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No 93 Squadron Movement Order No. 9/52 10Sep52
93S/S.1/6/AIR	                                                    Copy No..12......

                    No. 93 SQUADRON OPERATION ORDER No. 9/52
(Reference No. 2 Group Operation Instruction No. 34/52) APPENDICES:- 'A' - Main Party 'A' 'B' - Air Party 'C' - Main Party 'B' 'D' - Convoy Instructions 'E' - Local Order & Bounds - BUCKEBURG INFORMATION 1. This order, to be read in conjunction with the relevant R.A.F. JEVER OPERATION ORDER NO. 1/52 and is intended to provide further details for the internal working of the Squadron during Exercise "HOLDFAST". INTENTION 2. To move No. 93 Squadron together with the other units of the JEVER Wing, to BUCKEBURG for the Exercise "HOLDFAST", taking place over the period 16th-22nd. Sept. 1952; the move is to completed by 1600 hrs. on 14th Sept. 1952. EXECUTION 3. The move will take place in the stages:- (a) Main Party 'A' This party which is detailed at APPENDIX 'A' is to move to BUCKEBURG by road in the vehicles stated on the 12th. Sept. 1952, departing at 07.20 hrs. The party is to take sufficient ground servicing equipment, spares oils, and re-fuellers to receive, service and operate aircraft on their arrival. (b) Air Party. This party, aircraft and pilots detailed at APPENDIX 'B' will fly out at approx. 06.00 A hrs. on the 14th. Sept. 1952, or as soon thereafter as weather permits. (c) Main Party 'B' This party,detailed at Appendix "C", is to despatch the aircraft on the 14th. Sept., load all remaining ground equipment & proceed to BUCKEBURG in convoy as soon as possible thereafter. The estimated time of departure is 07.10 A hrs. ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS 4. Loading. The loading of vehicles is of necessity governed by the earliest time at which they can be obtained. The planned date for the issue of vehicles is:- (1) Main Party 'A'(Convoy No. A.2) 11th. Sept. 1952 by 12.00 hrs. 6 - 3 tonners 1 - Bus 1 - Tender Water 350 galls. 1 - Tender Power 10 K.V.A. 1 - Tender Charging 2 - KAKIBLE Re-fuellers The load-carrying vehicles of this convoy are to carry the servicing equipment for the flight, plus P.O.L., plus all domestic equipment This convoy is to be loaded and parked on the Squadron's apron by cease-work on the 11th. Sept.,ready in all respects to move off early the following morning. (2) Main Party 'B' (Convoy No. B.2) 13th. Sept. 1952 by 12.00 hrs. 6 - 3 tonners 2 - KAKIBLE Re-fuellers 1 - Vanguard 1 - Jeep The load-carrying vehicles of this convoy are to lift the remainder of the Squadron's servicing equipment and the vehicles are to be loaded and parked on the Squadron's apron by 'cease-work' on the 13th. Sept. 1952.All items other than sufficient trolley accumulators and servicing equipment to despatch the aircraft can be loaded on the 13th. Sept. 5. Vehicles. Drivers of vehicles are to ensure that each vehicle carries sufficient petrol for the journey- 250 miles. Arrangements have been made to top up vehicles on the loading platforms on the 11th. and 13th, Sept. for each convoy respectively. N.C.O.'s i/c convoys are to liaise with the M.T. Section and obtain the services of the re-fueller for this purpose on the dates stated. Drivers are to be issued with maps and route cards by the Squadron Adjutant and provided with a copy of the Convoy Instructions at APPENDIX 'D'. Drivers are to ensure that they are in possession of the form mentioned therein. Class 'A' and G.S.O. drivers are to be brought on Squadron ration strength and to live with the Squadron for the period of the exercise. The Convoy Assembly Point is in front of the Squadron Hangar. Convoys are to proceed independently. 6. Meals. A daily detail, including Reveille and breakfast hours, is to be posted on Squadron notice boards by the Squadron Adjutant the day prior to the departure of each convoy, and he is to arrange early calls and breakfasts necessary. Haversack rations for the journey are to be obtained by all personnel from their respective messes at breakfast on the day of departure. The Discip. N.C.O. is to notify the Catering Section of the number required. 7. Dress. Clean working dress may be worn for the move, plus webbing (with side- pack only). Water bottles are to be filled and carried. N.C.O. Discip. is to make arrangements for the safe custody of remaining kit. Best blue is to be packed for walking out. Knife, fork, mug, spoon, and mess-tin must be taken. 8. Bedding The Adjutant is to obtain and issue one palliasse to each man on personal charge. This, together with four blankets, a pillow and pillow case, is to be made up into a bedding roll, covered with a ground sheet and secured with cord. Bedding remaining in billets is to be securely locked up. Personnel are respon- sible for loading their own kit. 9. Rations. Two weeks supply of cigarettes and sweets are to be drawn in advance, individually, by all personnel. Mobile Canteen will be provided for normal use at BUCKEBURG. 