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F540 Operations Record Book May 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis

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R.A.F. JEVER. May,1st,
1954..      The guards were on duty as usual through the early hours of this morning but all
was quite.   When day broke the weather was fine but during the afternoon it clouded
over and the visibility fell to 2 or 3 miles.   There were cumulonimbus clouds in the
area and it began to rain during the afternoon.   There were 4 aerobatic trips and 9
sector patrols during the day.   Pilot Officer BUSBY arrived on the squadron.
  Sunday 2nd.      During the early hours of the morning the enemy began infiltrating into our defence
positions.  Several were captured but others managed to destroy some of their
objectives although the essential equipment had been removed from most of the
installations.  By daybreak the battle was almost over and our squadron lines were still
intact although some of our Vampires parked in the woods were destroyed.  During
the morning the equipment was moved back to the hangar and we were free for the
rest of the day.
  Monday 3rd.      The weather was fine today with patches of cumulus building up during the
morning.  The whole squadron was given a de-briefing in the morning by Squadron
Leader ALLEN
and in the afternoon there were 3 aerobatic trips and one general flying
in SABRES, and a PRENTICE went to GUTERSLOH and back.  Most of the day was
spent sorting out equipment, taking down tents, cleaning aircraft etc.
  Tuesday 4th.      There was a fair amount of cloud this morning but it cleared to broken cumulus by
this afternoon.  There were 3 low flying, 2 aerobatics and 3 local flying trips in SABRES
today; 3 aerobatic trips in the PRENTICE, one in the TIGER MOTH and one aerobatic
and low flying trip in a Vampire.  Plt. Off. LEIGH-LANCASTER went to U.K. on leave and
Fg. Off. MITCHELL went on a Fire Course.
  Wednesday 5th      The main cloud base was 4-5000 feet today with stratus at 1,000 feet and periods
of rain throughout the day.  This morning there were 4 formation and 2 aerobatic
sorties in SABRES, one VAMPIRE air test and one local flying in the PRENTICE.  This
afternoon and there were 4 low level and two formation sorties.
  Friday 7th.      There was a Station stand-down today.  The squadron soccer team beat No. 4
4-1 in the 2nd round of the Station Cup competition having received a bye
in the 1st round.  Flt. Lt. ILES went to U.K. on a course.
  Saturday 8th      Plt.Off. CULVER went on leave.  
  Sunday 9th      Plt.Off's DAVIS, EXLEY, and GARTHWAITE returned from WILDENWRATH.  
  Monday 10th      The weather was fine today and 5 QGH and radio compass let down sorties, 3
aerobatic and 5 high level formation trips were carried out in SABRES and 3 air tests
on Vampires.  One SABRE was brought up from BRUGGEN.  This evening
the squadron cricket team in their first match of the season beat 4 Squadron.
     Fg.Off. PIGDON went to WAHN on his way to BRUSSELS as coach and Officer in
charge of the 2nd T.A.F. Basket - Ball Team.  Fg.Off. REVNELL returned from
WILDENWRATH and Fg.Off. RAMSAY returned after a long absence due to sickness.
  Tuesday 11th..      There were clear skies all day and we had some aircraft standing by for Exercise
Barrage.  Seven high level formation trips were made and also 2 aerobatic and QGH, 3
QGH and radio compass left down, 1 air test and 1 low flying sortie.  There was one
low flying, aerobatic sortie in the PRENTICE and 2 local trips in the TIGER MOTH.
Fg.Off. CHADWICK returned from WILDENWRATH.
  Wednesday 12th      The skies were clear all day today but the visibility began to drop during the
afternoon.  We did 6 trips on Exercise Barrage today, 3 aerobatic, 1 air test and 1 cross
country in SABRES, 1 trip to WUNSTORF in a Vampire and 8 local trips in the TIGER
MOTH.  This afternoon the squadron soccer team beat Catering 3-2 in the semi-final of
the Station Commanders Cup.  Fg.Off. HICKMAN and Plt.Off. BUSBY went to
BUCKEBURG for this afternoon.
  Thursday 13th      The weather was fine today and we carried out 13 formation trips, 4 QGH and Radio
compass let down and 4 aerobatic sorties in SABRES and 2 local aerobatic trips in the
TIGER MOTH.  Plt.Off. BUSBY went away on a Summary of Evidence..
  Friday 14th.      Flying today consisted of 16 close and battle formation trips, 2 QGH and aerobatic,
1 low flying and 1 trip to CELLE and back in SABRES and 5 instrument trips in a
METEOR.  Fg.Off. PIGDON returned from BRUSSELS this morning and Plt.Off. BUSBY
also returned F.Sgt. SHRUBSOLE went on leave.
     This evening the Officer's Mess entertained the Sergeants' Mess during the evening
we said farewell to our two N.C.O's in charge ground crews, Flight Sergeants BLAIR
and DAVIS.
  Saturday 15th.      There was a practice A.O.C's parade this morning.  Fg.Off. SANDERSON and Plt.Off.
