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Calling Notice for 31Mar07 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 8Apr06

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31 Mar 07


122-124 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7RW.
(40 yards NW of Lambeth North tube - Bakerloo Line).

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesI write to confirm that, as previously indicated, this year's AGM has
been booked and confirmed at the above watering hole for Sat 31 Mar 07. Doors
will be open from 1700-2300 hrs and food will be available from the bar
restaurant from 1830 hrs. Standard fodder will include extract of Limpopo
juice together with dingleberry windfalls. For our lady guests we will also
endeavour to have "crayfish and rocket" on the menu - who says we haven't
changed much since the distant days of "Dirty Dicks" in Liverpool Street.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAs indicated, this will be our "50th Anniversary" of the JSL AGM. Early
archive records show the first one was held on 28 Dec 57 in London where it
has been held annually ever since. I attach a calling notice reply of the
day. Numbers attending over the years have varied from almost single figures
to just over 50 in 2004. To celebrate the occasion I am hoping we can manage
a maximum turn-out this year. To this end and as a bit of bait I enclose
a list of shareholders who have earlier indicated their interest in attending.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesLast years (06) AGM went extremely well with a lively gathering which
numbered just short of 50. President Ken was with us and, in fine fettle,
delivered the annual address. All agenda items were covered and needless
to say there were few abstainers in the assembled company. The "Golden Share"
this year was, in fact, presented to Ken in recognition of his long-standing
stint as president of our illustrious Order.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesContacts remain unchanged:-
Ken Goodwin1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAuldcroft, Plud Street, Wedmore, Somerset BS28 4BE
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesTel: 01934 712228

Jeff Jeffrey1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes2, Hawkes End, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambs.PE28 4TW
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesTel: 01480 454788

Mick Ryan1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFar End, Chipstead Lane, Chipstead, Sevenoaks, Kent TW13 2RG
(Webmaster)1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesTel: 01732 743745

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesThe August visit to Jever was an unqualified success. Excellent
organisation by Mick Ryan and his contacts at the Jever end, coupled with very
generous hospitality from our hosts made for a most enjoyable sortie. Perhaps
one that we could repeat in the not too distant future. Mick has produced
a full visit report with photographic coverage on the website and for those
of us "not yet in the 21st century" he attaches to this letter a brief resume
of the visit. Our grateful thanks to all involved in making it such a success.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesNext the Ladies Dinner Night in the RAF Club; we have had to go for Sat
3 Nov 07. Mick will be masterminding this event and will be in contact with
all shareholders in the near future with full details. Response to my initial
sounding on attendance has been most encouraging so it should prove to be an
excellent night in very fitting surroundings with superb company. Think about

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesAs always the "sad to relate" news is indeed very sad. News has filtered
through that we have lost the following colleagues in the past year: Bush Barrey
(May 06) aged 86, Geoff Couch (Aug 06), Bruno Albers (Aug06) and finally, only
a week ago and very suddenly, Eddie McCullagh.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFinally, may I wish you and yours a belated "Happy New Year". We look
forward to seeing you at Steaming Time, 1700 hrs onwards. For those not able
to join us this year the Saturday before Easter in 08 will be 22 Mar 08 -
[Ooops!   The Government has changed the date for Easter next year - typical!
The true date is Sat 15Mar08!]
hopefully, on present plans,at the same venue. Hope to see you there. TBC.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesT.M.J.

P.S. Please complete the attached form and return it as soon as is convenient
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesthank you.

P.P.S. Our thanks to Mick Ryan for covering our photocopying and postage
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesrequirements.


Dear President,

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesReceipt is acknowledged of your invitation to attend
the U.K. board meeting of the Jever Steam Laundry at "Dirty Dicks"
on the 28th December, 1957, but owing to commitments with the
oversea branch it will not be possible to attend.

2.     It is hoped the business will be conducted in the best
Jever traditions, and I hope it will be my pleasure to attend
the next U.K. board meeting and bring you all up to date on the
parent company's doings.

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesI have the honour to be, Sir,

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesWSHarrington  .


