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F540 Operations Record Book November 1955 NO 118 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2643 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                COMPILING OFFICER Fg. Off. C.W. Powell REFS TO APPENDICES
Jever 1.11.55.   Operational
         The month started off well with clear skies and almost unlimited visibility.
About twenty hours were flown, including one sortie for which four aircraft were
brought to readiness on the O.R.P.   The aircraft were scrambled in pairs to intercept
a stream of Meteor N.F. 14's which was done with a fair amount of success.
Jever 2.11.55.   Operational
         This morning extensive low stratus covering most of the zone reduced flying.
The cloud base was about seven to eight hundred feet, so only one pair per Squadron
was allowed.
          Six sorties flown on cine quarters and high level battle formation.
          This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 3.11.55.   Operational
         There was no low cloud this morning but visibility over the whole zone was
between twelve and fifteen hundred yards.
         An interception of Sabre 6's was planned but the weather did not allow it.
         Some of yesterday's films were shown this afternoon
Jever 4.11.55.   Operational
         Once again poor visibility prevented flying this morning.   After a lecture, the
weather improved and flying commenced about 10.00 hours.   Twenty sorties were carried
out on cine before the weather clamped.   The clamp came very suddenly, and three of
our aircraft, including the C.O. were diverted to Wunstorf, while one aircraft
returning from U.K. was diverted to Ahlhorn.
          Two new pilots joined the Squadron this morning.   They are Fg. Off. W.B. Maish
and Fg. Off. A.B. Thompson, who have left Chivenor O.C.U.
Jever 5.11.55.   Operational
         The weather this morning was even worse than last night.   Mist and drizzle have
reduced the visibility considerably.   No flying was done at all.
Jever 6.11.55.            STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 7.11.55.   Operational
         Visibility was about 150 yards this morning and very little improvement was
noticeable all day.
         The morning was spent watching films and having discussions.   The afternoon was
occupied in some cases by going to see the submarine pens at Wilhelmshaven and in other
cases playing basketball.
Jever 8.11.55.   Operational
         Arrangements were made this morning to pick our aircraft up, which were scattered
all over the zone last Friday.   A complicated ferry system was worked out with Vampire
's dashing about from station to station carrying pilots and ground crew.
         The outcome of this was that one of the T XI's got stuck at Wunstorf with two more
pilots because of the weather again clamping here at Jever.
Jever 9.11.55.   Operational
         After watching a film this morning the weather cleared sufficiently to fly a
Prentice to Wunstorf and bring back the three Hunters and the T 11.
          Other flying was done for part of the day, which was a full working day.
         The airfield colour state returned to 'Red' shortly after lunch and the afternoon
was spent looking through a new edition of No. 122 Wing S.O.P.
Jever 10.11.55.   Operational
          For the first time in weeks an early start was made in excellent visibility and
almost clear skies.
         A sortie of four got airborne followed by a pair.   The two new pilots also got
airborne inVampire T XI's on their dual check, and later in Hunters.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon and the station played Rugby, Soccer and
Hockey against the crew of H.M.S. Diamond, a destroyer which is visiting Wilhelmshaven.
Jever 11.11.55.   Operational
          Again good weather enabled a good bit of flying to be done.   Three more pilots
of No. 93 Squadron got their first Hunter trip this afternoon.
          During the afternoon it was decided to do some night flying between 17.00 and
18.30 hours.   This was successful and now nearly all the Squadron pilots have flown
Hunters at night.
Jever 12.11.55.   Operational
          The usual parade this morning under Squadron arrangements was followed by met.
briefing.   No flying was done due to bad weather, the pilots watched some cine film
taken earlier in the week.
Jever 13.11.55.             STAND-DOWN.
          Fg. Off. M.J. Wraight returned to the U.K. this morning on completion of his 2½
years in Germany.
Jever 14.11.55.   Operational
          The weather was quite good today with occasional showers.
         This allowed quite a bit of high level battle and P.I.'s to be done.
         Two more of our aircraft returned from the U.K. today.
         A total of 29 hours was flown which makes the months total a little more
Jever 15.11.55.   Operational
          Again a good day and not even occasional showers to bother about.   Another 21
