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F540 Operations Record Book May 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1May1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. A.J. GUNN__ References

        (a)     Royal Flush 5.     At the beginning of the month the Swift element
        of the Royal Flush team, managed by FLT.LT. A. MARTIN and PLT.OFF. HOLDEN
, started work-up practice at Bruggen.   The squadron was
        represented by FLT.LT. R. RIMINGTON.   After a week's training at
        Bruggen, the team moved to Bremgarten, the French base from which
        the competition was to be flown.   A further week's training followed
        and the Swift team decided upon viz:- FLT.LTS. HARVEY and COBHAM from
        No. 79 Squadron and FLT.LT. RIMINGTON as reserve.   The competition was
        flown in favourable weather on the 16th, 17th and 18th and although the
        team did well, the competition was won by 4 A.T.A.F.
        (b)   Exercise Northern Lights.     FLT.LTS. HIVES and NEWING set forth for
        KARUP on the 23rd of the month.   Unfortunately FLT.LTS. HIVES had engine
        trouble en route and the pair were diverted to Skrydstrup and the exercise was
        (c)   Exercise AMLED.     Eleven sorties were flown to targets in Denmark
        on the 27th May.
        (d)   Flying Training.     Although continuity was disrupted somewhat with
        practice for the flypast, a varied flying training programme was flown.
        Cine was stepped up in preparation for the Sylt detachment and the
        and the squadron practiced air to ground firing for a week on Strohen range.
        In addition, a Fullhouse exercise was run on the 3rd May during which
        8 sorties were flown.
        (e)   Demonstrations.     On the occasion of the A.O.C.'s annual inspection
        on the 10th May, a wing flypast was flown.   The Wing Commander Flying led
        the formation in a Swift and the squadron element consisted of 5 Swifts
        flown by SQN.LDR. WADE, FLT.LTS. HIVES, ST AUBYN and NEWING and FG.OFF.

        (a)   Annual Inspection by the A.O.C.     On the 10th May, the A.O.C.'s annual
        inspection took place.    The Squadron Standard was paraded and after A.V.M.
        CRISHAM had completed his itinerary, the wing carried out a flypast in his
        (b)   Ground Training     The focus of ground training was switched this
        month to weapons training in preparation for the Sylt detachment.   Lectures
        on ranging and tracking were given by the Wing and Squadron P.A.I.'s and
        cine' debriefs were given at the end of the day's cine' training.
        Reconnaissance training was also practised with the aid of the epidiascope.
        (c)   Visits     On the 12th of the month a party of headmasters and careers
        from the English secondary and public schools vistaed the station.     The
        squadron demonstrated flight planning techniques but unfortunately ,
        the flypast laid on for their entertainment on the 13th, was cancelled
        due to bad weather.
        (d)     Sport.     With the advent of the cricket season, the squadron team
        had their first fixture against 2 M.F.P.S.   The result was a somewhat
        doubtful draw!
        (e)     Attachments and Detachments.     FLT.LT. A.J. GUNN was detached for
        4 days to Wildenwrath on the Aviation Medicine Course.
        (f)     Postings.     After his return from Bremgarten where he was
        managing the Royal Flush team, FLT.LT. A. MARTIN finally left the station
        on the 27th May carrying the best wishes of the squadron with him.

     Postings Airmen.        S.N.C.O..            CPLS.        AIRMEN
             IN                             NIL                     NIL            ONE
           OUT                          NIL                      NIL            NIL

     (g)     Squadron Strength
                           W.O.             S.N.C.O.'s.              CORPORALS.            AIRMEN.
                           2                         9                                 16                              37

              Aircrew Strength.

                                               Sqn.Ldr. C.A. Wade

                     "A" Flight                                                   "B" FLIGHT
          Flt.Lt. D.B. Hives                                        Flt.Lt. E. Sharp
          Flt.Lt. R. Rimington                                   Flt.Lt. B.Wallis
          Flt.Lt. W.P. Sheppard                               Flt.Lt. P.H. Crawshaw
          Flt.Lt. P.J. Adair                                         Flt.Lt. A.G. Newing
          Flt.Lt. R.L. Barcilon                                  Flt.Lt. B.J. St. Aubyn
          Flt.Lt A.J. Gunn                                         Flt. Lt. M.E.A. Dale
          Plt.Off. P. Holden-Rushworth                Flt.Lt. G.E. Hagan
                                                                              Flt.Lt. C Brooks

                               Squadron Commander's Remarks.
                                                                 signed C.A.Wade
                                                                 SQUADRON LEADER,
                                                                 OFFICER COMMANDING,
                                                                 NO 2 SQUADRON