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Jeversches Wochenblatt Newspaper Report on the Jever Open Day dated Monday 8Jun59.
Translated by Maurice Parker

Picture Captions

Top Left: The black Hunters that flew from England to the Upjever "Open Day", in formation that showed a hard to imagine performance in flying skill and precision.

Bottom left: It was difficult to estimate the crowd that thronged the edge of the runway.  On the left of this picture a long row of "drawn-up" Hunter fighters can be seen

Top right: This view from the tail end of the modern 4 jet engine powered Victor bomber prove that engineering can also be a thing of beauty

Middle right: The U.S. Air Force was not only represented with a Mach one plus F100 fighter, but also with a gigantic transport aircraft.  Our picture impressively shows the dimensions of the aircraft when comparing the tail with the spectators underneath.

Bottom right: This gigantic transport aircarft which can carry a whole company of troops also caused some excitement.

40,000 Come to the Air Day at Upjever

On the NATO airfield the RAF demonstrated interesting aircraft and outstanding flying skill.

     Jever.     Those responsible for organizing the German-British Week had estimated nearly 50,000 visitors at the Open Day and there was no reason to doubt the accuracy of this if the nice weather period had continued until the Saturday.  Instead of this, dark rain clouds appeared over the country on Saturday morning and even got darker in the afternoon, although the long awaited rain did finally wait until Sunday morning which was a piece of luck for the air show.  How strong the attraction was at Upjever, despite the threatening rain clouds, can be seen from the fact that a minimum of 40,000 passed through the main gate of the RAF Station.  Visitors came by foot, bicycle, bus, moped, motor-cycle, scooter and car.  Even though the Betonstraße in the direction of Jever town was closed to traffic, the convoy of vehicles increased from second to second and finally reached as far back as the other side of the level crossing in Jever.  Those visitors who thought that with a little delay they could reach their destination were bitterly disappointed as the motorised visitors required about an hour to cover the 4 km long journey to the station.

     On the airfield this year was not only an unusually comprehensive aircraft display, but also armoured vehicles could be inspected and the remote controlled anti-aircraft weapons were no less interesting.  The programme that was performed in front of an impressive background of spectators was more interesting than ever before.  As a warm-up, after the parade of army vehicles, there was of a more humourous display with the demonstration by the "tired bees" such as the Chipmunk, Auster and helicopter.  Things became more lively as the Canberra and Valiant jet bombers flew over the airfield, whereby the solo flight of the Canberra surprizingly showed the speed and manoeuvrability of this aircraft.  It flew more or less as a fighter aircraft and that it also has a high speed has been proven by the many record flights that it has made.

The aerobatics from Flt/Lt Stone and Flt/Lt Tyrrell with their Hunters and Flt/Lt Rimington with the Swift in solo flight was breathtaking.  Everything was presented that pleased not only the layman but also the pilot: from a roll, loops and turns to reversed flights where the aircraft even continuously gained height.  Altogether it was always overwhelming to see the climbing power of these fighter aircraft that literally within seconds climbed from ground level to above the clouds.
[Click to see 4 Sqn F540 report].

     Without a doubt the Hunter aerobatic team of the Black Arrows made the strongest impression.  This well known aerobatic team flew especially from England to Upjever.  What they demonstrated with their 9 aircraft on precision and skill in formation flying was simply unique.  The turns and changes of formation of this team were all carried out so united and precise that one had the impression that these 9 aircraft were rigidly bound together to form a solid body.  That really was flying skill in perfection.

     The German Luftwaffe was also present this time and flew demonstrations with a helicopter.  Finally the spectators were shown a splendid sight of a squadron take-off; also an attack on a 'space ship' and the long exhaust trails in the sky indicated the break up of the formation in its whole elegance as it came into land.

And in the vicinity of the taxi-way the venomous noise of the miniature engines of the control-line model aircraft was heard, all aircraft on static display taxied past the spectators to take-off.  They all flew past again, from helicopter to jet fighter and bomber, together with the transport aircraft they started their journeys back to their home stations.  This journey back probably took a lot less time than the visitors to the Open Day required who needed a lot of patience on the home journey.  For all visitors however, the expectations had been fulfilled on this RAF Open Day, which like its predecessor, has probably no less contributed to the appreciation of the requirement of this significant NATO airfield.
   (Thanks to Bruno Albers for the cutting and Maurice Parker for the translation.)
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