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Flight Lieutenant Brian B "Bebe" Sharman
One of the Founders of the Jever Steam Laundry and a pilot on 98 Squadron
A photographic Record of his time with the RAF - Album 5 Dec55 to Jul66.

     Bebe Sharman was a charismatic individual with a tremendous sense of humour.   He was responsible for all the amusing history and background to the Jever Steam Laundry.   These pages are dedicated to his life in the RAF and his sense of humour.   He was a professional photographer having joined the RAF originally as an airman in the photographic branch.   We are grateful to Mamie Sharman, his widow, who has kindly given us his five photo albums to load on to the web site in his memory.

The Five Albums, (a total of 761 photos), are as follows (Click on the green title to jump to that album):

Album 1 - January 1948 to November 1948 RAF Luqa, Malta - 198 photos.

Album 2 November 1948 to February 1951 RAF Luqa, Malta, Castel Benito, Libya, RAF Jurby, Isle of Man, flying training at RAF Heany in Northern Rhodesia - 214 photos.

Album 3 - February to November 1951 Flying Training in Rhodesia - 139 photos.

Album 4 - December 1952 to March 1955 Venoms at Fassberg and Hunters at Jever- 120 photos.

Album 5 - December 1955 to July 1966 Hunters at Jever and civilian life - 90 photos.

We continue with Album 5 covering the period in Germany at RAF Jever flying Hunters on 98 Squadron until his retirement to civilian life from December 1955 to July 1966.

April 1955 Moved from RAF Fassberg to RAF Jever.

98sqnpic848.jpg, 30535 bytes

Officers' Mess rear view - RAF Jever - Dec55.

98sqnpic849.jpg, 36863 bytes

Officers' Mess RAF Jever Bedroom Block - Dec55.

98sqnpic231.jpg, 12237 bytes

Last 98 Sqn party in Boss Smith-Carington's quarter before he handed over the Squadron - Dec55.   Anyone able to add some names?

98sqnpic153.jpg, 10928 bytes

98 Sqn Hand over of COs, Sqn Ldr Dougie Adamson receiving model Hunter from the outgoing CO Sqn Ldr John Smith-Carington and his dog - 12Dec55.

98sqnpic850.jpg, 7746 bytes

Terry Hughes - Nov55.

98sqnpic205.jpg, 14582 bytes

Very young looking Pete Maillard 98 Sqn Nov55.

98sqnpic851.jpg, 8296 bytes

Gilly Gray - Nov55.

98sqnpic201.jpg, 12152 bytes

Curly Hirst 98 Sqn - Nov55.

98sqnpic852.jpg, 8185 bytes

Ken Williams - Nov55.

98sqnpic853.jpg, 11434 bytes

Bill Ostrom - Nov55.

98sqnpic206.jpg, 8998 bytes

Dave Brunger 98 Sqn - Nov55.

98sqnpic209.jpg, 10854 bytes

Eddy McCullagh 98 Sqn - Nov55.

98sqnpic854.jpg, 34179 bytes

Jever Village - The Puddles - Dec55.

98sqnpic161.jpg, 29127 bytes

98 Sqn 98 Sqn mob at the Dining Out of the Station Commander Group Captain Tom Prickett in the Jever Officers' Mess - 16Dec55   Back row standing l to R: Unknown, Bodger Edwards drinking, CO Dougie Adamson, Station Commander Tom Prickett, Be Be Sharman,
John de Severne head only, Dave Brunger, Unknown S/L,   Unknown head at rear, Unknown with glass, Ian Weston at rear,
Neville Whittaker   Front kneeling or sitting: Ted Bywater, Roger Shore, Dave Young on floor, Unknown with pint Curly Hirst.

122pic221.jpg, 27549 bytes
122pic221a.jpg, 21247 bytes

122 Wing Dining Out for Station Commander Group Captain Tom Prickett DSO, DFC - 16Dec55.   L to R: 1. Ian Craig; 2. Unknown;
3. Ken Goodwin; 4. Unknown; 5. Unknown; 6. Tom Balfour; 7. Ralf Hayes; 8. Unknown; 9. Jerry Busby; 10. John Davis;
11. Clam Clayton-Jones; 12. Dave Chadwick; 13. Unknown; 14. Gp Capt Tom Prickett; 15. Bill Ritchie; 16. Des Browne; 17. Don Exley;
18. Bill Simms; 19. Sandy Sanderson; 20. Brian Dunbar.   Can anyone add more names?