10. Aircrew Baggage. Aircrew baggage and camp kits will travel with Convoy B.2, the baggage in a Vanguard, and Camp Kits in a covered three-tonner. The Adjutant is to make arrangements for the collection of it by 17.00 hours on the 13th. Sept. 11. Pay A pay parade will be held on the 18th. Sept. 1952 at BUCKEBURG. 12. Rations. The N.C.O. i/c Main Party 'A' is to draw two days rations from the Catering Section for consumption until the arrival of the Main Party 'B'. 13. Messing and Accommodation Messing and accommodation in the field will be set up at BUCKEBURG working in conjunction with 30 L.A.A. Squadron, ROYAL AIR FORCE REGIMENT. Main Party 'A' on arrival at BUCKEBURG will be catered for by the Advanced Party of 30 L.A.A. Squadron, already on the site. The N.C.O. i/c is to site and erect tents on the following basis:- 2 - 160 lb. tents)) at dispersal 2 - Marquees )) 2 - 160 lb tents - S.N.C.O.'s Sleeping accommodation 2 - 160 lb tents - Officer's " " 18 - 160 lb tents - Airmen's " " The remaining marquee, which will be used for messing, is not to be sited until the arrival of the Main Party 'B'. Airmen are to be allocated tents by name in order that confusion on arrival shall be avoided. The two cooks supplied by R.A.F. Jever, included in the Main Party 'A'. are to come under the orders of the 30 L.A.A. Squadron on arrival, as are the 93 Squadron airmen detailed. Separate messes will be set up for Officers, S.N.C.O.S and airmen and supplied from the combined 93 Sqdn./30 L.A.A. kitchen. The bulk of the mobile equipment for this purpose will be supplied by 30 L.A.A. Sqdn. and therefore 93 Sqdn. mobile equipment, other than tents, is to be off-loaded and held in bulk until the arrival of the Main Party 'B'. Lines are to be set up separately from 30 L.A.A. Sqdn. 14. Safety Equipment All parachutes due for re-packing during the exercise period are to be re-packed before departure. Dinghies and Mae Wests need not be taken. 15. Aircraft. Aircraft are to be prepared for the take-off at 06.00 hrs. A on 14th. Sept. This is to be completed by 11.00 hrs on the 13th. Sept. 1952. Overload tanks are not to be fitted, but one set of tanks is to be included with the ground equipment. Crystallisation as stated below is to be carried out before departure from Jever. 16. Laundry. No laundry facilities will be available in the field at BUCKEBURG. Airmen are to pack changes of clothing sufficient for ten day's. The N.C.O. Discip. is to arrange for the collection and distribution of laundry on the 11th. Sept. 17. Equipment. All Squadron domestic mobile equipment is to be completely listed before loading, and a copy of the list lodged on this file. Items borrowed from other inventories (e.g. forms and trestles from the H.Q. inventory) are to be in- cluded in this list. N.C.O.'s i/c Sections are to ensure that all ground equipment necessary to operate two flights separately, is loaded. N.C.O. i/c Armament Section is to include a complete set of B.F.M.'s for all air- craft, plus 25% spare, and one spare gun set. Bomb trolleys are not to be loaded, but a set of rocket racks is to be included. N.C.O. i/c Instrument Section is to include sufficient camera film to allow for a turn-over of thirty sorties per day. All available GGS recorder and G45 cam. magazines are to be taken. The Adjutant is to prepare a lockable box with necessary files, stationary and typewriter. 18. Discipline Local Order regarding bounds and dress while at BUCKEBURG are attached at APPENDIX 'E'. 19. Take-off programme Pilot briefing in Flying Wing H.Q. at 0500A hours. Start up at 0600A hours. Unserviceability on take-off repairable in one hour is to be carried out by squadron personnel and is not to hold up departure of the convoy. The vehicle with a rectification party is to be obtained for this purpose. Rectifications requiring a longer period are to be handed over to Tech Wing. INTERCOMMUNICATION 20. Call-Signs. (1) In transit -- NAPKIN - OUTCAST (2) At BUCKEBURG - No. 93 Sqdn. -- OUTCAST No. 112 " -- COALHOUSE No. 4 " -- HANINHILL Wing Leader -- BIRDSHOT Ground/air/Ground -- GIMBLE (as ordered) HANDORF P.D.P. -- BATISMAN ( G.C.I. 1 ) BAD ZWISCHENHAHN -- CACTUS 2 Group Fixer -- PROSPECT 21. Frequencies. In Transit and at BUCKEBURG. Channel 'A' - 100.96 mc/s (5070) - BUCKEBURG Local Airfield Control 'B' - 117.16 mc/s (5970) - 2 Grp. Fixer 'C' - 112.66 mc/s (5720) - G.C.I. 1 'D' - 121.5 mc/s (6210) - Int. Aero. Distress 'E' - 116.1 mc/s (5910) - Allied Fighter Guard 'F' - 106.2 mc/s (5360) - BUCKEBURG Approach and Homer 'G' - 108.54 mc/s (5590) - 2 Grp. Common & Reinforcements. Flash Reports 'H' - 119.16 mc/s (6080) - BUCKEBURG Wing Ops. 'I' - 109.96 mc/s (5570) - G.C.I. 2 'J' - 117.9 mc/s (6010) - A A P C B Common A/F Control Signed SM McGregor R.A.F. JEVER. (S.M. McGREGOR) Sq. Ldr. 14.00 hrs. A. OFFICER COMMANDING 10th SEPT. 1952. NO.93SQUADRON. ( SECRET ) DISTRIBUTION Internal H.Q. ADMIN. WING Copy No. 1 FLIGHT CDRS. Copy NO. 7-8 H.Q. FLYING WING " " 2 CONVOY CDRS. " " 9-10 H.Q. TECH. WING " " 3 FILE 93S/S.1/1/6/AIR " 11 M.T. OFFICER " " 4 F540 " 12-13 CATERING OFFICER " " 5 SPARE " 14-15 O.C. 30 L.A.A. SQN. " " 6 SUFFICIENT COPIES OF CONVOY ORDERS FOR ALL DRIVERS


