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Sabre F.4 Conversion Course 14Apr1954 Wildenwrath
F/O Mitchell, P/O Smith, P/O Dave Harper 93, F/O Jock Wallace 93, F/L Eric Pigdon 93
F/L Sandy Sanderson 93, F/L Ken Goodwin PAI Sylt, F/L Fairhurst, F/L French, S/L Daniels
F/O Al East 3 Sqn (rear), F/O Alan Hastings Staff instructor (Front), P/O Oakford (Rear), F/L Watson
F/O Bob Hannah 93, P/O Bond, P/O Gerry Busby 93.   Johnny Macknish adds: The pics of the Sabre conversion courses at Wildenrath labelled April '54 don't seem to have a likeness of yours truly - this is because five of 93 were on an earlier course.   My log book tells me that my first solo was on March 18th '54 and the course totalled 7 flights over six days, returning to Jever after March 23rd.   This first course was attended by Brian Iles, Bill Mitchell, Sgts Telfer and Shrubsole and myself.   The conversion flying times appear to average about 6 hours.   Brian and Sgts Telfer returned to Jever on the 25th, Bill, Shrubby and myself returned on th 26th, hence the inclusion of 30 hrs 10 mins Sabre time on the 540 summary for March '54.   (Click to see.)   Shame we were not considered photogenic enough to be recorded!!   (Thanks Eric Pigdon and Johnny Macknish.)
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