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F540 Operations Record Book March 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                FG. OFF. T.G.D. DAWKINS. Refs
R.A.F. Fassberg 1/3/52        The wing flew down to Celle to attend a lecture by Major JABARA, D.S.C., D.F.C.
U.S.A.F., everyone was most impressed, and it was refreshing to find someone who gave
the facts and said what he thought rather than what people would like to hear.   We
all thought he 'should' not 'would' go far in the U.S.A.F.   At the end of the lecture
Group Captain E.M. Donaldson, D.S.O., A.F.C. stood up obviously very moved, and said
exactly what we felt.
  3/3/52        No flying due to weather and a lot of packing was done, except by the people taking the
promotion exam, who did a last minute' cram!
  4&5/3/52        More packing and no flying.  
  6/3/52        The C.O. flew the Meteor to Jever to collect P/O Holmes for our farewell party.  
  7/3/52        The Squadron took off for Jever and with heavy hearts and heads did a spot of
formation and a beat up of their old wing and home, and headed in to the unknown to
announce their arrival at Jever in a similar manner, which didn't look as bad after all
and an alka-seltzer.
R.A.F. Jever 8/3/52        A few sector recces were flown and it was noticed with much pleasure that base was
very easy to find.
  10/3/52        A complete clamp, so a spot of sorting out went on.  
  11/3/52        A fair amount of flying, mainly sector recces and low flying with a spot of
simulated cine.
  12/3/52        A reasonable days flying with nothing outstanding.    F/O Creswick invigilated
at an examination and cine sorties were carried out..
  13/3/52   A very fine day and a lot of very pleasant flying was carried out.  
  14/3/52        With the prospect of a "48" over the week-end and the hated drop tanks once more in their
rightful place (at the back of the Hanger) it was a case of 'bottoms up' for all the chaps in
a clear blue sky.   In the afternoon two aircraft took part in an battle flight and again
more simulated cine.
  15/3/52        Our Wing Commander, Wg Cdr T.A.P. Elsdon, O.B.E., D.F.C. arrived today to the great
relief of all flying wing.
  17/3/52        Everyone back from week-end, and the return of Sgt. Grice from Ehrwald looking as
brown as a berry after his Arctic survival course, called for a small 'balbo'.
  18/3/52        Not much flying but P/O Williamson did a spot of I.F. in the Meteor, also a spot
more simulated cine.
  19/3/52   The best days flying yet, low level navigation, I.F., and a rocket and 20mm
programme at Fassberg thanks to their own armament section and 14 Squadron re-arming
and refuelling, not to mention supplying a range safety officer on a sports afternoon.
  20/3/52        The C.O. and Sgt. Grice flew to Fassberg and discharged some rockets while the rest
did a few Q.G.H.'s etc until flying was cancelled due to a weather deterioration.
  21/3/52        A low cloud base but a few low level sorties were carried out.  
  22/3/52        Not a very pleasant day and no flying carried out.  
  24/3/52        A good days flying with reasonable weather.  
  25/3/52   Another fine day and everyone in the air to do one of the best days flying this month.
Two sections tried some low level interceptions which were great fun and excellent
  26/3/52        A clamp and no flying.  A sports afternoon in which everyone partook in some form of
  27/3/52        Another clamp but Sgt Fletcher gave a very interesting lecture and practical
demonstration of how arm up and clear stoppages on the 20mm cannon.   We then took
the pilots down and we all crawled around on 'creepers' doing what we had just learnt.
We are now ready for the fray when we go firing once more at Fassberg as we all have to
look after the arming of our individual aircraft.
  28/3/52        A good days flying in very pleasant conditions later on in the day.  
  29/3/52        As the morning was spent pleasantly doing aerobatics, practice pull ups and dummy
R/P attacks.
  31/3/52        A clamp and a lot of snow so the months flying has come to an end.  We are informed that
F/L D.A. BLAIR of 4 Squadron is to be our 'B' Flight Commander on moving up.
               On our departure from Fassburg F/O Hennessy was posted to 14 Squadron, he had
been with us since the Squadron re-formed and until recently was Squadron Adjutant.
     Our move spoilt our flying to some considerable extent particularly after our arrival
with a very critical shortage of bowsers, so that refuelling was very slow and bad weather
flying, limited due to the unreliability of G.C.A 's.   handicapped by inferior equipment is
the first place.
     Towards the end of the month some very good days flying were done and the target
nearly reached by a big effort.   cine practice was impossible due to no films being
available yet, but on a number of sorties, the local exercises were carried out.

     Recreational facilities on the new station are poor compared with Fassburg which was
exceptionally good but it is once more possible for the Squadron to 'go down town' in
the evening.   The quarters are good so the squadron is settling down quickly and
discipline and morale are good.

         The Squadron soccer team has entered the fray with magnificent energy and keenness
despite the usual setbacks.

                                                  Individual:                                     37.20
                                                  Interception :                                  1.50
                                                  Sqdn and Wing exercises        73.35
                                                  Navigation :                                   7.00
                                                  Weapons   :                                 34.05

                                                  Total on operational types             153.50

                                                  Instrument    :                              11.15
                                                  Incidental     :                                 1.45

                                                  Total flying hours  :                  166.50

                       Sqn.Ldr.    I.D.  BOLTON                                                       S.N.C.O.'s   7                        Flt.Lt.         R.B. ROBINSON
                       Fg.Off.       W.G. HOLMES
                       Fg.Off.       K.A.  WILLIAMSON                                               Corporals   5
                       Fg.Off.       E.D. CRESWICK
                       Fg.Off.       T.G.D. DAWKINS
                       Sgt.           R       GRICE                                                          Airmen      53
                       Sgt.           B.L.   JONES

Signed Ian D Bolton               
(I.D. BOLTON). SQN LDR.         
No 112 Squadron.                       

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