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F540 Operations Record Book November 1960 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. J.R. Walker___ Refs
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Royal Air Force
November. 1960. No. 4 Squadron Monthly Operational Diary  
      1. The month commenced with the second week of a fortnights air to ground firing
which proved to be more successful than the first.  In averaging out the fortnight's
firing the Squadron has achieved an overall average of 61.85%, a creditable perfor-
mance.  During this period two pilots each obtained scores over 90%.  But the
Squadron's strength lay in the fact that there were no really low scores. 3.   The Squadron deployed to Royal Air Force BRUGGEN on the 14th November, for a
fortnight, during which runway repairs were carried out at JEVER.  The Squadron was
received with great hospitality both technically and socially at BRUGGEN.  Aircraft
serviceability throughout the 14 day-attachment was surprisingly good and a good
flying task was completed.  Several pilots managed to obtain trips in the Canberra
T.4 and the Javelin T.3 and most pilots flew in trips in which a pair of Hunters
flew as No. 2's to a pair of Javelins.  This proved interesting as the two types
are very similar in overall performance and practice.  Intercepts completed by the
Hunters under the control of the Javelin Navigators seemed to be "P.I.'s without
tears" as far as the Hunters were concerned.
4.   The Squadron flew 306.25 hours and 294 Sorties during the month.
      5. Both the M.T. Convoys on the detachments to BRUGGEN completed their journeys
with no incident under the command of Flt. Lt. W.R.R. ANDERSON.
      6. The following officers took leave during the month :-
                                             Flying Officer J. CARNEGIE.

7.   The following officer was detached on MED. Course this month from the 7th. to the
10 th.
                                                   Fg. Off. J. CARNEGIE
      8.     Yet another month's training during which the air to ground phase was
particularly successful.

JB Thornton                     
Flight Lieutenant,               
Officer Commanding,        
No. 4 Squadron.