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No 93 Squadron Movement Order No. 3/53 20Jul53
93S/S.1/1/14/.JR.	                                 Copy No........

                    No. 93 SQUADRON OPERATION ORDER No. 3/53
                    (Reference Royal Air Force Jever Operation Order No. 1/53)

              A  -  Advance Party
              B  -  Air Party
              C  -  Rear Party
              D  -  Convoy Instructions
                      All times Bravo
1.   This order, to be read in conjunction with the relevant R.A.F. JEVER and
122 WING Operation Orders, is intended to provide further details for the
internal working of the Squadron for Exercise "CORONET".

2.   To move No. 93 Squadron to WAHN for Exercise CORONET.


3.   The move will take place in the stages:-

      (a)  Reconnaissance Party.   This will leave JEVER by road on the 16th July.
      (b)  Advance Party.   This is shown at Appendix "A".  It is to move by road
           to WAHN, leaving at 07.00 hours on 22nd July, 1953, and is to take suff-
           icient equipment, spares and oils, to receive, service and operate the
           aircraft on arrival.  Refuellers will move at the same time under
           separate arrangements.

      (c)  Air Party.  This party, detailed at Appendix "B", will fly out a.m.
           24th July, 1953.

      (d)  Rear Party.  This party, detailed at Appendix "C", is to dispatch the
           aircraft on the 24th July, 1953, load all remaining equipment and proceed
           to WAHN at 10.00 hours.

                            ADMINISTRATIVE ARRANGEMENTS

4.   Loading.    Fg.Off. STANDISH is to arrange that vehicles not already issued
to the squadron are drawn as early as possible on the day before the convoy is
due to leave.

     (a)  Advance Party.  This is to carry, in addition to regulation equipment,
          all domestic equipment.   It is to be loaded and parked on the convoy
          marshalling area by cease work on 21st July, 1953, ready in all respects
          to move off early the following morning.
     (b)  Rear Party.  This is to be loaded with all except the equipment
          necessary to dispatch the aircraft and parked on the squadron apron
          by cease work on 23rd July.
5.   Convoy Marshalling.  The convoy marshalling area for Flying Wing and
Squadrons is on the road between Air Traffic Control and the Ops Block.  Convoys
are to be positioned there by 06.45 and 09.45 on 22nd and 24th July respectively.
6.   Vehicles.    Drivers of vehicles are to ensure that they have sufficient petrol
for a 300 mile journey.  The Squadron Adjutant is to arrange with M.T. Officer
and Catering Officer that all vehicles are provided with sufficient petrol, oil,
interim rations the night before departure and that petrol tanks are topped up.
He is also to issue drivers with maps and/or route cards and a copy of convoy
instructions at Appendix "D".  Drivers are to ensure that they have the forms
mentioned therein.

7.   Meals.  A daily detail, including Reveille and breakfast hours, is to be
posted on Squadron notice boards by the Squadron Adjutant the day before each
convoy leaves, and is to arrange the early calls and breakfasts necessary.
Haversack rations for the journey are to be obtained by all personnel from
their respective messes at breakfast on the day of departure.  The Discipline
N.C.O. is to notify the Catering Section of the number required.

8.   Dress.  Clean working dress may be worn for the move, plus webbing (with
sidepack only). Water bottles are to be filled and carried.  Rifles, bayonets
and steel helmets are to be taken.  Best blue is to be packed for walking out.
Knife, fork, spoon, mug and mess tin must be taken.  N.C.O. Discip is to make
arrangements for the safe custody of remaining kit, including bedding.

9.   Bedding.  The Adjutant is to issue one palliasse to each man on personal
charge.  This is to be made up into a roll with individual's bedding, covered
with a ground sheet and secured.  Personnel are responsible for loading their
own kit.  Plt.Off. Ridgeway is to issue beds to S.N.C.O.'s.

10.  Rations.  Two weeks supply of cigarettes and sweets are to be drawn in
advance by all personnel.

11. Aircrew Baggage.  Aircrew baggage and camp kits will travel with the
Advance Party.  The Adjutant is to arrange for its collection by 17.00 hours on
21st July.  Pilots are responsible for obtaining their own crockery.  Flight
Commanders are to arrange issue of revolvers and steel helmets.

12. Accommodation.  N.C.O. i/c Advance Party will set up accommodation in the
field under the supervision of Fg.Off. ????? as follows:-

                    2 - Marquee      )at dispersal.
                    1 - 160 lb tent  )
                    3 - 160 lb tents   Officers    )      
                    2 - 160 lb tents   S.N.C.O.'s  )  Sleeping accommodation.      
                   11 - 160 lb tents   Airmen's    )
                    1 - 160 lb tent    G.S.O.      )
Discip N.C.O. is to allocate airmen to tents by name before departure.

