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F540 Operations Record Book February 1955.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.

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JEVER 1.2.55             A considerable amount of flying took place today, both at Jever and R.A.F. Sylt.
The weather was good for air-to-air firing, and in all, twenty six sorties were made on
the flag.
                             Sabre Flights 37    Hours 21.35
  2.2.55             A visibility of 500 yards throughout the day prevented any aircraft leaving Sylt
for Jever, and although a section of four stood by all day ready to take off
immediately should there have been a clearance, conditions did not improve.
  3.2.55             Although flying took place today at Jever, it was still impossible to take off
from Sylt, and therefore the main body of the Squadron remained stranded.
          Flying at Jever consisted of aerobatic sorties and Q.G.H's.
                                          Sabre Flights   7         Hours     4.45
  4.2.55             Five aircraft managed to get away from Sylt during a short clearance, but the
weather closed in again before any others were able to get airborne.
                                          Sabre Flights   12            Hours    8.10
  5.2.55             No flying today at either Sylt or Jever.   Pilots occupied the morning with their
squadron jobs.
  7.2.55             The squadron was "reunited" today when the remaining aircraft flew down from
Sylt to Jever.   The detachment was not as good as hoped, mainly because the weather
was very bad.   Even so the squadron average for the detachment was 9.7% which is
higher than has been achieved by an R.A.F. Sabre squadron at Sylt before.
                                        Sabre Flights       20          Hours    13.20
JEVER 8.2.55             Low cloud and a visibility of 1000 yards kept all the aircraft on the ground.
Lectures were attended by all pilots, and several films on aircraft recognition were
  9.2.55             Good weather prevailed today, and a full days flying was carried out.   Flights
were divided between high level battle formation, aerobatics, and tail chases.
                                       Sabre Flights 24      Hours  14.40
  10.2.55             The weather continues fine, and the flying programe ran smoothly throughout
the day   Several Flights were made in co-operation with the Army, who were gaining
experience with their radar controlled guns.
                                   Sabre Flights 27         Hours  19.05
  11.2.55             Yet another good days flying with more high level formation and aerobatic trips.
                                     Sabre Flights 19         Hours   12.55
  12.2.55             After the Station Colour Hoisting parade, a make do and mend morning was the
order of the day when pilots caught up with their ground jobs, and airmen below SAC
rank attended tech lectures.   There was no flying.
  14.2.55             The good weather is still with us, and the only limit to the flying was the
serviceability of the aircraft.
                                 Sabre Flights    23         Hours 13.40
  15.2.55             Weather today was somewhat marginal, but nevertheless quite a few flights took
place mainly formation and controlled descents.   A few solo aerobatics were carried out
by both 'A' and 'B' flights.
                               Sabre Flights        16         Hours 10.45
  16.2.55             Heavy snow fell throughout the day, making the airfield completely unserviceable.
In the morning pilots were shown aircraft recognition films, and a lecture on the
Hawker Hunter was given by the Wing Commander Flying.   A standown was granted for the
  17.2.55             The whole station turned out today in an all out effort to clear the runway of its
six inch snow layer.   Work progressed very satisfactorily, and by the end of the day
the whole of the runway was clear of snow, and in many parts it was quite dry.
  18.2.55             The only flying today was by battle flight who were scrambled twice.   The
interceptions were moderately successful, but final positions was not all that could
be desired.
                                       Sabre Flights     4         Hours   2.50
  19.2.55             This morning all pilots followed the usual Saturday morning practice of doing
their respective squadron jobs, whilst the airmen again attended tech lectures.
  21.2.55             The squadron ended its tour of duty on battle flight today.   Throughout the day
the weather was very good, and battle flight made a total of 254 flights mainly
against Venoms.   The remaining pilots practiced battle formation and air tail
chases.   Three officers Fg.Off. Philips, Fg.Off. Simms, Fg.Off. Maycock, commenced
their annual Ground Combat Training today.
                                          Sabre Flights       22         Hours   16.00
  22.2.55             With the weather remaining fine, a high pressure flying programme was carried out
with our five serviceable aircraft.   The pilots practiced refuelling and pre-flighting
their aircraft.   Sergeant Pilot Williams made his first flight today in a Sabre.
                                                               Sabre Flights  27      Hours 18.45
JEVER 23.2.55             Today small snags on the aircraft restricted us to four aircraft for most of the
day, so flying continued on through the sports afternoon to make up the flying hours.
                                 Sabre Flights     32           Hours 20.45
  24.2.55             All pilots should have gone to Oldenburg today to examine two Hawker Hunters,
but unfortunately this visit did not materialise, much to the disappointment of all
concerned.   A full days flying with emphasis again on high level battle formation.
                                   Sabre Flights  38           Hours 24.40
  25.2.55             We are fortunate in that we are having a long spell of fine weather, and once
again full advantage was taken of it in an effort to bring the total flying hours up to
the required monthly target.
                                   Sabre Flights  31        Hours. 21.25
  26.2.55             Today was made a full flying day in view of the weather.   It is the first Saturday
we have flown for a considerable time, and was deemed necessary in view of the fact
that almost the entire squadron will be on Ground Combat Training next week.   Airmen
attended technician lectures in the morning.
                                     Sabre Flights 49            Hours. 31.50
  28.2.55             With the exception of pilots engaged upon end of month returns, the squadron
started a weeks ground Defence Training today.
          It is intended to fly two aircraft only throughout the week, and even with this
number, the pilots concerned are doing their own pre-flight and after flight
                                   Sabre Flights     7          Hours. 4.15
          Spells of bad weather curtailed flying on a number of days this month.   This
coupled with low serviceability due to shortage of manpower, severely reduced the
amount of flying although much benefit was gained rom what was done.
          Two officers Fg.Off. Bradley and Fg.Off. Smith attended the Arctic Survival
Course at Ehrwald, and gained very valuable experience   Hard though they found it
they said they wouldn't have missed the opportunity.
          The attached photograph shows one of the squadron Sabres with the squadron
markings which were approved last month.
                    Sabre Flights       424                        Sabre Hours 276.10
                                                                    Compiling Officer.....FJ Maycock..............Fg.Off.
                                                                                                (F.J. MAYCOCK)

                                                                            PW Gilpin
                                                                               Squadron Leader,
                                                                               Officer Commanding
                                                                             No. 4 Squadron                                                                                Royal Air Force,Jever
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