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F540 Operations Record Book October 1958 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. Off. J.F. Farley.___ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever 1.10.58        Despite our Battle Flight commitment, the Squadron flew one pair and numerous
individual sorties.
     In the afternoon the Squadron was visited by Group Captain I.S. Smith who is taking
over command of R.A.F. Jever from Group Captain S.W.R. Hughes.
                                            SORTIES : 12           HOURS : 12.25
  2.10.58        The Squadron today continued normal training practices, as well as Battle Flight
standby, and night flying was also carried out.
     Fg. Off. R. Booth and Fg. Off. T Watson continued with their simulator exercises.
                                            SORTIES : Day:   15      HOURS : Day: 12.45
                                                                Night:   8                       Night: 9.05
  3.10.58        Today the Squadron continued with normal training both pairs and individual trips
being carried out with aircraft surplus to the Battle Flight commitment.
     Battle Flight was again not needed, although at one stage they were put on 2 mins
by Brockzetel.   Flt. Lt. R.W. Millward today left for the F.C.S. course in U.K.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 16.10
  6.10.58        Today finished the Squadrons' Battle Flight week, but once again our improved
serviceability gave us a limited programme.
     Fg. Off. G.H. Slaney went to Laarbruch and collected one of the Squadrons Hunters
which had been there for extended leading edge and electric tail modifications.
                                            SORTIES : 11           HOURS : 11.20
  7.10.58        Today at 11.05 hrs alpha, the Squadron was notified of exercise General Alert.   Our
airborne aircraft were recalled and we commenced a programme of P.I's with six aircraft.
The first pair was airborne with an operational pack at 11.25 hrs alpha.   By 12.20 hrs 'A'
the Squadron had its third pair airborne.
                                            SORTIES : 25           HOURS : 25.00
  8.10.58        Following Battle Flight and yesterdays exercise, the Squadron had its first normal
days flying since returning from A.P.S. Sylt.   Varied exercise were flown and some
balance has now been restored to our training syllabus.   We continued to be favoured with
no weather problems.
                                            SORTIES : 22           HOURS : 21.00
  9.10.58        Today the Squadron was hampered by weather and unable to make full use of its
serviceable aircraft, those sorties flown however had the emphasis on evasive cine'
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 9.50
  10.10.58        The poor weather persisted today, and with several hours of A3 and A2
conditions, A.T.C. density permitted only reduced flying.
                                            SORTIES : 21           HOURS : 19.25
  13.10.58        Today the Squadron carried out a normal varied training programme.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 10.05
  14.10.58        Today as the number of sorties and hours indicate, the Squadron had a very full
programme.   More hours being flown with the night flying, than any other day this month.
During the days flying emphasis was landed on long distance high level navigation exercises
to practice pilots in their role in the exercise at the end of this week.
                                            SORTIES : 23           HOURS : 26.00
  15.10.58        Today as the aircraft were being prepared for tomorrows exercise, only two sorties
were flown and there were comparative fuel consumption trials.
                                            SORTIES :   2           HOURS : 2.45
  16.10.58        Exercise Sunbeam started with a wing briefing at 0630 hours today and involved
the Squadron in flying high level tracks towards various targets in the U.K. as part of the
forces opposing U.K. Fighter Command.
     Unfortunately jetstream headwinds of 150kts severely limited the amount of penetration
possible, but variable flight planning and navigational experience was obtained.
                                            SORTIES : 24           HOURS : 24.10
  17.10.58        Today the Squadron continued with Exercise Sunbeam and also included a certain amount
of syllabus training between raids.
     Fg. Off. J.F. Farley went on leave.
                                            SORTIES : 21           HOURS : 27.50
  18.10.58        Today the last day of Exercise Sunbeam was more successful from several points of
view as due to different tracks and lower speeds, and also more favourable winds,
considerable penetration of the U.K. was made by No. 4 Squadron aircraft.   A high
percentage of interceptions, and a general high level of air activity was also reported
by the Squadron pilots.   In the afternoon the Squadron provided the guard of honour at
the wedding of Fg. Off. J.F. Farley in the station church.
                                            SORTIES : 16           HOURS : 21.20
  20.10.58        Today the Squadron, in company with other Hunter Squadrons who took part in the
exercise over the weekend, had the day off.
  21.10.58        A very full and varied days syllabus training was carried out during daylight and
later this was rounded off with night flying.
                                            SORTIES : Day:   18      HOURS : Day: 18.25
                                                                Night:   9                       Night: 9.50
  22.10.58        Today due to bad weather only one sortie was flown.   Fg. Off. J.F. Farley returned
from leave.
                                            SORTIES :   1           HOURS :     .40
  23.10.58        A varied programme was flown by the Squadron, but due to a front which moved
in at dusk only one sortie of night flying programme was flown.
                                            SORTIES : Day:   15      HOURS : Day: 17.05
                                                                Night:   1                       Night:     .30
  24.10.58        Today flying was at times restricted by A3 conditions, but despite this a fair
number of cine' exercises were carried out.   Fg. Off. P.D. Jennings joined the Squadron
today from No. 111 Squadron.
                                            SORTIES : 13           HOURS : 13.25
  27.10.58        Today the Squadron had a good days flying including several sorties of practice
instrument flying in Station Flight's Vampire T 11 aircraft.   The Station Commander,
Group Captain I.S. Smith visited the Squadron in the morning and flew a sector recce in
one of our Hunters.
                                            SORTIES : 23           HOURS : 23.05
  28.10.58        The Squadron commenced another period of Battle Flight this morning with a pair on
state at 0700 hours.   Bad weather and lack of diversions prohibited flying until after
1400 hours.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 8.15
  29.10.58        Fog over Europe allowed no take-off until 1500 hours today.   This morning the
Squadron pilots had a quiz on the Hunter Pilots Notes.   [Click to see Pilots Notes].
                                            SORTIES :   5           HOURS : 4.50
  30.10.58        Fog and low cloud today limited the Squadron flying to one T.11 sortie.   Flt. Lt.
O. Bergh
gave the pilots a very enlightening lecture on the work of No. 2 Squadron
on the Fighter Recce Role.
                                            SORTIES :   1           HOURS :     .45
      T.J. McElhaw                                           
(T.J. McELHAW)                                         
Squadron Leader,                                     
Officer Commanding,                                
No. 4 Squadron.