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Calling Notice for 8Apr06 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 19Mar05


8 APR 06



(Tell the cabbie "Fleet Street, opposite Fetter Lane")
(nearest Tube is Temple)

(Click to see Pictures)

     Confirmation is hereby given that this year's (06) annual convention of
the loyal and revered company of the Jever Steam Laundry will be held as
previously advertised.  The noble hostelry, by name "Serjeants" in the
bailiwick of Holborn, has by special arrangement been reserved exclusively
for the said function.  Doors will open at 1700 hours, closing 2300 hours,
on Saturday 8 April, 2006.  For the traditionalists the standard fare of
Limpopo and Dingleberries will be on offer and for the more conventional
amongst us a very acceptable bar/restaurant menu will be available all evening.
Paying as you order keeps it simple and straightforward - no kitty.

     Last year's (05) AGM was most successful with the attendance figure falling
only just short of the fifty target.  I attach a list of those attending
together with apologies received.  Regrettably President Ken was unable to
be with us - roaming the high veldt, I understand, with the occasional dash
of white water rafting on the Limpopo.  However, at very short notice, Pat
proved a very willing and able stand-in.  Despite clear evidence of brown
scorch marks the evening's agenda was carried with great aplomb on his part.
I am assured that, subject to knee cartilages holding out, President Ken should
be with us this year.

     Contacts remain unchanged:-

Ken Goodwin      Auldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4BE
                      Tel: 01934 712228

Jeff Jeffrey       2 Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE28 4TW
                      Tel: 01480 454788

     The "Golden Share" this year was awarded jointly to Mick Ryan and Dr. David
in recognition of their combined efforts (Mick the graft and David the
expertise) in developing the Jever website to its present very excellent state.
On behalf of all shareholders may I express our sincere thanks to you both
for all you have done - it is magic.  Little did any of us in our wildest dreams
foresee that our antics at Jever would be preserved for posterity.

     On line shareholders will be aware that M.R. recently paid a visit to
GAF base at Jever in order to build up his photographic material for the website.
During his visit he made a number of contacts both on and near the base and
as a result he has very kindly offered to organise a visit to the base on 22nd
August 06
.  "Blue Train revisited 1993" springs to mind - let's hope we can
get sufficient support to make it viable this time  I will leave it to M.R. to
attach his his own fact/response sheet as I know he must have replies by 28 March

     As always it is sad to relate that I have been notified of the loss of
four of our company; namely Peter Baines (05), Pat Whitelaw (05), Keith Gray
(05) and L.A. Thorogood (05). Shareholders will recall that we owe a
considerable debt of thanks to Peter B., who since 1994 provided us with photo-
copying and postage facilities without which it would have proved difficult
to continue with the normal format.  Our thanks also to Jessica, his daughter,
who over the years has done much of the tedious work to get our correspondence
on the wire.  Mick R. has very kindly offered to cover this task for the

     2007 sees the 50th anniversary of the founding of Jever Steam with an
AGM being held every year since.  Fifty years - it hardly seems possible -
methinks our founder members plus Jever Pils have got a lot to answer for.
Just imagine half a century of threadbare shreddies with the attendant fall-
out - the mind fairly boggles.  On the other hand with three of our very senior
shareholders well into their nineties, we must be doing something right.
It has been suggested that we should mark this occasion with two functions
in the year.  Firstly our traditional AGM pub meet on the Saturday before
Easter, i.e. 31 March 07.  Secondly we have in mind a Ladies Dinner Night
to be held in the RAF Officers Club in October - exact date yet to be
determined.  Having the two functions will give shareholders the choice between
formal or less formal as meets their needs.  In addition the two dates should
help people cc be available for one or the other.  Hopefully the "true blues"
will be opting for both thus ensuring maximum turn-out.  To gauge the level
of support at this stage I would be grateful if everyone would complete the
attached form and return it as soon as convenient.

     Finally, may I wish you and yours a belated Happy New Year.  We look
forward to seeing you at Steaming Time 1700 hrs.  For those not able to make
it this time the next time will be 31 Mar 07 (the 50th) hopefully at the same
venue.   Hope to see you there.  T.B.C.


PS.    Our thanks to Mick Ryan for covering the photocopying and postage.

PPS.    Please add Peter Martin to the list of those that we lost
this year.


