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F540 Operations Record Book February 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis

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JEVER FEBRUARY ,1954.. 1st Monday.     The main party left SYLT by train with most of the equipment, under
Fg.Off. SANDERSON, and arrived at JEVER this evening.  Three out of the four
remaining Vampires were flown back to JEVER, leaving one at SYLT undergoing
engine change.  Plt.Off. SENAR'S road convoy left early and spent the night at
  2nd Tuesday.        We flew 14 low-level cross-countries, one low-level & G.C.A., one aerobatic
sortie and one G.C.A. at AHLHORN.  Bad weather prevented night flying.  The rail
pack-wagons were unloaded, and the road convoy arrived tonight, as did the rail
rear party.  Fg.Off. HICKMAN and Plt.Off's EXLEY and MACKNISH went to
DETMOLD playing station hockey.  Fg.Off. PIGDON went to SUNDERN on a basket-
ball coach and referee's course.
  3rd Wednesday.        We made 9 rocket sorties at MEPPEN range, 1 range recce, and 2 G.C.A's at
AHLHORN.  Cloud base was 600 ft. at JEVER, but 3,000 ft. broken at MEPPEN,
deteriorating to 2,500 ft.  Snow flurries at base stopped the flying, and we stood
down after lunch.
Fg.Off. HICKMAN and Plt.Off's EXLEY and MACKNISH returned this evening from
  4th Thursday.        We made 22 precision cannon sorties in pairs on MEPPEM range, in clear
weather.  Two air tests, three long cross-countries (MOHNE SEE - WILDENWRATH
- BASE), 4 low-level cross countries and a G.C.A. at AHLHORN completed day
flying.  We then made 5 dusk sorties (local), seven night cross-countries and three
Q.G.H. sorties.  Weather was clear, with patches of cloud at 3-5000 ft.
  5th Friday.        Weather was clear and cloudless all day.  Battle flight flew six times.  We now
scramble 5 aircraft in case of unserviceability of one.  If all are serviceable the 5th
breaks off at 10,000 feet and does a 30 minute aerobatic or Q.G.H. sortie.  Some
good interceptions were done on Venoms, but they were too fast for us.
     Flt.Lt. PATERSON attempted G.C.A's at WUNSTORF, but could not contact them.  After
refuelling there he did G.C.A's at AHLHORN and returned to base.  We made a
further 4 G.C.A sorties at AHLHORN, two air tests, one aerobatic trip with Mach run,
and the Meteor flew an I.F. sortie.
     'B' Flight had a lower average at SYLT than 'A' Flight and paid for
the first hour of a party at Squadron Leader ALLEN'S house tonight.
F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE and Fg.Off. MACKNISH went on leave.
  6th Saturday.        After a Station Commander's Parade we practiced the parade for the
presentation of the Duncan Trophy.  It has been confirmed that we won this with a
score of 13.9%.  We then prepared the hangar for the Group-Captain's inspection.
  7th Sunday.        There was a stand-down today.  In the afternoon a Squadron indoor hockey
practise was held with two teams, one from the officers and one from the airmen,
both teams being in the Station league.
Flt.Lt. WHITELAW went on three weeks leave U.K. and Plt.Off. BALFOUR went to
AMSTERDAM to meet his wife.
  8th Monday.        Low cloud and poor visibility prevented flying.  Our ground programme in the
morning was aircraft recognition and a quiz on the Sabre pilots notes.  We stood
down for a sports afternoon and an indoor hockey game was arranged with 4
- fortunately no one kept score.  In the evening the officers' team lost 6-4
to Regiment officers and the airmen beat Catering 12-2.
  9th Tuesday.        Again bad weather prevented flying.  We had Air Traffic and Meteorology lectures
followed by practise presentation parade.  This afternoon we lost a practice game
of basket-ball against 4 Squadron.  Battle flight spent most of the day at one hour's
     A Guest Night was held to dine out Wing Commander COULSON and to dine in
our new Wing Commander Flying, Wing Commander WEST, late C.O. of No. 5
Squadron.      Sgt. KNIGHT went on leave.
