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F540 Operations Record Book February 1952 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
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   Rain, sleet and snow storms one after the other in the Exercise area;
while at base sorties were of R/P, and Air to Ground, and 4 air tests.
  2nd.      09.00 hours heralded the close of the Exercise .   Most of the 93rd
made the "rendezvous", though several had to escape from captivity; 4
aircraft sorties were flown at base.
  3rd.   Sunday.  
  4th.      The Squadron did todays Battle Flight for No. 16 Squadron.   No other
  5th.      The sky was beautifully clear all day, and full use was made of the
range.   R/P. was the order of the day and scores were very good.
Sgt. SOWRAY's aircraft sustained damage from a ricochet - Cat. 3.
  6th.      The visibility under the low cloud was very poor and after one detail
flying was cancelled.   Exercises were of high level cine quarter attacks.
  7th.      Cloud based at 1,000 feet, extending in heavy layers to 15,000 feet.
Between 20 and 30,000 feet persisted a thin haze.   A fairly intensive
flying programme of cine quarter at 25 and 30,000 feet, G.C.A.s and I.F.
was carried out.   Pilot strength is still low, as one is on a Winter
Survival Course and another on a ski-ing course.
  8th.   Throughout the day there persisted patches of stratus with frequent
Cumulus Nimbus.   The snow showers resulted in flying being stopped after
the first details.   A Met. Lecture was given in the afternoon after which
pilots reported to the gymnasium for P.T.
  9th.   The Squadron attended the Station Commander's Parade in the late morning
after which it stood down for the week-end.
  10th.      Sunday.   It snowed almost continually.  
  11th.      Flying was held up until the runway and peri-tracks had been cleared
of snow.   Details flown were of Air to Ground cannon firing, with again
very low scores and cine quarter attacks.
  12th.   Beautifully clear weather all day.   Full advantage was taken of the
range and the Squadron carried out R/P attacks all day.   Two pilots
spent the morning at Hohne Ranges with the Army, who were firing from
Centurion tanks.
  13th.      The weather was fine all day but for one snow shower in the afternoon.
Three pilots were engaged in Promotion Lectures, while the remainder
carried out cine gun attacks, and one formation aerobatic trip.
  14th.      The same three pilots were away all day.   Exercises were again of cine
gun attacks.   From 17.45 to 20.30 hours the Squadron practiced Q.G.H.'s,
G.C.A.s and cross-countries at night.   The new airfield lighting was
subject to a certain amount of derision by the pilots as the approach
lights were not visible above about 300 feet.
  15th.      Fine, cold weather again.   As throughout the Royal Air Force there
was no flying.   The Station paraded at 14.30 hours and attended a
service in commemoration of the King's burial.   The Station closed down
for a long week-end.
  16th & 17th.      Station week-end.  
  18th.      The Squadron was due to commence another weeks Battle Flight, but there
was no flying because of the weather.   Light snow fell most of the day.
and the visibility 1 to 2 miles.   Pilots attended an aircraft recognition
lecture and a film "Land and Live in the Jungle".
  19th.      Snow and sleet persisted throughout the day and there was no flying.
Pilots were kept busy assessing cine films.
  20th.      Low cloud and poor visibility.   All airfields were 'RED', and there
was no flying.   Films and lectures were laid on.   Sgt. Williams and Sgt.
left to attend a 3 weeks ski-ing course at EHRWALD.
  21st.      Repetition of yesterday's weather.   Aircraft recognition practice
occupied the pilots most of the day.
  22nd.      The cloud base lifted at last to 2 to 3,000 feet with the tops at 5,000
feet.   Flying commenced once more on cine gun attacks at 25,000 feet and
G.C.A.s.   F/O. JAMES returned from the Arctic Survival Course at EHRWALD.
No. 93 Squadron was dined out at a Guest Night at the Officers' Mess.
  23rd.   No flying this morning.  
  24th.   Sunday.  
  25th.      R/P. firing at Fassberg range until the supply of rockets ran out.   The
Squadron average error for the day was 7x.   Cloud mainly of a medium layer
with odd Cumulus and Strato Cumulus causing light rain showers.
  26th.      The low cloud which persisted through the morning eventually lifted to
2,000 feet, enabling R/P firing at Fassberg range to be carried out.   The
Squadron average for today was a record at 4½x error.
  27th.      The weather prevented any possibility of flying in the morning, so the
crews began fitting drop tanks in readiness for the move on the 3rd March.
Activities on the Squadron are mainly clearing up and packing equipment.
  28th.      All work was centred about packing the equipment.  
  29th.      Miserablely rainy weather.   Still packing.   The C.O. has been at
JEVER a few days as Acting O.C. Flying Wing.
                            The latter part of the month saw most of the Unit's efforts
devoted to preparations for the forthcoming move to Royal Air Force JEVER.
The Squadron has also been working at a very low pilot availability owing
to the frequency of courses and the scramble to obtain leave before the
leave year ends.

  Vampire. Meteor.
          Total hours for month 208:00 18.50
          Sorties flown. 282     20   
          Ammunition expended      - 20m.m.    - 4,744 rounds.  
                                                           Rockets   -                               312.  

Squadron Leader S. M. McGREGOR.
                  'A' Flight.             'B' Flight.
P/O. J.C.M. WOOD.   P/O. E.K.J. BATES.
4034662 SGT. D.C. GARRATT.   4034408 SGT. D.J. THOMAS.
3040972 SGT. D.R. SOWRAY.   1505839 SGT. D. WEBSTER.
578749 SGT. E.M. WALKER.    
3504737 SGT. C. WILLIAMS.    
      17th March, 1952.                                                                                                                      Signed jasimpson                                                     
(J.A.SIMPSON)    Flt.Lt.                                           
Officer        Commanding,                                            
No. 93  Squadron,       R.A.F.                                       
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