13.  Aircraft.  Aircraft are to be prepared for take off at 07.30 hours 24th
July, with recrystallisation and fitting of drop tanks completed.  Drop tanks
are to be filled.  Ammunition and B.F.M.'s ? are to be carried, but guns are not
to be loaded.  Aircraft not going to fly are to be towed to A.S.F. Hangar by
cease work 23rd July.

14.  Laundry.  No laundry facilities will be available at WAHN.  Airmen are
to pack a change of clothing sufficient for 14 days.

15.  Equipment.  All Squadron domestic mobile equipment is to be completely
listed before loading, and a copy of the list given to the Adjutant.  Items
borrowed from other inventories (e.g. H.Q. inventory - chairs etc) are to be
included.  N.C.O.'s i/c sections are to ensure that all ground equipment
necessary to operate 2 flights separately is taken.

     N.C.O. i/c Armament Section is to include a complete set of B.F.M.'s
for all aircraft, plus 25% spare, and one spare gun set.  Bomb and Rocket trolleys
are not to be taken.

     N.C.O. i/c Instrument Section is to include enough camera film to allow for
thirty six sorties a day.  All available G45 and G45 camera magazines are to
be taken.

     The Adjutant is to prepare a lockable box with necessary files, stationary
and typewriter.

16.  Discipline.  Order regarding bounds and discipline will be issued later.

17.  Arms.  N.C.O. i/c Discip is to arrange for issue of rifles, bayonets,
bayonet frogs, and steel helmets.

18.  Security.  Visitors will be identified by lapel and car labels as follows:-

                          V.I.P.'s  - Green.
                          Staff     - White.
                          Press     - Yellow.
                          Spectators- Blue.
Civilians will normally be accompanied by an R.A.F. Officer, but all personnel
are carefully to scrutinise passes and lapel badges to prevent exercise saboteurs
gaining admission.  Special precautions are to be taken to protect aircraft and
dispersals and any person, thought to have gained unauthorised access, or seen
behaving in an unusual manner, is to be detained.

                              SIGNALS ARRANGEMENTS

19.  Call Signs.   (1)  In transit  N.P.I.?        - KINGDOM
                   (2)  at WAHN.    No. 4 Squadron - LATESHIP.
                                    H.Q. 2 Group J.O.C. - SLATESHIP
                                    H.Q. 2 Group S.O.C. - SKYLINE.
                                    H.Q. 2 Group Rear   - FACECREAM.
                         2 Group Fixer Deployment only  - FACECREAM.
                         2 Group Fixer during exercise  - SKYLINE

20.  Frequencies.  To be notified later.

                                                    Signed Al Paterson
20th July, 1953.                                  (A.W. PATERSON) Flt.Lt.
                                                    Officer Commanding,
                                                   No. 93 Squadron, R.A.F.

DISTRIBUTION.              Copy No.

Flight Commanders             1  -  2
Convoy Commanders             3  -  4
File                             5
For F540                         6
Spares                        7  -  10

APPENDIX "A" TO 93s/s.1 1 /14/.JR DATED 20th JULY, 1953. ADVANCE PARTY Comprising Convoy No. 5 i/c No. 93 Squadron Element - F/Sgt. DAVIS
Position Vehicle Number    Driver    Passenger.
10 Thorneycroft 45 AF 06 L.A.C. HOPE S.A.C. CAIN.
11       " 45 AF 42 S.A.C. FOX Cpl. GODWIN.
12       " 45 AF 79 S.A.C. LINTOTT A.C. LONGERT.
13       " 46 AF 22 L.A.C. SMITH Cpl. RICHARDS.
14       " 46 AF 27 Cpl. SEARLE L.A.C. FINDEN.
15. Acc. Cng. 26 AE 19 Cpl. EDSON A.C. NIXON.
        L.A.C. KNIGHT.
        L.A.C. JEFFCOTE.
16 Thornycroft 46 AF 75 A.C. WILLIAMS S.A.C. HOBBS.
17       " 47 AF 04 S.A.C. TICKNER L.A.C. DAWSON.
18 Tipper 11 AL 79 Sgt. HARRISON Sgt. HUGHES.
19 Landrover 34 AE 51 F/Sgt. DAVIS S/Tech. WIBBERLEY.
        A.C. WOOD.
        A.C. BATCHELOR.
93sqnpic237.jpg, 20803 bytes
Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the names but may have interpreted them incorrectly.
If you can recognise your name and know you were on this trip please let me know
so that I can correct the record.  The letter A on the typewriter apparently comes
out as a bar at the bottom of the line - see L.A.C. and A.C.        Web Master.

