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F540 Operations Record Book October 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER Fg. Off. C.W. Powell REFS TO APPENDICES
Jever 1.10.55.   Operational
         This morning, no flying was done until exercise 'Fauxpas' started at 12.30 hours.
Six aircraft were required to do a cross-country together with a hundred or more different aircraft
from 2nd A.T.A.F. to test the defences of the U.K.
         This afternoon was a stand-down.
Jever 2.10.55.            STAND-DOWN  
Jever 3.10.55.   Operational
         As five aircraft were available for most of the day, four were sent off on high
level battle and interceptions while the odd one was used for G.C.A.'s, practice forced
landings and manual landings.   A good days flying produced 33 sorties for 28 hours.
Jever 4.10.55.   Operational
         Visibility this morning was only 2,500 yards with all other airfields similar, so
the colour state was 'Red'.
         The aircrew saw a film called "Why we Fight" in the afternoon.   At about 15.30
the weather cleared and some flying was done.   Dusk and night flying was also carried out.
Jever 5.10.55.   Operational
         The airfield was green for the first part of the morning, later deteriorated to
amber when flying was limited to one pair per squadron.   Nevertheless 16 sorties were
flown.   Two pilots from No. 98 Squadron flew one detail with us as we had used some of
their aircraft recently.   The afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 6.10.55.   Operational
         The weather remained fairly good for most of the day with a cloud base of 1500 feet with
several breaks and good visibility.   Altogether 23 sorties were flown, mainly on cine,
but one or two trips were used for "syllabus flying".   The weather deteriorated at
about 15.20 hours with the advent of several large and active thunderstorms.
Jever 7.10.55.            STAND-DOWN  
Jever 8.10.55.            STAND-DOWN  
Jever 9.10.55.   Operational
Jever 10.10.55.   Operational
          Poor visibility this morning so flying did not start until 09.00 hours with one pair
per Squadron.   Later on it improved to allow full flying.   Twenty four sorties were flown
the details being a mixed bag of cine, G.C.A.'s, high speed runs, aerobatics, etc.
         The last two sorties were ferry trips when "S" and "T" were flown to Lyneham for
         Fg. Off. Barraclough joined the Squadron from Chivenor.   He is a Regiment officer
on a five year transfer to the G.D. Branch.   He has already done some flying on Hunter
Mk. 1's at Chivenor.
        Flt. Lt. Goodwin went on three weeks local leave.
Jever 11.10.55.   Operational
          This morning the visibility was 1,400 yards and cloud base 200 feet.   Consequently
there was no flying and a lecture was given on the ejection seat.
         The original forecast was that it would clear by lunch-time, but by 13.00 hours it
seemed pretty obvious that it would be with us all day.
         During the afternoon the Squadron pilots went to see the cine film taken on
yesterdays sorties.
Jever 12.10.55.   Operational
          Once again poor visibility this morning, this time 700 yards prevented flying.
        Some aircraft intelligence was given for a while by the wing Intelligence Officer.
Afterwards, pilots who are not already qualified for daily servicing went down to the
hangar to learn something about the aircraft.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 13.10.55.   Operational
          Yet again poor visibility - 500 yards.   A further optimistic forecast was again
in-correct and no flying was done all day.
Jever 14.10.55.   Operational
          We are now getting used to the mist and fog.
        This afternoon quite a few pilots did some rifle and pistol shooting.
Jever 15.10.55.   Operational
          This mornings parade was cancelled because of rain, but this soon cleared and
flying commenced.
        With only a handful of pilots available, for various reasons, about 10 hours flying
was done in good weather conditions.
Jever 16.10.55.            STAND-DOWN  
Jever 17.10.55.   Operational
         The weather this morning was quite good but thunderstorms are likely to be rather
        Because of these showers the airfield state occasionally went 'red' for about five
minutes or so.
        Altogether, 27 hours were flown today, excluding one aircraft that went to U.K.
for mods.   The exercises were cine practices, high level battle and practice interceptions
of Canberras from Southern Germany.
Jever 18.10.55.   Operational
         This morning, patchy low stratus at two or three hundred feet prevented an early
start being made.   However, the first sortie was airborne by just after 08.30 hours.
        Most of the sorties were at high level battle formation and P.I.'s.
        A total of 23 sorties were flown making the total for this month about 170 hours.
         Flying Officer Irish returned from leave tonight, a married man.
