due to
generator trouble.   One pair was flown from each flight, one practising cine
quarters at 30,000 feet, and the other battle formation and a snake Q.G.H.
                                             Flights :- 6          Hours   5.10
  17.10.55        The aircraft which are delayed on Saturday took off today for Lyneham, and at
the same time, two modified ones returned.   One officer from the Squadron, Flying
Officer C. Boyack
, was detached to Minden for ten days on an escape and evasion
exercise.   Squadron training again consisted mainly of battle formation flights,
plus a few cine quarter attack exercises.
                                             Flights :- 27         Hours   20.45
  18.10.55        The two new pilots were today given a dual check-out by the Squadron Commander.
Pilot Officer Shearer is in "A" Flight and Plt. Off. Dawson is in "B" Flight.   The
rest of the Squadron had a good day's flying, mainly in fours, doing high level
battle formation and dog-fights.   Flying Officer P. Smith returned from Lyneham
with a 26 Squadron Hunter 4, which he delivered to Oldenburg this afternoon.
                                                Flights :- 21       Hours   17.25
  19.10.55        A good morning's flying, with, for a change, threes flying co-ordinated
quarters and simulated sixes.   Both the new pilots flew their first Hunter
trips with the Squadron.
     The afternoon was a Station sports afternoon, and the Squadron pilots, led by
the C.O, made a gentle cross-country sortie around the airfield perimeter.
                                           Flights :- 16       Hours   12.00
R.A.F. JEVER 20.10.55        Two more Squadron aircraft were ferried to Lyneham in the afternoon for modification.
The day's flying was mainly in pairs ; on cine ; close, battle, and low level
formation; and a high level strike.   In the afternoon, an "A" Flight aircraft
was forced to shut down with engine trouble on the beginning of the runway, and
in consequence, a "B" Flight pair diverted to Oldenburg.
                                             Flights :- 24       Hours   19.50
  21.10.55        There was quite a lot of shower activity today, but fortunately not intense enough
to hamper flying.   Serviceability, however, was not as good as was expected and
consequently the flying programme fell behind schedule.
                                         Flights :- 19             Hours   15.25
  22.10.55        Bad weather delayed the start of flying this morning, and even when a start was
made, we were limited to two aircraft per Squadron.   Sergeant Pilot Williams
was killed this morning when his aircraft crashed shortly after taking off
from Oldenburg.   [Web Master adds: He had gone by train to Oldenburg, (about which he was very angry as there was supposedly no service vehicles available), to recover one of the aircraft that had been diverted there on 20Oct55 as reported above.]
                                         Flights :- 3             Hours   2.15
  24.10.55        Three more Hunters took off today for Lyneham, bring the total of 4 Squadron
aircraft there now, to six.   Squadron flying consisted mainly of cine quarter
exercises, with a few high level battle formations.
                                         Flights :- 6       Hours   5.00
  25.10.55        There was no flying today, all the pilots and S.N.C.O.s went to Hamburg for
the funeral of Sergeant Pilot Williams.   Two of our pilots arrived back from
Lyneham today, but unfortunately both were flying Oldenburg aircraft.
R.A.F. JEVER 26.10.55        Rain and low cloud prevented any flying this morning.   Films were shown
and lectures given in Flying Wing Headquarters.   The afternoon was a Station
sports afternoon and once again the majority of Squadron pilots along with
the Squadron Commander, went for a cross-country run around the airfield.
  27.10.55        Two more pilots returned today from Lyneham, but once again both aircraft
were for Oldenburg.   We still have six aircraft being modified at Lyneham
and consequently cannot expect as high a serviceability rate had we our full
complement of aircraft.   Pairs were flown from each flight, practising cine
quarters and high level battle formation.   The Squadron Commander and Flying
Officer Sanders
did one dual night flying trip each in preparation for our
night flying programme due to start shortly.
                                                 Flights  18    Hours   13.25
  28.10.55        The day's flying was mainly very similar to yesterday's programme, with the
addition of a few practice G.C.A.s at Ahlhorn.   By way of a change, three pilots
had one trip each in the Station Flight Prentice.
                                          Flights  18      Hours   14.35
  29.10.55        Before flying this morning, the Squadron pilots had a short drill refresher
period under the direction of the C.O.   We only had two serviceable aircraft
this morning, and these were flown alternatively by both flights.
                                             Flights  8         Hours   7
  31.10.55.        One more pilot returned from Lyneham today, but unfortunately once again
the aircraft was for Oldenburg.   Exercises were divided more or less evenly
between co-ordinated quarter attacks and high level battle formation.
                                          Flights   21        Hours.   16.55
           TOTALS FOR THE MONTH :-
                                                          Total Flights:-     322
                                                          Total Hours :-     259.45
                                                          Training Hours :- 17.30
                                                          Safety pilot         :- 21.25

          Flight Lieutenant C.A. Vasey left the Squadron on the 15th of this month,
his tour having expired after four years.   Flying Officer P.J. Langstone
returned from an aircraft recognition instructors course on the 18th, Flight
Lieutenant B. Watson
on the 28th from the O.A.T.S. course and Flying Officer
C. Boyack
on the 29th from an escape and evasion exercise.   Also on the 29th,
Flying Officer P.J. Smith left for a three-week chemical warfare course.
          The Squadron strength is now one less than last month, Sgt. Bradbrook
left for Oldenburg on the 14th, Corporal Gooch left on being promoted to
sergeant, and Sergeant Perkins was posted in on the 6th as Disciplinary N.C.O.

          The month was marred by the death of Sergeant Williams in a flying accident
at R.A.F. Oldenburg on the 22nd.   he was buried in the British Section of the
Hamburg Cemetery on the 25th.
          The activities for the month were routine training with a good cross-section
of practices being flown.   The flying hours achieved were curtailed due to a week
of bad weather and a shortage of aircraft, the latter caused by the U.K. Hunter
modification programme.   Preparations have been made for the start of dusk and
night flying in the coming month.
          Three pilots are now operational on the Hunter with many more approaching
that state.
                        FJMaycock                                                       PWGilpin
                  (F.J. MAYCOCK)                                           (P.W.GLPIN)
                  Flying Officer,                                                Squadron Leader,
                  Compiling Officer                                        Officer Commanding
                  Number 4 Squadron                                   Number 4 Squadron
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