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F540 Operations Record Book February 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                          Compilation Officer:   Fg. Off. D.A. Sawyer Refs
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Royal Air Force JEVER 1st February 56 A total of 19 sorties were flown to-day, and these mainly consisted of cine and
individual sorties.
  2nd   Again a reasonable amount of flying with cine and individual sorties predominating
once more.   One detail of simulated air-to-ground was flown in a Vampire T.11 by
Fg. Off. Brunger and Fg. Off. Maillard, as there was no range safety officer at Meppen
range it precluded live firing.   3 sorties of G.C.A's were flown at Ahlhorn.
  3rd   Another fair flying day, with four sorties of P.I's with G.C.I., and six sorties
of air-to-air at Sylt; the remainder being cine and battle formation.   S/L Adamson
Flew to Farnborough in a Prentice to-day, via Valkenburg and Tangmere, and Fg. Off.
flew with the C.O. to bring the aircraft back.
  4th Saturday A Squadron parade was held in the morning and then pilots carried out normal squadron
duties until mid-day when the squadron stood down for the weekend.
  6th Monday After Meteorological briefing the Station Commander gave all pilots a talk on
Communism and Strategic Air Command, U.S.A.F.   The weather improved during the
morning and limited flying took place.   Four sorties of simulated air-to-air flag,
and also P.I's and individual sorties were flown.   Fg. Off. Maillard had a sequence
valve failure on take off and had to use the emergency system of lowering the under-
carriage, and then land in manual control after burning off fuel.
  7th   A fairly good flying day with several simulated air-to-air flag sorties, plus two
actual air-to-air sorties at Sylt.   On top of these, two sections took part in
Exercise "SID" with some successful interceptions on Canberras.   Plt. Off. Edwards
P.A.I. from Sylt, flew two sorties to continue his conversion to Hunters.   Fg. Off.
returned from U.K. in the Prentice and Flt. Lt. Weston flew a Hunter back from
  8th   No flying at all to-day due to fog, and Squadron duties were carried out in the
evening, the afternoon being devoted to sports.
  9th   Only fifteen sorties were flown to-day.   They were mainly individual sorties due to
aircraft unserviceability; the main flying was aerobatics, with some G.C.A's and two
high level cross countries.
  10th   A good flying day with some simulated air to air, and six actual air to air sorties on
the Sylt ranges.   There was one successful sortie of P.I's in with one bomber and two
fighters were contacted.
  11th Saturday Battle formation and individual sorties were flown this morning, the weather being fine.  
  13th Monday Good flying day again with ten sorties of simulated air to air and several successful
  14th   No flying to-day due to poor visibility.   Flying would have been possible had G.C.A.
been available at Jever.
  15th   This morning's flying was devoted mainly to battle formation with several successful
P.I.'s, and also two sorties of simulated air to air.
  16th   Once again poor visibility cancelled flying for the day, and all Pilots were engaged
on squadron duties, apart from battle flight who were at 30 minutes.
  17th   The weather at Jever to-day was fair for flying, but there were no diversions, and
only two details were flown by the Squadron who are on battle flight.   During these
sorties P.I's were carried out under G.C.I. control between two pairs of each section of
four aircraft.
  18th Saturday No flying due to bad weather, but battle flight were at two hours available throughout
the weekend.
  20th Monday Heavy snow over the weekend precluded any flying until after midday when battle flight
were the only aircraft to fly on the station, and they flew three details totalling
ten sorties.   P.I's were carried out between themselves under G.C.I. control.
  21st   Poor visibility once again stopped all flying and squadron duties kept everyone busy.   As
the Squadron goes to Sylt A.P.S. next week there is quite a lot of work to be done.
  22nd   The weather improved considerably to-day and normal flying was resumed with simulated
air to air taking predominance with the forthcoming detachment to Sylt in mind.   Fg.Off.
returned from Lyneham to-day, after being held up by weather for the past week, with
a 118 Squadron Hunter.   The afternoon was devoted to Sports.
  29th   The Squadron has ceased flying in order to prepare all aircraft for Sylt.   However two
sorties of Vampire T.11 were flown, one low level, and the other aerobatics and
instrument flying.
  24th   Two T.11 sorties and one Hunter comprised the days flying.   For the same reason as
yesterday.   One T.11 sortie was a medium level cross country, and the other took P.O.
to Sylt to take over the hanger and offices at Sylt.   Flt.Lt. Lethbridge flew
the Hunter on an air test.
  25th, 26th These two days were a Station standdown.  
Royal Air Force JEVER / SYLT  27th Monday To-day the Squadron moved up to Sylt but not until the afternoon as the weather at Sylt
was bad until mid-day.   Fg.Off. Maillard flew a T.11 on a weather recce of Sylt and reported
it fine, and at 1425 hours the first three aircraft got airborne-, led by the C.O. S/L
.   The remainder followed in sections of four at ten minute intervals making a
total of eleven Hunters.   One is still in U.K. and two others are still unserviceable.
After arrival all pilots had a briefing on A.T.C., Met., and a talk by the Station
Commander and the Wing Commander Flying at R.A.F. Sylt on the detachment generally.
Royal Air Force SYLT 28th   The weather was bad to-day with low cloud and rain, in the morning, a further detailed
briefing was given to the Squadron by the attached P.A.I., P.O. Edwards, on the
ranges, and the pattern of attack to be used in air to air firing.   Following this
Fg. Off. Sharman questioned the squadron on emergency procedures for the Hunter.   In
the afternoon, three films were shown in the main briefing room : "The Mask of Nippon"
"Farnborough 1954" and an aircraft recognition film.
  29th   This morning the weather was once again low cloud and poor visibility, and a briefing
was given by Sylt, mostly on the G.C.I. system for both interceptions with the tug
aircraft and an emergency let down procedure.   The afternoon was devoted to sports.

