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F540 Operations Record Book August 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                FLYING OFFICER R.D. CRESWICK. Refs
R.A.F. JEVER 1/8/52 to
            August Grant.  
  3/8/52             Mr. Duncan Sandys, the Minister of Supply, visited the station and was
introduced to all the pilots.   The Squadron took part in a fly-past later in the day.
  6/8/52 to
            Energetic preparations for the coming A.O.C's inspection, the days commencing
with a practice parade.
  12/8/52             The day of the A.O.C's visit.   The parade went well.   After the parade inspection
squadron pilots took part in a fly past.
  13/8/52             A strenuous effort was made to further the training of the new pilots.   They
appear to be responding to treatment in admirable fashion.
  14/8/52             The squadron provided the battle flight and 'stooges' for Exercise Barrage.   As
usual, nothing was seen during the exercise.
  15/8/52             No flying.  
  16/8/52             No flying.  
  17/8/52             Three pilots flew to Kemble to exchange the existing 4 channel radio sets for
10 channel sets.
  18/8/52   Battle Flight consisted of a few P.I.'s.  
  19/8/52             Battle Flight curtailed by the weather.  
  20/8/52             The three aircraft returned from U.K. complete with new radio sets.  
  21/8/52             During the day, a fairly extensive battle flight programme.   Eleven pilots
carried out night sorties successfully.
  22/8/52             The new pilots received their initiation into air to ground firing at the
Nordhorn Range, battle flight having been cancelled.
  23/8/52             No flying.  
  24/8/52             No flying.  
  25/8/52             In spite of bad weather and visibility some sorties were flown as battle flight,
and successful interceptions carried out.
  26/8/52             The day had interest added by the successful interceptions of a B-45(TORNADO) of
the U.S.A.F.   The impression was , however, that the target was not trying very hard !
          The squadron again carried out a night programme, consisting in the main of
short cross-country exercises.
  27/8/52             No flying.  
  28/8/52             Playing the part of interception on Exercise Barrage proved much more congenial
than that of "stooges".   A Lincoln was intercepted successfully.
  29/8/52             Serviceable Meteors being available, some of the pilots practiced I/F, while the
rest of the squadron carried on with the battle flight interceptions.
  30/8/52             More instrument flying.  
  31/8/52             No flying.

              The squadron carried out a considerable number of battle flight sorties during
the month providing valuable training for the new pilots, some of them have had sections
on several occasions quite competently.
              Flt. Lt. Robinson returned from his D.F.L.S. course and is hard at the work of

          Very satisfactory.   The armourers especially being very pleased with the days
firing at Nordhorn.   In fact the armourers are to be congratulated on their keen
spirit and efficiency, in spite of the few occasions on which live firing has taken place.

              Pilots.                                                S.N.C.O's         11
              S/L I.D. Bolton

              F/L R.B. Robinson                          Corporals          7
              F/L D.A. Blair

              F/O T.G.D. Dawkins                       O.R's               69
              F/O K.A. Williamson
              F/O E.D. Creswick
              P/O L.R. Francis
              P/O A.D.R. Dawes
              P/O C.G.D. Jonklass
              P/O R.A. Hancock
              P/O D.J. Elsdon                                                        Signed Ian D. Bolton
              P/O J.E. Hanson                                                        (I.D. BOLTON.)
              P/O B.J. Concannon                                                Squadron Leader Commanding
              P/O S.D. Le Breton                                                  N0.   112   Squadron.                 

              Sgt R. Grice
              Sgt B.L. Jones             Sgt N.M.C. Avarre (French Air Force)
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