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F540 Operations Record Book October 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                         COMPILING OFFICER   Plt. Off. M.A. RYAN       REF. TO APPENDICES
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JEVER  1958 OCTOBER   Wednesday 1st October 1958 - Friday 10th October 1958
     The Squadron took part in Exercise 'Argus' on Thursday, 2nd October and the usual
scrambles and interceptions were made against Sabres, B-66's, and Canberras.   There
was some night flying that evening.   On Monday 6th. October Fg. Off. A.G. NEWING from
No. 2 Squadron began conversion trips on the Hunter F.6.   He and Flt. Lt. B. WALLIS
will be completing 50 hours on the Hunter F.6 as an evaluation of the aircraft
in the low level fighter reconnaissance role to replace the Swift.
     We had Battle Flight duties from Tuesday, 7th October until Monday 13th October.
The duty pair were scrambled on Friday 10th October for an unidentified aircraft at
5,000ft in the A.D.I.Z. near Braunschweig.   The radar control lost contact with it
before the Hunters were able to intercept.
     On Tuesday 7th October, the Station received its long awaited Exercise Battle
Call' at 1100 hours.   All Jever aircraft were recalled, turned round, armed safe and
our first pair were airborne again by 11.45 hours for practice interception with No. 4
.   Normal flying was resumed from 1430 hours.
R.A.F. Jever     Monday 13th October, 1958 - Saturday 16th October, 1958
     Battle Flight was scrambled on Monday 13th October for an aircraft reported at
65-75,000ft flying South.   After obviously being unable to intercept, it was identified
as probably an U.S.A.F. aircraft returning from a reconnaissance trip over Norway.
     Beginning on Monday 13th October special emphasis was placed upon cine exercises
in an effort to improve the standard in the Squadron.   On Thursday, Friday and
Saturday 16th, 17th and 18th October, along with most other squadrons in the 2nd and
4th A.T.A.F.'s, the Squadron took part in raids on the United Kingdom during Exercise
Sunbeam, the annual Fighter Command defence exercise.   There were two mass raids per
day on tracks over a front stretching from Northern France to the Wash and interceptions
were reported on most sorties by both Hunters and Javelins of Fighter Command.
      Monday 20th October, 1958 - Friday 24th October, 1958
     The Squadron was stood down for Monday 20th October after the Exercise.   On Tuesday
21st October there was night flying in the evening.   During the afternoon a Pembroke of the Danish Air Force was reported missing over the North Sea and Fg. Off. M.A. HARVEY
went off in a Hunter during the evening to search an area 25 miles north-west of Sylt
where a patch of oil had been seen just before dusk.   He reported seeing a light in the
area.   On Thursday 23rd October there was routine flying but on Wednesday and Friday
the weather was bad and very little flying took place.
      Monday 27th October, 1958 - Friday 31st October, 1958
     As the Squadron had flown 55 hours more than the target of 340 hours for the month
there was a stand down on Monday 27th October.   A high pressure area over the
continent with low temperatures and a high relative humidity caused fog and low stratus
for most of the rest of this period and one pair early on Friday morning was the only
flying possible.
     Fg. Off. P.R. WILD joined the squadron from No. 66 Squadron at Acklington on
Thursday 30th October, 1958.
Operational Type Day Night Sorties
                              Hunter Mk 6      304:50  48:05    308
                         Training Type      
                             Vampire T11           27:25        6:40       40
      332:15   54:45     348
                    The target of 340 hours was passed on 21st of the month after which a limited
flying programme took the total to 394:40 hours.   After having spent a month at Sylt
on air firing the emphasis in October's training was placed on high level battle
, cine and night flying   Serviceability was good during the month and the
requirement for Exercise 'Sunbeam' was met.   Altogether this has been a most satisfying
months flying.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn Ldr                                                          
Squadron Leader,                                                                 
Officer Commanding                                                            
No. 93 Squadron                                                                   
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