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RAF Hunters in Germany
Airframe Number Sqn Letter Arrived Departed Destination
Vampire FB.5        
VV219   13Feb52. 19Nov53. 14 Sqn.
VV486 A-L 21May52. 31Aug53. 2TAF CS.
VV639 A-L 28Aug53. 21Jun55. 19Nov53-1Dec53 98Sqn.  2TAF CS.
VX474 A-K 13May53. 31Jul53. Flying Accident Cat4 Radio failure; pilot became lost, ran out of fuel and belly landed in field, 4m S of Lubeck. Plt Off F A Butcher. ReCat5S 5Aug53.
VZ317 A-T Mon 21Sep53. Thu 19Nov53. 98 Sqn. [Click to see].
WA117 A-N 5Jun52. 6May54. Flying Accident. Cat4R Force-landed in field after fire-warning light came on, Meggebostel. Fg Off B L Rogers. Issued UK/Brooklands for repair 7Jul54.
WA185   11Mar53. 26Oct53. 93 Sqn.
WA234 A-D Tue 29May51. Wed 28Jul54. 10MU Hullavington. [Click to see].
WA293 A-C 21Apr51. 19Aug53. 14Sqn.
WA306 A-B 8Aug51. 11Jun54. (Click to see.) 10MU Hullavington.
WA335   4Jun52. 13Aug53. 130Sqn.
WA340 WAS 21Apr51. 8Aug51. Wg Ldr Fassberg. WAS for Wg Cdr W A Smith.
WA341 A-R 21Apr51. 28Oct53. 4Sqn. H recoded?
WA348   18May53. 14Sep53. 93Sqn.
WA357   21May51. 6Feb52. Cat 3R.   93Sqn.
WA374   23May52. 19Nov53. Rocket ricochet damage to wing at Fassberg Range 7Sep53. [Click to see.]. To 14Sqn.
WA380 A-F 8Jun51. 21Dec53. Stalled and spun into ground during practice cine attack, 1/2m E Soltau, W Germany, killing Plt Off J J Smith.
WA382 A-J, A-A 19May52. 30Oct52. Flying Accident Cat3R Bird-strike damaging pt mainplane, Thornaby. Flt Lt A D Yeardley. Repaired on site and transferred to 266 Sqn, 30Oct52.
WA390 A-G 8Jun51. 31Dec52. Engine failure; force-landed in field 2m N of Steinhuder Meer, W Germany. Fg Off D B Durrant.
WA392 A-Y Wed 21May52. Fri 11Jun54. 10MU Hullavington. [Click to see].
WA396 A-A/EMD 11Aug51. 2Apr52. Wg Ldr Fassberg EMD for Gp Capt E M Donaldson; 20May53-17Aug55, 5MU, Kemble.
WA443 A-G 7Jun52. 19Nov53. 98Sqn.
WG832   28Aug53. 19Nov53. 98Sqn.
WG847   9May52. 19Nov53. 14Sqn.
Vampire T.11        
WZ513   About 52-54. About 52-54.  
WZ517 Z Thu 29Oct53. Mon 18Feb57. Issued UK/Marshalls for modifications. [Click to see].
XD622   17Sep56. 24Sep57. 10MU Hullavington.
XH361   10Aug56. 4Sep56. 93Sqn.
Venom FB.1       Click for Type Description
WE273 A-Z 13Aug53. 6Jan54. 22MU Silloth.
WE281 A-D 2Oct53. 23Mar54. Flew into ground during practice attack on Army convoy, 2m SW Dollerup, W Germany. Pilot, Plt Off Ted Stratton, killed.
WE290 A-M 17Mar55. 17Jun55. 266Sqn.
WE376 A-E 2Oct53. 11Jul55. 29MU High Ercall.
WE384 A-B 8Sep53. 7Jul53. 29MU High Ercall.
WE387 A-C 2Oct53. 11Jul53. 27MU Shawbury.
WE388 A-M Wed 7Oct53. Wed 23Mar55. 145Sqn.   [Click to see]   [Click to see] [Click to see].
WE400 A-F Fri 2Oct53. Thu 7Jul55. 29MU High Ercall. Mike Wraight's a/c. [Click top see] [Click top see]
WE401 A-S 31Dec53. 14Jan54. 16Sqn as L-A.
WE403 A-A 2Oct53. 16May55. 27MU Shawbury.