A.G.M.s/Dinner 07

To: Sqn.Ldr. T.M. Jeffrey (Retd.), 2, Hawkes End Brampton Huntingdon Cambs.PE28 4TW Tel: 01480- 454788 From:     ......................................................           ..................................           .................................. Tel:.......................... A.G.M. 08 April 06      I will/will not be attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied A.G.M. 31 March 07      I will/will not be interested in attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied Ladies Dinner Night Oct 07      I will/will not be interested in attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied News/address updates etc.
MARCH 2005 ATTENDING: APOLOGIES: Paddy Minnis and Kay Bill Harrington 98 Eric Sharp Jack Payne 94 Doug Adamson and Val Sir Tom Prickett 92 Eddie McCullagh Joe Parker Henry Chambers and Joy Iain Tite Tony Pearce Danny Lavender Pat King and Audrey Bob Allen Pete Jarvis Dave Brunger Dave Watt and Carol Bob Broad Fergy and Pat Ferguson B Conway Eric Pigdon and Val Roy Cope-Lewis Peter Jones David Lockspeiser Robbie Roberts and Ann Roy Booth Barry Dale Robin Brown Fred Butcher and Babs Brian Thornton Gil Gray Roger Lindsay Mick Ryan and Jo Gunter Kipp Jim Browne Brian Faulkes Peter Hunwick Pete Jennings Alan Gleadon Peter Drummond-Hay Dick Barraclough Thommy Thomson Rodney Farley Mike Gallafent Al Pollock Gerry Shipley Peter Baines and Jo Keith Payne Ted Bywater J. Smith-Carington Chris Stone Sir John Sutton Pete Martin Bugs Bendell John Farley Tinkle Bell Barry Tonkinson Sir John Severne Ted Childs Bob Holliday Dr David Annal Desmond Browne Gordon Talbot and Sheila Ian Madelin Jeff Jeffrey Vic Dabin Mike Wraight Bob Daniels 33 + 12 ladies = 45 total
Pictures of AGM 2006 at Serjeants, Mitre Court off Fleet Street on 8th April 2006
(Thanks to Chris Stone, Peter Bouch and Eric Pigdon for them all)

  1. Bill Blake, Ian Madelin back, Rod Farley, Pete Jones at bar, Bill Ritchie hand to ear, Paddy Minnis, Kay Minnis, Jo Ryan, Shirley Maish, Val Adamson at the AGM 2006 in Serjeants, Fleet St.
  2. Barrie Tonkinson, Heather McIntyre, Pete Jarvis, Barry Dale.
  3. Ken Goodwin, President and Chris Stone.
  4. Ian Madelin back, Kay Minnis, Val Adamson half hidden, Mick Ryan, Bill Maish.
  5. Dougie Adamsom, Val Adamson, Paddy Minnis.
  6. Gordon and Sheila Talbot
  7. Pete Bouch and Jo Ryan.
  8. Audrey King, Pat King and Rod Farley.
  9. Al Pollock, Unknown Lady back, Ken Goodwin, President, Pat Ferguson, Fergie Ferguson.
  10. Al Pollock and Jeff Jeffrey, Secretary - looking as if they have been caught up to no good!.
  11. Peter Jones, Unknown, Jo Ryan, Mick Ryan, Bill Maish, Unknown back.
  12. Chris Stone, Al Pollock .
  13. Eric Sharp, Heather McIntyre, Chris Stone, Pete Jarvis, Unknown back, Pat King.
  14. Unknown Lady's back, Unknown face obscurred, Al Pollock back, Pete Jarvis, Unknown back of head, Mick Ryan part head, Paddy Minnis, Kay Minnis.
  15. Ken Goodwin, Pat Ferguson at the rear, Pete Jennings, Chris Stone.
  16. Rod Farley side face, Paddy Minnis back, Ken Goodwin, Unknown back drinking.
  17. Audrey King, Pat King, Bill Blake.
  18. Unknown back, Jeff Jeffrey hidden, Chris Stone.
  19. Bill Ritchie, Lara Reed, Eric Pigdon's Grand-daughter, Eric McFee.
  20. Eric McFee and Gordon Reed.
  21. Bill Ritchie, Eric Pigdon, Eric McFee and Gordon Reed.
  22. Bill Ritchie and Eric Pigdon.
  23. Fergy Ferguson, Eric Sharp, Ken Goodwin and Pete Jennings.
  24. Mick Ryan talking to Roger Hymans, Audrey King on right.
  25. Audrey King, Pat King, Unknown, Unknown Lady.
  26. Bill Blake, Jo Ryan back, Pat Ferguson.
  27. Fergie Ferguson, Eric Sharp, Pete Jennings back, Ken Goodwin.
  28. Mick Ryan on the right, boring the pants off Roger Hymans on the left - again.