APPENDIX "B" TO 93s/s.1 1 /14/.JR DATED 20th JULY, 1953. AIR PARTY PILOTS Flt.Lt. PATERSON. Flt.Lt. STURMAN. Fg.Off. WOOD. Plt.Off. BELL. Plt.Off. RAMSAY. Plt.Off. BOULTON. Flt.Lt. PEARCH. Flt.Lt. WALLACE. Fg.Off. STANDISH. Fg.Off. SPEARMAN. Plt.Off. HANNAH. Plt.Off. REVNELL. Plt.Off. SANDERSON. F/Sgt. TELFER. Sgt. THOMAS. Sgt. KNIGHT. AIRCRAFT Meteor WP856 Vampire - WA317 " B VX463 " D WA319 " E VV451 " F WF584 " G WA191 " H WA142 " P VV221 " Q WF585 " B WA460 " Y VZ308 " V VZ326 or WA326 [Neither number is on the 93 Sqn list] " Z WA375 " Y VZ342 TIME OF DEPARTURE Meteor (2) H hours. 8 aircraft 93 Squadron H hour + 15 mins. 8 aircraft 4 Squadron H hour + 20 mins. 8 aircraft 93 Squadron H hour + 30 mins. 8 aircraft 4 Squadron H hour + 35 mins. Squadrons are to be prepared to take off by 07.30 hours.
APPENDIX "C" TO 93s/s.1 1 /14/.JR DATED 20th JULY, 1953. REAR PARTY Comprising Convoy No. 5 i/c No. 93 Squadron Element - Sgt. JOSLIN
Position Vehicle Number    Driver    Passenger.
12 Thorneycroft 47 AF 68 A.C. UNDERHILL L.A.C. DRAGE.
13     " 47 AF 76 Cpl. MacELROY L.A.C. SAMBROOKS.
14       " 46 AF 57 Cpl. FULCHER Cpl. JACKSON.
        A.C. TURNER.
        A.C. SUTTON.
        A.C. AGUTTER.
        A.C. GOOD.
        A.C. ALLSOP.
        A.C. NEAL.
        A.C. WEATHERS.
        L.A.C. PRICE.
        S.A.C. GOODES.
        A.C. PEARSON.
        A.C. PICKEN.?
        L.A.C. GRAY.
        L.A.C. HIRST.
        A.C. TRIGG.
        S.A.C. KIRK.
        A.C. ALLEN.
        A.C. GOOD.
        A.C. EVANS.
        S.A.C. GOODALL.
        L.A.C. WALLACE?.
        S.A.C. WILSON.
        L.A.C. BOWEN.
16 Landrover 34 AA 55 Cpl. WESTWOOD Flt.Lt. SPOKOE?.
        Sgt. JOSLIN.
        L.A.C. HARRISON.
93sqnpic238.jpg, 19325 bytes
Above is a copy of the photographic record of the Movement Order from the F540.
I have done my best to interpret the names but may have interpreted them incorrectly.
If you can recognise your name and know you were on this trip please let me know
so that I can correct the record.  The letter A on the typewriter apparently comes
out as a bar at the bottom of the line - see L.A.C. and A.C.        Web Master.

APPENDIX "D" TO 93s/s.1 1 /14/.JR DATED 20th JULY, 1953. CONVOY INSTRUCTIONS 1. The Officer i/c Convoy will lead the Convoy and be in possession of the movement order and any special orders issued by the Traffic Control. 2. He will :- (a) Check that all drivers have serviced their vehicles and that they are roadworthy and carry the necessary documents. (b) Ensure that vehicles are in convoy at the assembly point, the slowest vehicle at the back of the convoy. 3. He will brief all drivers the:- (a) Speed to be maintained. (b) Interval between vehicles in yards. (c) Lighting restrictions. (d) Time of halts and durations. (e) Action to be taken in event of breakdown. 4. He will ensure that each driver carries the vehicle tool-kit, and spare wheel applicable to his vehicle. 5. He will ensure that the convoy maintains its time schedule. 6. He will ensure that the standard distance of 80 yards between vehicles is maintained in open country, and 12 yards in town by day, adjusting as necessary by night. 7. Halts of 20 minutes duration will be made commencing at 20 minutes to each ???? ????. Long halts of 1 hours duration will be made after each 6 hours of driving. 8. If a vehicle is unable to keep its place in the convoy, the driver will pull to the side of the road, and signal on the vehicle behind him. 9. The motor cyclist travelling at the rear of the convoy will report the casualty to the convoy commander, who will decide whether the vehicle is to be repaired, towed, abandoned or the load transferred to another vehicle. If desirable, the breakdown vehicle will remain with the casualty until the repair is completed, and travel with the casualty until it regains the convoy. 10. The following flags and lights must be used:- Convoy Leader Blue flag by day, blue light by night. Last Vehicles Green flag by day, green light by night. 11. Convoy speeds of 30 miles in two hours on first class roads and 25 miles in two hours on second class roads are to be maintained. 12. Documentation. The following forms are to be carried by all drivers:- Form 658, F.1250, F.M.T.3 and 656. SECRET
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