left for BUCKEBURG to play cricket for the Station.  The Squadron cricket team
lost to Tech. Wing this afternoon in a Station League Match.
  Sunday 16th.      Plt.Off. SENAR returned from leave.  
  Monday 17th.      There was low stratus this morning at 800 feet and layered cloud up to 20,000 feet.
The weather cleared during the morning and we flew 8 QGH and radio compass let
down sorties, 7 low flying, 2 aerobatic trips and 3 instrument flights in the METEOR.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON and Plt.Off. EXLEY returned this morning.
  Tuesday 18th.      The flying today consisted of 6 formation trips, 6 aerobatic and QGH, 1 air test,
2 QGH and radio compass sorties and one trip to WUNSTORF and back.  There were
also 3 instrument flights in the METEOR.
  Wednesday 19th      There was low cloud first thing this morning and it soon began to rain.  The rain
continued throughout the day and there was no flying.  This afternoon the squadron
soccer team lost 4-1 to Technical Wing in the final of the Station Commander's Cup.
  Thursday 20th      It was still raining steadily this morning with the cloud base down to 300 feet at
times.  The weather stayed like this all day showing no signs of improvement.  There
was no flying.  We spent the morning watching films in Flying Wing H.Q. and this
afternoon was spent in the gymnasium.
  Friday 21st.      This afternoon the squadron was visited by the Inspector General of the R.A.F.
There was a low cloud base today and there was no flying.
     Fg.Off. FEWELL and Plt.Off. PAGE arrived on the squadron this evening from C.S.U.
  Saturday 22nd..      There was a Commanding Officer's parade this morning and as the weather was
unsuitable for flying afterwards we saw an instructional film.
  Sunday 23rd.      Stand - down.  
  Monday 24th.      Flying was planned to start at 07.00 hours this morning but was delayed for an hour
due to the weather.  The weather cleared during the morning and remained fine all
day.  Flying continued until 21.00 hours.  There were 18 formation trips, 8 cloud flying,
QGH and radio compass sorties, 8 low flying and 4 aerobatic details.
Flt.Lt. ILES and Fg.Off. MITCHELL returned from courses in U.K. this evening.  F.Sgt.
returned from leave, Fg.Off. RAMSAY went to WILDENWRATH for the
SABRE Conversion course and Flt.Lt. HORRELL went to OLDENBURG to take part in
the Northern Area Tennis Trials.
  Tuesday 25th.      Flying went on until 20.30 hrs. today  The sorties carried out were 14 formation,
10 aerobatic, 1 air test, 2 local flying and 2 QGH and radio compass let downs.
Flt.Lt. HORRELL returned from OLDENBURG this evening.
  Wednesday 26th.      The visibility was poor this morning and there were 14 formation trips and 7
aerobatic and QGH sorties.  This afternoon the Flying Wing sports were held to help
select a team for the station sports.  In the unofficial scoring 4 squadron gained a clear
cut victory.  This evening the squadron cricket team lost to Catering & Equipment.
Plt.Off. RITCHIE came back from SABRE Conversion Unit at WILDENRATH bringing
with him a SABRE from BRUGGEN.
  Thursday 27th.      The weather was fine throughout the day.  Ten formation trips were carried out, 6
aerobatic, 3 air test, 1 local flying QGH, and 3 cross countries.
  Friday 28th.      The weather remained fine and the flying today consisted of 18 formation trips, 2
cross countries, 4 low flying, 2 aerobatic sorties and 2 air tests.
Plt.Off. LEIGH-LANCASTER returned from leave this evening.
  Saturday 29th      There was a practice for the A.O.C's parade this morning and the rest of the morning
was spent doing squadron jobs.  There was no flying.
  Sunday 30th.      Plt.Off. SENAR went to MEPPEN today to be range safety officer for the week.
Fg.Off. SANDERSON went sick, unfit for flying duties.
  Monday 31st.      There was a low cloud base all day with intermittent rain and poor visibility.  There
was no flying.  This afternoon we had a lecture on the A4 gunsight.  Fg.Off. PIGDON went
to SUNDERN with the station basket ball team.
      Rounds fired in May      :-    NIL
Stoppages                       :-   NIL
Hours flown in May                       Hours
                                              Day                     Night.            Total.
SABRE MK. 4                   359.00                     -                    359.00  Total number of sorties 334.
METEOR                             18.45                     -                      18.45
VAMPIRE                               2.40                     -                        2.40
PRENTICE                         11.20                     -                      11.20
TIGER MOTH                       5.50                     -                         5.50  
                                           397.55                     -                    397.55  

