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F540 Operations Record Book December 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER..P.O..L.A..Francis... REFS TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. SYLT 1/12/52&             Persistent ground fog prevented flying to-day.  
  2/12/52             Flying was possible from mid-day onwards, and the South Range was used by the
squadron.   After spending six days at Jever, Flt.Lt. Robinson and Fg.Off. Beaumont
were able to return to Sylt.
  3/12/52             A fine day, and all pilots except Fg.Off, Beaumont who is not yet operational,
fired on Arrun range.   The best stoppage rate to date was achieved, there being
only one stoppage in 1911 rounds fired.
  4/12/52             Better weather continued, and 2426 rounds were fired with only one stoppage.
Results, too, showed a heartening improvement.
  5/12/52             North range was used to-day.   Three stoppages occurred due to broken seers?  
  6 & 7/12/52             Ground ice and fog prevented all flying.  
  8/12/52             Our first stoppage-free day, on which 1868 rounds were fired.   Flying finished
at 15.00 hours because of the approach of sea fog.
  9/12/52             Five sorties were flown, and flying was then impossible because of ice on the
runway.   No stoppages occurred.


            Very bad weather caused the abandonment of the flying programme on these four
days.   The aircrew and S.N.C.O's gave a farewell party for Sgt.R. Grice who left us
for U.K. and civilian life.   Sgt. Grice joined the squadron on May, 1951, soon after
its re-formation and has been very popular.   We were all sorry to see him go and wish
him the best of luck for the future.
  14/12/52           Again we were not able to complete the flying programme, but we had a stoppage
free morning, in which 948 rounds were fired.
  15/12/52             A few sorties were possible in the afternoon.   Although only half the programme
was completed, we were pleased to see that for the fourth consecutive day, no stoppage
  16/12/52             On what was to be our last firing day at Sylt, the most number of rounds were
fired - 2476 - and three stoppages occurred.   In th evening a squadron party was
held in Westerland, and enjoyed by all who attended it.
  17/12/52             The squadron returned to Jever, leaving one aircraft behind unserviceable.
Fg.Off;s Concannon and Le Breton and Plt.Off. Dawes, and 14 ground staff left
Sylt for U.K. leave.
RAF JEVER 18/12/52             Fg.Off. Beaumont did two controlled descents, including one on primaries.  
  19/12/52             The remainder of the squadron' stores and personnel arrived by rail from Sylt  
  20/12/52             The pack-wagons were unloaded and equipment was restored to the hangar.  
  22/12/52             The cine training of Fg.Off. Beaumont continued, whilst other pilots practiced medium and low level battle formation.  
  23/12/52             The only flight to-day was a weather recce made by Flt.Lt. Robinson which
conformed the fact that it was unfit for flying.   The Christmas Grant started from
A.D. hours.
  28/12/52             The squadron maintained a Battle Flight on the last day of the Grant.   We
were not called upon to fly.
  29/12/52             We started upon a weeks normal Battle Flight, but the presence of low cloud
and mist prevented all flying.
  30/12/52             Quite a busy day for Battle Flight.   Two P.I. trips were carried out as a four,
and we were briefed for an air to air firing trip which did not ,however, materialise.
A proposed R/P trip to Meppen Range was also postponed due to low cloud.
  31/12/52             Once more flying was impossible due to poor visibility and very low cloud.   We
were stood down from 12.30 hours for a sports afternoon.

              Chief interest this month was in the first fortnight of our detachment to APPS
Sylt.   We were unfortunate in that bad weather prevented us from completing our
programme, and from obtaining continuity in firing.   This unfortunate misfortune was
reflected in our scores, which were not as high as we had hoped, although they were
the best of the three squadrons at Sylt during this period.

MORALE          Both discipline and morale were high at Sylt, especially considering
the hindrances caused by continued bad weather.   The airmen entered a bar into
the station competition and used it over the Christmas period.

  SPORT             Little time was available for sport this month, but we managed to play 266
Squadron at soccer, and lost 5 - 2.   We look forward to continuing our fixtures in
the New Year.

  STRENGTH    Pilots
                                                                                                 S.N.C.O's         8
Sqn.Ldr.    I.D.  Bolton                                                              Corporals         8
Flt.Lt.         R.B. Robinson                                                        Airmen           71
Flt.Lt.         D.A. Blair
Fg.Off.       T.G.D. Dawkins    Fg.Off.  S.D. Le Breton
Fg. Off.      E.D. Creswick      Fg.Off.   R.A. Hancock
Fg.Off.       K.A. Williamson   Plt.Off.   L.R. Francis                               signedIDBolton
Fg.Off.       J.W. Beaumont    Plt.Off.  C.G.D. Jonklass                           (I.D. BOLTON.)
Fg.Off.       B.J.  Concannon  Plt.Off.  A.D.R. Dawes                              Squadron Leader
                                              Plt.Off.  R.C.K. Duke                                 Officer Commanding
                                              Sgt.       B.L.   Jones                                  N0.   112   Squadron.

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