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F540 Operations Record Book December 1955 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                            Compilation Officer:   Flying Officer R. SHORE REFS TO APPENDICES
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December 1955 Jever          This month has been extremely bad from the flying point of view.   The squadron only flying a total of eight days altogether.
     The last two aircraft requiring the gun firing modifications were flown to
     Again the squadron was handicapped by the number of aircraft in the United
Kingdom.   There are now seven awaiting modifications.
     This squadron performed the duty of Battle Flight for the period 22nd to 23rd
December.   Quite a large proportion of the months flying was done on two days.
     Only on one night was night flying possible.
Jever 1st        Weather poor but one pair, with "GREEN CARDS", per squadron was allowed to
fly.   These did P.I.s with G.C.I. and G.C.A.s on Ahlhorn.
Jever 2nd & 3rd   Bad weather again.   No flying at all.
     CCF cadets from the Prince Rupert School Wilhemshaven, were shown round the
squadron on the morning of the 3rd.
Jever 4th & 5th        Again bad weather.   Only one aircraft flew today that was F/O SANDERSON taking
an aircraft to U.K.   This makes the total seven.
     Ground Training and Daily Servicing carried out.
Jever 6th        Reasonable weather for a change.   Flying was still limited to two pairs per
squadron.   There were several successful P.I.s and two A/A sorties.
Jever 7th        No flying.  
Jever 8th        Fine weather with plenty of flying.   Mainly air to air and individuals.   F/O
and F/O BYWATER returned from U.K. today but without aircraft for this squadron.
     F/O CARMICHAEL from Sylt did his first Hunter solo.
Jever 9th to 12th        No flying due to bad weather.   Squadron Leader D.T. ADAMSON arrived to take over
the squadron.
Jever 13th        Squadron Leader D.T. ADAMSON officially took over the squadron from Squadron
Jever 14th to 18th          Sheet ice, low cloud and fog prevented flying during this period.   Flt/Lt
and F/O TODMAN attended court martial at Oldenburg.
Jever 19th            A limited amount of flying in the afternoon.  
Jever 22nd to 23rd          Battle Flight.   Two extremely full flying days and then cease flying for
Christmas Grant.
Jever 29th            On resumption of duty after the recess flying was once more restricted
due to high winds.   P/O HIRST sent to the U.K. to fetch one of the aircraft back.
Jever 30th            Early morning fog cleared to give a poor flying day.   F/O SHARMAN took the last
aircraft to Lyneham for the gun firing modifications.
Jever 31st            Parade cancelled due to ice but limited flying took place later in the morning  

                                ADMINISTRATION and PERSONNEL
         Flying Officer CARMICHAEL attached from Sylt.
        Flying Officer CARMICHAEL returned to Sylt.
         Squadron Leader D.T. ADAMSON arrived to take over the Squadron
         Squadron Leader J.M.SMITH-CARINGTON A.F.C. left to attend Royal Air Force
staff college.
          Flying Officer E.BYWATER went to the U.K. on an assistant P.F.O's course
         Flight Lieutenant LETHBRIDGE returned from D.F.L.S
Operational (Day)      90.40                                                           Officers               18
Operational (Night)     4.15                                                           S.N.C.O's              9
Training Types          11.35                                                           Corporals            15
Instruments (Actual)    6.45                                                           Airmen                 45
Instruments (Simulated) -                    signed DTAdamson                                  67+18
                                                                  (D.T.ADAMSON                                            85
                                                                  Squadron Leader
                                                                  Officer Commanding
                                                                  No. 98 Squadron
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