hours on high level battle and cine exercises brought the total for the month to 139
Jever 16.11.55.   Operational
         Low cloud made the airfield state 'amber', one pair per Squadron.   This cloud
soon dispersed however, allowing full flying to continue.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 17.11.55.   Operational
         Radiation fog formed over most of the zone during the night, and visibility was
only a few hundred yards this morning.
         By 11.00 hours the visibility had increased sufficiently to start limited flying.
Some cine trials were done at 30,000 feet and later some P.I.'s of Canberras.   The
total flying however was only 10½ hours.
         Fg. Off. B.G. Faulkes rejoined the Squadron from U.K. leave.
Jever 18.11.55.   Operational
         Once more fog and mist prevented flying.   The morning was spent watching a film
and digging a trench across the airfield.
          After which the cloud base over the airfield was 3,000 feet as a weather test
took off, only to find that everywhere also was only 300 feet base, so a football match
was played against No. 98 Squadron pilots, and was won by No. 118 Squadron.
Jever 19.11.55.            The airfield colour state was rather doubtful all morning, but no flying was done.  
Jever 20.11.55.                STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 21.11.55.   Operational
          The airfield, as usual was covered by fog this morning.   After a lecture by the
Station P.2 Officer, flying commenced about 11.15 hours.   By 14.00 hours the colour
state was again 'red' and remained so until 16.00 hours, when one pair per Squadron got
airborne for the last detail.
Jever 22.11.55.   Operational
          The day started with limited flying, but later became 'green'.   Quite a few sorties
were done with four aircraft, mainly on cine exercises.
Jever 23.11.55.   Operational
         Extensive medium cloud with occasional showers was today's forecast.
         Flying started at normal time but was interrupted by a talk with Hawker's test
pilots on the Hunter.
         One more detail was flown before lunch.
         This afternoon was a sports afternoon.
Jever 24.11.55.   Operational
         The weather today was rather similar to yesterday's except that most of today's
showers were of hail.   A number of sorties were flown, but the total was cut down
slightly when four aircraft were waiting on the O.R.P. to take-off and intercept
Jever 25.11.55.   Operational
          A good days flying today on high level battle formation and G.C.A.'s.   Some gun
firing was also done into the sea.   A total of 26 hours was flown bringing the total
to about 230 hours.
Jever 26.11.55.   Operational
         After this mornings station parade some cine practices were carried out and the
two new pilots got airborne in T XI's.
Jever 27.11.55.            STAND-DOWN.  
Jever 28.11.55.   Operational
         The airfield colour state was 'amber' all day because of low cloud and poor vis-
ilility.   On pair per Squadron was operated all day up to about 16.00 hours when the
visibility decreased.
          Most of the days sorties were on cine quarters at 20,000 feet followed by a
controlled descent and a bad weather circuit.
Jever 29.11.55.   Operational
          Very poor visibility this morning prevented any flying.   The trench for the
C.F./D.F. slave was extended during the morning.   The Squadron played No. 98 Squadron
at football this afternoon and won 10-4.
          This afternoon Sqn. Ldr. Buddin arrived from U.K. by Anson.   He has come to
take over the Squadron when Sqn. Ldr, Gibbs leaves in a few days time.
Jever 30.1.55.   Operational
         Once again poor visibility with a low cloud base prevented flying and the morning
was spent compiling monthly returns.

Hunter F.4
Sabre IV
Vampire T


Flying Hours                                                                                        Squadron Strength
   Hours                 Min            Sorties
   248                     50              300                          Officers                                  18
       1                     20                   2                          S.N.C.O(Aircrew)                    1
    11                     25                 17                          S.N.C.O's                                 8
      2                     40                   3                          Cpl's and A.C's                     60  
 264                     40              322                                                          Total        87  

                                                                              (C.M. GIBBS), Squadron Leader,
                                                                              Officer Commanding
                                                                              No. 118 Squadron
                                                                              Royal Air Force

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