  1. Doug Adamson
  2. Val Adamson
  3. Pete Bouch
  4. Chas Boyack
  5. June Boyack
  6. Bob Broad
  7. Jim Browne
  8. Dave Brunger
  9. Fred Butcher
  10. Ted Bywater
  11. Henry Chambers
  12. Joy Chambers
  13. Vic Dabin
  14. John Farley
  15. Rodney Farley
  16. Brian Faulkes
  17. Fergy Ferguson
  18. Pat Ferguson
  19. Alan Gleadon
  20. Maureen Gleadon
  21. Ken Goodwin
  22. Gil Gray
  23. Joy Harris
  24. Philip Holden-Rushworth
  25. Valerie Holden-Rushworth
  26. Roger Hymans
  27. Helen Hymans
  28. Pete Jarvis
  29. Jeff Jeffrey
  30. Peter Jones
  31. Pat King
  32. Audrey King
  33. Ian Madelin
  34. Bill Maish
  35. Shirley Maish
  36. Paddy Minnis
  37. Kay Minnis
  38. Derek Morter
  39. Mike Neil
  40. Sam Newington
  41. Briony Newington
  42. Keith Payne
  43. Tony Pearce
  44. Mary Pearce
  45. Eric Pigdon
  46. Mick Ryan
  47. Jo Ryan
  48. Eric Sharp
  49. Chris Stone
  50. Toni Stone
  51. Gordon Talbot
  52. Sheila Talbot
  53. Geoff Timms
  54. Mrs Timms
  55. Iain Tite
  56. Kathy Tite
  57. Mike Wraight
39 + 18 ladies = 57 total



To: Sqn.Ldr. T.M. Jeffrey (Retd.), 2, Hawkes End Brampton Huntingdon Cambs.PE28 4TW Tel: 01480- 454788 From:     ......................................................           ......................................................           ...................................................... Tel:.......................... A.G.M. 31 March 07   I will/will not be interested in attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied Ladies Dinner Night Oct 07   I will/will not be interested in attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied News/address updates etc.
Ladies Guest Night 3Nov07 I will/will not be attending.   Accompanied/unaccompanied I would like to book a double/single room for Friday... and/or Saturday... membership No................or please sponsor me. I am/am not interested in a combined breakfast on Sunday morning.

Call-Notice-2007-Summary-of.jpg, 47705 bytes

Mr M A F Ryan

Far End

Chipstead Lane



TN13 2RG

Tel 01732-743745


Sunday 11th March 2007

Dear Shareholder,

Change of Venue for 2007 50th Anniversary AGM
Regret 'Serjeants' has closed without notice. JSL AGM is now relocated to:

'The Horse', 122-124 Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7RW (40 yards NW of Lambeth North tube - Bakerloo Line).   See map below. Date and times remain unchanged.   Please alert fellow shareholders. It gives us much larger room, at street level for those with mobility problems, same cook and manageress as at 'Serjeants', basically a pub but becoming a good French Restaurant thanks to the good food. A limited amount of Jever Pils will be on sale. If you have not already sent back your return please do so - to help with planning.
Horse-Location-Map.jpg, 42918 bytes




  1. Doug Adamson
  2. Val Adamson
  3. Dickie Barraclough
  4. Bill Blake
  5. Pete Bouch
  6. Ted Bywater
  7. Barry Dale
  8. Bob Daniels
  9. John Farley
  10. Rodney Farley
  11. Fergy Ferguson
  12. Pat Ferguson
  13. Ken Goodwin
  14. Gil Gray
  15. Pete Hunwick
  16. Roger Hymans
  17. Pete Jarvis
  18. Jeff Jeffrey
  19. Pete Jennings
  20. Peter Jones
  21. Pat King
  22. Audrey King
  23. Colin Lamont
  24. Danny Lavender
  25. Bill Maish
  26. Shirley Maish
  27. Tim McElhaw
  28. Eric McFee
  29. Paddy Minnis
  30. Kay Minnis
  31. Ken Munn
  32. Doreen Munn
  33. Eric Pigdon
  34. Val Pigdon
  35. Al Pollock
  36. Trish Pollock
  37. Gordon Reed
  38. Robbie Roberts
  39. Ann Roberts
  40. Mick Ryan
  41. Jo Ryan
  42. Mamie Sharman
  43. Eric Sharp
  44. Claire Sharp
  45. Chris Stone
  46. Toni Stone
  47. Sir John Sutton
  48. Barrie Tonkinson
  49. Heather McIntyre
  50. Mike Tyrrell
  51. Tom Watson
  52. Andy Whitson
  53. Jan Williams Plus 2 Unknown men and 1 Unknown Lady
40 + 16 ladies = 56 total
Pictures of AGM 2007 at The Horse, on 31st March 2007
(Thanks to Peter Bouch and Eric Pigdon.)