                        JEVER VISIT AUGUST 2006

aug06001.jpg, 310713 bytes

aug06002.jpg, 284668 bytes


Tuesday 22nd August 2006

1. 06:45 hrs 1st Pick-up Pnt Sevenoaks Station - Parking at Mick Ryan's House. 2. 07:30 hrs 2nd Pick-up Pnt Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, - Free
Public parking 3. 09:15 hrs 3rd Pick-up Point Harwich Quay - Parking £6 a day 09:40 hrs Board Ferry 5. Late afternoon arrive Best Western 4* Hotel, Arnhem Wednesday 23rd August 2006 5. Leave Arnhem late morning - after visiting Airborne Museum 6. Late afternoon arrive 4* City Hotel Valois, Wilhelmshaven Thursday 24th August 2006 7. 09:30 hrs Arrive GAF Jever - programme to be agreed, but similar to last year 18:00 hrs Supper in the Officers' Mess Jever 21:30 hrs Return to Hotel Friday 25th August 2006 8. 09:30 hrs Arrive GAF Wittmundhafen - GAF Operational Base 14:00 hrs Leave GAF Wittmundhafen 9. Late afternoon arrive at 3* Hotel Mercure, Nijmegen Saturday 26th August 2006 Depart Nijmegen late morning after Siegfried Line Tour 4. 15:00 hrs Ferry sails from Hook of Holland . 19:30 hrs Clear of Ferry at Harwich 2. 21:15 hrs Drop off Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, Essex 1. 22:00 hrs Drop off at Sevenoaks Station Cost: £265 per head sharing a room B&B Luxury 48-seater Coach (see above) with Coffee maker and toilets on board. For single room £75 supplement - only 4 available on a first-come-first-served basis For half-board accommodation £41 supplement for 3 of the nights Minimum of 30 passengers and more than 48 we need another coach Travel Insurance can be arranged at an extra £15.30 per person We must confirm numbers before 28th March 2006 when deposits must be paid. Fewer than 30 can be arranged but the price per head will obviously go up. The cost is inclusive of all coach travel, bed and breakfast hotel accommodation, ferries, taxes and tolls, but is exclusive of any entrance fees and meals other than breakfast. To Sign Up: Call me: 01732-743745 E-mail me: or mail me: Far End, Chipstead Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2RG. Or return the slip which is about to go out with the calling notice for this year's AGM on 8th April 2006. Coach Party:
  1. Ken Goodwin, President Jever Steam Laundry (1st single room)
  2. Chris Stone
  3. Mick Ryan
  4. Jeff Jeffrey
  5. Eric Pigdon
  6. Pete Jennings
  7. Pat King
Making their own way to Jever:
  1. GŁnter Kipp
  2. Maurice Parker
  3. Marcus Christ
  4. Marcus's Father GAF retired
  5. Matthais Blaul GAF
  6. GŁnter Blaul GAF Retired
  7. Trevor Pailing
  8. Brian Stoneham
  9. Brian Thornton
  10. Ann Thornton
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful train connections: Liverpool Street Station Depart 07:18 hrs Arrive Harwich Quay 08:51 hrs Depart 06:25 hrs Arrive Harwich Quay 07:56 hrs Harwich Quay Depart 19:30 hrs Arrive Liverpool St 20:51 hrs Depart 20:00 hrs Arrive Liverpool St 21:34 hrs Charing Cross Depart 05:41hrs Arrive Sevenoaks Station 06:36 hrs Sevenoaks Station Depart 22:05 hrs Arrive Charing Cross 22:38 hrs Depart 22:32 hrs Arrive Charing Cross 23:06 hrs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jever Programme: The GAF Camp Commandant, Oberstleutenant Joachim F Linke, who was such a marvellous host to us last year, will still be there and is looking forward to hosting us again. I expect he will arrange a briefing on the current role of GAF
Jever and a little of its history. Then there will be a conducted tour of the entire camp and airfield, nothing was held back last time and we were encouraged to go everywhere. GAF Jever has 3 main roles now, a Phantom Maintenance Unit with
the air testing done from the base, a Tornado unit where high value items are stripped and re-packed before the airframe is scrapped, and a very large GAF Regiment which will have been consolidated on the base by the time we get there. It is because of this, and an impending exercise in September, that we cannot be accommodated on the base. In the afternoon we can probably arrange a tour of downtown Jever and the Jever Pils Brewery to do a quality TACEVAL. In the evening we can be offered a meal which is both cooked and presented to first class standards. Their menu would be the envy of many a professional restaurant. The GAF can only charge us the basic cost of the food - and this is a ridiculously small amount. We must collect a large tip for the staff as they are all volunteers from the other messes, both servers and cooks. It still makes it an excellent meal for very little money. To keep within the coach drivers hours we should be on the road back to Wilhelmshaven by 21:30hrs. Wittmundhafen Programme: Thanks to GŁnter Kipp, co-author of the excellent book "RAF Hunters in Germany" who will be with us on the tour, we have been invited to visit a fully operational GAF base at Wittmundhafen. This is about 8nm West of Jever. See the map below. The details of the visit are yet to be agreed but it will probably finish with lunch before we leave for Nijmegen. Arnhem Visit on the way out: We can do whatever we wish but the following are some of the features of Arnhem: Airborne Museum The Arnhem Museum Nijmegen Visit on the back: We can do whatever we wish but the following are some of the features of Nijmegen: Siegfried Line Bunkers Africa Museum (African art and culture) Biblical open air museum (ancient middle eastern buildings) Valkhof museum (Roman history and modern art) Velorama (bicycle museum)

