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F540 Operations Record Book June 1956 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                               Compilation Officers:   FG/Off. Barrow. REFS TO APPENDICES
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JEVER 1956
Friday An assorted days flying consisting of 29 sorties of Cine Exercises, P.I.s'(6),
G.C.A.s practice forced landings and Bad Weather circuits.
  2nd.June   A Squadron parade was held after which pilots attended to their normal Squadron duties  
  4th.June Monday Flying today consisted of high level battle formation, cine exercises and practice
interceptions.   Altogether the Squadron flew 23 hours during today.
  5th June   An excellent flying day with some 37.10 hours flown.   Day sorties amounted to 23 sorties
of battle formation and cine exercises mainly but some individual sorties of aerobatics
and practice forced landings were flown.   A further 18 sorties of local night flying
were completed.
  6th.June   The weather today was poor with mostly cloud cover.   However, 24.00 hours were
flown of battle formation, practice interceptions and individual sorties.
  8th.June   A combination of aircraft unserviceability and poor weather precluded the Squadron
completing more than 19.45hours today.   Sorties consisted of practice interceptions
and cine exercises.   Flt/Lt. Jameson few his first conversion trip.
  9th.June   Flying this morning consisted of mostly Vampire T.11. trips to Sylt and back.
Squadron Leader Adamson and Flt/Lt. Goodwin(118 Squadron) did some co-ordinated
aerobatics.   Fg/Off. Hirst and Fg/Off. Sharman detached to No. 652 A.O.P. Squadron
and Detmold flew Auster 6's & 7's and Chipmunks.
  11th.June Mon. The weather again was again poor with extensive cloud cover, but 18.15 hrs. flying
was completed.   Sorties consisted of battle formation and cine exercises.
  12th.June   Extensive cloud cover resulted in an amber Airfield state and only 10.10 Hrs. flown,
consisting of close formation and practice interceptions.
  13th.June   A full flying day and 25hours flown of practice interceptions (4 Successful)
Battle formations and cine exercises.
  14th.June   A total of 27.40 hours flown with sorties of practice interceptions (A total of six
successful).   Some individual sorties of Mach runs, aerobatics and practice forced landing
were flown in addition.
  15th.June   Flying today ceased at mid day because of the Station Sports meeting.   A total of
12.35 hours were flown consisting of 8 sorties of practice interceptions (1 Successful)
Other flying consisted of high level cross countrys.
  16th.June   No flying this morning and pilots attended to their respective Squadron duties.  
  18th.June   Low cloud most of the day limited flying to a pair per Squadron and flying consisted of
cine exercises and practice interceptions,.   The weather cleared in the evening and
10 sorties of local night were flown.
  19th.June   Weather conditions deteriorated steadily during the day and at the best only 2 pairs
per Squadron were allowed but sorties of cine, pairs G.C.A.s and practice interceptions
were flown.
  20th.June   Visiting Royal Naval personnel were conducted round the Squadron during this morning
and the Squadron provided 5 Aircraft for the wing fly past for the visitors.
Other flying consisted of individual sorties and battle formation.
  21st.June   An assorted day's flying consisting of 43 sorties of Battle Formation P.I.s' Cine and
G.C.A.s   The squadron provided six aircraft for a practice wing fly past.   An
assortment of T.11. and Prentice details were flown.
  22nd.June   An average day's flying consisting of 32 sorties which were split between Battle
and P.I.s' and individual exercises.   Three sorties were flown in T.11. from
the Station Flight.
  23rd.June   The Squadron pilots and ground crew attended a Station Commander's Parade.   After this
Flt/Lt. Lethbridge led a section of four to intercept the Comet flying to Moscow.
The interception was a failure.   The remainder of the pilots either attended to their
Squadron duties or flew T.11.s from station flight.
  25th.June   As the Squadron target was almost completed Sqn/Ldr. Adamson led a section of five aircraft
to Bruggen.   They returned later the same afternoon.   The remainder of the pilots flew the
T.11. and Prentice from Station Flight.