122pic031.jpg, 101652 bytes

Farewell photograph for the end of Tom Prickett's period as Station Comander.   Can anyone identify more names?
L to R Back row: 1. Bunny Warren ATC, 2. Mitch Shearer 4, 3. Unknown tall, 4. Les Swart 4 dark hair, 5. Dennis Tann Stn Flt, 6. Unknown glasses medical, 7. Leo Cowan 93/98 Eng Off balding, 8. Jim Grover ASF Eng Wg tall, 9. Unknown Dental Officer head only
10. Ginger Friend 4 11. Clam Clayton-Jones 93, 12. Bodger Edwards 98, 13. Curly Hirst 98, 14. George Hickman tall 93, 15. Ian Madelin 98, 16. Unknown head only, 17. Bill Ritchie 93, 18. Unknown Regt Off, 19. Peter Leigh-Lancaster 93 short
20. Dai Rastall half face 98, 21. Eric Pigdon 93 22. Sandy Findley Educ Off tall, 23. Podge Page 93, 24. Unknown, 25. Unknown ATC.
3rd row: 26. Roger Shore 98, 27. Dave Todman 98, 28. Bill Maish tall 118, 29. Unknown, 30. Tommy Thompson 118 dark eyebrows, 31. "Mis" Misselbrook 118, 32. Ginger Dutton 118, 33. Be Be Sharman 98, 34. Doug Fewell 118, 35. Ian Weston half face 98
36. Dave Young 98, 37. Unknown, 38. Alan Armitage 4 tall, 39. Bob Daniels 4 dark hair, 40. Robin Sandle Eqpt half face, 41. John Sutton 4 eyes only 98, 42. Ted Bywater 98, 43. Unknown, 44. Charlie Powell with moustache 93, 45. Al Colvin 93 B Flt Cdr
46. Dave Brunger 98, 47. John Severne 98, 48. Dickie Barraclough 4, 49. Ian Craig 118.
2nd row: 50. Unknown, 51. Unknown moustache, 52. Fred Dawson 4 short, 53. Unknown medals, 54. Brian Watson 4, 55. Denni Denison 4 tall, 56. Bill Dodds 118, 57. Unknown, 58. John Davis 93, 59. Ken Goodwin 118, 60. Pete Smith 4, 61. Unknown
62. Sandy Sanderson 93, 63. Ralph Hayes A Flt Cdr 93 tall, 64. Jim Yates Stn HQ moustache short, 65. Brian Dunbar 93, 66. Tom Balfour 93, 67. Don Exley 93, 68. Dave Chadwick 93, 69. Unknown, 70. Unknown GLO.
Front row seated: 71. Brian Iles Flt Cdr 4, 72. Alan Powell 118, 73. Unknown civilian Rolls-Royce rep, 74. Unknown medals, 75. Dickie Dower SATCO medals, 76. Des Browne OC 93, 77. Bill Sykes OC A/C Serving Sqn, 78. Dougie Adamson OC 98
79. Harry Harrington OC Tech Wg, 80. Hammer West OC 122 Wg (with Pinto in top picture), 81. Gp Capt Tom Prickett Stn Cdr (with Pinto in bottom picture), 82. Jackie Sing OC Admin Wg, 83. John Smith-Carington ex OC 98, 84. Unknown tall, 85. Chappy Chapman OC 4, 86. Norman Buddin OC 118, 87. Unknown SATCO, 88. Padre Jim Fullerton, 89. Unknown dental officer?, 90. Robbie Roberts 5352ACB tall, 91. Unknown moustache.

stationpic891.jpg, 31746 bytes

Station Commander Gp Capt Tom Prickett being towed out of the Mess at the end of his tour - 16Dec55.
L to R: Unknown S/L, W/C Harrington OC Tech Wg, Stn Cdr G/C Tom Prickett, Top rear AVM Ubee, AOC 2 Gp, 2 Unknown heads,
W/C Alan Orbell OC RAF Regt, W/C Jack Sing OC Admin Wg, W/C Hammer West OC Flying.

98sqnpic195.jpg, 11302 bytes

Alan Lethbridge A Flt Cdr 98 Sqn -Dec55.

98sqnpic212.jpg, 14681 bytes

Pete Sanderson 98 Sqn - Dec55.

98sqnpic196.jpg, 9294 bytes

John de Severne 98 Sqn - Dec55.