                                                            APPENDIX "A" TO
                                                    NO. 93 SQDN. OPS. ORDER
                                                    NO. 9/52
                                MAIN PARTY 'A' 
                        Convoy - 2  in  order  of  march
                           OFFICER i/c       --     Plt. Off. Rickards
                           CONVOY  CDR.      --     Sgt. Blair
Thorneycroft 47AF76 804 Sgt. O'Kane P/O Rickards
Ford 45AF78 480 L.A.C. Loftus 686 L.A.C. Sabbarton
Ford Bus   G.S.O. Schroder 295 Cpl. Embers
      451 Cpl. Miller
      833 Cpl. McConnie
      196 L.A.C. Dewsbury
      270 L.A.C. Hislop
      375 L.A.C. Savoy
      147 A.C. Richards
      715 A.C. Tickmer
      319 A.C. Lintott
      127 L.A.C. Wilson
      674 A.C. Hope
      139 L.A.C. Harrison
      476 L.A.C. Allam?
      957 L.A.C. Fulcher
      705 L.A.C. Ritchie
      457 L.A.C. Warwick
      454 L.A.C. Smith
      376 A.C. Bailey
      952 A.C. Agutter
      066 A.C. Packer
      161 A.C. Ewland
      698 L.A.C. Brown
      636 L.A.C. Wills
      315 A.C. Wilson
      675 L.A.C. McEwan?
      342 A.C. Bird  )
                               )  Cooks S.E...
      135 A.C. Tack)
Water Tender   133 L.A.C.Gorman 674 A.C. Linham  ++
KAKIBLE   642 L.A.C. Smith 509 A.C. Smith  ++
KAKIBLE   353 Cpl. Pierpoint 060 L.A.C. Carroll
Thorneycroft 40AF23 821 L.A.C. McGregor 769 L.A.C. Harrison
             " 45AF56   356 L.A.C. Proudfoot
             " 45AF42 416 Sgt. Harrison 299 S.A.C. McDonald
             " 49AF63 634 Sgt.Oulshaw 465 Cpl. Hudson
++ Denotes for kitchen duties with 30 L.A.A. Squadron
93sqnpic255.jpg, 24399 bytes

Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the names but may have interpreted them incorrectly.
If you can recognise your name and know you were on this trip please let me know
so that I can correct the record.        Web Master.


                                                    APPENDIX "B" TO
                                                    NO.93 SQN. OPS. ORDER
                                                    NO. 9/52
                                AIR PARTY

                       S/Ldr. McGREGOR
                       F/L    PATERSON
                       F/L    PEARCH
                       F/O    WALLACE
                       F/O    STURMAN
                       F/O    HARDCASTLE
                       F/O    BATES
                       P/O    FREEMAN
                       P/O    COBURN
                       Sgt.   WEBSTER
                       Sgt.   GARRATT
                       Sgt.   THOMAS
                       Sgt.   WILLIAMS
                      Sgt/Ch. H???SON
93sqnpic257.jpg, 6655 bytes
Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the pilot names but may have interpreted them incorrectly.
If you can recognise your name and know you were on this trip please let me know
so that I can correct the record.        Web Master.

                       (A)   WA317
                       (C)   VZ877
                       (D)   WA319
                       (E)   VV451
                       (F)   WF584
                       (G)   WA191
                       (N)   WA198
                       (P)   VV662
                       (Q)   WF585
                       (R)   WA460
                       (S)   VZ341                          
                       (U)   WA342
                       (X)   VV222
                       (H)   VX463


93sqnpic256.jpg, 11708 bytes
Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the aircraft numbers and letters but may have 
interpreted them incorrectly.   If you can recognise your name and know you were
on this trip please let me know so that I can correct the record.        Web Master.


                                                    APPENDIX "C" TO
                                                    NO.93 SQN. OPS. ORDER
                                                    NO. 9/52
                                MAIN  PARTY  'B'
                           Convoy   B.2  in order of march
                           CONVOY  CDR.-F/S DAVIS?
Vanguard 938 F/S Davis 597 F/S Warner
    692 Cpl. Jackson
Thorneycroft 065 Sgt. O'Neill 969 Cpl. Westwood
    34 L.A.C. Hobbs
    740 L.A.C. Bowen
Thorneycroft 907 A.C. McMarks 360 Cpl. Gunner
    638 L.A.C. Finden
    604 L.A.C. O'Kelly
KAKIBLE? G.S.O. Voight 050 L.A.C. Goodes
KAKIBLE? 335 A.C. Hills(R.T.) 200 A.C. Knight
Thorneycroft 027 L.A.C. Donnally 720 A.C. Peace
    566 L.A.C. Jeffcote
    868 A.C. Flay ++
    606 S.A.C. Goodhall
    34 L.A.C. Hobbs
Thorneycroft 762 L.A.C. H???frand? 574 L.A.C. O'Reilly
    327 L.A.C. Gray
    378 L.A.C. Lorey
Thorneycroft 670 A.C.1. Hanson 069 S.A.C. Hodgson
    801 L.A.C. Allen
    354 A.C. Evans
++ Denotes for kitchen duties with 30 L.A.A. Squadron
93sqnpic258.jpg, 18840 bytes
Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the names but may have interpreted them incorrectly.
If you can recognise your name and know you were on this trip please let me know
so that I can correct the record.                                     Web Master.