Instructions for Jever Steam Laundry Web Site

Address to reach the site: or

     Home page gives mission statement for web site.   If you don't like it - Pat King wrote
it.   If you do like it - I wrote it.   It also gives the details for the next AGM with a map.
Nearer the date it will also have a menu for pre-ordering "dingleberries" from Sergeants.

Some notes for new users:

     1.  Any word in green can be clicked with your mouse pointer and it will jump to a
          glossary of terms and abbreviations, or in the case of names to a history or that
          person's entry in the database.   To get back to your jump off position, click on
          the back arrow (left pointing at the top of the screen that you are using to
          browse the web site e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer).

     2.  There are 9 databases containing member details:
          a.   4 open databases A to C; D to J; K to R and S to Z.
          b.   4 Password protected databases as for 2a but with fuller information for
                some people.
          c.   1 with all past Shareholders who have died.
     3.  Menu Item with a * in front of it means that at present it is empty and
          information will be added later.

     4. I recommend that you start with the database of members.   Go to Steam
         Laundry - Share Holders - Current - choose the database containing the initial
         letter of your surname - At the top of the display, click the initial letter of your
         surname and then scroll down until you find your entry.   Check your information
         and let me know if it is incomplete or incorrect.   Under your name there maybe
         the word "Appears", followed by groups of cryptic letters and numbers in green.
         These show all the places on the web site where your name or a photograph
         appears.   You will be able to quickly check out everywhere that you are
         mentioned.   Click on the back arrow from the location and it will return you to
         your database entry.   Having looked up your own entry, try finding someone
         you may want to contact.  At the bottom of this drop down menu is "Died in
         last year" which is a quick way to check who has passed on recently.

     5.  An interesting area is the F540 Monthly Operational Reports.   Choose RAF
         Jever - Sqn number - Choose the month.   These were written every month of
         the unit life and classified as secret.   After 30 years they are made unclassified
         and released on micro-film at The National Archives Kew.   I photograph them
         with a cheap digital camera and transcribe them when I get home.   I have done
         129 of the currently available 2,502 F540s. or about 5%.  The 5352 Airfield
         Construction Branch History has some shots of the base as it was being built.

     6.  The next area of interest is the AGM photos.   Choose Steam Laundry - Past
         AGMs - select your year.   This will take you to the Calling Notice & Minutes for
         that year followed by shareholders' letters, if any, and finally the photographs.
         There are lots of attendees that I have had to mark as Unknown, so see for how
         many you can supply a name and either give me a ring, send me an e-mail or
         even write me a letter giving me an unknown name or correct a mistake I have made.