98sqnpic855.jpg, 9779 bytes

Dave Sawyer - Dec55.

stationpic459.jpg, 9265 bytes

Paddy, Earl of Bandon (also known as the "Abandoned Earl") AOC, and the Station Commander's wife Elizabeth Hughes on the Cresta Run which ran from the Minstrels' Gallery down to the main Ante-room at the Jever Officers' Mess Winter Ball - 24Feb56.

98sqnpic856.jpg, 27907 bytes

98 Sqn CO John Smith-Carington performing at what looks like an attic party during his handover junkets? - about Nov55.   Anyone able to add some names?

98sqnpic857.jpg, 23714 bytes

Another shot taken at the last 98 Sqn party in Boss Smith-Carington's quarter before he handed over the Squadron - Dec55.   Clockwise from bottom left corner: Eddie McCullagh with moustache, Iain Weston handing over the silver Hunter, Bodger Edwards holding tankard,
Ted Bywater left of flag, Roger Shore behind flag, Pete Maillard right end of flag, Neville Whittaker holding up end of flag, David Todman right bottom corner, Curly Hirst, Dave Young reclining and Unknown Lady.   Unknowns either side of Boss Smith-Carington in the centre.   Anyone able to add last names?

98sqnpic858.jpg, 12937 bytes

Another shot taken at the last 98 Sqn party in Boss Smith-Carington's quarter before he handed over the Squadron - Dec55.   Anyone able to name person at rear of Boss Smith-Carington?

98sqnpic859.jpg, 25319 bytes

Outside Boss Smith-Carington's quarter after his last 98 Sqn party - Dec55.   Anyone able to add names?

98sqnpic860.jpg, 24169 bytes

Dining In Night Officers' Mess RAF Jever - Oct55.   Anyone able to add names?

98sqnpic861.jpg, 24937 bytes

A dinner for Boss Smith-Carington - Dec55.   Menu: Grog, Hare a la Airfield, More Grog, Grog.   L to R Back Row: All Unknown except 3rd from right Neville Whittaker.   Front Row: Curly Hirst, Unknown, Boss John Smith-Carington, John Severne and Eddie McCullagh.   Anyone able to add names?

98sqnpic862.jpg, 30055 bytes

Boss Smith-Carington on his way - Dec55.   L to R Unknown, Neville Whittaker, Unknown, Boss Dougie Adamson taking over,
Mrs Smith-Carington, John Smith-Carington, Curly Hirst and Unknown.   Anyone able to add names?

98sqnpic863.jpg, 33920 bytes

Officers' Mess Jever Winter Ball - 24Feb56.   L to R: Kevin Callan Housemaster at Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, Unknown Lady, Unknown standing, Pat, teacher at Prince Rupert School soon to marry Kevin Callan sitting, Unknown Lady standing, Bebe Sharman and Unknown..   Anyone able to add more names?

98sqnpic864.jpg, 8721 bytes

Officers' Mess Jever Winter Ball - 24Feb56.   Curly Hirst and Avril Lethbridge on the Cresta Run from the Minstrels Gallery in the Officers' Mess Ante-room.

98sqnpic164.jpg, 28478 bytes

Roger Shore's Christmas Party at the "Damage Inn" - Dec55.   Back Row L to R: Curly Hirst, Hammer West in Bowler, Dave Brunger,
John Severne, Ian Craig in Top Hat, Charlie Powell, Alan Lethbridge, Roger Shore, Bodger Edwards, Front row: Don Exley, Unknown top of head, Unknown with glass, Ian Weston, Dave Young, CO Dougie Adamson with snorkel.