  10th Wednesday        Bad weather including low cloud and snow showers prevented flying.  A lecture
on the Vampire generator system was followed by a sports afternoon.  JEVER
pilots lost 6-3 to AHLHORN at football.  At indoor hockey this evening the officers'
team won 7-5 against Equipment and the airmen beat the Armoury 8-4.
    F.Sgt. TELFER went on leave.
  11th Thursday.        Battle Flight was manned for Exercise Barrage, but again weather was bad and
a practise parade was held.  The officers beat 4 Squadron officers 7-3 at hockey
and the airmen beat Workshops 11-5.
     Fg.Off. HANNAH left for SYLT to collect the Duncan Trophy.
  12th Friday..        Battle Flight was at one hour's availability for Exercise Barrage but the weather
was bad and no flying took place.  A practise parade was held.  Fg.Off. HANNAH
returned from SYLT and Fg.Off. BALFOUR returned from AMSTERDAM with his wife.
     Plt.Off. MITCHELL left for the U.K. on a fire course.
  13th Saturday.        After the Commanding Officer's parade this morning there was a general clean
up in the Squadron in preparation for the visit, on Monday, of the S.T.S.O.  The
weather had not improved and no flying took place.  During the day the temperature
rose sufficiently to cause a quick melting of most of the snow.
     Flt.Lt.ILES and Fg.Off. HANNAH left this afternoon to join a Winter Survival course
at EHRWALD.  Wing Commander COULSON was bid farewell with a display of pyrotechnics.
  14th Sunday.        A full flying programme was scheduled for today but was cancelled at the last
minute as the weather was showing little sign of improvement.  In the afternoon the
Squadron soccer team beat 4 Squadron 4-2.
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                        4 Sqn's Fg Off Alan Laycock making a save against 93 Sqn.
                                   (Thanks to Bryan Lee.)   [Not in original F540.]

Plt.Off. EXLEY left for SYLT this morning to collect an aircraft which had been left
behind for an engine change.
  15th Monday.        The cloud base was down to 400 ft. with poor visibility and no flying took place.
In the morning there was a film on the history of tanks in war and a lecture on the
medical aspects of using oxygen when flying.  Afterwards there was a practise parade.
     In the evening the officers' hockey team lost 7-2 to S.H.Q., and the airmen's team
won 8-4.
    Fg.Off's WALLACE and RAMSAY went to OLDENBURG; the former to take the
promotion examinations and the latter to envigilate.
  16th Tuesday        The weather cleared this morning and at last we were able to do some flying.  There
were 14 battle formation sorties, 4 air tests, 1 high level cross country, 5 G.C.A's at
AHLHORN, 1 high speed run and Q.G.H. at 30,000 feet, 1 SYLT to JEVER, 6 cine quarter
attacks, 3 low level sorties, 2 cloud flying and 1 local and aerobatic trip.
     During the afternoon there was an indoor parade practise.
'A' Flight were night flying and did 2 cross countries, 2 Q.G.H's and 2 circuits and
overshoots.  Plt.Off. EXLEY returned from SYLT and Plt.Off. CULVER went sick with a sprained ankle.
  17th Wednesday.        There was a full parade practise this morning.  For the rest of the morning 'A' Flight
were attending lectures on the A.4 Gun Sight while 'B' Flight were rocketing on MEPPEN
range.  In the afternoon the positions were reversed and 25 R.P., 1 aerobatic and 4 Cine
R.P. sorties were made.
  18th Thursday.        The visibility was poor and only one detail was flown which consisted of 4 low level
battle formation and 3 cine quarter attack sorties.  In the afternoon there was a full
dress rehearsal for tomorrows parade and afterwards an indoor practise.
Fg.Off's WALLACE and RAMSAY returned from OLDENBURG.
