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F540 Operations Record Book July 1953 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                    COMPILING OFFICER  Plt.Off. W.E. Bell.                 REF. TO
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JEVER. JULY 1st 1953 The weather today was excellent.  Battle Flight flew two sorties.  The first
interception was good though during the second interception Welfare Controllers
R/T was u/s.  The second sortie, the first interception was good, though height transgressions
were poor, and often as much as 2000 ft. out.  Fg.Off. Sturman flew to Fassburg and P/O
Sanderson had the only remaining serviceable a/c for practice Q.G.H.S.
  JULY 2nd 1953 The squadron were firing on Meppen range today with R/P, results proved quite fair.
Fg.Off. Sturman returned to Jever from Fassburg having been on a courier flight.
Battle Flight flew 5 sorties the majority of interceptions being good, though some
tended to become long drawn out tail chases.  Fg.Off. Sturman has now been
promoted to Flt.Lt.
  JULY 3rd 1953 Battle Flight flew 5 sorties again today.  Battle Flight consisted of 8 a/c with
a further 8 a/c from 4 Squadron as a second Battle Flight.  All interceptions
were good with the exception of the fourth where large ????? interfered with the
radar.  P/O Boulton flew an air test.
  JULY 4th 1953 Station parade in the morning after which the station was stood down for the weekend.  
  JULY 6th 1953 The C.F.E. Team arrived yesterday, and today was spent in lectures 112 Squadron left
Jever today for their new station at Bruggen.
  JULY 7th 1953 F/O Wood flew the C.F.E. teams Meteor 8 to Oldenburg the team having gone to Oldenburg
by road.  The Squadron were using Meppen Range today for R/P practice.  Night
flying was attempted but as the weather was poor F/O Wood was the only pilot to carry
out a successful sortie.  Sqn.Ldr. Allen and F/Lt. Pearch both went up for weather
  JULY 8th 1953 The Squadron spent the morning doing practice cine parallel ranging and tracking.
Sgt. Knight flew to Wahn and back in a courier sortie.  The station stood down
after 12.00 hours for a sports afternoon.
  JULY 9th 1953 Simulated R/P attacks by the Squadron in the low flying area.  Later in the morning
R/P attacks were made on the a/f for the benefit of the R.A.F. Regt. Bofors guns.
Flt.Lt. Wallace went to Wunstorf and returned later in the day.  P/O Sanderson
and P/O Revnell did low level X country navigation trips.  This afternoon the
Squadron did R/P attacks on Meppen Range, scores were fair to good.  Weather was
fair with occasional showers.
  JULY 10th 1953 Squadron again had the full use of the range today and R/P practice was continued,
due to spares situation the a/c serviceability state is getting low.  Flt.Lt.
and P/O Revnell flew the Meteor to Meppen Range for demonstrations of R/P attacks.
The weather was quite good though there was considerable amount of cloud about base
3,500' then did not interfere in any way with the rocketing programme.
  JULY 11th 1953 Five a/c from the Squadron today left for West Raynham in U.K. for air to ground
demonstration attacks.  The pilots were Flt.Lt. Paterson, F/O Bates, F/O Wood,
Flt.Lt. Sturman, and F/O Standish.  There was a practice A.O.C.'s parade in
the morning after which the station stood down for the weekend.
  JULY 13th 1953 93 Squadron are on Battle Flight this week.  The weather was very poor with
thunderstorms over the area.  A/F were released for local flying due to local radar
control being u/s.
  JULY 14th 1953 Weather again very poor with frequent thunderstorms, because of this A/Flt. were
released to do local flying and one sortie of two a/c were flown on low level sorties
the other two B/F a/c being unable to start.  After the return of the two a/c
both were found to be u/s.
  JULY 15th 1953 Weather today is still the same with large Cunim in the area.  B/F were released for
flying.  The 5 a/c from West Raynham returned in the afternoon and pilots report
that the demonstration went off very well.  Afternoon was sports.
  JULY 16th 1953 The Squadron again used Meppen Range today for R/P attacks.  B Flight flew 2 sorties
the first being simulated R/P attacks in low flying area, the other general
formation flying.  Night flying consisted of X countries and Q.G.H.'s with local
flying for the new pilots.
  JULY 17th 1953 Battle Flight flew 5 sorties, 2 of which were Battle Flights in preparation for
Exercise "Coronet".  F/O Wood acted as the hostile to give practice in breaks
and reforming of the eight.  No other flying was done due to unserviceability.
  JULY 18th 1953 No flying today.  Rehearsal for A.O.C.'s parade.  Station stood down for
  JULY 20th 1953 Two new pilots joined the Squadron, F/Sgt. Shrubsole and P/O Ridgeway.  No flying
today, all aircraft being prepared for Exercise "Coronet".  There was a detailed
briefing of the Wing in the afternoon for the exercise.
  JULY 21st 1953 Squadron Commander flew to Wahn and back for a recce of our proposed base for the
exercise.  F/O Standish flew to Buckeburg to collect maps for the exercise.
  JULY 22nd 1953 Sgt. Knight and Sgt. Thomas did two air tests.  Afternoon devoted to sport and
organisation of minor details of movement.  The advance party left Jever for
Wahn at 06.30 hours.
  JULY 23rd 1953 P.F. 80 was observed photographing base.  As weather was favourable at 18.00 hours, 8 a/c took off at 18.15 hours for Wahn.  Bowser trouble held second 7 a/c until 1900
hours.  All Squadron pilots arrived at Wahn by 20.30 hours.  Pilots erected tents
as they were not expected until Friday 24th.
No. 93 Squadron
Operation Order No.
3/53 attached.
  JULY 24th 1953 Aircrew settled in at Wahn.  Things in general running smoothly.  
  JULY 25th 1953 21 Ground attack sorties.  Two abortive low level sweeps over Bittburg, providing
top cover for 83 Squadron.
  JULY 26th 1953 36 sorties, 26 ground attack, 10 on air defence.  Strikes against Bittburg.  2 a/c
at readiness at end of runway for airfield defence.
  JULY 27th 1953 42 sorties flown, 40 ground attack, 2 airfield defence.  Low level attacks against
radar sites and Mambachel.  Special attention payed to ground camouflage.
  JULY 28th 1953 16 sorties flown.  4 ground attack and 10 air defence.  Radar sites attacked
Airfield repeatedly attacked by F.80's, but successfully defended by "Terriers".
  JULY 29th 1953 26 sorties flown.  8 ground attack, 18 air defence.  Radar site on Ifle Ridge
attacked.  The whole Squadron took part in the airfield ground defence exercise
in the evening.
  JULY 30th 1953 16 sorties all ground attack against Bitburg.  8 a/c attacking dispersals
8 for anti flak.
  31st JULY 1953 Exercise "Coronet" ended.  Squadron packing up.  Two formations set course for
Jever at 10.30 hours.  Flew back at 1,000 feet due to bad visibility.

