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F540 Operations Record Book April 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                Compilation Officer:   Fg. Off. P.A. Barrow REFS TO APPENDICES
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  APRIL 1956
     Flying recommenced today after the Easter standown.   6 Hunters were flown to Geilen-
-kirchen to take part in the flypast before H.R.H. Duchess of Kent, where they carried
out a rehearsal.   The pilots were Sqn. Ldr. Adamson, FLT. LT. BARREY, DF.C.,A.F.C.,
   Only 2 aircraft became serviceable later in the day and 3 individual sorties were
flown at Jever.
  4th      2 further rehearsals were flown at Geilenkirchen and 7 sorties at Jever of Battle
and Close Formation.   Fg. Off.'s SAWYER and SHORE flew a T.XI to Geilenkirchen via
Wahn to collect a centralising tool.
  5th      The flypast at Geilenkirchen was cancelled because of bad weather and the aircraft
returned to Jever.
   At Jever 16 sorties of Battle Formation ;Close Formation and Bad Weather Circuits
were carried out.
  6th      A flypast was carried out in the morning.   In all 38 sorties were flown during
the day consisting of Cine and P.I.'s with G.C.I.'s Fg. Off. HIRST renewed his
instrument rating.
  7th      Wing Standown.  
  Mon.9th.      A good flying day with 42 sorties of P.I.'s Battle Formation and Cine.   A further
15 sorties of night flying were carried out.
  10th      Another good days flying with 4 successful P.I.'s, Close an Battle Formation in
addition to several Cine sorties.
  11th      Three Battle Formation Tours were carried out completing 12 sorties with a further
sortie of instrument flying.   The afternoon was a Sports Afternoon.
  12th      Sqn. Ldr. ADAMSON, Flt. Lt. WESTON, Fg. Off.'s HIRST and EDWARDS flew to Gros
Tonquin as a combined fighter sweep and liaison visit to U.S.A.F. returning in the
afternoon.   Other flying consisted of Battle Formation and Cine exercises.
  13th      A total of 35 sorties of Close and Battle Formation, Bad Weather Circuits and Cine
plus individual sorties of aerobatics, Mach Runs and Q.C.N.
  15th      A good flying day consisting of 14 sorties of Cine, 4 of Battle Formation and 2 of
instrument flying.   Local night flying amounted to a further 14 sorties.
  16th       From today however it should be noted that the reduced target figure of 308hrs.
for the month has severely restricted flying.
  17th      A total of 6 successful practice interceptions were carried out in addition to some
Battle Formation and individual sorties.   Flt. Lt., MILLS (A.P.S. Sylt) carried out his
first two conversion trips.
  18th      Again few sorties flown consisting of Battle Formation and Cine.   Fg. Off. BYWATER
renewed his instrument rating and made an initial application for a green rating.   The
afternoon was devoted to sports.
  19th           Flying continued today on a restricted basis, however pairs G.C.A.'s(4 sorties)
and 3 high level cross country's were carried out plus some instrument flying.
  20th      Only 16 sorties of Battle Formation and Cine were flown during the day.  
  21st      A Station Parade was held during the morning at which all Officers S.N.C.O.'s and
airmen attended, after which pilots attended to their Squadron duties.
  23rd      A further 10 sorties flown of Cine and Battle.   Fg. Off. BARROW renewed instrument
rating (White).
  24th      Flying today consisted of 7 Hunter sorties only of Cine and individual sorties.
Sqn. Ldr. ADAMSON practised aerobatics over the airfield.
  25th      A further 7 Hunter sorties were flown today.   Sqn. Ldr. ADAMSON did a further
aerobatic practice today.   FG. Off. MULLIGAN from A.P.S. Sylt flew his first conversion
trip.   The afternoon was devoted to sports.
  26th      Wing flypast rehearsals for C. Air Marshall the Earl of Bandon, C.B., C.V.O.,
D.S.O.   A total of 10 Hunter sorties in all.   2 Air to Ground sorties were carried out
in Vampire T XI with Flt. Lt. TANN (Wing P.A.I.) and Fg. Off. WHITTAKER flying one,
Fg. Off. BRUNGER and Fg. Off. Young flying the other at Meppen range.   Fg. Off.
MULLIGAN flew his second conversion trip and Fg. Off. HIRST flew a Vampire T.II to
Fassberg and returned at th end of the day.
  27th      A further Wing flypast rehearsal was held in the morning.   A Vampire T.XI Air to
Ground sortie was carried out by Flt. Lt. LETHBRIDGE and Fg. Off. SHORE.   All told 14
Hunter sorties were flown.   The Squadron reached 308 hour target in the morning and an
extension of 10 hours was granted thus allowing a Battle Formation and 2 individual
sorties.   Wing Commander DENNIS 2 T.A.F. A/OPS flew one of the Squadron Hunters.
  28th      Squadron standown.  
  30th      Only 4 sorties of Battle Formation flown in the afternoon.   Preparations for the
visit of the C. were made during the rest of the day.
                                             Flying Hours
Operational (Day)                          293.10
Operational (Night)                          13.30
Training Type                                    92.25
Instrument Flying (Actual)              37.00
Instrument Flying (Simulated)        6.15
Other Pilots                                        7.50
  April 15th   Fg. Off. SANDERSON left for U.K. Leave.
Fg. Off. BRUNGER left for R.A.F. Hospital Wegberg and Munchen Gladbach.
  9th.   Fg. Off. SAWYER detached R.A.F. Old Sarum to attend Transport Support Course.
Fg. Off. BRUNGER returned from R.A.F. Hospital Wegberg.
  11th   Fg. Off. TODMAN left for U.K. Leave.  
  16th   Fg. Off. YOUNG departed for Direct Commission Board at HQ 2 Group.  
  16th   Sqn. Ldr. ADAMSON attended a lecture on Guided Missiles at Munchen Gladbach.
Fg. Off. YOUNG returned from HQ 2 Group.
  24th   Fg. Off. SAWYER returned from Transport Support Course.  
  26th   Fg. Off. SANDERSON returned from leave.  
  29th   Fg. Off. WHITTAKER left for Fire Fighting and Rescue Course at Sutton on Hull.  
   April has been a month of good flying weather.   However the reduced target of 308
hours for month, caused by the almost complete failure of supplies of new engines from
Messrs. Rolls Royce, has severely restricted flying.   Towards the end of the month the
Squadron had 6 aircraft in A.S.F. on Minor inspections and Engine Changes, 1 aircraft
Cat. 3 at Sylt and 1 Cat 3 at Oldenburg (See previous month's summary for details).   Of
the 6 aircraft on the Squadron itself, 1 was A.O.G. for aileron and a flapdrum switch,
leaving 5 aircraft to operate with.   Despite this setback the Squadron has completed 314
hours 40 minutes.   A severe epidemic of colds during the month created, at one stage
during the month, a shortage of pilots.
   During the month the Squadron has participated in 7 Wing flypasts contributing 6
pilots on each occasion.   aircraft unserviceability when a flypast has been held has
necessitated flying aircraft from other Squadrons.
    Despite the unserviceability setbacks the reduced target of 308 hours was comfort-
-ably reached even by running a restricted programme towards the end of the month.

There is still no relief in the manning position of key tradesmen in the Squadron
and the fact that the Squadron target was reched reflects highly on both
Airframe Fitters and Riggers who still remain below strength.
                                                                                        signed DTAdamson
                                                                                              (D.T. ADAMSON
                                                                                              Squadron Leader
                                                                                              Officer Commanding
                                                                                              No. 98 Squadron

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