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F540 Operations Record Book April 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                FG. OFF. T.G.D. DAWKINS. Refs
R.A.F. Jever 1/4/52
           Five days of Battle Flight, four of which were fit for flying.   We intercepted
a B29 and played with 98 Squadron for part of the time.   The standard of Ahlhorn's
interceptions is improving and we did a few excellent attacks out of six.
  7/4/52            The weather was not very good and only one low level sortie was carried out.  
  8/4/52            Three pilots joined a low level strike which was the first wing sortie and
unfortunately Roger Dimock of No. 4 Squadron had a fatal accident.
  9/4/52            No flying.  
  10/4/52            Roger Dimock's funeral was attended by Fg. Off. Dawkins and Fg. Off. Creswick on
their way to Sylt.
  11/4/52            The Easter break begins.  
  13/4/52            A few sorties testing drop tanks before going to Sylt.  
  16/4/52            The Squadron flew its aircraft to Sylt.  
  17/4/52            The morning was spent being welcomed and 'genned up', and the afternoon in flying.  
           The Squadron is not doing as well as on the last detachment to A.P.S. due to far
fewer sorties, but is still maintaining a fair average on 180 knot flag.
          The weather at A.P.S. has been kind and the Squadron is enjoying itself
although the ground crew find very little to do, and the pilots have not done so
much flying during the month as they would have liked.

          In spite of crowded quarters and abundant free time, discipline and morale
have maintained a fair standard.

          With the move, few sport activities have been carried out this month, but
no doubt, our stalwart soccer team will soon be taking the field once more.

                                                        Individual   :                                      6.35
                                                  Interception    :                               37.40
                                                  Sqdn and Win exercises   :           7.20
                                                  Air Support    :                                  1.30
                                                  Navigation     :                                  6.45
                                                  A.P.S.              :                             105.40
                                                  Weapons       :                                  2.00

                                                  Total on operational types   :    167.30

                                                  Instrument  (Simulated)       :         2.10
                                                  Incidental      :                                   3.55

                                                  Total flying hours  :                     173.15

                    Sqn.Ldr.    I.D.  BOLTON
                    Flt.Lt.         R.B. ROBINSON               S.N.C.O.'s 11
                    Flt.Lt.         D.A. BLAIR
                    Fg.Off.       W.G. HOLMES
                    Fg.Off.       K.A.  WILLIAMSON            Corporals   5
                    Fg.Off.       T.G.D. DAWKINS
                    Fg.Off.       E.D. CRESWICK
                    Sgt.            R       GRICE                       Airmen      57
                    Sgt.            B.L.   JONES

Signed Ian D. Bolton                         
(I.D. BOLTON). SQN LDR.               
OFFICER COMMANDING                
NO   112   SQUADRON.                   

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