  19th Friday..        This morning dawned cold and grey but the Duncan Trophy Presentation Parade went
on as scheduled.  It was snowing slightly and the band retired from frozen instruments
leaving behind two drummers.  In spite of the inclement weather the parade went
smoothly and the presentation was made by Air Marshal Sir Harry Broadhurst K.B.E.,
C.B., D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C.  Afterwards there was a formal luncheon in the Officers Mess.
     During the afternoon the C-in-C visited us and sat for a photograph with the members
of the Squadron.  Later he watched part of an indoor hockey match in which 93 Squadron
Officers beat 4 Squadron Officers 5-3.  The airman's team drew 4-4 with S.H.Q.
In the evening there was a Guest Night.  Fg.Off. WALLACE went on leave.
  20th Saturday.
21st Sunday.
  )     The Station stood down for the weekend.
  22nd Monday.        The weather was poor today and Battle Flight were the only ones to fly.  They did a
weather check and three scrambles.  There was an aircraft recognition test this morning.
     At indoor hockey this evening the Officer's team beat Workshops 5-4 and the airmen
drew 2-2 with S.H.Q.
Plt.Off. CULVER was fit again today.
  23rd Tuesday.        The cloud was down to 700 feet with poor visibility first thing this morning and
there was no flying until later on when the cloud lifted.  The sorties carried out
were 7 low level circuits, 2 MEPPEN range recce and formation, 9 battle formation, 2
aerobatics and a section of 7 aircraft in close formation.  Night flying was cancelled
because of poor visibility.
    In the evening the Officer's hockey team beat Catering 8-3.
Squadron Leader ALLEN went on leave and Flt.Lt. PATERSON assumed command of the
Squadron, and Fg.Off. RAMSAY took command 'A' flight.  F.Sgt. TELFER returned from
  24th Wednesday.        The cloud base was 600 feet with 1500 yards visibility and a coating of ice on the
runway and perimeter tracks making safe flying impossible.
     For sport this afternoon we played two soccer games, the 'A' team winning 7-3 and the
'B' team winning 8-0.  In the evening the Officers' hockey team beat 3 Field Squadron
'A' 8-6 and the airmen won 6-3 against 33 LAA Squadron.
  25th Thursday.        Low cloud and haze all day restricted flying to 2 low level circuit sorties and one
pair low level search for a crashed Sabre.
     In the evening the Officers' hockey team beat Signals 6-4, and the airmens' team beat
Signals 8-2 also.
    Pilot Officer HICKMAN went on leave.
  26th Friday.        Low cloud base at 1200 ft. with visibility 1-2 miles in the morning when a Squadron
close formation of 16 aircraft flew.  Other sorties were, 10 Battle formation at 20000 ft,
4 low level battle formations, 4 low level area search battle formation, and 4 low level
navigation exercises.  Sgt. KNIGHT returned from leave.
  27th February.        Saturday, a working day, but low cloud and poor visibility restricted flying to the
morning, 8 Battle formation sorties and 1 low level navigation exercises were flown.
Flt.Lt.ILES and Fg.Off. HANNAH returned from EHRWALD, and Fg.Off. SANDERSON and
Sgt. KNIGHT left for EHRWALD.
  28th February..        Day of rest.  93 Squadron 'A' Football Team beat 30 LAA Squadron 6-0.
93 Squadron 'B' Football Team lost to 33 LAA Squadron 0-6
     F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE returned from leave.
Fg.Off. RAMSAY admitted to R.A.F. Hospital ROSTROP early this morning.
      Rounds fired in February      :-    NIL
Stoppages                               :-    NIL
Stoppage Rate   NIL rounds per stoppage.                                                              Sorties
                                                                                   Day                Night.             Day          Night
Hours flown in February  :-     Vampire            228.20             15.25              255            22
                                                     Meteor                   3.20                                          2
                                                     Total     247.05                                        Total sorties 281.

  February ,1954. ADMINISTRATION.
     A great deal of time at the beginning of the month was devoted to parade rehearsals
for the presentation of the Duncan Trophy to this Squadron.  The parade was a success
although our flying was reduced.
