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Each Year One Shareholder is Recognised for his Outstanding Contribution to the
Jever Steam Laundry. The President Presents the Winner with the Golden Share at the
Annual General Meeting.   He is Allowed to Keep the Share for One Year.   It is Reproduced Below.
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Annual Winners
Year Winner Citation
1990 Jeff Jeffrey Inauguration of the Golden Share by BB Sharman, first winner for Organising Jever Steam Laundry.
1991 Pete Hunwick For Valuable efforts in the more formative years of the business.
1992 Eric Pigdon For his efforts during the very steamy early days of the company and for covering our postage costs over the years.

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1993 Pat King  
1994 Unknown We can find no record of the winner for this year. If anyone can supply a name please let me know.
1995 Peter Baines For his noble efforts in managing our photocopying and postal arrangements.
1996 Terry and Jean of The Three Compasses For their patience in catering for our varied needs over the years.
1997 Bugs Bendell For the tremendous effort he makes to attend each year.
1998 Dickie Barraclough As his beaming face appeared on the first photo from the Jever Steam and he has attended regularly ever since.
1999 Dougie Adamson For his regular attendance over the years.
2000 Barry Dale For his secretarial efforts in the early days of the "Three Compasses" era.""
2001 Ian Craig For his unstinting attendances over the years and also for his unerring ability to appear full facial in nearly all the early-day photos that we have.
2002 Rodney Farley For his regular attendance over the years.
2003 B. B. Sharman For being the originator of the Golden Share.
2004 Dave Watt Despite his failing eyesight, he has been a regular attender over the years.
2005 Dr David Annal and
Mick Ryan
For designing and building the JSL Web Site
2006 Ken Goodwin In recognition of his long-standing stint as president of our illustrious Order.
2007 Chris Stone For devotion to duty in attending regularly from North America.
2008 Pete Jennings For regular attendance.
2009 Robbie Roberts For building RAF Jever and regular attendance.
2010 Al Pollock For regular attendance and all-round support of the RAF cause.
2011 Mick Ryan For maintaining the web site and arranging the AGM.
2012 Bill Maish For regular attendance and bringing three generations to an AGM.
2013 Peter Jones For regular attendance at the AGM.
2014 Danny Lavender For regular attendance and choral contributions.
2015 Eric Sharp For regular attendance and bad conduct.
2016 Fred Butcher and Henry Chambers For regular attendance over many years - always together.
2017 Del and Ron Gray For regular attendance over many years.
2018 Dickie Barraclough For regular attendance over many years, from afar.
2019 Jo Ryan For 5½ years at Jever and regular attendance over many years.
2022 Ted Bywater For frequent attendance at AGMs - at least 14 recorded.