  1. The New Location at "The Horse" - 122-124 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7RW
    (40 yards NW of Lambeth North tube - Bakerloo Line).
  2. Chris Stone and Pete Jennings.
  3. Heather McIntyre, Barrie Tonkinson, Chris Stone back and John Farley.
  4. Pete Jennings, Fergie Ferguson, Tim McElhaw and Sir John Sutton part face.
  5. Who's playing Peek-a-boo?   Chris Stone, Barry Dale and Ken Goodwin.
  6. Bill Maish examining the 500 photographs taken on our return trip to GAF Jever last August.
  7. Ken and Doreen Munn, who travelled all the way from South Africa to be with us, talking to Jo Ryan, back, Gordon Reed and Barry Dale.
  8. Al Pollock, Trish Pollock and back of Rod Farley.
  9. Ken Goodwin and Mick Ryan fighting with the wrappings on the gifts that we were given on our Jever visit, ready to display them during the evening.
  10. Ann Roberts showing Jan Williams and Mamie Sharman the choice of menu specials.
  11. We displayed two of our gifts from our visit back to Jever last August 2006.   On the left is the engraving of the original Jever Town which was presented to us by Frau Angela Dankwardt, the Mayoress of Jever.   The the very first GAF Regiment "Friesland" crest on the right was given to us by the Colonel of the GAF Regiment, Col. Karl-Heinz Kubriak at GAF Jever.
  12. Backs of Ken Goodwin and Mick Ryan with Tim McElhaw and Tom Watson at the bar.
  13. Doreen Munn top of head, Ken Munn, Paddy Minnis rear, Rod Farley rear, Bob Daniels foreground, Barrie Tonkinson at bar, Sir John Sutton back.
  14. Ken Goodwin and Chris Stone arguing over who's going to pay!
  15. Paddy Minnis, Unknown and Sir John Sutton.
  16. John Farley and Barrie Tonkinson.
  17. Barrie Tonkinson and Chris Stone squabbling over who sits where, while patiently Heather McIntyre and Jo Ryan wait for it to end.
  18. Barrie Tonkinson chatting up Toni Stone.
  19. Barrie Tonkinson with Heather McIntyre.
  20. Barrie Tonkinson explaining to Toni Stone that Heather McIntyre is the Boss!.
  21. Colin Lamont talking to largely hidden Jo Ryan and Chris Stone (back).
  22. Colin Lamont talking to Jo Ryan and Chris Stone (back).
  23. Heather McIntyre in the corner, Barrie Tonkinson and Colin Lamont talking and being watched by Jo Ryan.
  24. "No Mick, whatever you claim - it was only that big!", Chris Stone putting Mick Ryan right.
  25. Colin Lamont talking to Chris Stone with Jo Ryan behind them and Toni Stone holding a glass.
  26. Colin Lamont showing his photographs to Chris Stone with Jo Ryan behind them and Toni Stone standing.
  27. Jeff Jeffrey supervising John Farley signing in the Attendance Register while seated Barrie Tonkinson and Heather McIntyre endure a verbal onslaught from Mick Ryan.
  28. Heather McIntyre and Chris Stone watch Colin Lamont inspecting the Attendance Register while Jo Ryan and Toni Stone stand at the back.
  29. Barrie Tonkinson, Heather McIntyre and Chris Stone eat while Colin Lamont completes the Attendance Register.
  30. Colin Lamont and Chris Stone in the foreground with Jo and Mick Ryan talking to Toni Stone at the back.
  31. Bob Daniels and Val Pigdon
  32. Tim McElhaw and Dougie Adamson.
  33. Rod Farley seated, Pat King head just visible, Pete Hunwick about to savage the bar maid, Mick Ryan behind Pete Hunwick, Ken Goodwin giving his President's address.
  34. Val Pigdon and Sir John Sutton.
  35. Pete Jennings back, Ken Goodwin giving his President's Address at the bar, Tom Watson back seated, Roger Hymans, Mike Tyrrell, Ken Munn.   Note the ad for Jever Pils which was on sale for the evening.
  36. Bob Daniels.
  37. Rod Farley seated, Pete Hunwick arguing with Pat King, Mick Ryan trying to disappear, Mamie Sharman talking to Sir John Sutton and Ken Goodwin at the back at the bar, Roger Hymans seated, Pete Jennings back, Tom Watson side view, Mike Tyrrell.
