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F540 Operations Record Book February 1957 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                           COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie.       REF. TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. JEVER. 1st February 1957.             The visibility and cloud-base were still too low for flying to be carried out.
The groundcrew continued with servicing all day.   The aircrew did squadron
jobs in the morning, and after lunch they did parachute training and played volley ball.
  2nd             The Squadron was able to fly 18 sorties in the morning before the 36 hour
  4th             In fine weather the Squadron had a reasonable days flying, totalling 30 hours.
After 1600 hours five aircraft were armed up as the Squadron is on Battle Flight
tomorrow.   The pilots are now busy studying the Hunter Mk. 6 Pilot's Notes in
preparation for March when the Squadron re-equips.
  5th             The Squadron started their period on Battle Flight today.   Interceptions were
hampered by maintenance work at the G.C.I. station and were not very successful.
  6th             Flying was possible all morning before the sports afternoon.   The practice
interceptions were better but still can be improved.   The Squadron has flown 63.15
hours to date this month.
  7th             The Squadron continued with Battle Flight in restricted flying conditions.   25
sorties were carried out with 5 aircraft.   On the first sortie the cloud-base
deteriorated to 150 feet and visibility to below a mile and there were a few anxious
moments before all the aircraft got down.
  8th             In spite of the fact that the cloud base was between 600 and 1,000 feet 20
sorties were flown mainly by the more experienced pilots.
  9th             Flying was carried out until lunchtime when the Squadron was released to 2 hours
availability over the weekend.
  11th             The Squadron flew 19.05 hours today and finished their weekly duty as Battle Flight.   Lt. T.F.B. Young R.N. returned from the Winter Survival Course.  
  12th             Flying was not possible in the morning due to poor weather.   The wing watched
two films entitled "The Conquest of Space" and "History of Flight" before carrying
out parachute training.   Restricted flying was possible after lunch.
  13th             Due to weather only two sorties were flown in the morning.   After lunch the
groundcrew serviced the aircraft in preparation for Exercise Guest.   The aircrew
played the pilots of No. 4 Squadron at 6-a-side football: we lost 4 - 6.
  14th   The squadron flew 57 sorties today (51 on Exercise Guest) although the weather
was rather poor at first.   A patrol of two aircraft was maintained all day on the Anti-
Patrol.   The remainder of the sorties were High Level Interceptions several
"kills" being claimed.   The aircrew cooked their own lunch at the dispersal to the
envy of the groundcrew.   On the next exercise the whole Squadron will do the same.
  15th             Again the weather was too bad for flying and a lecture was given on Air Traffic
Emergency Procedures.   Afterwards Flt. Lt. J. Yates talked on Barrack Damages and
procedures for the care of buildings.   A few sorties were possible in the
afternoon before the squadron went on a 48 hour pass.
  18th             Poor visibility prevented flying until 10.30 hours.   The majority of the sorties
were at high altitude, doing cine.
  19th             The Officer's Promotion Examinations started today, seven of our officers are
taking them.   The weather was too bad to fly in the morning Flt. Lt. J. Lomas
gave a lecture on his experiences with the U.S.A.F.   The aircrew spent the afternoon
in the gymnasium.
  20th             In the morning, the groundcrew continued to service the aircraft as flying was
not possible.   The aircrew played basketball and volleyball.   A sports afternoon
  21st             In good weather the squadron flew 32.05 hours including 11 night flying sorties.
No. 4 Squadron combined with us for a practice flypast with 16 aircraft.
  22nd   With five aircraft serviceable, the Squadron was restricted in flying due to the
weather.   In the afternoon No. 93 Squadron and No. 4 Squadron did a fly-past with 16
aircraft for a visiting party of German Naval Officers.
  23rd   In the morning the Squadron watched their cine films.   No flying was carried out.  
  25th   The Squadron flew 22-15 hours today.   Due to the weather all descents were controlled
with G.C.A. approaches.   Fg. Off. A.J. Landon was taken to R.A.F. Hospital Rostrup as
it is suspected that he has a collapsed lung.
  26th   Once more, flying was not possible due to bad weather.   In the morning the Wing
listened to a lecture on the engine and fuel system of the Hunter Mk. 6   After lunch
squadron jobs.   A new pilot, Plt. Off. P.J. Faid arrived today.
  27th   Before the sports afternoon, the squadron flew 14-15 hours in good weather.   In 421
sorties the squadron has flown a total of 315-15 hours so far this month.
  28th   In a full days flying 27-55 hours were flown.   Seventeen Canberras were intercepted
under G.C.I. control on Exercise Ambled.   Two Hunters went to Brustum in Belgium on
a N.A.T.O. commitment, to exercise the servicing facilities.   The results were good,
the Belgium Air Force being very co-operative.   Two new pilots arrived today, Flt. Lt.
J.J. Parker
and Plt. Off. G.A. Talbot.
                                                      FLYING HOURS
Operational type         Day                             Night                      Sorties
   Hunter Mk.4              327.15                       15.15                        461
Training Type
  Vampire T.11               10.50                                                        15    
                                         338.05                    15.55                       476  


Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis proceeded on four days leave.
Fg. Off. A.W.E. Johnston proceeded on four days leave.
Fg. Off. J.E. Pigdon returned from Old Sarum.
Lt. T.F.B. Young, R.N. returned from the Winter Survival Course.
Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie proceeded on the Aviation Medicine Course.
Flt. Lt. B. Watson attached to R.A.F. West Raynham.
Lt. T.F.B. Young, R.N. proceeded to U.K. on Avon Handling Course.
Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson proceeded on leave.
Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis proceeded on leave.
Plt. Off. P.J. Faid posted in from R.A.F. Chivenor.
Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker posted in from R.A.F. Chivenor.
Plt. Off. G.A. Talbot posted in from R.A.F. Chivenor.
The Squadron started the month with a target of 284 hours.   This was reached by the
23rd of the month and an additional target of 334 hours was authorised.   This was
completed by the 17th.
          During the month difficulties have been experienced with pilot availability.
This was caused by a comprehensive lecture programme in preparation for promotion
examinations and by the promotion examinations themselves.   Sickness and courses
aggravated these difficulties.
          Exercise 'Guest' on the 14th was very successful from the Squadron point of view
a total of 51 sorties being flown to fulfill a mixed anti-rat and I.D.F. commitment.
For this exercise the squadron gained valuable training in operations from a dispersal.
          Serviceability has been mainly good throughout the month.
          Battle Flight from the 5th to the 11th was completed without any particular
difficulty and this exercised the armament trade to the full.
          On the last day of the month Exercise 'Ambled' provided numerous Canberra targets
for the Squadron and many interceptions were achieved.
          Generally February was a good month with varied flying and satisfying results.

Nominal Roll of Pilots
                                                     Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis, Officer Commanding
         'A' Flight                                                                              'B' Flight
Flt. Lt. B. Watson                                                               Flt. Lt. R.S.G. Poole
Fg. Off. C. Taylor                                                                Lt. T.F.B. Young (R.N.)
Fg. Off. C.H.C. Hardie                                                      Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson
Fg. Off. W.R. Clayton-Jones                                           Fg. Off. J. E. Pigdon
Fg. Off. A.J. Landon                                                          Fg. Off. R. H. Biggs
Fg. Off. A.W.E. Johnston                                                 Fg. Off. J.R. Lynn
Plt. Off. A.C. Clifton                                                           Plt. Off. P.L.F. Bradley
Plt. Off. R.E. Hymans                                                       Plt. Off. A.J. Netherton
Plt. Off. P.J. Faid
                                                Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker
                                                Plt. Off. G.A. Talbot

                                                                        Signed RSGPoole Flt.Lt.
                                                                          (R.S.G. POOLE)
                                                                          Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                          Officer Commanding
                                                                          No. 93 Squadron.
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