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F540 Operations Record Book December 1954.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.

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JEVER. 1.12.54   A full scale tool check was carried out and all tools were withdrawn, checked and
reissued.   This check was done by the officers and there was no flying.   The afternoon
was a station sports afternoon and a match was played between our officers and our
airmen, the airmen winning 2 - 1.
  2.12.54   It was intended to fly two aircraft from each flight, but both "B" flight's aircraft
became unserviceable and "A" flight continued to fly as a pair.   Bad weather restricted
flying for about three hours after 11.00 hrs.
                          Flights 7            Hours   8.15
  3.12.54   Bad weather prevented flying until late in the afternoon when three individual flights
were made.
                              Flights 3       Hours   2.00
  4.12.54   After the Station Commander's Parade an inspection of the Squadron Barrack Block and
Hangar was carried out by the Station Commander.   There was no flying.   The
afternoon was spent fitting replacement brackets of local manufacture to all our grounded
aircraft.   These brackets will be replaced at the next minor inspection with components
of Canadian manufacture.
  6.12.54   The weather was good and each flight had five aircraft.   This enabled the most extensive
flying programme for several weeks to be carried out with emphasis on high level
battle formation, practice interceptions and tail chases.   Sgt. Williams returned to the
Squadron after a long period of leave.
                            Flights    26         Hours   27.00
JEVER. 7.12.54   Thick fog persisted all day and there was no flying.   In the morning Flight Lieutenant
, the Wing Intelligence Officer gave an interesting lecture on the organisation
of N.A.T.O.   n the afternoon an indoor hockey match was played between the officers
and airmen of the Squadron.
  8.12.54   Fog held up flying until 11.00hrs when each flight put up a pair of aircraft for close
quarter attacks at 20,000ft.   The afternoon was a station sports afternoon.   Flt.Lt.
gave a lecture on psychological warfare followed by a period of aircraft
                          Flights    4               Hours     4.40
  9.12.54   Low cloud delayed the start of an air to ground programme.   During this time
the latest edition of Officers' Confidential Orders were read over to the pilots of the
wing by the Flying Wing Adjutant.   This was followed by an Air Traffic Control quiz
before flying commenced at 10.30hrs.   A full day's range programme was carried out.
                           Flights           31          Hours 20.45
Air to Ground Average:- Precision 3.3%   :   Operational 6%
  10.12.54   Weather permitted an early start to the days range programme and a full programme
was carried out.   In addition several individual flights were made.   Three pilots
took and passed their instrument re-rating tests.   A start was also made today checking
the gunsights in readiness for Sylt.
                          Flights     43           Hours     27.55
Air to Ground Average:- Precision 5%   :      Operational 2.7%
  11.12.54   The Station Commander's Parade was held in thick fog, which persisted throughout the
morning, thus preventing any flying.   Pilots carried out individual squadron duties.
JEVER. 13.12.54   Flying was somewhat restricted today due to aircraft on gunsight checks.   The weather
was excellent throughout the day, and the time was spent mainly practicing cine attacks
for the forthcoming Sylt detachment.   Flight Lieutenant Vasey took four new pilots to
Bruggen for their check out on the Sabre.
                                Flights    15           Hours  12.25
  14.12.54   Good weather prevailed today, and a full days flying was carried out.   Sorties were
divided between high level battle formation, aerobatics, and cine-quarter attacks
                              Flights     16         Hours   14.40
  15.12.54   During the morning low cloud and rain prevented any flying, and films were shown in
the flying wing headquarters followed by aircraft recognition.   The afternoon was a
station sports afternoon.
  16.12.54   The airfield was fog bound for the whole of the day.   Films on the German A4 rocket
were shown, followed by various lectures and some aircraft recognition.
  17.12.54   Yet another foggy day was spent in a similar manner with lectures and films in Flying
Wing Headquarters.   The pilots at Bruggen have experienced weather much the same as
ours, and have not, as yet, managed to get any trips in.
  18.12.54   After the colour hoisting parade, the morning was spent catching up on squadron jobs.
in addition all pilots were shown how to re-arm a Sabre, and this was followed by each
pilot trying out a rearmament to ensure that the demonstration was understood.
  20.12.54   A reasonable amount of flying took place today, despite the frequent storms which
crossed the airfield.   Sorties consisted of high level battle formation,
          cine-quarter attacks, and a few aerobatic trips.
                              Flights  20          Hours    16.15
JEVER. 21.12.54   Battle flight today was shared by "A" and "B" flights and a number of practice
interceptions took place.   The standard of control unfortunately was not very good.
A number of cross country flights were also carried out in the remaining aircraft.
                             Flights   13               Hours    14.15
  22.12.54   Battle flight was again active, but on a limited scale with two sorties only,
throughout the day, the second consisting of a search for distressed shipping in the
North Sea.
                       Flights    11                 Hours  13.20
  23.12.54   The weather slowly deteriorated after the start of flying, with gale force winds and
frequent storms.   A number of low level cross countries were carried out however, and
during these, Christmas greetings were dropped to certain rival wings in the command.
The station closed for the Christmas grant at 17.00hrs, until 08.00hrs on the 29th.
                                     Flights     14        Hours 12.25
  29.12.54   A visibility of 500 yards throughout the day prevented any flying.   In the morning
films were shown, followed by aircraft recognition.   In the afternoon all pilots
went to the gym to play various games.
  30.12.54   The fog was still with us today, so a ground programme similar to yesterday's was
carried out, with the addition of a very enjoyable skeet shooting competition in the
latter half of the morning.
JEVER. 31.12.54   Today was by far the best flying weather we have had this month, and consequently a
fairly good days flying was achieved.   In view of our detachment to Sylt on the 3rd of
January, sorties were mainly cine-quarter attacks, but a few solo aerobatics and mach
run sorties were also flown.            Flights    23                Hours   21.50
SUMMARY FOR MONTH   OPERATIONAL TYPES      226                                209
                                               TRAINING TYPES                 75                                36.10
 /TD>      SUMMARY

The distressing state of having fourteen aircraft A.O.G. was relieved during the first
week of this month when local manufacture brackets arrived   After a weekends work
a good start was made on Monday 6th, when the weather was fine.   The good weather
didn't last however, fog or low stratus delaying the start of flying most days.
Flying practices consisted mainly of high level formations with attacking aircraft,
the result was often a very interesting dog fight.   Cine film was carried on all high
level exercises but the time taken in assessing film amply demonstrated the need for
a sight head camera.
          A small detachment spent a completely abortive week at Bruggen.   The aim was to
check out on new pilot and familiarise three others on a long runway.   The party
was fogbound from arrival to departure which was by train, the aircraft being recovered
the following week.
       The last week of the month was perhaps a fortunately non-flying weather which allowed
intensive ground work on gun and radar harmonisation.   During this period the pilots
were occupied with lectures, films, clay pigeon shooting and several strenuous
period of physical training.
JEVER               Compiling Officer..........FJ Maycock......................
                                                  (F.J. MAYCOCK) Flying Officer

                                                       (C.A. VASEY)
                                                       Flight Lieutenant
                                           for       Officer Commanding
                                                       No. 4 Squadron.
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