DAY HOURS1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes295.45
NIGHT HOURS1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes13.251px-trans.gif, 43 bytesTotal1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes309.10  hours1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSorties  436
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesF/O WALLACE1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesattached from O.A.T.S. Course 28th July.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesF/O SPEARMAN1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesleave 5th - 19th July.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP/O RIDGEWAY1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesposted from O.C.U. 26th July.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP/O COUCH1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes)
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP/O BALFOUR1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes)1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesposted from O.C.U. 26th July.
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP/O MACKNISH1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes)
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP/O SHRUBSOLE1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesposted from U/K 18th July.


1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesMain event of the month was the movement of the Squadron to Wahn for
Exercise "Coronet".

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSqdn.Ldr Allen

1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes"A" FLIGHT1px-trans.gif, 43 bytes"B" FLIGHT
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Paterson1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Pearch
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Sturman1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Spearman
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Wood1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Lt. Wallace
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Wallace1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. Thomas
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Standish1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFg.Off. Bates
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Bell1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesSgt. Knight
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Hannah1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Revnell
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Couch1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Ramsay
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Sgt. Telfer1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Sanderson
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesFlt.Sgt. Shrubsole1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Ridgeway
1px-trans.gif, 43 bytesP.O. Macknish

[Signature Block Missing from Film]
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