      Flying Hours :                                                                        Strength:
Operational (Day)                      165.15                      Officers                         20
Operational (Night)                        NIL                       S.N.C.O's                        8
Training Types                             58.50                      Corporals                     14
Instruments (Actual)                      9.25                     Other Ranks                 36
Instruments (Simulated) -            NIL








Personnel :
S/Ldr Adamson left to attend aviation medicine course at Farnborough.   Fg.Off. Riley
left for U.K. leave.   Fg.Off. Hirst flew to U.K. in a Prentice to act as co-pilot
for S/LdrAdamson.
F/L Weston and F/O Sawyer left for U.K., by rail and sea, to bring aircraft from
Lyneham after modifications.
F/L Weston returned fro U.K. in a No. 4 Squadron Hunter.   Fg.Off. Hirst returned from
Farnborough in a Prentice.   F/O Whittaker left for U.K. leave (21 days).   P/O Edwards
Staff PAI from RAF Sylt, attached to the Squadron to continue conversion to Hunters.
F/O Bywater returned from U.K. leave and Assistant PFO's course.
F/Os Edwards and Mccullagh returned from winter survival course at Bad Kohlgrub.
P/O Edwards returned to R.A.F. Sylt.   F/L Lethbridge left on continental leave.
F/O Riley returned from U.K. leave.   F/L Barrey D.F.C., A.F.C., D.F.M., to Oldenburg
for promotion examinations.   P/O Rastall to Oldenburg to invigilate.   F/O's Sanderson and
Young to Oldenburg for Promotion Examinations.
F/O Sawyer returned from Lyneham with a 118 squadron Hunter.
F/O's Sanderson and Young and P/O Rastall returned from Oldenburg.   P/O Rastall left
for Sylt in a T.11 to take over hangar and quarters.
F/L Weston returned from winter survival course.   F/O's Young, Shore and Barrow left
for Sylt by rail with the main party.
S/Ldr. Adamson, F/O Brunger, F/O Sawyer, F/L Barrey D.F.C., A.F.C., D.F.M., F/O's Riley,
Sharman and Bywater, F/L Lethbridge, F/O'sMcCullagh, Hirst and Edwards flew by
Hunter and F/O's Todman and Maillard by T.XI to Sylt.   F/L Weston left for I.R.E.
course at C.F.E. West Raynham.

A fairly good flying month for the time of the year, and only the middle portion caused
flying limitations, and a fair proportion of these restrictions were due purely to poor
visibility, once again emphasising the need for a G.C.A. unit at Jever.   The Squadron has
provided duty battle flight for the week, but this was over the period of poor weather,
consequently on most of the occasions that the sections were scrambled there were no
other aircraft to intercept and the sections had to split and do P.I's under G.C.I.
among themselves.   Towards the end of the month, simulated air to air became increas-
ingly important, as the Squadron moved to Sylt on the 27th.   No actual firing was done
after arrival this month, but several air to air sorties were flown from Jever on the
Ranges at Sylt with fair results.   Serviceability was fairly good throughout the months
with an average of about five aircraft per day.
Once again the low establishment of Riggers and Fitters placed a considerable strain
on these trades.   Due to the detachment to Sylt being brought forward to March, several
Tradesmen were on leave during February in order to fulfil their entitlement, making it
difficult to man both first line and rectification.   Assections of four aircraft
are the basic formation this slows down turn rounds and thus flying hours.   Only one
aircraft remains in U.K. after gun-firing modifications.
                                                        signed DTAdamson
                                                            Squadron Leader
                                                            Officer Commanding
                                                            No. 98 Squadron
                                                            ROYAL AIR FORCE.
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