98sqnpic865.jpg, 19161 bytes

Bebe Sharman's new Ford Anglia and aeroplane Hunter F.4.
Ford Anglia
The Ford Anglia is a British car which was designed and manufactured by Ford in the United Kingdom.   It is related to the Ford Prefect and the later Ford Popular.   The Anglia name was applied to various models between 1939 and 1967.   A total of 1,594,486 Anglias were produced. It was replaced by the Ford Escort.   In 1953, Ford released the 100E, designed by Lacuesta Automotive.   It was a completely new car, its style following the example of the larger Ford Consul introduced two years earlier and of its German cousin by featuring a modern three-box design.   The 100E was available as a two-door Anglia and a four-door Prefect. During this period, the old Anglia was available as the 103E Popular, touted as the cheapest car in the world.   Internally there were individual front seats trimmed in PVC, hinged to allow access to the rear.   The instruments (speedometer, fuel gauge and ammeter) were placed in a cluster around the steering column and the gear change was floor mounted.   A heater and radio were optional extras.   The dashboard was revised twice; the binnacle surrounding the steering column was replaced by a central panel with twin dials towards the driver's side in 1956; the last from 1959 had twin dials in a binnacle in front of the driver and 'magic ribbon' AC speedo similar to the 1957 E-series Vauxhall Velox/Cresta and '58/'59 PA models, and included a glovebox.   Under the bonnet the 100E still housed an antiquated, but actually new, 36 bhp (27 kW; 36 PS) side-valve engine sharing the bore and stroke of the old unit but now with larger bearings and inlet valves and pump-assisted cooling.   The three-speed gearbox was retained.   Some models were fitted with a semi-automatic "Manumatic" gearbox.   A second wind-screen wiper was now included at no extra cost, although the wipers' vacuum-powered operation was also retained: by now this was seen as seriously old-fashioned and the wipers were notorious for slowing down when driving up steep hills, or coming to a complete rest when trying to overtake.   The separate chassis construction of the previous models was replaced by unitary construction and the front suspension used MacPherson struts, with anti-roll bar and semi-elliptic leaf springs at the rear.   The car's 87-inch (2,200 mm) wheelbase was the shortest of any Anglia, but the front and rear track were increased to 48 inches (1,200 mm), and cornering on dry roads involved a degree of understeer: the steering took just two turns between locks, making the car responsive and easy to place on the road, although on wet roads it was too easy to make the tail slide out.   A rare option for 1957 and 1958 was Newtondrive clutchless gearchange.   The electrical system became 12 volt.
Hawker Hunter F.4 WW656 N
Delivered to RAF 30Mar55 to 5MU, Wed 20Apr55 arrived on 98Sqn as N, 15Nov55 to gun firing modifications 33MU Lyneham back 6Jan56.[See History]   Left 98Sqn on Mon 8Apr57 to 5MU and scrapped Dunsfold Aug64.

98sqnpic866.jpg, 13707 bytes

Bodger Edwards - Dec55.

98sqnpic203.jpg, 9260 bytes

Ted Bywater sitting astride a Hunter 98 Sqn - Dec55.

98sqnpic867.jpg, 57142 bytes

Jever Village - about Feb56.

98sqnpic868.jpg, 17089 bytes

Muckluck with our "Nav Made East" machine - about Feb56.

98sqnpic869.jpg, 8236 bytes

Dave Young - Dec55.

98sqnpic199.jpg, 13478 bytes

Sven Lampell on exchange with 98 Sqn for 6 months from Swedish Air Force.   This was quite unusual when you realise that Sweden were not even members of NATO.   Jock Wallace from 93 spent 6 months from Jun to Nov53 with the Swedish Air Force flying the Saab J-29 "Flying Barrel", maybe the other half of the exchange?

98sqnpic170.jpg, 15812 bytes

Alan Lethbridge, Bush Barrey and Dougie Adamson with attendant Sycamore presumably waiting for Dougie's death defying leap (click to see article) - Early 56.

98sqnpic870.jpg, 27487 bytes

98 Sqn Hunter F.4 O WW658 flown by the CO, Sqn Ldr Dougie Adamson over Wilhelmshaven.   Hunter F.4 WW658 O was delivered to the RAF at 33MU on 6Apr55 and then issued to 98Sqn on Wed 20Apr55.  On 10Nov55 it was sent for gun firing modifications to 33MU Lyneham and returned on 6Jan56.   On Mon 8Apr57 it left 98 Sqn and was sent to a Civilian Working Party at Leconfield then to 229OCU as RS-5 and finally was scrapped after a total of 609 hrs 40 mins at Dunsfold in Jun64.

98sqnpic871.jpg, 14109 bytes
98 Sqn's Hunter F.4s joined with other Hunters from 4, 93 and 118 Sqns to mount a 24 ship 122 Wing formation flypast.   This was done after an abortive work-up for a washed-out flypast at Geilenkirchen for the Duchess of Kent.   This flypast was the next day at Jever on 6Apr56.   [Click to see F540 report.]

98sqnpic872.jpg, 6427 bytes

98 Sqn's Hunter F.4s joined with other Hunters from 4, 93 and 118 Sqns to mount a 24 ship 122 Wing formation flypast.   This was done after an abortive work-up for a washed-out flypast at Geilenkirchen for the Duchess of Kent.   This is presumed to have been from the same flypast on the next day at Jever on 6Apr56, the last four aircraft forming the 1 are out of shot.   [Click to see F540 report.]