   May, 1954.  ADMINISTRATION.
     The principal administrative matter occurred during the first few days of the month
when the squadron operated from and defended the S.W. dispersal from sabotage attacks by the S.A.S.
     During the month several S.N.C.O's and Cpl's left for the U.K. on repatriation.  The
S.N.C.O's were replaced and are at present finding their feet.  The corporals have not
been replaced therefore their loss has been heavily felt.
  May, 1954.  PERSONNEL.
May 1st.  Plt.Off. BUSBY joined the squadron.
4th.   Plt. Off. LEIGH-LANCASTER went on leave.   Fg.Off. MITCHELL went to U.K. on a
fire course.
6th.   Fg.Off. WALLACE left the Squadron.
7th.   Flt.Lt. ILES went to U.K. on a course.
8th.   Plt.Off. CULVER went on leave.
9th.   Plt.Off's. DAVIS, EXLEY, and GARTHWAITE returned from SABRE conversion at
10th.   Fg.Off. PIGDON went to WAHN in charge of 2nd T.A.F., Basket-Ball Team.  Fg. Off.
returned from SABRE conversion at WILDENRATH.  Fg.Off. RAMSAY returned
after his illness.
11th.   Fg.Off. CHADWICK returned from SABRE conversion at WILDENRATH.
12th.   Fg.Off. HICKMAN and Plt.Off. BUSBY went to BUCKEBURG for today.
13th.   Plt.Off. BUSBY was away on a Summary of Evidence.
14th.   Fg.Off. PIGDON returned this morning.   Plt.Off. BUSBY returned.   F. Sgt.
went on leave.
15th.   Fg.Off. SANDERSON and Plt.Off. EXLEY went to BUCKEBURG.
16th.   Plt.Off. SENAR returned from leave.
17th.   Fg.Off. SANDERSON and Plt.Off. EXLEY returned this morning.
23rd.   Fg.Off. FEWELL and Plt.Off. PAGE joined the squadron from C.S.U. BUCKEBURG.
24th.   Flt.Lt. ILES and Fg.Off. MITCHELL returned from courses in U.K..   Flt.Lt.HORRELL
went to OLDENBURG this morning for the Northern Area Tennis Trials.   Fg.Off. RAMSAY
went to WILDENRATH for SABRE conversion.   F. Sgt. SHRUBSOLE returned from leave.
25th.   Flt.Lt. HORRELL returned from OLDENBURG.
26th.   Plt.Off. RITCHIE returned from SABRE conversion at WILDENRATH.
28th.   Plt.Off. LEIGH-LANCASTER returned from leave.
30th.   Plt.Off. SENAR left for MEPPEN RANGE this afternoon.   Fg. Off. SANDERSON went
sick unfit for flying duties.
31st.   Fg.Off. PIGDON went to SUNDERN.
May, 1954.                                   LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH.
                'A' Flight                                                                                       'B' Flight.

     Sqdn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN., D.F.C.                                             Flt.Lt. A.J. COLVIN.
     Flt.Lt. J.A.               HORRELL.                                                    Flt.Lt. H.B. ILES.
     Fg.Off.   W.E.         BELL.                                                             Fg.Off. B.A. SANDERSON.
     Fg.Off.   R.S.          HANNAH                                                       Fg.Off. B.J. REVNELL.
     Fg.Off.   T.              BALFOUR                                                     Fg.Off. A.C. RAMSAY.
     Fg.Off.   D.S.         CHADWICK.                                                  Fg.Off. J.E. PIGDON.
     Fg.Off.   W.G.        MITCHELL.                                                    Fg.Off. G.E. HICKMAN.
     Fg.Off.   D.H.         HARPER.                                                       Fg.Off. J.E. MACKNISH.
     Fg.Off.   G.J.          COUCH.                                                         Plt.Off. K.B. SENAR.
     Plt.Off.   J.S.C.      DAVIS.                                                             Plt.Off. D. EXLEY.
     Plt.Off.   P.T.          WHITELAW.                                                  Plt.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE.
     Plt.Off.   R.            GARTHWAITE.                                               Plt.Off. J.C. CULVER.
     Plt.Off.   J.P.          BUSBY.                                                          Plt.Off. P LEIGH-LANCASTER.
     Plt.Off.   T.             PAGE.                                                             Fg.Off. D.J. FEWELL.
     F. Sgt.   W.R.        SHRUBSOLE.                                               Sgt.R.G. KNIGHT.
     F. Sgt.   C.J.         TELFER.

Signed RNG ALLEN                                       
(R.N.G.ALLEN.) D.F.C.                                     
Squadron Leader,                                             
Officer Commanding                                        
No.93 Squadron..                                              

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