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F540 Operations Record Book May 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                       Compilation Officers:   FG/Off. Barrow FG/Off. Todman. REFS TO APPENDICES
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  A good flying day during which the Squadron provided air pilots for the wing flypast
before Air Marshal the Earl of Bandon C.B., C.V.O., D.S.O.
Other flying consisted of battle formation and individual sorties of aerobatics
B.W.Cs and Q.G.Hs.
Flg/Off. Young experienced severe engine surge at 35,000 ft. and discovered that he
was unable to obtain more than 6,500 r.p.m.   As he reduced altitude his maximum r.p.m.
became less and he carried out a successful forced landing on the airfield.
On examination of the engine the swirl vanes and first stages of the compressor
were found to have collapsed.
  2nd.   During the course of the morning fifteen practice interceptions were carried out
under G.C.I. control.   The afternoon was devoted to sporting activities.
  3rd.   Flying today consisted mainly of individual sorties and cine exercises.   During the
evening a further eight sorties of local flying were carried out.
  4th.   Again the majority of flying sorties were carried out under G.C.I. control although
few successful interceptions were made.   Other sorties flown were mainly concerned
with trials on the new forced landing procedure under Approach Control.
Flg./Off. Todman returned from U.K. Leave.
  5th.   The only sorties carried out this morning was an air test by Flt/Lt. Lethbridge.
The remaining pilots devoted their time to Squadron duties and musketry on the
200yd. range.
  7th.   Only two sorties of practice interceptions were flown during the day, however, a large
number of individual sorties provided the required number of flying hours to
maintain the progressive daily squadron target.   Flg/Off. Bywater this morning ferried
a Hunter of No 4 Squadron to A.P.S. Sylt and was later collected by Flg/Off. Brunger
in a Vampire T11   A successful night flying programme was carried out despite a
deterioration in visibility.
  8th.   The Squadron today commenced duty as Battle Flight, four scrambles were affected but
poor controlling failed to bring about successful interceptions.   Visiting officers
and other ranks of the U.S.A.F. 563rd F.B.S. were flown around the local area by
Flg/Off. Shore in a Vampire T 11.
  9th.   Under improved controlling from G.C.I. the Aircraft of Battle Flight made four
excellent interceptions during the morning.   Flg/Off. Shore continued to fly visiting
American officers on both local and aerobatic sorties.
  10th.   A combination of both good weather and G.C.I. controlling enabled Battle Flight to
carry out fourteen practice interceptions during the morning alone.   Flt/Lt. Lethbridge
and Flg/Off. Todman flew to R.A.F. Fassberg this afternoon experiencing violent
thunderstorms during the return flight.
  11th.   A good flying day resulted in not only battle flight commitments but several individual
sorties of G.C.A.s and P.F.Ls. being successfully carried out.   Four pilots experienced
failure of starter cartridges ; a fault which proves embarrassing when scrambling the
battle flight.
  12th.   Flying was today restricted to battle flight sorties alone but it was not until
Mid - day that G.C.I. were able to provide any valuable assistance.
Aircraft serviceability remains very good.   A small party of C.C.F. cadets from
Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, visited the Squadron this morning and were
conducted on a tour of the station by Flg/Off. Sharman.
  14th.   The final day of battle flight was only moderately successful in that only a relatively
small number of practice interceptions were made in proportion to the total hours flown.
Flt/Lt. Weston , acting commander of station flight visited the Squadron and
flew two sorties of aerobatics.
Flg/Off. Hirst and Flg/Off. Todman departed to attend a Permanent Commission Board at
2nd. Tactical Air Force, Headquarters.
  15th   A very good flying day devoted mainly to cine exercises.   Thirty four sorties were flown
in all.   The few individual details consisting of practice G.C.As. at Alhorn.
  16th.   Low cloud and poor visibility prevented flying during the course of the morning.
The afternoon was devoted to organised sport.   Fg/Off. Hirst, and Fg/Off. Todman
returned from H.Q. 2nd. T.A.F.
  17th.   Four high level battle formation fours completing sixteen sorties were flown today.
In addition, individual sorties were made by pilots engaged on the new forced landing
techniques trials.   Fg/Off. Barrow and Fg/Off. Rastall departed for U.K. leave.
  18th.   "B" Flight this morning provided two aircraft for the battle flight commitment over the
period of the Whitsun standown.   Fg/Off. Hirst and Fg/Off. McCullagh flew to Wahn in
the Prentice.
  21st.   Two aircraft if "A" Flight this afternoon took over the duties of battle flight.   They
were not scrambled.   Fg/Off. Sawyer returned from Continental leave.
  22nd.   A good flying day with a varied programme of sorties including G.C.A.s, cine exercises
and aerobatics.   A dusk and night flying detail was also carried out only one sortie
being lost through aircraft unserviceability.
  23rd.   Lack of serviceable aircraft and the cessation of flying at 13.00 hours, resulted in
few sorties being flown.   However, six cine exercises and two high level cross country
flights were made.   Sports afternoon.
  24th.   Despite intense haze, the Squadron took part in two rehearsals for flypast of the
Wing.   Other flying was limited to individual sorties of aerobatics, Mach-runs and
G.C.A.s.    Squadron Leader Adamson returned from leave.
  25th.   An excellent day's flying during which the Squadron took part in a demonstration
Wing flypast performed for the benefit of visiting representatives of the National
  26th.   Flying prohibited by low cloud and bad visibility.   Pilots carried out their normal
Squadron duties.
  28th.   An organised programme of Air to Sea firing was successfully accomplished giving
operational experience to both armourers and pilots.   Fg/Off. Bywater left to attend a
medical board at R.A.F. Wegberg.
  29th.   Today's flying sorties were confined to cine exercises, aerobatics and Mach runs.
Thunderstorms developed in the late afternoon.
  30th.   No flying.   Squadron officers performed their normal ground duties.
Fg/Off. Bywater returned from R.A.F. Hospital Wegberg.
  31st.   Officers and Airmen of the Squadron took part in the Station Parade held in honour of
the Queen's Birthday.   Station standown.
                                             Flying Hours
Operational (Day)                                                              336.05
Operational (Night)                                                             21.15
Training Type.                                                                      87.55
Instrument Flying (Actual)                                                   3.30
Instrument Flying (Simulated)                                         17.55
Other Pilots                                                                        ---------