98sqnpic157.jpg, 8410 bytes

Boss "well dressed" having heli pick up.   98 Sqn CO, Sqn Ldr Dougie Adamson leaving Sylt for an attempt on a world record - Early56.

4sqnpic050.jpg, 42592 bytes

Hunter F.4 being flown by 4 Sqn CO at the time, Sqn Ldr "Chappy" Chapman.   He was the only one to sport a white bonedome, the rest of the 4 Sqn pilots had black. Hunter F.4 WV275 D First Flt 13May55 by N J Carter, 15Jun55 to 4 Sqn 27Jul55 as D, then to 111 Sqn on Fri 22Mar57, finally to 229 OCU and scrapped Jun61.

98sqnpic873.jpg, 23485 bytes

There are no captions for this convoy picture but it is probably the 98 Sqn Road Convoy to Sylt supporting the move of the Squadron on its first Hunter Armament Practice Camp at Sylt on Monday 27Feb56.   It is not the return journey in March 1956 as Bebe is reported as flying back in a Hunter.

98sqnpic874.jpg, 30779 bytes

Again there are no captions for this picture but it is on the same page as the convoy picture so it may have been taken during a night stop?   Bebe Sharman on the right is the only known person.

98sqnpic875.jpg, 8589 bytes

"Smoothie" Sharman!

98sqnpic140.jpg, 17723 bytes

Pete Maillard being hoisted on board the rescue egg beater.   Probably at the first Hunter Gunnery camp at Sylt Mar56.

93sqnpic043.jpg, 22425 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F.4s Led by
Sqn Ldr Browne Vertical Over the River Elbe. 1955.

122pic027.jpg, 22129 bytes

Wow it happened one day that the Wing Co Flyingwas in bed with flu.....   Original Board of Governors of Jever Steam Laundry - Between March 1956 when 98 Sqn got back from Sylt and 28Jun56 when Hammer West left.   Hammer West in bed with Flu'.   L to R: "Clam" Clayton-Jones 93, Bill Brewer?, Dennis Tann Stn Flt, Bodger Edwards with tankard 98, Ken Goodwin drinking 98, Hammer West in bowler hat OC 122 Wg, Curly Hirst 98, Ian Weston 98, Ian Craig on floor 98, Dougie Adamson standing CO 98.

93sqnpic039.jpg, 16206 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F.4s Led by Sqn Ldr Browne Box 4 Port Turn. 1955.

98sqnpic876.jpg, 10899 bytes

Bebe in front of an Army Auster and Hangar 4 - about May 56.

118sqnpic443.jpg, 13149 bytes

OC 122 Wing Wg Cdr Hammer West's personal Hunter F.4 XE665 with his pennant and the badges of the four Hunter squadrons based at Jever at the time, painted on the nose.   Hunter F.4 XE665 Delivered 5MU 24May55, to 118 Sqn as A held in Station Flt 17Apr56.   Wed 13Jun56 Cat3R/4R.   Uncommanded u/c lowering at high speed resulting in a port u/c up landing.   Blocked runway landing on crash strip with unlocked undercarriage.   [Click to see F540 report.].   Rtd to HAL 1957, converted to Hunter T8 delivered to 764 Sqn (RN) on 20Apr59, to 237OCU 83.

stationpic519.jpg, 22143 bytes

Jever Steam Laundry visit to Brewery, getting down to business - About Mar56. Rear L to R: Alan Armitage, Bill Blake, Tony Pearce?, Fred Dawson, Bill Maish, Christa Brummer Officers' Mess Receptionist (later married Roy Rimington 2 Sqn), Unknown probably brewery staff, Bob Parkinson RN, Dave Young, Eric Pigdon.Front: Charlie Powell, Bodger Edwards, Unknown probably brewery staff, Curly Hirst,
Dickie Barraclough.

122pic025.jpg, 30393 bytes
122pic026.jpg, 12234 bytes

Mess Party for 122 Wing, 4, 93, 98 and 118 Sqns - Jan-Mar56. 1. Dai Rastall 98; 2. John Severne 98; 3. Val Pigdon 93; 4. Unknown; 5. Unknown Lady; 6. Unknown 7. Ian Weston 98; 8. Ian Craig 118; 9. Unknown Lady; 10. Unknown; 11. Nancy West; 12. Don Riley 98; 13. Barbara Sanderson; 14. Pete Sanderson 98; 15. Hammer West OC Wg; 16. Charle Powell 118 17. Alan Lethbridge 98, 18. Unknown Rolls-Royce Rep.; 19. Cherry Sutton 4; 20. John Sutton 4 21. Curly Hirst 98; 22. Bill Dodds 118, 23. Bill Brewer 118; 24. Dougie Adamson 98; 25. Unknown 26. Paddy Hipperson 98, 27. Eddie McCullagh 98; 28. Doug Fewell 118; 29. Ginger Dutton 98 30. Dennis Tann.

