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F540 Operations Record Book July 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                FG. OFF. R.D. CRESWICK. Refs
R.A.F. JEVER 1/7/52        The number of the squadron aircraft was swelled when Flt.Lt Blair collected
a very antiquated specimen from No. 26 Squadron.
  2/7/52        Flt.Lt. Blair carried out dual checks in the Meteor 7 with Flt.Off's Hancock
Hanson, Concannon and Donaldson.
  3/7/52        Weather too bad for flying.  
  4/7/52        A number of 'sector recces' were flown by the new pilots, who are proving to
be very keen to learn.
  8/7/52        A rocket programme was carried out on Nordhorn Range.   Results again showed
how necessary it is to have continuous practice in order to maintain an acceptable
standard of accuracy.
  9/7/52        A few Battle Flight sorties were flown.  
  11/7/52        One camouflaged Vampire was collected from Fassberg.   Two aircraft carried
out R/P attacks on Nordhorn Range.
  12/7/52 & 13/7/52        Five aircraft flew to Wahn in order to take part in the N.A.T.O. fly past
over Brussels.   Unfortunately Plt.Off. Jonklass struck severe jet stream on take-
off and crashed on the runway.   The aircraft [WA343] suffered severe damage.   This was the
first accident suffered by the squadron since it was reformed.
  14/7/52      The squadron flew "en masse" to Odiham for the U.K. detachment.  
  15/7/52      No flying.  
  16/7/52       All pilots carried out "sector recces" of the area around Odiham.  
  17/7/52       The detachment started with a swing.   Bomber affiliation and interceptions.   The
morale of all the pilots improved with the prospect of a good fortnights flying.
  18/7/52 to
      Many practice interceptions were carried out with an occasional low level
reconnaissance over Imber Range.
  23/7/52      Four aircraft took part in Exercise "Catswhisker" with the Army at Llandow.  
  24/7/52      Low level strikes on Imber Range.   Unfortunately we were not able to carry
live attacks, but it appears that the Army were suitably impressed in spite of this.
  25/7/52      The good weather continues and P.I's and Battle formation practice is the order
of the day.'
  26/7/52      More P.I's.  
  27/7/52      Plt.Off. Donaldson was killed in a flying accident while taking part in an
interception exercise.
[Not in the F540: Vampire FB5 WA283 2 miles from Haywards Heath.   The aircraft was
engaged in a dog fight at 7,000 feet when it broke away from the melee and made an
unauthorised attack on another aircraft flying at 1300 feet.   The pilot did not pull out of the
attacking dive in time and the aircraft struck the ground. Pilot Officer Colin Robert
.   Extract from Colin Cummings book "Last Take-off".]
  28/7/52      More P.I.'s.'  
  29/7/52      Fg.Off Creswick flew to Aston Down to inspect another ex 26 Squadron relic.
This is still at Aston Down in a disreputable condition.
  30/7/52      The squadron returned to Jever after a very enjoyable detachment with perfect
flying weather most of the time.
   Two weeks were spent at R.A.F. Odiham in U.K.   The Odiham Wing made our stay
extremely pleasant and instructive.   The squadron looks forward to a similar detachment
next year.
      Discipline and Morale.
   As usual the morale varies directly with the amount of work done by the squadron
personnel.   They have been quite busy this month.

           Sqn.Ldr.      I.D.  BOLTON                                      Senior N.C.O's             11

            Flt.Lt.           R.B. Robinson                                   Corporals                         8
            Flt.Lt.           D.A. Blair
                                                                                               Airmen                            80
            Fg.Off.         T.G.D. Dawkins
            Fg.Off.         E.D. Creswick
            Fg.Off.         K.A.  Williamson

            Plt.Off.         L.R.  Francis
            Plt.Off.         R.A.  Hancock
            Plt.Off.         B.J.  Concannon                                                                  Signed Ian D. Bolton
            Plt.Off.         A.D.R. Dawes                                                                      (I.D. BOLTON.)
            Plt.Off.         D.J.  Elsdon                                                                         Squadron Leader
            Plt.Off.         S.D.  Le Breton                                                                    Commanding
            Plt.Off.         C.G.D. Jonklass                                                                  N0.   112   Squadron.
            Plt.Off.         J.E.    Hanson
            Plt.Off.         C.R.  Donaldson (killed 27/7/52)

            Sgt               R.     Grice
            Sgt               B.L.  Jones
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