  26th.June   The Squadron Flew three sections of Four Aircraft for Air to Sea firing.   A fourth
detail was cancelled due to bad weather.   Fg/Offs. Edwards and Rastall flew a T.11 to
Wildenwrath to attend a high speed lecture.
  27th.June   On the completion of two Air to Sea sorties the Squadron achieved it's target of
348Hours.   Local flying in T.11.s and the Prentice from Station Flight also took place.
The Squadron stood down in the afternoon for sports.
  28th.June   15 sorties of local flying were accomplished today in the T.11.s from station flight.
Two I.F. trips were flown.   Fg/Offs. Riley and Young flew a T.11. to Wunstorf to collect
Squadron equipment.   A Squadron convoy, in which 8 officers participated commenced at
06.30 and finished at 17.00 hours.
  29th.June   Six details of local flying were completed in the T.11.s. and the Prentice.   Fg/Offs.
and Hirst flew a T.11 to Bruggen.   The remainder of the pilots occupied themselves
with Squadron duties and flying returns.
  30th.June   Squadron stand down.  
June has been a good month for flying.   The target of 348 hours was reached with 2½
flying days remaining.   The weather factor was good.   13½ flying days were fit
for full flying, 8 days were fit for partial flying while no days were lost for red
conditions.   Aircraft serviceability has improved steadily throughout the month.   Out of
12 aircraft, 11 were serviceable at the end of the month.   Two aircraft are still Cat. 3,
one at Sylt and the other at Oldenburg.   (See previous month's summary for details).
During the month the Squadron provided six aircraft and pilots for a Wing Fly past for
the Italian Chief of Staff, General Raffaelli.   As the target was reached early
Squadron Leader Adamson led the Squadron on a high level X country to Bruggen.
Unfortunately instead of the expected 8 Aircraft only 5 could be got serviceable, thus
only 5 pilots completed the exercise.   A Squadron convoy was organised by the M.T.
Officer and a run to Meppen and return was completed on the 28th. June 1956.
During the month the total of pilots seldom dropped below 18 thus the aircraft were
utilised well and the target reached early.   The absentees were away on course and leave
with one pilot sick as from 7th. June 1956.
                                                FLYING HOURS.
Operational (Day)                                                  334 hrs. 25mins.
Operational (Night)                                                 19 Hours. 55 Mins.
Training Types.                                                     137 Hours. 30 Mins.
Instrument Flying (Actual)                                     44 Hours. 15 Mins.
Instrument Flying (Simulated)                               2 Hours. 10 Mins.
Other Pilots                                                               1 Hour.    55 Mins.
  3rd.June 1956. Fg/Off. Sharman and Fg/Off. Hirst detached to A.O.P. Squadron Detmold.  
  " " Flt/Lt. Jamieson joined the Squadron for a conversion course from Fassberg.  
  7th.June 1956. Fg/Off. Todman detained in Station Sick Quarters.  
  8th.June 1956. Flt/Lt. Barrey went on leave.  
  9th.June 1956. Fg/Off. Sharman and Fg/Off. Hirst returned from Detmold.  
  11th. " " Fg/Off. Rastall & Fg/Off. Barrow returned from U.K. Leave.  
  " " Flt/Lt. Jamieson completed his conversion and returned to Fassberg.  
  12th " " Flt/Lt. Lethbridge departed for leave.   Flt/Lt. Barrey returned from leave.  
  13th " " Flt/Lt. Barrey departed for leave.  
  16th " " Fg/Off. Bywater departed for continental leave  
  21st " " Fg/Off. Barrow departed for the fire course at Hull.  
  22nd " " Flt/Lt. Lethbridge returned from leave.  
  23rd.June 1956. Fg/Off. Whittaker departed for continental leave.  
  25th " " Fg/Off. Hirst and Fg/Off. Maillard departed for and returned from P.C. board at Munchen.  
  " " Flt/Lt. Barrey returned from leave.  
  28th. " " Fg/Off. Bywater returned from continental leave.

                                                                               signed DTAdamson
                                                                               (D.T. ADAMSON
                                                                               Squadron Leader,
                                                                               Officer Commanding,
                                                                               No. 98 Squadron

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