98sqnpic158.jpg, 27111 bytes
98sqnpic159.jpg, 16266 bytes

98 Sqn pilots and groundcrew taken from the Sqn Cdr's Office window.   The City of Derby (affiliated) town) badge can be see on the fuselage nose in front of the Squadron Badge. - Early56. 1. Roger Shore; 2. Dave Young; 3. Sgt Blakesley Airframe; 4. SAC Wilson Instruments;
5. Dai Rastall 6. Eddie McCullagh; 7. Bodger Edwards; 8. Curly Hirst; 9. Be Be Sharman; 10. Bush Barrey 11. CO Dougie Adamson;
12. Alan Lethbridge B Flt Cdr; 13. Ian Weston; 14. Paddy Hipperson 15. Pete Barrow; 16. Dave Brunger; 17. Pete Sanderson; 18. Sgt Dent, Airframe; 19. Cpl White Radar; 20. Sgt Galloway; 21. Cpl Green Instruments; 22. LAC Porter Airframe; 23. SAC Gardiner Electrical
24. Cpl Perkins Wireless; 25. SAC Roger Lycett-Smith Engines; 26. SAC Young Engines 27. ASF Photographer; 28. Cpl Bailey Wireless; 29. AC Green Ground Eqpt 30. SAC Shorrock Instruments; 31. SAC Bennett Airframe; 32. SAC Thompson Radar 33. SAC Smart Engines;
34. SAC Brewer Radar; 35. LAC Draycott Airframe; 36. SAC Cole Radar 37. SAC Collins Armourer; 38. Cpl Render Airframe;
39. SAC Feary Engines; 40. Cpl Regan Armourer 41. SAC Newton; 42. SAC Stevenson Wireless; 43. Cpl Wray Instruments; 44. AC Hope 45. SAC Hardy Instruments; 46. SAC Cropper Armourer; 47. Sgt Perry Engines; 48. Cpl Pearce Engines; 49. Cpl O'Neill Engines; 50. Cpl Shilling Armourer; 51. Sgt Caines Instruments; 52. Flt Sgt Croxford 53. Dave Todman.

93sqnpic034.jpg, 23728 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F4s Led by Sqn Ldr Browne
Inverted over the River Elbe. Photo by BB Sharman Published in The Aeroplane 1Jun1956.

98sqnpic877.jpg, 25264 bytes

98 Sqn Setting a Good Example in Elegant Dress Bowler Hats and Rolled Umbrellas - Early 56.   Suspect it was taken on the same day as Pete Maillard's wedding shot on the steps of the mess as the red carpet is still deployed.   L to R: Unknown, Unknown, Bush Barrey, Unknown, Paddy Hipperson, Doug Adamson, Unknown, Unknown, Muckluck Mccullagh, BeBe Sharman, Unknown, Unknown at rear, Unknown looking left, Ted Bywater, Unknown in uniform and Unknown.   Anyone able to add more names?

98sqnpic878.jpg, 18958 bytes

Looks like the Winco Flying's VW?   Has he been racing again?   Anyone able to add more light?   (Perhaps it was on this occasion?)

98sqnpic879.jpg, 23749 bytes

98 Sqn on one of its new Hunters.   Can anyone put names to any of them?

93sqnpic041.jpg, 13303 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F.4s Led by Sqn Ldr Browne Inverted Box. 1955.

98sqnpic880.jpg, 10635 bytes

Curly Hirst posing by an Army Auster - about Feb57?

98sqnpic168.jpg, 16742 bytes

Buster" Adamson on the way to testing his new diving dry suit on the local ice floes at Sylt.   The Sycamore that he was in experienced a "collective pitch" failure and ended up axle deep in mud.

98sqnpic074.jpg, 13376 bytes

BeBe Sharman Explaining the Hunter to a Visiting Member of Parliament Jever 29 Sep 1955.

98sqnpic881.jpg, 10287 bytes

Pete Maillard and Girda wedding - Early 56.

