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F540 Operations Record Book July 1959 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. J. F. Farley._________ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever JULY 1959 Wednesday 1st July, 1959
     Today being a sports afternoon only the morning was available for flying,
the first sortie flown was a battle four, but three of these aircraft landed
unserviceable and only two further sorties were possible before lunch.
Leave                                                                                                      Hours  : 8.50
Sick                                                                                                         Sorties:   6
  JULY 1959 Thursday 2nd July, 1959
     A limited programme today due to unserviceability and all trips flown were
single aircraft.   One pilot was given dual in the Hunter T.7. Flt. Lt. G.O. Eade
left today on repat.
Leave                                                                                                      Hours  : 7.15
Sick                                                                                                         Sorties:   6
      Friday 3rd July, 1959
     Two air tests only were flown today, as the bad weather was taken as an
opportunity to really work on rectification, for a good start to flying next week.
Leave                                                                                                      Hours  : 2.05
Sick                                                                                                         Sorties:   2
      Monday 6th July, 1959
     A better days flying today with the accent on cine weave exercises in
preparation for our next visit to Sylt.
However flying was terminated one sortie earlier than wished due to low cloud below
500 drifting in from the sea just north of the base.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                                                  Hours  : 13.45
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 12
      Tuesday 7th July, 1959
     Another better day today with the aircraft holding out well and giving a
good opportunity for some concentrated cine'weave exercises as well as some
individual sorties.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                                                  Hours  : 23.50
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 22
      Wednesday 8th July, 1959
     Station sports day today resulting in only a few sorties being flown in the
morning.   The inter - wing competition, won by flying wing, was more even this
year, and as a result much more interesting.   [See picture added below that was not in the original F540.]   
Flt. Lt. F.R.Luns left today on repat.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                                                  Hours  : 5.25
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 6
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Back Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Olaf Bergh 2 Sqn
Front L to R: Pete Bouch 93 Sqn, Unknown, Unknown, Mick Ryan 93 Sqn, Unknown, Brian Butterworth 93 Sqn
Barrie Tonkinson 93 Sqn
      Thursday.9th July, 1959
     Exercise Argus took up max effort all day today and afforded much needed
experience in the use of telescramble, the quality and serviceability of which
were lacking on several occasions.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                                                  Hours  : 13.20
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 13
  JULY 1959 Friday. 10th July, 1959
     After the exercise yesterday and with four aircraft ready first thing in the
morning the emphasis was put back on to high level battle formation and cine weave,
with some low flying later in the day.
Leave  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                 Hours  : 17.05
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 17
      Monday 13th July, 1959
     Air to ground line firing was the programme today but this was affected by
unserviceable R/T on the range during the morning, and it was not until the
afternoon that live firing was possible, earlier sorties being devoted to low
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  : 13.10
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 15
Course  Fg.Off.J.F.Farley.  (2.T.A.F. interview)
      Tuesday. 14th July, 1959
     Today the air to ground continued to better effect both in the number of
effective sorties flown and the scores obtained.
In addition several air tests and two dual Hunter sorties were flown.
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  : 11.20
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                  Sorties: 16
      Wednesday 15th July, 1959
     Another sports afternoon resulting in a very limited mornings flying
programme but four more air to ground shoots were obtained in good weather
conditions after yesterdays very strong cross wind on the range.
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  : 7.00
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 8
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Thursday. 16th July, 1959
     Today has been plagued by servicing trouble, mainly minor rectification which
at times gave us four or five aircraft and then minutes later we had none
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  : 16.00
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 14
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Friday. 17th July, 1959
     Although the day started with a sortie of four aircraft the second composed
three and the third a pair and the fourth a singleton.   Thus did the serviceability
affect the flying hours.   During the day the Squadron also had a Station Commanders
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  : 16.10
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 14
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Saturday 18th July, 1959
Only one air test flown today, in an effort to concentrate available manpower on
servicing and rectification.
Leave  Flt.Lt.J.J.Tyrrell.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.   Hours  
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 1
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Monday 20th July, 1959
     Flying was stopped early today to ensure that the Squadron could fulfill
tomorrows Battle Flight commitment; and as a result only four sorties were flown.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.                                 Hours  : 4.55
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 4
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Tuesday 21st July, 1959
     Battle Flight for 4 Squadron again today and with the better than normal
serviceability we have been flying the 30min aircraft and so considerable
amount of cine weave has been achieved as well as the standby duties.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.                                 Hours  : 17.30
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 16
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings
      Wednesday 22nd July, 1959
     Battle Flight flying today included a scramble during the afternoon, but no
interception was made due to the speed of the target, which was later found to be
a Super Sabre on a navigation exercise.   Some air tests and low level cross
countries were also flown.
Leave  Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson                                 Hours  : 19.00
Course                                                                                                  Sorties: 17
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings     Flt.Lt.B.Thornton arrived on the Squadron today from instructing at
      Thursday 23rd July, 1959
     Another Battle Flight scramble today again with negative results.   Normal airborne
battle flight sorties (using the 30minute aircraft) continued all day and is making
a big difference to the appearance of our hours attained to hours required graph.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson.Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.                                 Hours  : 18.00
Sick  Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings                                                                 Sorties: 16
      Friday 24th July, 1959
     Yet another scramble today, with the aircraft being turned back early, as the
target had by then been identified.   More normal flying was carried out, and the
target now appears within the bounds of possibility, if our present weather and
serviceability holds out.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson.Fg.Off.P.S.Martin.Fg.Off.P.D.Jennings Hours  : 20.50
Sick                                                                                                            Sorties: 18
      Saturday 25th July, 1959
     Another very good days flying with the reserve battle flight aircraft with the
accent on P.I.'s, as opposed to the high level operational cine weave exercises of
the past few days.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson.P.D.Jennings.P.S.Martin.                        Hours  : 21.25
Sick                                                                                                            Sorties: 18
      Sunday 26th July, 1959
     Not quite as many hours today as on the last few days, due to the late start
to flying, because of Sunday services.
Leave  Fg.Off.T.H.Watson.P.D.Jennings.                                           Hours  : 15.15
Sick  Fg. Off. J.F.Farley                                                                           Sorties: 13
      Monday. 27th July, 1959
     The last day of battle flight and another very good one for flying hours.
There is now no doubt that our target for the month will be achieved for the first
time since May 1958.
Leave  Fg. Off. P.D.Jennings.                                                              Hours  : 15.15
Sick                                                                                                          Sorties: 21
      Tuesday. 28th July, 1959
     Flying ceased early today as the squadron target of airframe hours (310) had
been reached on our operational aircraft.   Due to one of our aircraft being detached
for the 2TAF Germany team our pilot hours are slightly short of the target, but not
     The pilots today flew a round robin to B.A.F. Florennes, where they refuelled
and then returned to base.
Leave  Fg. Off. P.D.Jennings.                                                              Hours  : 12.20
Sick                                                                                                          Sorties: 12
      Wednesday. 28th July, 1959
     No flying today, and all efforts have been turned to preparing the Squadrons
dispersal for occupation all next month.
Leave  Fg. Off. P.D.Jennings
      Thursday 30th July, 1959
     As all the squadrons have reached their respective targets this month the
August grant is starting after work today and goes on until Tuesday 4th August.
Today as yesterday all personnel are working on servicing or the squadron dispersal.
Leave  Fg. Off. P.D.Jennings

RJ Spiers S/L                                         
    (R.J. SPIERS)                                       
Squadron Leader                                 
Officer Commanding,                          
No. 4 Squadron.