WE407 A-S 15Jan54. 7Jul55. 48MU Hawarden.
WE408 A-N 29Oct53. 9May55. 29MU High Ercall.
WE409 A-P 29Oct53. 10Aug54. Cat4R.
WE411 A-Q 29Oct53. 16Jun55. 29MU High Ercall. [Click to see].
WE413 A-R 27Oct53. 3Jun55. 29MU High Ercall. [Click to see].
WE415 A-Y 27Oct53. 7Sep54. Cat4R. [Click to see]
WE436 A-G 6Jan54. 3Jun55. 29MU High Ercall.
WE445 A-T 29Dec53. 13Jul55. 48MU. [Click to see.]
WE446 A-H 19Jan54. 18Oct54. Engine lost power; force landed on approach, Ahlhorn.
WK397 A-T 6Jan54. 16Jan54. 14Sqn.
WK486 A-D Fri 11Jun54. Thu 28Apr55. 48MU. [Click to see].
WR281 A-Y 1Oct54. 13Jun55. 48MU.
WR312 A-P 3Sep54. 28Apr55. 22MU Silloth.
Hunter F.4s        
WT719 F Fri 20May55 Tue 23Aug55 Cat3R/4R canopy failure.
WT737 N Thu 28Apr55 Mon 8Apr57 1st Flt 1Mar55 by Hugh Mereweather, Cen Fus C/N 41H-670794. Del 29Mar55 to 5MU, to 118Sqn N 28Apr55, to 222Sqn 8Apr57, to 229OCU as B, scrapped Coleys Nov62. 543.50 Fly Hrs.   [Click to see.]
WT738 P Fri 6May55 Thu 20Oct55 FF 17Feb55 Hugh Merewether. Cen Fus C/N 41H-670695, Del. 25Mar55 to 5MU, to 118Sqn 6May55, Declared Cat5 after colliding with WT757, near Bremen while carrying out High Altitude cine exercise; pilot, Fg. Off. B. L. Rogers, ejected but was killed.   [Click to see.]
WT741 Q Sat 30Apr55 Mon 19Aug57 5MU.   Click to see.
WT743 R Wed 27Apr55 Fri 15Mar57 Cat4
WT748 S Wed 27Apr55 Mon 19Aug57 5MU
WT751 T Wed 29Apr55 10Aug57 ff 9Mar55 Duncan Simpson. C/N 41H-670708. Del. 28Mar55, 5MU, 247 Sqn, 118 Sqn(T) 27Apr55, 5MU 24Aug57, A&AEE, 62 for jettison trials with 230-gall drop tanks(empty), 5MU. [Click to see].
WT752 D Thu 12May55 Mon 19Aug57 5MU
WT753 E Thu 12May55 Mon 19Aug57 FF Duncan Simpson 10Mar55 Cen Fuse C/N 41H670710. Del 1Apr55. 118Sqn E, 12May55 to 5MU 19Aug57, to 247Sqn, Broken up HAL 62, 415.30Fly Hrs. [Click to see.]
WT754 Y Thu 28Apr55 Mon 19Aug57 UK
WT757 G Wed 20May55 Thu 20Oct55 1st flt J A Sowrey 15Mar55, Del 01Apr55 118Sqn. (C), Jever, 20Apr55, Cat5 write off.  Mid-air collision near Hamburg with WT738. F/O John McClennen was killed.
WT760 C Tue 10May55 Tue 2Apr57 229OCU
WV263   Fri 15Mar57 Mon 19Aug57 5MU
WV274   Thu 14Mar57 Tue 16Jul57 Cat3R/4R
WV364   Wed 18Jan56 Tue 28Feb56 93Sqn as S
WV368 F Thu 20Oct55 Wed 18Jan56 93Sqn
WV368 F Tue 22May56 Fri 18Aug57 5MU
WV373 F? Tue 4Oct55 Thu 8Dec55 Cat5 write off.   The pilot, Fg. Off. Yeomans, carried out three GCA approaches at Ahlhorn when flying in manual.   He then decided to revert to powered controls.   He was seen at 3000 feet, climbing slightly and then diving with his left wing low towards the ground.   Although the canopy was jettisoned, the pilot did not eject.   It seems probable that the pilot obtained a false anchorage of the ailerons when he reverted to powered controls and this only allowed free movement in one direction.   Extract from "Category Five" book by Colin Cummins.