98sqnpic882.jpg, 13141 bytes

Girda, Pete Maillard's bride at her wedding - Early 56.

98sqnpic883.jpg, 29505 bytes

Pete and Girda Maillard's wedding - posing in front of the Officers' Mess Jever - Early 56.   L to R: Unknown, Curly Hirst at rear, CO Dougie Adamson at front, Bush Barrey, Unknown at front, Unknown at rear, Pete Maillard in front, Paddy Hipperson in middle, Unknown at rear, Girda Maillard at front, Unknown in middle, Unknown at rear, Muckluck McCullagh at front, Unknown at rear, Unknown in middle, Unknown in front, Unknown at rear with moustache and Unknown in uniform.   Anyone able to complete names?

98sqnpic244.jpg, 27955 bytes

Pete and Girda Maillard's wedding photo on the front steps of the RAF Jever Officers' Mess with 98 Sqn providing an escort.   L to R: CO Sqn Ldr Dougie Adamson, Don Riley, Dave Young, Unknown bowler hat only, Paddy Hipperson, Unknown until the Groom, Pete Maillard, Girda Maillard, Unknown until first face recognisable, Bebe Sharman, Unknown face partly hidden, Eddie McCullagh, Ted Bywater, Unknown hidden, Allan Lethbridge.

98sqnpic884.jpg, 14731 bytes

Adorning one of the Officers' Mess lampposts at Jever - Early 56.   L to R: Unknown, Unknown,
Muckluck McCullagh and Unknown at rear.   Anyone able to complete names?

After 98 Sqn in Germany at RAF Jever in September 1956 Bebe returned to become a flying instructor in UK.

He returned to Horsham St Faith for one month, then South Cerney from October to December 1956 finally completing No 183 QFI course at CFS Little Rissington from January to March 1957.

98sqnpic885.jpg, 14115 bytes

Piston Provost T.Mk.1 WV506 X-E Arrived at CFS on 7Jun54 and left on 16Jul57.

Hunting Percival Piston Provost T.Mk.1.
First flown in February 1950, the Hunting Percival Provost began to replace the Percival Prentice in RAF Flying Training Command from 1853.   The piston-engined type took a student pilot through his basic training to the point where he could begin his advanced training on the de Havilland Vampire T.11 jet aircraft.   The 461 Provosts built up to1956 continued in service until the early 1960s.   As the T.53, the type was also supplied to Burma, Iraq and the Sudan, while the T.51 and T.52 were used by Eire and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.   Crew: 2; Powerplant: one 410 KW (550 hp) Alvis Leonides 126 air cooled 9-cylinder radial engine; Performance: max speed 322 Km/h (200 mph); range 1,040 Km (650 miles) service ceiling 7,620 m (25,000 ft) Dimensions: wingspan 10.71 m (35 ft); length 8.73 m (28 ft 6 in); height 3.70 m (12 ft). Weight: 1,955Kg (4,399 lb)

98sqnpic886.jpg, 13489 bytes

There is no caption for this Flight Lieutenant.   Does anyone recognise him?   He may have been Bebe's instructor at CFS Little Rissington from Jan to Mar57?

98sqnpic887.jpg, 10897 bytes

Flt Lt Peter South, CFS instructor.

98sqnpic888.jpg, 12240 bytes

Piston Provost T.Mk.1 WV506 X-E Arrived at CFS on 7Jun54 and left on 16Jul57.

98sqnpic889.jpg, 38829 bytes

No 183 QFI Course, probably Basic Squadron on Piston Provosts, at CFS Little Rissington which started in Jan57.   Front row left end is Flt Lt Peter South.   Second from left in rear row is Bebe.   Anyone able to identify the others?

98sqnpic890.jpg, 23619 bytes

Unknown wedding party.   From its position in the album it was probably when Bebe was on the CFS Course at Little Rissington from January to March `1957.   Anyone able to name the culprits?

98sqnpic891.jpg, 13931 bytes

Percival Piston Provost T.Mk.1 inverted.   WV506 X-E Arrived at CFS on 7Jun54 and left on 16Jul57.

98sqnpic892.jpg, 28142 bytes

CFS Course 183 - probably one of the Piston Provost squadrons on the "Waterfront" at Little Rissington.   3rd from left is
Flt Lt Peter South.   2nd from right is Jim Rutter, 2nd from left maybe Curly Hirst.   Anyone able to add names?

98sqnpic893.jpg, 15863 bytes

L to R: Peter South, Unknown and Bebe (on the right) on a stagecoach.