Jever 19.10.55.            Visibility was not good this morning, but flying carried on as usual.   The first
detail was a "Rat and Terrier" exercise, but due to the poor visibility, no more
of these were carried out.   A total of 12 sorties were flown.
        This afternoon was a sports afternoon during which the wing Pilots managed to beat
No. 118 Squadron at soccer.
Jever 20.10.55.   Operational
             The first detail started off with six aircraft, but one went u/s before take-off
and another came back early.   For most of the day five were available and a total of
31 sorties were carried out bringing the total flying this month to just over 200 hours.
        Late this afternoon Flying Officer Rogers and Flying Officer MacLennan collided
during their sortie, which was authorised as cine quarters at 35,000 feet.   Both pilots
were killed.
[Not in F540: Hunter F.4 WT738 West of Hamburg. This aircraft and WT757 were
engaged in a high altitude cine gun attack exercise when they collided.   Although
both pilots left their aircraft neither survived. Flying Officer Brian Leslie ROGERS
and Hunter F.4 WT757 Near Hamburg, Germany. Mid air collision as outlined above. Flying
Officer John MCLENNAN
.   Extract from Colin Cumming's book "Category Five".]
Jever 21.10.55.   Operational
          Late last hight two officers were sent out as i/c Crash Guards at the aircraft
which went in yesterday.   Two more officers were doing Committee of Adjustments and
others were busy on Form 7850's etc.
         Consequently, very few pilots were available to fly.   Some high and low level
battle formation was done for about 15 hours.
Jever 22.10.55.   Operational
          Bad weather prevented flying for most of the morning.   Eventually the airfield
went "amber" for pairs only, so one detail was flown on cine quarters.
         Another fatal accident occurred this morning when one of No. 4 Squadron pilots
crashed at Oldenburg.
Jever 23.10.55.             STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 24.10.55.   Operational
         Low stratus this morning prevented flying.   This weather continued all day.
Jever 25.10.55.   Operational
          Today, Flying Officer Rogers, Flying Officer McLennnan and Sergeant Williams were
buried at Hamburg.   The journey there and back took all day.
Jever 26.10.55.   Operational
         Bad weather in the form of low cloud and continuous rain prevented flying this
morning.   The pilots attended a lecture on oxygen systems and various films.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon and all pilots not engaged in organised
games went for a run round the airfield.
Jever 27.10.55.   Operational
         The weather forecast was quite good this morning and the airfield colour state was
'green'.   A few Cu and Cu-nim were scattered about and fairly frequent showers were
forecast.   These showers did not stop flying at all and a good days flying was done.
         Some night flying was also carried out in Vampire T11's and Hunters.
         The total hours on Hunters have noir reached 250.
Jever 28.10.55.   Operational
         More good weather today enabled the Squadron to make 25 hours.
         Some G.C.A.'s were done this morning together with practice bad weather circuits
and 'dead-stick' landings.
         Flying Officer Powell left for U.K. this morning to attend a medical board,
followed by 2 weeks leave.
Jever 29.10.55.   Operational
          Each Squadron had their own parade this morning, followed by met. briefing.
         Some flying was doing afterwards including two pilots from No. 93 Squadron who
did their first solos.
Jever 30.6.55.             STAND-DOWN
          Flying Officer Darrington returned to the U.K. this morning on completion of his
tour of 2nd T.A.F.
Jever 31.10.55.   Operational
          Quite a good days flying brought the total Hunter hours over the 300 mark.
         The visibility was excellent all day and hardly any cloud was present.
          Flight Lieutenant Goodwin returned from leave today.
                                                  FLYING HOURS - OCTOBER, 1955
   Aircraft                                                                                 Hours              Minutes                Sorties
   Hunter F. IV                                                                        305                     40                        364
   Vampire T XI                                                                        11                     35                          16       
                                                                                          317                        15            &             380       
                                                        SQUADRON STRENGTH
                       Officers                                                                             14
                       S.N.C.O.(Aircrew)                                                             1
                       S.N.C.O.'s                                                                          8
                       Cpls                                                                                  15
                       A.C.'s                                                                                46  
                       Total Strength                                                                   84  

                                                                                                             (C.M. GIBBS)
                                                                                                             Squadron Leader,
                                                                                                             Officer Commanding
                                                                                                             No. 118 Squadron
                                                                                                             Royal Air Force

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