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F540 Operations Record Book February 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                           COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off Cummins       REF. TO APPENDICES
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R.A.F. JEVER FEB 1958   Saturday February 1st - Friday February 7th.
     Battle Flight stood by over the weekend in fog, flew in clear weather on Monday
morning and stood by in the afternoon owing to poor serviceability.   An early start
was made on Tuesday because of Exercise 'Alert' but bad weather closed the airfield
in the afternoon.   Low cloud and rain on Wednesday delayed flying.   Thursday saw a
return of snow but flying was possible around midday.   The airfield was Black on
Friday because of snow and ice.   The squadron stood down for the weekend.
      Monday February 10th - Saturday February 15th, 1958
     High level battle formation, cine exercises, and low level cross countries gave a
good start to the week.   Tuesday found the Squadron back on 'Battle Flight'.   Flying was possible on every day, very few sorties being lost because of unserviceability.
      Sunday February 16th - Friday February 21st
     Standing by on Sunday the Squadron was given a practice scramble up to take-off
point.   Snow showers on Monday interfered with flying and resulted in three pairs being
diverted to Ahlhorn.   The airfield was 'Black' on Tuesday morning but flying was
possible in the afternoon, snow showers again interfering with the programme.   Thin
ice on the runway prevented an early start on Wednesday, four aircraft were airborne by
08.50 hrs.   One pilot was able to lower his port undercarriage leg only after great
difficulty but a safe landing was made.   On Thursday an air-to-ground programme was
carried out, top scorer being Flt. Lt. Carver with 53% however snow showers eventually
stopped flying.   After more snow showers on Friday morning high level sorties were
flown with cine exercises and tailchases.   The Squadron then unexpectedly stood down
for the weekend.
      Monday 24th February - Friday 28th February
     Monday was fine and high and low level sorties were flown all day.   Tuesday saw
the Squadron back on 'Battle Flight' and return of heavy snow.   No flying took place until Thursday when four sorties were flown.   Flying was also possible on Friday
afternoon but the rest of the time was spent standing by.
Hunter Mk. 6   264.50        23.50        276
Vampire T.XI      10.10          3.45.                26    
Totals    283.00      27.35         302
  2nd   Fg. Off. P. King returned from Rolls Royce Avon Handling Course.  
  17th   Fg. Off. J. Lakeman started the I.R.E. Course.  
  9th   Fg. Off. D.J. Gleen and Fg. Off. J.B. Cummins started the Winter Survival Course at Bad
Kohlgrub returning on the 22nd.
  23rd   Fg. Off. G.A. Talbot started the Winter Survival Course.  
(i)   During the month of February the Squadron flew a total of 283.40 Hunter Hours
of which 23.50 were by night and 21.55 Vampire T.XI.
(ii)   Again the two principal handicaps to flying effort and balanced training were
poor weather conditions and the Battle Flight commitment.   Several snow showers were
experienced of varying intensity and the Station Snow Plan was utilised frequently to
good effect.   However only eight full days were available, and thirteen partial
flying days during the month.
(iii)   The Squadron were committed to Battle Flight for the following inclusive dates:-
                                             1st - 3rd Feb.      - 3 days
                                             11th - 17th "        - 7 days
                                             25th - 28th Feb. - 4 days
                                                          Total       14 days.

     Apart from the reduction of flying intensity and consequent loss of flying hours
which Battle Flight entails it will be seen from the TacformStats 3002 (F) that
the balance of training leaves much to be desired.
(iv)   An attempt was made to carry out Air to Ground firing at Strohen range on
18th and 20th February but this was frustrated by weather conditions and only three
sorties were achieved for an average of 24%
      Signed JJ Parker                                                          
Flight Lieutenant                                                          
For   OFFICER COMMANDING                                           
NO. 93 SQUADRON.                                                   
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