98sqnpic894.jpg, 12790 bytes

BeBe under instruction" on the CFS Course to become a QFI.   Piston Provost T.Mk.1 WV506 X-E in the background arrived at CFS on 7Jun54 and left on 16Jul57.   Can anyone name the instructor?

98sqnpic895.jpg, 31082 bytes

No 183 CFS Course in front of the Officers Mess at RAF Little Rissington.   They graduated in March 57.   The Commandant in the centre of the front row was Air Coomodore "Hetty" Hyde, a notorious pyromaniac!   The only other persons I can identify are Bebe Sharman 3rd from the right in the front row, Peter South on the left of the front row and, I think, Dougie Bridson, in the centre behind the Commandant in the centre row.   Bebe won the Brabyn Trophy on Course 183.   The trophy was awarded, in those days, for the best individual aerobatics display by a student on the advanced part of the course.   I note that Fg Off R Wells won the CFS Trophy for the best all round student - but I do not know which one he is.    Wells also won the Gross Trophy which is awarded to the student who achieves the highest aggregate marks in Ground Subjects for both stages of the course.   The Clarkson Trophy was awarded for the best individual aerobatic display by a student on the Applied Basic part of the course.   This was won on 183 course by Flt Lt M S Langley, but again he is unidentified.   Anyone able to help out with names?

93sqnpic036.jpg, 17248 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F4s Led by Sqn Ldr Browne Top of a Loop. 1955.

93sqnpic042.jpg, 8550 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F.4s Led by
Sqn Ldr Browne Third of the Way Over a Loop. 1955.

93sqnpic040.jpg, 16295 bytes

93 Sqn Formation Aerobatic Team Hunter F.4s Led by Sqn Ldr Browne Inverted Box 4. 1955.

From No 183 QFI Course at CFS Little Rissington, Bebe did his first instructional tour at 3 FTS Feltwell from Mar57 to May 58.   He then went to Andover from 5May58 until Jan59.   He was then sent to Eastleigh in Kenya from Jan59 to Apr59, returning to Andover from Apr59 to Oct 59 when he was posted to RAF Halton from Oct 59 to Sep 62.

98sqnpic896.jpg, 40278 bytes

On the back of the photo it says: "RAF Halton.   The Officers' Mess in relation to the rest of the camp (background).   Front left part of the O.M.Q. area.   Photo F/L Sharman".   So this photo was taken sometime after Oct 59.

98sqnpic897.jpg, 29268 bytes

Another shot of the Officers' Mess at RAF Halton.

98sqnpic898.jpg, 34494 bytes

RAF Halton Main Camp.

98sqnpic888.jpg, 12240 bytes

Another print of photo above of Piston Provost T.Mk.1 WV506 X-E Arrived at CFS on 7Jun54 and left on 16Jul57.

98sqnpic899.jpg, 27800 bytes

Another aerial view of RAF Halton.

98sqnpic900.jpg, 12191 bytes

Final photo in the last Album - Bebe in the cockpit of a Hawker Siddeley HS-125 Dominie in preparation for civilian aviation - July 1966.

After Halton, Bebe was at Lindholme from Sep 62 to Jan 63, then No. 1 Master Radar Station at Bawdsey from Jan 53 to Jan 65, No. 2 Gliding Centre at Kirton Lindsey from Jan 65 to Oct 65, then No. 7 Gliding Centre at Spitalgate from Oct 65 to Jul 67.   Brian retired from the RAF in 1967 and returned to Norwich to spend ten years in civil aviation at the fledgling Norwich Airport (ex-Horsham St Faiths, now Norwich International).   He was with Air Anglia on the F27 fleet, followed by executive charter servicing the oil and gas drilling industries, making a triangle between Norwich, Aberdeen and Esjberg.   For a while he took the Royal Mail first class post overnight to Liverpool, carried news film from location for Anglia TV, took show biz stars doing summer seasons at Gt Yarmouth to Blackpool and back to record the BBC's Sunday Night variety shows, and had fun joyriding Yarmouth holiday makers round the Broads and to see the seals at Scroby Sands.   Retirement from aviation came in 1985 when BeBe bought a small picture-framing business.   He sold aviation prints and developed a clientele of aircraft enthusiasts.   He finally retired in 1999, aged 70, and passed the business over to his manager, who is still successfully running it.   He died on 15th October 2004 at the age of 75.

(Thanks to Mamie Sharman and many quotations from Wikipedia.)
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