  4th.   Fg/Off. Todman returned from Leave.  
  14th.   Fg/Off. Hirst and Fg/Off. Todman departed to attend a Permanent Commission Board at
H.Q. 2nd. T.A.F.
  16th.   Fg/Off. Hirst and Fg/Off. Todman returned from H.Q. 2nd. T.A.F.  
  17th.   Fg/Off. Barrow and Fg/Off. Rastall departed for U.K. leave.  
  28th.   Sqn. Ldr. ADAMSON returned from U.K. leave.   Fg/Off. Bywater left for R.A.F.
Hospital Wegberg.
  30th.   Fg/Off. Bywater returned from R.A.F. Hospital, Wegberg.  
  21st.   Fg/Off. Sawyer returned from continental leave.  
The increased target of 348 hours during the month of May was achieved with
comparative ease.   This was due to both the constant availability of serviceable
aircraft and rather improved weather conditions than hitherto experienced in latter months.
There still remains one aircraft Cat 3 at A.P.S. Sylt, however, this should be ready
for a ground run and air test within the course of the next two weeks.
Another aircraft is A.O.G. for an elevator hydrobooster and a further two at the time
of summarising are undergoing minor inspection in A.S.F.   The aircraft previously held
at Oldenburg Cat 3 has now been re - classified as Cat. 4.   The Squadron therefore
awaits a replacement aircraft.
Practice in rearming was afforded to the Squadron armourers when four sorties of
air to sea firing were carried out during the last week of the month.   Although not
timed in their actual turnround they proved themselves quite competent in this
operation.   six aircraft have participated in wing flypasts, four forming a box
formation and two being held in reserve together with two other aircraft drawn
from the wing.

   Once again the lack of airframe riggers and mechanics - 2 Cpl.'s and 3 airmen below
establishment  - has placed strain on these trades.
                                                                     signed DTAdamson
                                                                             (D.T. ADAMSON
                                                                             Squadron Leader
                                                                             Officer Commanding
                                                                             No. 98 Squadron

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