                                                    APPENDIX "D" TO
                                                    NO.93 SQN. OPS. ORDER
                                                    NO. 9/52
                                CONVOY ORDERS

 1.   The Officer i/c Convoy is to ensure that the following orders, issued by
R.A.F. Movements, are complied with.

SPEEDS  30 miles in 2 Hours on 1st. class roads
        15 miles in 2 Hours on 2nd. class roads

RESTS  Short  10 mins. in every hour
       Long    One hour after six hours movement
ROUTE   JEVER - Join route 210 through Ostiem, turning right onto route 69 at
        SANDE - 13.1 km.  Proceed on route 69, turning left onto route 75 at
        OLDENBURG - 63 km.  Continue on route 75, turning right onto Ring Road at       
        DELMENHORST - 102.3 km.  For Brinkum, joining route 6 at
        BRINKUM - 112.3 km.  in direction of Hanover, proceed through
        NIENBURG - 167 km.  and approx  10 km  past
        NEUSTADT - 190.7 km.  turn right onto Autobahn and proceed for approx.
                    56 km. to signpost ad Eilsen.  Leave Autobahn and proceed
                    to R.A.F. Buckeburg.
        AIRFIELD )  Total distance 163 km.

93sqnpic259.jpg, 68272 bytes

Map courtesy of Microsoft Autoroute showing roads as they are today not in original Movement Order.

2.   Convoy Notes   Police escort will be provided by No. 107 Police Flight
throughout the journey or at the danger points.

        (a)  Ring Road at Delmenhorst
        (b)  Neustadt
        (c)  Joining and leaving Autobahn
        (d)  German Traffic Police will assist No. 107 Flight as required.

3.   Documentation

        (a)  Form 658
        (b)  Form 1250
        (c)  F.M.T. 3.
        (d)  Form 656
4.  The Officer i/c the Convoy is to read the following orders held in the
M.T. Section before moving off the convoy:-

        (a)  Officer i/c Convoy - Duties and Responsibilities
        (b)  Convoy Discipline
        (c)  Duties of drivers of vehicles in convoy
        (d)  M.T. breakdown arrangements - instructions to drivers



                                                    APPENDIX "E" TO
                                                    NO.93 SQN. OPS. ORDER 9/52

      Local Orders and Bounds at Royal Air Force Buckeburg are to be as

1.    POSTAL ADDRESS              No......Rank.......Name..............
                                    Squadron or Unit,
                                     Jever Wing,
                                      Royal Air Force,
                                        B.A.O.R. 29.
2.    BOUNDS   The following places are 'out of bounds' to all ranks:-

      (a)  All R.A.F. Buckeburg messes
      (b)  All R.A.F. Buckeburg Canteens
      (c)  German Cinema - Buckeburg Town
      (d)  Cafe next to German Cinema - Buckeburg Town
      (e)  G.S.O. Canteen - R.A.F. Buckeburg and Buckeburg Town.
3.   DRESS   Personnel are to wear uniform at all times, Best Blue is to be worn
when walking out.

4.   BOOKING IN AND OUT   Personnel of and below the rank of corporal are to
book in and out at the Main Guard Room, R.A.F. Buckeburg, with Jever R.A.F.P.

5.   TIMES OF BOOKING IN   Airmen of and below the rank of Corporal are to be
in their lines by 23.00 hrs. daily.  They may be issued with two late passes per
week by their Unit or Squadron Commanders to 23.55 hrs.
     Officers and S.N.C.O.s may be permitted out until 01.00 hrs.
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