WW653   Mon 3Oct55 Tue 4Oct55 Arriving from 98Sqn on 3Oct55 it was obviously unacceptable as it was returned to them the next day and replaced by WV373. 98Sqn. [See picture]
WW657 G originally A Thu 28Apr55 Mon 14Jan57 [See picture] Cat3/4 port u/c collapsed on landing at Jever.
WW660 B Wed 27Apr55 Fri 29Mar57 Delivered 6Apr55 to 33MU, 28Jun57 to 229 OCU, reduced to spares May61. (Click to see).
XE665 A Tue 17Apr56 Wed 13Jun56 Delvd 5MU 24May55, 118 Sqn as A held in Station Flt 17Apr56. Marked with OC122Wg pennant and the badges of the 4 Hunter Sqns at Jever at that time 4, 93, 98 and 118 as OC Flying's personal Hunter. Cat3R/4R. Uncommanded u/c lowering at high speed resulting in a port u/c up landing. Blocked runway landing on crash strip with unlocked undercarriage. [Click to see F540 report.]. Rtd to HAL 1957, Converted to Hunter T8 delvd to 764 Sqn (RN) on 20Apr59 to 237OCU 83. [Click to see.]
XE677   Mon 17 Oct 1955 Tue 17 Jan 1956 No 93 Squadron
XE682 Z Wed 7Mar56 19Aug57 5MU
XE684   Tue 20Dec55 Wed 18Jan56 93Sqn
XE687 F Mon 28Nov55 Tue 22May56 93Sqn
XE703 B Tue 9Apr57 Mon 19Aug57 5MU
XE707 P? Wed 16Nov55 19Apr56 Cat3 later to 93Sqn as T
XF315 A Wed 7Mar56 Tue 17Apr56 Wing Leader Jever.
XF368 N Tue 5Mar57. Fri 15Mar57 to 3 Sqn. C/N HABL003097.ff 29Feb56 Del 7Mar56, 33MU 2ATAF 20Apr56, 4Sqn(N &A) 27Apr56, 118 Sqn(N) 5Mar57, 3Sqn(C) 15Apr57, UK 6Jun57, (NW 12Jul57-23Aug57), 229OCU (ES-N recode 64) 1Jul57 arr 23Aug57, 19MU 17Mar59, NEA 8Oct59, To Admiralty charge 26Oct61, HSA converted toGA11 26Oct61 to 2Oct62, AHU AC 2Oct62, 738 Sqn(LM645) 11Oct62, 738 Sqn(BY645) 10Dec63, RNAY Belfast 15Sep64, 738 Sqn(BY644) 21Oct64, Recode BY784, 5MU 25Oct65, AHU BY 30Jun66, 738 Sqn(BY781) 4Aug66, Ground accident Brawdy 13Nov69, ADW 24Nov69, remaining in service, apart from periods of storage to keep her airframe hours down, until 1995 when she was withdrawn from use. She took part in a 4-ship farewell flypast as she made her last military flight to Shawbury for storage and future disposal. Last flown 25Apr95 with 8439.00 hrs. She remained at Shawbury until Feb01. After being auctioned off in 29Nov00 at Phillips in London for £10,200 and sold to South Africa-based Mike Beachy Head, she was removed to Exeter on 12Feb01 and prepared for export by the Hunter Flying Club with registration G-BZRH, and departed Exeter in 17Jun01, Piloted by AVM 'Boz' Robinson arriving safely at her new home at Cape Town just over a week later via Genoa, Brindisi, Iraklion, Luxor, Asmara, Djibouti, Nairobi, Malawi, Maputo, Bloemfontein. She is based with the Thunder City fleet.
XF370 C Thu 14Mar57 Mon 26Aug57 APS Sylt Station Flight
XF977 A Mon 23Jul56 Mon 14Oct57 APS Sylt Station Flight.
XF987   Mon 1Apr57 Mon 19Aug57 229OCU
Meteor T.7        
WF779   About 52-54. About 52-54. [Click to see].
WF813   About 52-54. About 52-54.  
WF836 A-X Fri 8Jun51. Mon 26Apr54. To 4 Sqn. [Click to see]. [Click to see] [Click to see].
WF962   About 52-54. About 52-54.  
WH181 X Mon 13Sep54. Tue 17May55. To 79 Sqn as T-L.