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F540 Operations Record Book September 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                                                                               SECRET. References to Appendices
R.A.F. Jever 1/9/52             The month opened with cine exercises and low level battle formation practice.  
  2/9/52             A very busy day on Nordhorn range, firing cannon in the morning and rockets in
the afternoon.   R/P results show a slight improvement on the previous exercise.   A
night cross-country was carried out.
  4/9/52             More cine practices for non-operational pilots.  
  5/9/52             Battle flight provided high altitude P.I.'s.  
  8/9/52             Six aircraft maintained Battle flight while the remainder took part in a Wing
  9/9/52             Simulated attacks followed by a rendezvous between flights were made in the low
flying area.   Bad weather prevented much flying.
  10/9/52             Another Wing snake practice which proved more successful than the first one.
Snake climbs and descents were also practiced within the squadron.
  11/9/52             Fg. Off. Creswick and Sgt. Jones carried out a calibration test to 25,000 ft., while
further snake practices were made.
  12/9/52             Several simulated armed reconnaissances were made on our advance convoys
to Buckeburg while they were in the low flying area.
R.A.F. BUCKEBURG 14/9/52           Thirteen aircraft flew with the rest of the wing to Buckeburg, where we were living
under canvas for the duration of exercise "Holdfast".   On arrival, all pilots new to this
area carried out "sector recces".
  15/9/52             All pilots carried out reconnaissance trips in pairs over the land surrounding the
forthcoming battle area.   Exercise "Holdfast" commenced at midnight.
            Representing "Greenland" forces, the squadron conducted attacks on "Blueland"
Air H.Q's and a dawn attack on Wahn airfield.   Fg. Off. Williamson led an airfield
defence section on an interception sortie.
            The squadron maintained a ground defence force in anticipation of an attack
by enemy ground forces.   All pilots took part in armed reconnaissance trips over
the battle area, and ground attack strikes were made on tanks, convoys, S.S.V's
and corp sites.   The weather deteriorated towards the end of the period but we were
able to make a successful strike on Twente airfield.
  22/9/52             On the completion of the exercise, nine aircraft took part in a wing fly-past over
the battle area.
  23/9/52             In very poor visibility the squadron returned in fours to Jever, with the
exception of Plt. Off. J.R. Hanson, who completed his National Service engagement and
returned to England to study law at Cambridge.
R.A.F. Jever 25/9/52             Formation practice - Finger Four and low level battle.   A new pilot, Plt.Off.
, arrived.   He is an N.S.A. pilot with about twelve months service who has
come straight from a Meteor A.F.S.
  26/9/52             Bad weather prevented the battle flight from becoming airborne.  
  29/9/52             An inter-flight rendezvous was made in the low flying area after a pin-pointing
sortie.   Nine aircraft in two sections led by Fg.Off. Williamson and Sgt Grice gave a
formation flypast over Oldenburg and Jever.
  30/9/52             A full programme of cannon and R/P on Nordhorn range.   The cannon
results were not good, but the R/P figures were excellent with several pilots getting
a single figure average for four rockets.   Eighteen air/ground firing sorties, and
sixteen rocket sorties were flown.

              With the approach of winter, attention has been paid to snake climbs and
descents, both at wing and squadron level.   The ten days spent under canvas
during exercise "Holdfast" were most instructive and we learnt many lessons for
next time.

      Discipline and Morale
          During the exercise the squadron was under canvas and had to fend for itself in
all respects.   This gave a greater sense of comradeship than normal, and despite minor
difficulties morale was very high.   The experience created a welcome diversion and we
came back with new spirit.   Unfortunately our Discip Sergeant, Sgt. Davies was struck by a
lorry and was sent to hospital where a broken pelvis was discovered.

          As the cricket season faded, the squadron fielded a team and won several matches
in an inter-section competition.   Fg.Off. Williamson and Plt.Off. Dawes played for a
selected team at Oldenburg against an Army XI.
         The squadron soccer team was re-mustered and played three matches against other
sections.   Although losing all three, the team played with great spirit and was by no means
disgraced.   We are looking forward to a full winter sports programme.   An officer i/c each
sport has been selected.
      Strength.    Pilots     S/L I.D. Bolton, F/L R.B. Robinson, F/L D.L. Blair, Fg.Off. K.A.
, Flg.Off. T.S.D. Dawkins, Fg.Off. E.D. Creswick, Plt.Off. L.R. Francis, Plt.Off.
C.G.D. Jonklass
, Plt.Off. A.D.R. Dawes, Plt.Off. R.A. Hancock, Plt.Off. B.J. Concannon,
Plt.Off. S.D. Le Breton, Plt.Lt. J.W. Beaumont, Plt.Off. J.R. Hanson (demobilised), Plt.Lt. D.J.
(posted), Sgt. R. Grice, Sgt. B.L. Jones, Sgt. Avarre (F.A.F. attached).
S.N.C.O's 10   Cpls 8   O.R's 69                                                     signedIDBolton
                                                                                                             (I.D. BOLTON.)
                                                                                                             Squadron Leader Commanding,
                                                                                                             N0.   112   Squadron.                     

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