     7.  Finally there are many photos of station and squadron life, both social and

     8.  Before you leave, please sign the Visitors book.   Route: Site Information - Pls
         Sign Guestbook - Sign My Guestbook - Post - then fill in your details.

     9.  Send me stories and photographs, I promise I will take care of them and return
         them quickly by recorded delivery.   Enjoy your browsing!

Description of the Site

     There are 4 buttons across the top other than "Home":

         a.  Steam Laundry - information on our members;
         b.  RAF Jever - Information on RAF Jever and life during the 11 years of its
              existence 1951 to 1961;
         c.  German Jever - Information on Jever before and after it belonged to the
              RAF.  This also has a photographic report on a visit back to Jever 16Aug05.;
         d.  Site Information - Other useful information, see below.

         Steam Laundry - clicking on this menu tab gives a drop down menu containing the

         a.  Board Members - e.g. President and Secretary - current and past;
         b.  Shareholders - Gives access to 4 open databases and 4 password protected
             databases, Breakdown of membership by background, and Past
.   This is where your information will be;
         c.  Message Forum - Place to pass messages to one another;
         d.  Notice Board - Place to advertise you or your services;
         e.  Contributors List - List of those who have contributed to building the site;
         f.  Golden Shares - Description of Golden Share and present and past holders;
         g.  Past AGMs - Vast area listing all the past AGMs, their minutes and
             photographs of those present.   Also letters written to the Secretary between
             AGMs telling him of their activities.

     RAF Jever - has the following areas:

         a.  Jever Station - History, chronology & status of F540s being transcribed for
             the 6 sqns, illustrations of the station social life (currently 1955 to 61); and
             pictures from around the station;
         b.  122 Wing - Pictures of people and aircraft from Flying Wing;
         c.  2 Sqn - History, short one page from Air Historical Branch web site, and
             longer detailed history, Chronology and the F540 Monthly Operational
                Records transcribed from the originals in the National Archives at Kew
             list of aircraft airframe numbers and their dates on the Sqn, and pictures of
             personnel and life on the Sqn, finally any interesting stories about the Sqn;
         d.  4 Sqn - As for 2 Sqn above;
         e.  93 Sqn - As for 2 Sqn above;
         f.  98 Sqn - As for 2 Sqn above;
         g.  112 Sqn - As for 2 Sqn above;
         h.  118 Sqn - As for 2 Sqn above;
         i.  RAF Regiment units - As for 2 Sqn above;
         j.  Performance data on the Hunters and Swifts.  Including transcribed
             copies of Pilots Notes for Hunter F.6 and Sabre F.4.

     German Jever - Has 2 sub-menus:

         a.  Luftwaffe to 1951;
         b.  Will have, in the future, some history of GAF Jever after the RAF left
              in 1961,  including an illustrated report on a re-visit in Aug05;

     Site Information - This drop down menu has 8 items:

         a.  About - Mission Statement, Notes on Using the Site, number of visitors since
, and a detailed explanation on what the site is all about.
         b.  Copyrights - Explanation of the source of the information and caveats about
             its use without permission;
         c.  Visitors' Book - Please sign this - I get very lonely;
         d.  Contact Us - Details of how to contact me or the designer Dr David Annal;
         e.  Glossary - Very large list of terms and abbreviations so that anyone can
             understand even if they were not in the RAF;
         f.  Books & Films - Information about items of interest to members;
         g.  Links - Green jump connections to other web sites such as the Air Historical
             Branch web site in MOD, and the new II (AC) Sqn web site;
         h.  Latest - Complete list of items as they were added to the web site since it
             was begun.   If you have not been for a while this is the place to see, at a
             glance, what is new since your last visit.   Each item is provided with a green
             jump link so that you can go straight to that location in the web site if it
             interests you.  At the top the number of visitors is repeated with an analysis
             of traffic dates and times. There is also a comparison of the number of
             pictures contributed by each unit and the total number of pages on the site.


Mick and Jo Ryan
(Ex 93 Sqn May 58 to Dec 60)
Far End,
Chipstead Lane,
Kent TN13 2RG
Tel: 01732-453530
Fax: 01732-743745
Mobile: +44-(0)7050-103305
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