  38. Our hard working Secretary, Jeff Jeffreys, grabs a quick meal in the middle of the festivities.   Toni Stone in the corner.
  39. Mick Ryan unaware he is about to be savaged by Pete Bouch.   Colin Lamont back of head, Chris Stone, small part of head, Toni Stone, Jeff Jeffrey at the back, Mick Ryan, Peter Bouch, John Farley, Heather McIntyre back of head.
  40. Jennings turning on the charm.    Barrie Tonkinson nose, Heather McIntyre, Colin Lamont, Chris Stone, Pete Jennings, Toni Stone, Mick Ryan.
  41. Andy Whitson.
  42. Val Pigdon and Gordon Reed.
  43. Bill Blake and Eric McFee.
  44. Robbie Roberts, Jan Williams, Mamie Sharman, Ann Roberts partly hidden, Sir John Sutton.
  45. Tim McElhaw, Paddy Minnis, Kay Minnis Val Adamson, Dougie Adamson.
  46. Jan Williams, Mamie Sharman and Ann Roberts.
  47. Body Language!   Roger Hymans, 93 Sqn, clearly not selling his line to Tom Watson, 4 Sqn, about how superior 93 Squadron was to 4 Squadron.
  48. Eric Sharp.
  49. Rod Farley who nearly lost his eye the day before the AGM but, well stitched up, he still attended.   In the background Peter Jones is talking to Trish Pollock and Jo Ryan.
  50. Shirley Maish, Dickie Barraclough, Bill Maish, Audrey King, Pat King.
  51. Shirley Maish back, Audrey King, Pat King and Ken Goodwin.
  52. Pete Jarvis, Teddie Bywater, Barry Dale and Gillie Gray.
  53. Foreground Unknown, Unknown.   At the rear L to R: Shirley Maish, Dickie Barraclough,
    Unknown Lady, Al Pollock, Sir John Sutton, Trish Pollock seated, Jo Ryan, Rod Farley at the back,
    Peter Jones.
  54. Dickie Barraclough, Al Pollock, Sir John Sutton, Trish Pollock seated, Rod Farley, Jo Ryan, Eric Sharp, at the back, Peter Jones seated, Pete Hunwick at rear.
  55. Fergie Ferguson, Pat Ferguson and Danny Lavender.
  56. Mick Ryan and Val Pigdon.
  57. Ken Goodwin, President Jever Steam Laundry unpacking the gifts we received on the visit back to Jever last August 2006.   The one on the left is an old engraving of the original Jever Town given us by the Jever Mayoress.
  58. Eric McFee, Gordon Reed and Pete Jennings.
  59. Ken Goodwin showing Roger Hymans the two presentations we received during our visit back to Jever in August 2006.   The engraving on the left is of the old town of Jever and was given to us by the Mayor and Council of Jever.   The one on the right was presented to us by the GAF Regiment currently at Jever and is the first use by the Regiment of the "Friesland" crest.
  60. Pete Hunwick.
  61. Kay Minnis in the left corner, Val Adamson and Dougie Adamson.
  62. Pete Hunwick looking benignly on Tim McElhaw, partly hidden, Toni Stone, Paddy Minnis and Kay Minnis.
  63. Tim McElhaw and Toni Stone.
  64. You can't stop being harassed by the Papparazi!   Kay Minnis, Val Adamson and Dougie Adamson.
  65. Toni Stone, Paddy Minnis and Kay Minnis.
  66. Val Adamson and Chris Stone.
  67. Pete Jennings and Pete Jarvis watching Mick Ryan's glee at some new photos for the web site contributed by Pete Jarvis.   Jo Ryan is hidden behind Mick.
  68. Val Adamson and Dickie Barraclough.   Behind then is Jan Williams and Mamie Sharman.
  69. Pete Jennings claiming he took the Hunter wheels up photograph whilst Pete Jarvis also claims to be the photographer.   Mick Ryan looks on and can see another dispute developing which may require the services of his Agony Uncle's column.
  70. Bill Blake and Jeff Jeffrey.
  71. Mick calls in the "Adjudicator", also known as the "Terminator", in the dispute between Jennings and Jarvis over who took the Hunter photograph!   Jo Ryan and Mick Ryan.
  72. Jo Ryan and Mick Ryan.
  73. Pat King.
  74. Bill Blake and Jeff Jeffrey.
  75. Pat King, Gordon Reed, Val Pigdon and Eric McFee.

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