    The number of Officers attending courses and going on leave leaves but few
comments to be passed on administration.  For those who were here the emphasis was
laid heavily upon the importance of preparing for the conversion of pilots on to Sabre aircraft.
  February ,1954. PERSONNEL.
, and RITCHIE, returned from SYLT. 1st.
Plt.Off. SENAR returned with Road Convoy from SYLT 1st - 2nd.
F.Sgt. TELFER went on leave 1st.
Fg.Off. HICKMAN and Plt.Off's EXLEY and MACKNISH played hockey at DETMOLD 2-3rd.
Fg.Off.PIGDON went to SUNDERN for Basket Ball Referee & Coach's course.2nd.
Sgt. KNIGHT went on leave 9th.
Plt.Off. MACKNISH went on U.K. leave 5th.
Plt.Off. WHITELAW went on Three weeks U.K. leave   7th
Plt.Off BALFOUR went to AMSTERDAM 7th.
F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE went on leave 6th.
Fg.Off. HANNAH to SYLT to collect DUNCAN TROPHY 11th
Plt.Off. MITCHELL went on U.K. leave 11th.
Fg.Off. HANNAH returned from SYLT    12th.
Plt.Off. BALFOUR returned from AMSTERDAM with wife.  12th.
Flt.Lt. ILES and Fg.Off. HANNAH left for Winter Survival Course at EHRWALD  13th.
Plt.Off. EXLEY to SYLT to collect Aircraft 14th-16th.
Fg.Off.WALLACE to OLDENBURG for Promotion Examination  15th-18th.
Fg.Off.RAMSAY to OLDENBURG for invigilating duties 15th-18th.
Plt.Off. CULVER unfit with sprained ankle 16th-22nd.
Fg.Off. REVNELL went on leave 17th.
Fg.Off. WALLACE went on leave 19th.
F.Sgt. TELFER returned from leave 23rd.
Fg.Off. HICKMAN went on leave 25th.
Sgt. KNIGHT returned from leave, 26th.
Flt.Lt.ILES and Fg.Off. HANNAH returned from EHRWALD 27th.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON and Sgt. KNIGHT left for EHRWALD 27th.
F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE returned from leave 28th. Fg.Off. RAMSAY admitted to R.A.F. Hospital ROSTROP with appendicitis 28th.
                                        LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH.
                'A' Flight.                                                                                'B' Flight.

     Sqdn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN.                                                   Flt.Lt.K.M. PEARCH.
     Flt.Lt.     A.W.           PATERSON.                                         Flt.Lt. H.B. ILES.
     Fg.Off.   A.R.          WALLACE                                              Fg.Off. B.J. REVNELL.
     Fg.Off.   R.S.          HANNAH.                                               Fg.Off. B.A.E. SANDERSON.
     Fg.Off.   T.              BALFOUR                                               Fg.Off. A.C. RAMSAY.
     Fg.Off.   D.S.         CHADWICK.                                           Fg.Off. G.E. HICKMAN.
     Fg.Off.   W.E.         BELL                                                       Fg.Off. J.E. PIGDON.
     Plt.Off.   G.J.          COUCH.                                                 Fg.Off. J.E. MACKNISH.
     Plt.Off.   J.S.C.      DAVIS.                                                     Plt.Off. K.B. SENAR.
     Plt.Off.   D.H.         HARPER.                                               Plt.Off. D. EXLEY.
     Fg.Off.   W.G.        MITCHELL.                                             Plt.Off. J.C. CULVER.
     Plt.Off.   P.T.          WHITELAW.                                           Plt.Off. P LEIGH-LANCASTER.
     Plt.Off.   R.            GARTHWAITE.                                       Plt.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE.
     F. Sgt. TELFER.C.J.                                                            Sgt. KNIGHT.
     F. Sgt. SHRUBSOLE.W.R..                                         .

Signed AW PATERSON                                       
Flight Lieutenant,                                                 
Officer Commanding,                                         
No.93 Squadron,                                                 
Royal Air Force, JEVER.                                     

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