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F540 Operations Record Book June 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                FG. OFF. T.D.G. DAWKINS. Refs
R.A.F. JEVER 3/6/52        Training of the new pilots continued mostly on low level sorties due to the weather.  
  4/6/52        Fg. Off. W.G. HOLMES learnt that he was going to join No. 77 squadron in the Royal
Australian Air Force in Korea and was a much envied officer.   Training continued.
  5/6/52        A parade was held in honour of Her Majesty's birthday.  
  6/6/52        A few sorties of aerobatics and Q.G.H. practices were flown mainly by the new pilots.  
       Battle Flight and some quite good interceptions.   The new boys were introduced to
high level P.I.   Unfortunately unserviceability spoilt the end of this week.
  16&17/6/52        One serviceable Vampire and the Meteor VII were the only aircraft to fly.  
  18/6/52        Plt.Off. D.J. ELSDON arrived today, and with another addition to the squadron
straight from A.F.S. the problem of training new pilots with our limited resources
is reaching alarming proportions.
  19/6/52                                  Pilots' morale was today dealt a heavy blow by the announcement that
we were to receive No. 26 squadron's old aircraft to bring us up to strength.   This
means that instead of having brand new Vampire IX 's we are to have what must be
among the oldest aircraft in the Command.   Regardless of the reasons, and there
must be many, one cannot help feeling that we are getting another squadrons 'throw
outs' and this together with an influx of untrained pilots is taxing all pilots 'sense of humour' to the full.
  20/6/52      To add further to our tribulations the C.F.S. examining team suddenly descended in
all their ferocity and learnt some remarkable facts about Vampire aircraft, Fg.Off.
gained his 'Green Card'.
  21/6/52      Plt.Off's LE BRETON, CONCANNON and HANCOCK arrived to swell our ranks further, all from A.F.S.  
      Exercise 'June Primer'    :  The Squadron role was as interceptor fighters and our
serviceability enabled us to fly seven aircraft at any time they were required.   A lot
of waiting in cockpits at 'Stand by' and rain put a damper on an otherwise interesting
exercise the highlights of which were a dawn strike on Soesterberg and the interception
of 10 B50's at 27,000' and later 3 B36's at deck level.
  27/6/52       Operational Rocket attacks were practiced for our forthcoming U.K. detachment
and the results only show that continuous practice is essential to maintain a standard
as high as the squadron has had in the past.   We look forward to a lot more practice
in the near future.
  30/6/52      Battle Flight provided even more interest with four strikes against targets in the
Oldenburg and low flying area to practice the L.A.A.   It was the first training of this
type for P/O's FRANCIS and DAWES who showed a lively interest.
      GENERAL   :      The month has proved to be rather disheartening for the original
                   members of the squadron and also the newcomers but morale will no doubt
                   build up again, particularly with the summer and autumn exercises on the way.
      DISCIPLINE AND MORALE   :      Sgt. C.D. DAVIES has been airing his lungs on the hard                    standing for the first time and it was surprizing how smartly the various
squads performed under his able instruction.   Discipline and morale are consequently
at a fairly high standard.
      SPORT   :         Little has been going on this month besides the odd scratch game of
cricket.   The squadrons sporting ranks have been swelled with the arrival of P.O.
who is evidently an exponent of the 'Hammer' and 'Discus'.
      STRENGTH   :      PILOTS                                                  Senior N.C.O's             13

                                Sqn.Ldr.   I.D.  BOLTON                      Corporals                       8
                                Flt.Lt.        R.B. Robinson
                                Flt.Lt.        D.A. Blair                               Airmen                       70
                                Fg.Off.      K.A. Williamson
                                Fg.Off.      T.G.D. Dawkins
                                Fg.Off.      E.D. Creswick
                                Plt.Off.      L.A. Francis
                                Plt.Off.      R.A. Hancock
                                Plt.Off.      B.J. Concannon
                                Plt.Off.      C.G.D. Jonklass
                                Plt.Off.      A.D.R. Dawes
                                Plt.Off.      D.J.  Elsdon
                                Plt.Off.      S.D. Le Breton
                                Plt.Off.                Donaldson
                                Plt.Off.              Hanson

Signed Ian D. Bolton                         
(I.D. BOLTON.)                                       
Squadron Leader Commanding.     
N0.   112   Squadron.                         

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