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F540 Operations Record Book July 1958 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. F.R. Lund.___ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever 1.7.58        We began the month with a cine programme but we were requested to carry out P.I.'s
Two details were flown and the following were claimed 2 X F.100, 4 X F. 84F, 1 X RB.66
and 1 X B57.   Flying Officers B.H. Dale and W.B. Maish today travelled to Sylt to join
Fg. Off. D.G. Hipperson.
                                            SORTIES : 11           HOURS : 11.00
  2.7.58        Wing Commander G.C. Atherton today took aircraft 'Y' to Sylt for the gunnery team.
Two air tests and 5 syllabus sorties flown.   Flying ceased at 1500 hours due to prolonged
thunderstorms which caused slight damage to one aircraft.
                                            SORTIES :   8           HOURS : 7.50
  3.7.58        On the second sortie this morning all three aircraft were diverted to Ahlhorn due
to a sudden weather deterioration.   On their return at 1320 hrs two of the aircraft
were unserviceable so the remaining one was used for syllabus training.
                                            SORTIES : 11           HOURS : 12.15
  4.7.58        One serviceable aircraft.
                                            SORTIES :   4           HOURS : 4.25
  7.7.58        Although we started the day with four serviceable aircraft, one of these was U/S
on start up and after the first sortie the remaining one aircraft was flown on low
level and syllabus sorties.
                                            SORTIES :   7           HOURS : 8.45
  8.7.58        Today was the start of our Battle Flight commitment which began with only two
aircraft.   One more came serviceable later in the day and two low level sorties were
                                            SORTIES :   2           HOURS : 2.15
  9.7.58        One Hunter did one trip on air test.
                                            SORTIES :   1           HOURS :     .55
  10.7.58        Todays effort was devoted to individual high level cross-countries.
                                            SORTIES :   5           HOURS : 5.50
  11.7.58        A good day for flying but only one sortie was flown on air test.
                                            SORTIES :   1           HOURS : 1.10
  14.7.58        Two aircraft today carried out normal syllabus training but unserviceability
reduced the number of sorties possible.
                                            SORTIES :   4           HOURS : 3.40
  15.7.58        With the end of our Battle Flight commitment we were able to carry out some battle
and cine training.   We ended the day operating with four aircraft.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 16.45
  16.7.58        Bad weather in the afternoon curtailed flying considerably in that the only flying
during the afternoon was the return of two aircraft that had been diverted to Gutersloh.
Considering the weather, todays flying was quite a useful total.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 16.10
  17.7.58        During the day a total of five aircraft were serviceable.   Three aircraft were
flown to intercept F.C.S. on their visit from West Raynham.
Five Javelins and two Hunters are claimed as destroyed.
                                            SORTIES : 13           HOURS : 12.35
  18.7.58        Serviceability is slowly improving and eight cine sorties were flown in addition to
normal syllabus trips.   Sqn. Ldr. T.J. McElhaw and Fg. Off. G.H. Slaney left today to go
on leave.   It was later discovered that Sqn. Ldr. T.J. McElhaw had been confined to
bed with a severe cold.
                                            SORTIES : 14           HOURS : 16.00
  21.7.58        With four aircraft today the emphasis was placed on cine exercises.   One Hunter
was flown to Laarbruch for a minor to be carried out.   Flt. Lt. G.O. Eades returned
from leave today.
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 10.25
  22.7.58        Apart from the first sortie this morning all trips were singletons carrying out
revisions of emergencies and low flying.
     Four night flying cross - countries were flown to Wildenrath and Cologne.
                                            SORTIES : 12           HOURS : 14.25
  23.7.58        Hunter 'K' was today delivered to No. 26 Squadron at Ahlhorn by Fg. Off. P. Jones.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 8.15
  24.7.58        Another day of frequent showers and continuous showers this evening which caused
night flying to be cancelled immediately after briefing.   Sqn. Ldr. T.J. McElhaw today
recovered from his cold and is continuing on leave.
                                            SORTIES :   8           HOURS : 8.50
  25.7.58        For the whole of this week it has been necessary to curtail flying over lunch
time owing to the shortage of manpower.   This was due to helping out the second line
servicing crews on primary stars and minors.
                                            SORTIES : 11           HOURS : 11.10
  28.7.58        This morning started with a Battle Call at 0520hrs.   The hangar doors were pushed open
by Flt. Lt. R.W. Millward, Flt. Lt. F.R. Lund, Fg. Off. P. Jones and Fg. Off. J.F. Farley
at 0530 hrs and the first pair of aircraft were ready at 0600 hrs.   Owing to a lack of
information from Wing Operations the first pair were not airborne until 0617 hrs.   At
0930 the weather closed in and Green section were diverted to Ahlhorn.   At this time the
Air Traffic Control was using the manual homer and G.C.A. was on search approach only.
The exercise finished at 0945 hrs.   Flying ceased at 16.00 hrs.
     Flt. Lt. J.D. Hawtin has left with the station athletics team to compete in the
interstation athletic competition at Munchen Gladbach.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 11.10
  29.7.58        A restricted days flying attributable in the main to a shortage of pilots.   Of the
sorties carried out the emphasis was on cine.   The night flying programme was carried
out very smoothly resulting in eight night cross-country and a dual check in the Vampire
which will allow Plt. Off. P. Martin to start night flying in Hunters.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 19.40
  30.7.58        A normal days flying with the emphasis on cine.
                                            SORTIES : 12           HOURS : 13.30
  31.7.58        Exercise Amled began at 0845 hours this morning.   We came on state with three
aircraft, and flew a pair with one as spare.   As a result fast turn rounds were achieved
and the following aircraft claimed as destroyed; seventeen RF 84 F's and four Canberras.
                                            SORTIES :   8           HOURS : 8.00
      RW Millward                                                                             
(R.W. MILLWARD)                                                                
Flight Lieutenant,                                                                  
for    Officer Commanding,                                                           
Number 4 Squadron,